Jailhouse, a Partitioning Hypervisor for Linux

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Jailhouse, a Partitioning Hypervisor for Linux

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Jailhouse, a Partitioning Hypervisor for Linux
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This talk will introduce the architecture of Jailhouse, describe typical use cases, demonstrate the development progress on a target system and sketch the project road map. The Jailhouse project provides a minimal-sized hypervisor for running demanding real-time, safety or security workloads on fully isolated CPU cores aside Linux. In contrast to other commercial and open source hypervisors of similar scope, it is booted and managed via a standard Linux system. Its focus is on keeping the core code base as small as feasible, generally trading simplicity over features. Jailhouse has been released under GPLv2 and is being developed in an open manner. The talks aims at attracting further users and contributors, specifically from the embedded domain, but may also trigger discussions about additional use cases
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if the around here so what run on the last talk of the which was this infected a year and so I'm
pleased to presented project here so it doesn't know anyone attend my talk in Edinburgh on this that's good because it was used to some lively repeat this further talk so I'm going to talk about a new hypervisor called cells and it is being used for partitioning Linux systems so I'm looking for Simondon's Euler's lights and so we are are center certainly not an apartment on so this is not a product presentation this has brought a presentation
from research so please don't ask me about product on this topic I am but I will try to give some hints where this could be used so list of the motivation for this activity and in each we have in this and remember approach was different in this case and a status what kind about uh and also try to squeeze in some i've came on it and and also I admit about why you're going source that we we read all the sources the 1st
of all them have several use cases where you want Baisikeli nomadic system the for use on a certain number
of course in the system so we want to run basically the service a task to 100 % underscoring bold be destructive so the 1st thing that comes from a common mind to use and some kind of high speed
control systems so where you want to uh talk to hardware and react on certain events at a higher rate and with low latency so yeah every microsecond counts and the to be to achieve a higher frequency so latency you can get from text between you and the hardware basically loss achievable maximum control rate and so we want to keep basically the conscious active hot I we don't want to be accused of answers from other activities of radius is for example and we want to is of course very demanding deadlines of the scenarios but as long we undertake the there's also some this is high-performance computing area and they also have interest in delineating a single cause a single CPU was fully simply because they all would keep cattle sort and to the thing is they are calculations only of and finally another scenario and I with clear what we learned about when we went open business projects and but nor focus right now but it's interesting for other users the software-based data place so if you think about software defined that thing these days so this data payment dictator runs through and is designed with the software not the help of services hardware and you also have to tip of the requirements on the high throughput and low latency there so to in the same applies here listened of of scenarios so what you see today and
to fulfill these requirements of Linux is what I summerize than this config no it's that information often so that the idea here is to keep the limits for every model and and and delineate uh missing PorSimples CPU with a single pill task and so no interrupt on the CPU and unless the task of presidents and no maintenance work no housekeeping of minutes on the CPU and what we keep the plant running
model at but this is not really trivial and the top develop because this
is not prepared for this right now so have ongoing work in this area it's it's improving it's getting better and better and so but there still something remaining so fraught right now for example you still have to run at least once per 2nd for maintenance work on this you and then there are
other works so which require low offloading worked other CPU stuff so to get 1 free so it's not yet perfect at least if you think of a long-running thing where you want to have really the full CPU over a long period of and disturbances the and so if the pros alike direction and and maybe interesting but well hello world roads which we will follow this programming or of UNIX so if you look at about industrial scenarios often have some kind of pre-existing software has gone with layer have some out
as running certain workloads and and you want to combine these workloads now the is these days of my because machines with some general purpose operating system but then it's so hard to get these to get on the operator quotable approach to this is well to use virtualization for example there is everything energy so you can live basically the pre-existing softened diverse environment and make sure that the fertilization is fulfilling your time requirements and what that's the approach and actually and we
also had some studies on this and also support of running was scenarios the wooden detail space is a slide from the previous presentation or presentation about making the caveat written capable so we measure basically in a set up between and some real-time virtualized notes and other network nodes and the latency you get on the wrong thing and basic what we did also here is to dedicate for delivered summarization task so to the roots of missing and and we got in this scenario was all the steak so this ran through the acadian uh dualism was not the scenario we came up with latencies maximum latency about the 330 microseconds so depending on scenarios that your enough on scenarios different too high so it this timing requirements would be OK for you for your scenario there's another area I so and that's
about and safe and secure scenarios was his eighties our is interesting for us and then you have to go to certain processes that support like this and and in these processes you have to look very closely at hardware but also sophist x and so this involves review testing arguing about the software and possibly some form of addition of end well simple rule the lobbyist system is software is the more effort have so that the typical process is displayed often all days they have separate machines for this safety on bond analyst oppositional machine these days everyone wants a consolidated so you suddenly have the safety nonsafety mnemonics scenarios energy and so you want to to seperate these these models in some way to keep the critical components away from all the complexity of modern operating system and all 1 grade and for the scenarios well we will see that rigidisation could be help with the segregation the so it could basically isolated 1 moment of safe units of nodes from standard workloads and at least as far as the visualization in itself is not adding more complexity it encapsulates so if your operating system was the which innovations that becomes as complex and uh this is that we want to isolate from yet no 1 nothing so for these scenarios you want some really small hyperbolas and the small and you use more than then and something which is really focusing on the specific task that means isolating mostly steadily isolating will close from each other spatially and temporally
I the so there are quite a few solutions all that affects all this is in these markets and there are many commercial offerings on this and unfortunately there are not
many open source activities in this area they are the hot restrictions and ordinal of industrial use cases so this is our 1st of all 1 thing what we saw we want to be able to be independent of certain solution we want to have control over it and so we want to graph uh an investor targeting open source solution for this so this is 1 area and we thought about in the other
areas and if he developed at a micro hypervisor well it takes all the control over the hardware is the purpose of this so this is
basically what you want now instead of your if you follow a full operating system and it takes all the good for control and then it has the would still you non critical workload in this is in general purpose operating system in getting just this operating system up and running is a quite complex task so the most the process of the gas systems tickets to guide using that increases the complexity of the was the community wide in the end when you have a running system usually get away with much less involved the runtime just to keep this isolation between the non-critical workload in the middle of what a life that's about static petition so we about it would be interesting to go for nothing approach than the classic approach of bounding the hypervisor 1st and this is where the jails
approach comes the the so we would that is on the system just as before so it takes full control the hardware that's the face so 10 loci look at embedded specific areas in baleony operate on can become good excited but then when we come to the partitioning phase so when we want to seperate certain workloads from the Linux world we'll talk about that later so we list of on laughter moved out of other and well of course the other hypervisors according to our requirements so that we have petition system and there we are whether stated position systems where
Linux can't excess resources that the real time domain of using wise words of fully controlled by the hypervisor but this otherwise it just has to keep the system in its current state running it doesn't have to care about it is holding up and all and even if you have a specific dedicated will put on the right side for the real-time purpose as well as a few
purposes they also can be reduced their needs and their requirements on the virtualization so we have to look for the right balance will these found and that means
balancing between features of growth is always either add features and simplicity simplicity of the hypervisor providing these features and that the purpose of data was really to focus on the simplicity to keep
things as simple as reasonable as c mon as possible can always do things more reason was that the and that well if we have to decide what a feature the simplicity is very important for us so the
whole thing all the aspects of jails looks like so as we have might ecosystems of multiple CPU is very have 2 of them scared off for the real-time domains ladies on 1 the other systems so that advises taking full control of the hardware there's really no index and no possibility of Linux runtime to bring the system down still need some kind of control for it and then we make use of Linux so we have some kind of the outmoded control module which talks to the hypervisor which also brings up the hypervisor set and this 1 has the more standard interface so we have some Dr. devised created and you have these devices basically Paul the 1 you will and we can bring up the system so we know die provides itself we also provide configuration for the system so what resources are there how they should be the divided between the instances during start-up and also later on when the loads these what we call cell so these real-time applications that could be for art also could be banned bare-metal what it we would like so these are the main components that are used to get the system up and running it is it is ridiculous is more about actually access control than to maximization so we want to manage
basically the good the available hardware in a partition way we don't want to virtualize them we don't want to although loaded possibly so we we basically just intercept and and filter access to all the sensitive resources we have in the system as far as the half a dozen supporters of this so ideally problematization provides all the means we need to do this partitioning so it is it to theory but we can't do this because is incomplete in this regard which is incomplete we have to intercept and decide about a certain Texas is valid or not the goal here is basically to have to avoid that any cell has some kind of system-wide impact on on the other side so simple example no 1 should be able to say was set up we know the system was all or you can crash or whatever the that means of course one-to-one resource assignment so we don't do any of commitments we don't supporting a scary there's no scalable boring for some research topics and what about resuspending about this area really we have no that means of course but opportunity for of very interesting so less complexity and hides maps of the hyperbolic system so we don't annotate resources that we steal from 1 side so if you would in 1 of those specific cells you will not find typical PC
hardware there is a because it already assigned to Linux or it's completely blocked followers
and then of course heaps the next if however about about that it will notice it because or running so it won't exodus of animal is what we thought you would allow us to so if you want more if you have the full system which can't be parables and I'll get kind of nervous versus and error can be the prose narrative yes deuterium for this
so this is basically where we draw the line between our approach sales and full
visualization approach we have adopted so that is our friend so was was a sad bootstrapping is dominant also the loading the scene examples later on so I would have done so it's between that creation we have some kind of commodity interface for this again reduction of bits otherwise there and we also get some kind of units look and feel like the whole system you don't have to fiddle with all the would load of for example to get the thing running you have normal its environment they can use files to pass in and they mixes of the configuration you to handle it on command and things like this also during operation so if you want to reconfigure system edition of the current in the command of this it is as far as the system as a whole is the longest so the destroy
cell reconfiguring bring up a different configuration is so different cell of course also enables us to slow the moratorium from from Linux environment and yet but also subtle responsible as 1st of original losses again reduction of breaks the better of either and also sort of runtimes don't have to remove the whole system is you must learn to rule this and so that's to be the case of any of the static real micro otherwise instant during the status so at this point the are added the size of the state of so we currently on focus 6 was the 1st development so depending of course on the reservation features that you find days so if you were timization device which innovation his other requirements I We enabled by the drug delivery even if the sovereign upon this so we have very low latencies for themselves so if you write in proper way can you can get down to 0 axis so the cell can run independently of socialization at full speed without any directions of at all during normal operation the we also using virtualization to bring up the whole system debate in the 1st event was text all that and you know it yeah so we did not
really hot so this is also very helpful if you want to impact the environment as we learned today was measles this approach to develop the operating system completely in about scene and divided the same here this course some interesting effects because of what it means nested metallization using this revision which innovation and so the court for this wasn't completely stable at this point I absolutely but suffixes in this area but interesting unfortunately we electing right now the the In so there's no way to deal with duration of a volatilization available so we can't do this kind of feature in the canadian bar and the development in adverse environments that's why VTD currently is to actually the source requirement hypervisor even without just enable this kind of development what so we went public
and about 4 months ago now I'm and develop moved on so had exceeded demand also destruction so we can shut down the complete guests
elegant now we have no complete support for and device uh passed through to other cells so that means encapsulation of the may request than from the device and this is now also implemented 1 we have also something isn't right reason in the from an access control so cells which to a certain critical task should probably not be distorted arbitrary points we probably need some kind of sudden warning at least the way the European women
here is some interface false cortical cells to talk with without of either before or executing instruction commands and vote against it or at least the ladies kind of operation or ordered shut therefore further improvement on usability is so this is still an early stage um and still some quarter of the matches are effective and it's but it's it's step by step improving all so and now for the for
life-table on reusing here which consists of across the EU 2 cost with each to threats and it's what is on and of course on and in the device and that is what I'm doing basically right now what noting that was of course and then and establishing on some kind of special that tables is but I have here is so just to see what what's the hypervisors doing it as the console this year of the lord of the Bantu status and we also uses your convoluted but uh and then the workload of running there so we're basically feeding back the serial port via USB cable to the console with concede on the screen here but I'm going to start with a very simple game more and at time t then do so is that up a time are in this this machine which is triggering and 10 times per 2nd and measuring basically the latency of this time or and against the that India cannot precisely so if that missing this
words OK for this year and a serial console trying with
there and this is the command line almost machine so 1st of all loading of course this help on what you nothing special happens for this love except that you know have you my look for it and to this device mold and now there the tool Jano school commandment with a very brief intuitive properties devised as only so I'm in a ring now the hypervisor on with the cell configurations for my notebook which business writing the source i have so much promise their rarities precise and the use of the sorts of falls it this is done now if you look now the alone you
see the Board of messages scientists freq the ball and it's just because uh you can't read all the data while the hypervisor starting otherwise we run out of buffer space in the year's so front of wood wikinews news on real machines have a different machine effect of deriving see and H. units something was cut over the last 4 of their so basically it's loading up on all 4 course running out of there and all at this point the machine is a control of the hypervisor so I could we would for example right now and what was refuses it
so let's create some this scenario so again using the command line tool you to create a cell is a specific configuration for its and also specifying much be run in the cell so of binary image basically and where to be loaded and this is so the numbers you're
very impressively on a 2nd so this be the latency of this time the event loop and it's getting up even beyond 20 or 30 microseconds because but the often you so um the the the what you measuring here is not any kind of software if you measure very relieved by up up-to-date see this machine including subsets and all the components and involved like so I different harder seen even lower numbers which single-digit numbers ago my Pacific performance of the Aurora so it's running
now and I could also destroy it again so specifying the configuration again to elections for 1 it is male not permitted to do it that simply because
the cells that hold on rejecting the 1st best and doing a lot of stuff down minimum that visits and signaling to the otherwise OK now you can destroy me so that's why this again the
and we are done and we see OK the CPU
has been returned to Linux and I believe in that's right and the aim of the whole thing
again and all the control is better
Linux all systems spectrum is otherwise remote so opening 1 that's on
what you certainly some were connected 6 environment
the director mapping is currently under work on to collect these last hold but also um the access to certain BCI resources have to be moderated basically 1 hypervisor so there's ongoing work an open areas and in the cell communication of course right now the cells can only talk with all the world but you also have scenarios we would talk in between the cells so that the limits and sell for a moratorium for starters for controlling whatever so we to establish some kind of settle for that obviously and the bloody decide what kind of negative views but we are a big fan of reuse existing ones so will probably the because in what I'll and not only because it's was that was also a portable to other among the CIS exist for example is a very interesting approach and so this will basically enable us to do in the cell communication but for the area is required to do was say 2 scenarios is
some kind of a data set up so we want to prove that the hopper is brought into the state and the node is proving that be working and so this is also ongoing work to do some kind of mechanism for this and yet
then also the question arises what about other incidents and this is what you also receive amnesty Beck archaic musical of life but what are and of course we want to be portable and was written in a portable way at least as far as we were able to prove so far and and we will go for on soon so requirements they are again how demetallization support so that means anything on the 7 or better and also demise as a list of course 1st thing would probably be at some point if if association so most likely some mixing of 5 system but we aren't in the discussion on this so is the question was start with the 1st steps and so we and confidence in our in this regard and that from the negation supplies interest as well as set is data points lots of interesting and the other small companies are interested in this area so we're trying to point it pays you interest and efforts and some occasional already happened others started in the background I hope we will soon be able to have a full role in basic established on the mailing list and see who was working on what so come the next week or next month it's a definitely we have we have some Roadmap which means that something will be there by the end of Q 3 of this year so this basically means that we have some kind of state that they had taken the 6 in the end of last year also was unavailable for the 1st steps but of course is an open-source projects that are recorded using on this area will accelerate the orbit of course the yellow open
source why open source so when we discuss also internally in there was some comments like wild small have otherwise a means loss just a few lines of code this is easy to write ourselves to maintain all of open source but the is not that easy as it looks like in is there only a few lines of code is hotter which as a users and now the Beast on most architectures I think it was a Texas and so you need to have expert looking at this and then you need to experts from different areas with different experience behind it also is about supporting a broad range of systems of roughly divide affixes of of the users of ports and this also means that at some point you get to the burial scalability of your own resources and we want to attract others to work on this the the benefit of course from entrepreneurs working on this area from ball supports uh by done by hand by vendors so it is also a reason to go Open Source the and of course you won the wrong the users we have a certain use-case scenarios in mind but I see that this kind of component could be useful for all areas so thing of all the mode of various thing of embryonic possibly and so on the more we get this thing out in the field the
more it is being used actually the higher test coverage to get earlier and well in the end we all benefit from it all its known wisdom finally on its its close relation Linux gone actually while in the code is not part of the kernel right now and but we are well of course we use as far as possible so open selected open-source also enables cooperation and is definitely and maybe 1 day there's ultimate interest I got better and what about integrating the lexical why not a lot today probably a million and and 5 years who knows but this is actually establish as kind of a standard way to do this kind of isolation that maybe what would become interesting when you don't want to close the store we wanted to open and of course this also means after going open source this also means 1 reason to choose the life and so we chose license GPL on intensive and intentionally to keep the openness of the whole thing and so we want to know foster that everyone was working on this and actually prioritizes part of type is probably is also forced to release what he has done on these areas and so we chose the piano and we also made a clear statement just likely scholar has that everything you running against environment is not affected by it that's just to make it clear just avoid any kind of discussion on this so the whole thing is the ability to just whether us go very often arise it is a
rock and so you see now that there is a need for isolating workloads on Singapore on my because a specific so there is a need to do is understood about processing work on the of course with low latency on I'll and and there is also a need to do this was very low sulfur areas so as to have 4 and the mediation efforts use jails is providing a building block for this is not a solution for the whole thing of course but the building block for this kind of full CPU isolation 100 % CPU to a given task we want to reduce it to the reader the meeting all this kind of scenarios so the goal is self the work of the based heap below that 8 10 thousand lines of code on the below this limit definitely and of course and adding any kind of feature is also is an important requirement to keep in mind so we won't at everything to yeah is uses Linux so just have a handy for structured hand so it's a different way of looking at these kind of so there is a different way of working this set partitions so the giver attention and all the questions the not the
think of the I don't know who they are I didn't know that you printed it allows it to you and be able to insert itself Anita's Linux was days initiated simple and easily physics look at the can damage trace the briefly summarize it decays specially designed what we had died I have to develop an ontology duration of holes so if you set up a system for example young men of freedom of sort of resources of the possible right now it should be possible so this of course a tuning thing he was that was not but generally what it basically is to look what is excess during runtime and then decide if this is allowed or not uh like you set up security policies 1st of all you brought everything but a moratorium modes and then you look really getting what gets trapped and then you decide how does make sense or is it something that be change so it's was this sensible simple so when you're separating and the cost usually the cost is shared with changes in how do separated this because this is of satisfied the heart support them with a record of point is is also the reason why the so the 20 or 30 microsecond latency on these course even they are less running 1 workload and the hardware is the specifically 6 is not really well made for the sense scenarios so you get latencies there and and interaction between the different workloads just because of potter the dependencies we have shared resources like catches the asset prices and things like this and if there is any kind of support for its often provide some kind of quality management for these we will configure it properly and tried to enforce and and reduced Bayesian dependencies as far as possible but if you can't then you either the wrong hardware we have to live with the consequences the Internet and questions I What about combination J. house and dual it's circadian below it to the top of all at about this here and what we have be evidence demo more this so our favorite of it so basically trying to pass through the vectorization CPU support the moderated way to Linux so this should be possible within the New Art wherever you have support in the heart and the cakes extensions to do rigidisation as way it should be quite efficiency possible of course you have this this little slowdown there but at least I got as far as running then the KB guests inside the jail environment and next uh but of course not confined so the field of course required to confine the excess of the BTX resource 6 for example but we depend on the hot but it will be possible so for this scenario say they have some non-Linux Miss operating system running inside the scenarios that the way to go Possible the the and do you support to whole class good uh stipulative have played for a national safer uh I've folinic decide to shut down some should be used for power management uh and the uh is uh day provides a is is it's able to to deal with this this issues what depend basic and what kind of control you have to be for all its granted the heart controls managing and so if you if you want to start on a CPU really physical Internet or for whatever this interface has to be made for so either it this in hardware already probably separated per-CPU if it's a person you command you can say OK you can do this on your Linux if you you can't do it on on the next that's 1 way to model this the other way is basically a tool to track all the axis and then decide based on the CPU assignment of 2 different cells gives the excess is allowed or not conceptually governs these against it's practically we have implemented so what we do actually softer if you what running right now just because we need to get a CPU was off from and assigned to a different call that a different cell so what you see in the demo basically was simply what learning software so we offline 1 CPU for the next and assigned it and the difference of means won't see this if you if I would also like to do while Linux was not assigned those if you get a violation at the US and going back to the dealer be starting the problem is that you there are 2 kinds of this almost always gonna be shared between cost and they have also the go and see a garden in the 2 year course to make sure the dashed lines of photons which will resetting cursing no guarantee that the see can avoid by using virtualization because unless you take the car out of coherency that I don't think there is any harm which allows you to do that it is the main problem with all of its of its process so far that there might be something that affects the question out of all of them not now this is something all you have to also discover the half and of course the I think it's very hard to characterize its boundaries for that although it might be possible but I don't think classical isn't the seasons only signed great bandits latencies guaranteed family let down the that punch releases spherical so convincing particles grand ran out and inquiries to focus on design treat this 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