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On the Free Software implications of JavaScript. JavaScript served to you by a site is still software. It runs on your local computer. Typical computer use for just about everyone involves executing copious amounts of JavaScript on a daily basis, no matter what operating system they are using. The vast majority of it carries no license or copyright notice at all, often because of concerns about optimizing bandwidth and speed. This makes it proprietary for the users who receive and execute it in their browsers, even if the source code is available elsewhere on the Internet in some repository under a free license. The Free Software Foundation has proposed and implemented a couple of licensing metadata methods by which JavaScript which is intended to be free software can clearly say so, and therefore actually respect the freedom of its users. This is the first step in compliant and realistic distribution of copyleft-licensed JavaScript, as well as a step toward allowing free software users to run only free software inside the browser as they do outside the browser. Other approaches have been proposed as well. What are the advantages and disadvantages to each? Why has JavaScript licensing been such a problem in general? What are the concrete impacts of this phenomenon? We will discuss these questions and seek input on the FSF approach so far.
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the in the in the end of the mind of the and then I the back there is a lot of the water level in the form of the of the of the of the time and so on and so on and on and on and on and it would be the only and the the the the end of the day and during the at the time of it was never in the the as already but from just all Internet executive director of the Free Software Foundation I think you mean like this is such an awesome conference so that it so much fun so many people and I found out about the software so thank 3 thank you for having me here on all the result of foundation Mr. Rogers to promote free software or to tell people that it's a good thing our goal is actually to create a world where everything that anybody wants to do on the computer can be done with exclusively free software so any of the sets utopia there actually is no proprietary software and everything still works so that's all the or any foreign aid at episodes that being of every presentation because of its
something that really distinguishes the way we approach things
right now we have a problem that we have for many years have been working to create a laptop or to bring about a laptop that could be a fully free system not just the operating system it's running on it but also things like the brute firmware know where used to be a virus when I was defended root system and it was that last part there was always a huge obstacle because that's what the program is very difficult to manufacture is a very uncooperative so just recently we were unable to endorse a laptop under our respects your freedom hardware program which not only runs a fully free operating system but also has a free system and and runs a bit system without loading any binary blobs the power in the drivers of board the mean of the above I think so so uh you might think that the problem the 2nd of this machine is over years old but that's not actually that bigger problem because but it is still a workable machine for everything that I do and everything a lot people that I know do you have to do a play 3 games on it but you are able to uh defines the New York you know web browsing and everyday computing and so this is a huge win for us and we're excited about it and we're hoping that the momentum coming from this and the work being done especially by core group which is an amazing project to free the boot from where Don servers and laptops in systems will be able to get more of them think that models running the current obstacle is that more think that models are running but they don't all of some of them still require some proprietary bits for example to start the video before the kernel starts a video and things like that but by this we have a lot of knowledge we haven't had 4 this local for quite a while so that's straight so what's the problem well the problem is that we have a fully free system and yet uses that make some sacrifices to commit to this kind of system are still being asked to run proprietary software every day when they use the computer and the
proprietary software is JavaScript's it so that when you visit just about any website now your research programs in the background just like any other program that you're running on your computer these programs execute locally on your machine and they are very often not free software so pretty solid back in 2009 call this the Dallas stripped down to attract and he was referring to an earlier that track college object and the way he explained it is the program that when itself 3 may be restricted by non-free software that it depends on since from this was promised a joint programs with all the gesture now we have a similar kind of trap where even though you are using a free operating system and everything in front of you is free you are ending up still running not free programs in your computing life is depending still unanswered programs so why is it attracted more than any other programming language that can be used to produce non-free software well it's because JavaScript is assumed that the fact of using the web now and I just I example of how much of a of an assumption and necessary part of the web it is today a low recently that could have had the option to disable JavaScript in Firefox and they they did it understandably because users including the embarrassingly enough would turn off javascript forget that they die and then wonder
why Firefox wasn't working properly so so may user confusion they move into a more advanced configuration area and that to me is just an example of how necessary JavaScript has become and how hard it is to avoid but we don't want to avoid all JavaScript's right we want to avoid proprietary Javascript window no particular aversion to 1 programming language it's what's done with programming language judgeships programs are almost always not free and will explain why because there are some very popular free suffer Johnston the programs but I'll talk more about the ways in which such a distributed to you make of yeah this is also enabled by the fact that and we see really you know the license town numbers that you might see comparing GPL 2 other licenses and services copula licenses those numbers are almost always based on horrible data so if you see any of those you should take them with a pound of salt and by anecdotally I think it's it's not too much of a stretch so that the the world JavaScript's permissive licenses are our very conference so the standard hertz and like any other non-free
software we should wait for proprietary software to burn us from before we start working to get away from it we have a very nice in a terrible way list of proprietary software abuses of the human on you don't work but just to make some specific points we can highlight some of the ways that JavaScript's is used the harm users and specifically proprietary Javascript so answered and users which could be avoided if the judgment for free at a very relatively popular 1 is modification of the copy and paste offer many of which a copy something out of your browser and pasted somewhere else this cited in that they have a nice little demonstration of that but but it's that it's harmless but you can imagine a very harmful version where you copy something in your reading at the age of technical instructions let's say about how to configure piece of software and tells you to take this into shell so you copy that and you go you shall you tasted it returned and a way what just pasted into my myself was not what I copied out of the web page where it is was no deletion demand what I was trying to copy was a get checkout it right just because the capability to modify what's in your copy buffer you also see less of this these days when you're for example copying a link to uh you say article in the New York Times or some other place and you pasted that they have suddenly decide to start attaching a little attribution notices to the end the links so you when you go to like it was right a blog article about a news article you read you taste like and you get an additional advertising for whatever side you got it from so that's pretty dangerous and just news the block browser functions and you don't see this quite as much anymore but it's still out there if you're visiting a site that has somebody's photos or you try to write like to say that image your hard drive and this box popped up that says you cannot violate my copyright and that sort of this JavaScript-enabled DRM which is easy to defeat when you just as a which outstripped that you don't 1 around when we want to run around well without JavaScript it has become a little bit more knowing the identical recorded keystrokes but when you type in a text box and that were filling out a form and that obviously has a lot of useful applications but you can imagine the many sensor things that can be done by a program resource you can't really nobody else's nobody else read the source code and it has the power to the recorded keystrokes and do things with them so does
families so but but and can be used to deliver actually very uh powerful now where there
is a compromise in the in the Tor network while acopyright directed at toward users should set of which involve the usage of so the signature of any programming language rights and you can
have a burning energy do bad things to you if the source source that is out there then we have the ability to take a programmer make a new version of it that doesn't do as that things so this users always just so that you could implement free software to do this you can find someone else to come along and changes and take out that the negative features in the future the course is also a lot of benefits to having free JavaScript's sectors benefits to having 3 brands any other language so you should start work is a site that has a greasemonkey scripts that you can run in in your browser to customized behavior of various sites now do things like enable you to download videos from the video streaming sites and and that sort of thing this is kind of this was a big inspiration or they can have a reason for us to take a serious look at this problem because you can just get a taste of the types of things that you could do on a regular basis if your browser was set up to allow you to run your own JavaScript's your own modified judgment program in place of a just a program that server would normally ask your so process site you get some idea of the different types of things we could do if we had more freedom in this area now this site and Greece modulo don't solve the problem because the script don't necessarily replace it I have a capability to replace strips that are being delivered to you as much as they can modify them afterward change their views so if you are living in a free world you want the ability to actually stop and everything from running entirely and replace it with your own free people or even to stop a particular version of a free program for running and replace it with your own a free version of what the other person created for you so the question is what's needed to solve this problem how do we make JavaScript free at we avoid the dangers of highlighted and also did some these benefits they're out there so just 2 point it's a checklist of freedom in it's very simple for people that have gone over from a licensing but you just provide a license notice right because we don't do that in most parts of the world you are as the default copyright applies to the work on a copy of the free license now not every license requires you to distribute a copy of that along with the software but it's in order to build an effective 3 community and encourage people to value the freedom you kind of have to let them know that they have so that's an important elements of sharing software that you have to be free whether using GPL not and of course if the provide the complete and corresponding source code in and this gets back to us the permissive licensing question media license under a permissive way to enable you to distribute in binary only form or in source code form as you choose but every if you distribute as a binary and not getting the person the source code you're giving them a piece of proprietary software that you use giving by just because the software is available somewhere else as free software that that's not what you're giving so it's important leadership in the software you want to be free you need to convey the source code to use and the failure to do these 2 things this is the reason why most of scripts in use today is not free and it doesn't have to be aware what judgeship conveyed easily made the so is not schools 1 is that but then what is the guarantee of freedom that um JavaScript's is the
files or service as you load a page so the page needs a little quickly you know what's up there and wait a long time the people of space the band what when they're serving sites uses a big incentive to compress the scripts to make it smaller than process called modification essentially of a kind of compilation yeah and also means of course that would give you a copy of the license every time they give you a
file that would be ridiculous so laughter to receive a copy of the GPL with each individual JavaScript file that was loaded on page that would actually add up to a significant amount of but so far as the people you that but we did you look at this modified questions so that if I just get is not
sourced it now it's tax it's not like you know it's not object-code not binary in the same sense the compiled the parameters but the definition of source is the preferred form for modification what does the programmer use of when they are working on the program they did not work on the program in a modified fashion just a taste for why and that fell off because there's no library so it's going down and you can see what was done in the variable names of the function in 7 reduce the letters you know certain things that were in and other forms the languages are considered classic obfuscation techniques are used in order to save the bandwidth and speed things up so this is not sourced from their our job script files that a only served as source and just that being a scripting language you know it's a very common format but i'm especially for larger size that's not the way usually receive it so the 1st step in this problem it's provided the source yeah now there's 2 ways to do it you could just sort of the source code no honestly well realizability 0 that happened in some ways but it's something that you can add comments to unified file which when people to the source and we have a list of tuples style common format for the yeah so that people can follow and then you also need to and what part of this sort of this general free software terms but we did come to this problem succumb to think about this problem also because we were trying to think through what is a mean to comply with the GPL when you're using JavaScript like that we wouldn't ask people to
come to send a full copy of the source code with every minify justified and as people the sense of a copy of the GPL with every job file that served and so the area colleges which whole to source code in a manner that riding lessons itself you have to make sure that your continues to exist is available for as long as you should be the modified version etc. is legitimate way to satisfy the source reported so why is it not 1 that is in a lot of the people they were going to get of the and this is like it's not that the question of land fairly clear you have to think about things like what is the program you know all of the scripts that are being delivered and run all part of the same program so or package so you should package a distribution is licensed under GPL you have to include ecology the of every file that's in there so part is just comes back to the question of what's the work in but we also have another proposal to make up the copy of the license to the code itself 3 of write relations notice I'm given what its minified well 1 way to can get a license information even with the modified file is just tag comment on to top of an inverted file which has the of the license there is that you would normally use in a program to say it is licensed under GPL was licensed under another of the and yet still if this time suggesting to you that that we have In case you don't like this and so I mind and I'm not at all that gave you know if you are in use in number of characters in it is not something along the stick with using I think that the compliance procedure a shorter version of that so I have another version show you know which is a different approach in and when the reaction actually better for some other reasons have there is an area there 1 sort of easily the all this if you're a copyright
holder for just a program you can actually add an exception on additional permission what Yelverton tree allows you to start in Section 7 and evolution and say you may distribute uh minimizer contacted forms of this going without stopping and you don't normally required of a value include this notice and URL which links to the corresponding source that so copyright you can essentially say this is a just a program I'm not expecting you to provide a copy of the GPL with uh every service as long as you go through this notice as long as you are actually distributing the source code and when it's the modified but the probably have category so we thought about other solutions so in a format called jousted where labels are very structured format to consistently conveniently convey from for the populations and the corresponding source scared at the same time without some of the drawbacks that year an assertion is online at the lord of the format and now was data back in 2012 so the goal of this
format is to be machine readable divide machine readable information about the
licensing of job script survive site but it is also really intended to be human readable because it's a human in the end you need to know what the licenses and needs to know where to get the source code from so we think would encompass both calls but if it comes down to it no studies of copy GPL is not just a profound from tree active compliance it has a purpose which is to communicate to users what their rights are when they used the software does informed us that has the human element is not just be a machine to thank so the way
this format starts out of gonna walk through it the of your website you have a which says say jobs get licenses just like you might have to wait for other copyright information on about the size of the flutter service etc. under the hood
she found that look something like this the important
part is that it has this hurry kilometers it is that's part of what enables it to be a machine readable format and then that link goes
to a page that looks something like this but it can be pretty here if you so desire but this is the human readable version of it right so we have 3 columns here the 1st column is the name of the stress as it's being served to the user so these are all of the scripts that our observed to a user of edges of that organ different cases so this would usually here you're modified version on the left year the head and the middle you have the licensing information so only to license the you can have multiple license so G query is licensed under appropriate license and GPL
so again the ways that incident ray column is the source code so that's the unmodified version that sound so you can see here users looking for the source gave you define find vise finding local utilizing this and then you find the source ends this is just a additional table that a relevant so a very simple version of the
table and look like this so the important part is the idea of the table In order to be machinery of machine readable way it has to have legislation over where explained the licensing late in the middle here can
also the the magnet link which or explain in a minute but manually being only a URI that identifies a resource on the web by metadata rather than a specific URL and so that's a little bit more resilient than pointer copy of the license specific server other our some divided the show you the assessment labels but there are
some cases of this in the wild idea that has been experimenting with so this is their version of the
Web women with little mice and so I mentioned the top I want this to be automated and some of those islands in the particular things about the format that are there for that purpose of so where is the automation command all right now we have a piece of software called the bridge the 2 cities
he get here a has a lot to do the usability only the way
yeah well not how are the format is very everything and rainfall and is widely interpreted as uh the softly by machine so that the people that the so while it because this is the the part years that human readable portion see below the there's a general does want to the right place so I don't really understand mediated by the fire and the suspected use of event automated fashion and to catalog the scripts and by you also go lower that you have not and see below and use them the what is the right side of the view of the nation how old lady it's like they would have to be you around the loss of another around this time the licenses yeah no that's pretty obvious you the year we have downloaded it and you can get the yeah that's the thing that's a that's a strange yeah the strength of the Magna link I think as a as a waiter especially saw the problem uh so we exists
is browser extension you can use the for Mozilla-based rather and they did projects that it actually looks checks when you when you turn on it looks at every site you visit and it checks the JavaScript's and looks for any of those methods that describes so far so it checks for a license notice in the JavaScript files themselves it checks for a however label page and then it tries to evaluate and see what scripts of free with scripts are not and it gives you a report somebody call right now are also actually block all of the non-free scripts can allow the free ones they're actually adding a mode to it now so that you can just have a warning as opposed our blocking all the non-tree scripts of because what we found very quickly is that this is a you in the end it on the right now it's essentially way to turn off javascript of you know which is not what we wanted to be so we want to be a way to selectively enable JavaScript on the web so how they think it's important for people that to try it out to start using it to do the usual thing of of reporting boxes of that and see experience works for you but also just kind of you know open eyes of too what the problem is here there is also another effort this which is like a a lot of the reason a lot of jobs that is non-free currently is because it has to be that way it's because it's just not really flags as being free but in fact if you were to go to this State repository over here you get a very same software as free software so we use the same lever JS it's not really and and there are a lot of steps blocked it's not really appropriate so and Goba down webmasters house because there is really not free software and what's appropriate is to have a conversation about it and it looks like you're trying to distribute and that you look like you are of you understand free software in a giant to use J query and other free software jobs libraries be really helpful if you were explicitly say that in those files so that people were aware that you're using free software but it's a conversation into the had more than the than the critical of the supercritical virtually the course is in the start you talking to people about this there's there's a lot of ideas for how this could be done so rotten in a way when you do some other way of the way with the grotesque doesn't know why this particular Web label format and so when I actually committed to doing it only this way know what we care about it is that is actually the problem itself here we need a way to be able to get free jobs that's not not free jobs that we need a way to be able to distribute copy left Johnson so anything that satisfies those conditions were interested in talking about and there have been other some conversations people suggested using the HTTP headers to convey JavaScript licensing information about people suggest just using RDF so that 1 huge fan of the kind of structured HTML table approach it's a little bit arbitrary so all these things can happen and what's more the doesn't necessarily have to be just 1 way of doing it be possesses is written so that it can actually had no other methods of verification so there was another 1 the got traction like HTTP headers then that could be rolled into the plugin as well so but I mean we're just hearing the criticism and suggestions about this format but it's also not from the standpoint of of 1 has to be the only way I so beyond that you know how we get this chair actually close so the job a chair I was in the end salts by a combination of really hard work by free software actors to a right 3 versions of the job of the platform the and then partly because of their assigned did the right thing and relations the platform under a free software license so the analogy you in this case for JavaScript that we need to the of 2 major browser makers of that this is an important thing that as part of their general mission to protect their users privacy security and freedom that this is something that they should try to enable whether it's incorporating lever jails for that
exact method is a different question but incorporating some way for users to do so would be a huge help to closing the trap and we need people to help for 1 thing just takes the JavaScript that is already free and is not label that way around we need people to write free software JavaScript's and we need to convince people use of of a JavaScript some specific next and software germs there's many improvements they can be made we reject us but it can get faster can have a nice interface from beginning to enable different kinds of white listing there's lots things that happen with it at the very new projects and and so lot opportunities to get involved with we need for mobile devices adjusting talking generically but JavaScript's on a mobile device is the same thing as just attributable about the programming for the extension and manner of dealing with it might be a bit different I would really want a command line and automated version of the radius so you can imagine if you're webmaster and you know what they got the difficulty in dealing with all this is the way that certain of web publication systems deliver JavaScript's they can grab scripts from all over the place and stick them all in 1 file and serve that you and as a webmaster can get pretty maddening to try to make sure you are doing the right thing all the time so we really is an automated version we is a browser extension you have to manually Ronnie Smith so to work for alive reading user says something that can be run as part of a regular no system check job alert system that would monitor the to socialization functions with their so we could modify modifiers their use common
allows the community to out the right kinds of copyright notices by default and take some of the light work out of it for people of your people have done this historically with the notices and anything you can do that makes this type of yeah kind of snobby bureaucratic and but feels
like that when your programmer and to make it easier for people I think would be a big help and then there are many patches to be submitted you upstream free software projects that have JavaScript's as a as a part of them and we had a transition at a dinner last nite about how you know of a good start about for a new people getting involved in kernel Development Theory in in other kinds of projects is correct the FSS addressed in the license notices know if any of you think we're still at several places don't try to visitors rather than 1 that for a while so fixing up a little bit like that is actually a nice way for someone just the learn how to check out the repository you know make changes to make them back in just learn the whole procedure is participating in the project do something that will be useful in fine so to me is very parallel kind of thing there are lots all these projects out there that are free software MediaWiki pad that you can go and they want the free software these 3 software you just that some patches to help make them more explicit from of public awareness standpoint our
touch that we have an ongoing campaign to raise this issue with that webmasters to get them of particular sites you know it's kind of so it's kind of like as not winning approach in the long term to try to pick 1 sided a time to desoxy the effects but you know as you do that you you build awareness
about the problem and you of gets more allies on board and then you just start to make this world in actual reality so unnecessary with highlighting 1 side month of in some that last year for people to talk to interact events and were currently working with Greenpeace that org was just
1 of the sites that was text by people participating in the action and read this is currently going through the their main sites and updating the jobs that licensing information making sure it's all free and there also discussing possible new internal standards for all the satellite related organizations to make sure that those 2 things so this was a not always has to have a success like that in in buddhism encouragement if not stated you should away some people out there actually if you approach them from the from the way do you want to have the same be accessible to as many of their supporters as possible ends are willing to do some work to get that done well certainly trying to work with right back but that's the way this 1 so they haven't responded yet but you can help by the cinema comments and trying to bring the attention so the red admins red as an example of a project that does publish and its source code to a large extent under a free license so now you take biology 1 support to a fully free jobs and we have a if you are just
a developer can we ever did really help right now that task force comes a small group of people that you know a lot about childhood development in is not campaigns addressed will be hooked up with that and so essentially have a list that the task force members are on in and that some place about the Greenpeace Folkestone rights to and to get help trying to figure out where exactly the problems are and we won offered as a service essentially to anybody there were also tended to get and should be free JavaScript's it's also a place where some Weaver JS and infirmity be discussed so there's a officially suffer mailing list for the redress specifically when it gets to that level but on this task force this is a good place to bridge the gap from user freedom concerns to what might be implemented in software and of course you know so that's the badges yourself if you get the that time learning how works if you run a state then in China fix up job ships and use be clear what we're trying to do here is to get sites to work without requiring non-free JavaScript's that's 1 of our main goals so we want free software users to be able to effectively live on the Internet and and not have to run non-free software so that means were not in this campaign really taking on things like Google Analytics at on we probably will in a different way of life because you analytics is not required piece of software is to use a site it's just a piece of proprietary job scripts that gives the site owners
information about you so the protest was blocked
that because it's not free in units were about it but it's not a victory condition success condition for us in this campaign to convince everybody to stop
using that we wanna make sure the core functions that the things that you need to do to use a bank account you know cleverly text with people of whatever you can deal with all free software for the same reasons that you always wanted to do it on the view that you have I'm happy to to take some questions and hear people's ideas about this in the hands of the notoriety of is that actually the like focus on it stop the the the and you I know some but that's the that I guess the kind of reproducible builds idea sort of connecting the modified JavaScript officially to source with it would be a good idea to to have a serious problem much simpler the In that case to do that since verification is done by a set of standards tools the answer because theory the that you and I and I did the yeah you but saying that I have here is that as STD that and the the and the after that the point at this if we if we really have the freedoms that world and you can use your own adjusted from your machine you don't have to worry about them being served you by somebody else yes the part you contact the and the yeah I don't have best but that specifically we did ask about the REL actually is a spelling out about 1 on but that's the idea of that was the around on yeah I didn't and I was a clear about that ever in my script so we're lower as you would use the put Felleisen's notice of in HTML to cover all the scripts on this page but it does not they could be better because you can have scripts with different licenses on the same page here it they have the official like that right and that is the mean of the yeah with 1 there is no other validated the telling everybody is an error and old if you want this thing to have the data of and all the other things will will actually contained within the horizon and the extinction of the semantics of the events that happened to 1 the other thing I think the the way you can see in the world market and the like I wanted was in a In this case in which the invention this and I said like at the convention with convention is that if you take a lot of time and you need that media and you will find the right to jobs that which will have the license information about just that would your eyesight we have to make it will just below the monthly and so on and so on and so every time you don't want to waste time with the size of the so that would be in the interest of the users of the song that that sort of the book that images and text data all the right so the yeah that makes makes no sense and and you know that we're generating our that would labels table is is generated by a scripts and and that's not expect in order for that to be feasible set of words that get really expect someone to help manually maintaining a table a large site some of that size is pretty overwhelming so I think that kind of pattern just makes the job a lot easier because it's just a out domestication extension and and you get you the rest of the in a we the the yeah it would be nice if we could make use of multiple efforts machine exons informational can converge on but so you know I could see because the area a layers so we wouldn't for example there would checked for that someone develop a system based on that I don't know I guess we would so we want our love list of licenses to be all free licenses and analytically the speedy access some of our non-free licenses by the boss represents standard to the summit issues like that to sort out of the users to have the rest of the way in the we really the demanding idea to use of it as you like the students to come together 1 more thing that is similar to I 0 yeah this is my presentation part where stopping time for questions and you get the you and and what and guess the the cloak per yeah yes and no remains so this is true for 1 thing this is a piece that needs to be written there we need software were to actually enable you similar to grease monkey with a lower level so far replace 1 particular with another scripts like that's the 1st step and then after that that there is the world as it is right now there's a world as it could be so the world as it is right now yes people playing a pretty fast and loose with the delta files because nobody else it's a private API essentially rights that have to worry about anybody else talking 0 but that it doesn't have to be that way you can actually imagine that if this were to become a thing of online where people can run their own just their files then that would change safety areas back the other way but I also think that there is more standard just get out there than the people think think that a given something which could is recognize very commonly used scripts and substitute them with something else would that offer some pretty cool things and people of the of recently scripts using Gmail and Google Docs of for example the of the problems with using some of those things but I think they still provide proof of concept that you can you guys and things don't change so often that it's useless it's just break it to you have to deal with sometimes tell of people come around and start actually supporting that you and the the the and so on and on and the yeah that could happen in any kind of free software ultimately ultimately you have to decide if you trust the person that's telling you what the licenses and whether there is an incentive for them to try to deceive you know and there's a that's not something I think that you need to to it as the problem of the problem with licensing of things in general uh they will be nice if 1 of the problem of free software and have to worry about such problem how
you the the called with a very old screen
good but well as a as a
sponsor for projects we can do it by having people people call in a lot of cases signed an agreement to us that what they're contributing to our projects they have the right to contribute and that they can legally given to us as result where we can legally reachable this result were found otherwise this is up part of this and I say to the DMCA which is not necessarily a bad thing on like a circumvention provisions which is that if you posting material and then you believe that you have the right to host that material and the copyright law comes along and says you don't that and this is the set of standards you comply with to remove it or it's a contested and the slides you do that then there's not a penalty that's 1 way that you could deal with people you lying about licensing information getting a wrong and yeah and so that we were JS itself from for the human readable part no there's not a standard but the mirror the material part of the as looks for a particular length right now and I the idea that you have a right so the question is how how to how you would type people called the same license by different names so there's water boils down to I think that's a problem in Free software licensing and that's things like Expedia source that the projects have attended standardizes names of accurate you that within the web labels format itself well that's the problem be solved elsewhere but it is as you know we didn't legitimately confused by names being used loosely this time this and and yes and thank you very much yeah yeah they would wouldn't use it if if 1 exists on but I think the right way to define that income the agreement on that is not within the web labels specification and together it is something is needed in the eye and the sense of what is the experience of life the the rates of the primary reason is because JavaScript's is fixed amount it's sort of functional software in the same way as adults to program in terms of what they can do on your machine on the terms of the applications that has for your freedom but we do have always campaigns as I documentation functional educational information on the other and we realize and that of from its people to modify and encourages like software so that is an issue we could make a bigger and getting out of this is not as a separate issue I think it's more about that as a different kind of work that actual program running on a machine mind you this list assigned to the very long engagement it's not possible this has nothing with him out on the of the the CSS which has some of the like constructed and it was the time when and you go to the mall and yet still some parts of the of the of the of the of the sample right so how will would you say that this is sufficiently and that I would that I we have yeah well I mean it's 1 there is actually definition in the article of what constitutes for example trivial JavaScript forces nontrivial JavaScript's and of uh it's the nontrivial JavaScript's that we want to make sure it's pretty license and that own rules some analysis later defines the function but that's kind of a way that you can use the identified by part of this is also a judgment call about how I think things are playing out in the life of a typical computer user and people's freedoms are being pretty seriously threatened by by digestives on 11 way snatcher yet but not as a these other words which is not to say that we won't care about them a doctor about them but for focus purposes I'm not sure there's like a bright line that would and I think what you're saying is a standard as it gets closer to of being a program that you would that you need to get to modify and that we need to go to dictate how runs that's the culture as being an issue in the in the thank you article and on how new licensing good you always got to the time that the node is listed in side and all the people in this area the 1st of you you you you you know that yeah we all the little snippets lecturer from a larger article so the job to particle itself as an appendix just a article itself as an appendix at the end has similar to information at and what labels of particle is pretty step by step the union and and then for the reasoning is that the article the rationale to explain some of the deeper reason behind this and the answer so and I would say the closest thing to the oxygen is what's at the bottom of the judge you just go things the thank you you and you know that the other thing is
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