How to get a JIT Compiler for Free

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How to get a JIT Compiler for Free
Implementing Smalltalk with RPython and Truffle/Graal
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SOM (Simple Object Machine) Smalltalk has Truffle-based and RPython (PyPy) based implementations. It shows modern ways of language implementations with the goal of achieving high performance
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ch next all states of our how to get a different by free yeah so going to talk with you about the motion things for actually just an hour just simple until it means that the President and because 1 of the big problems we have is that they too few people actually work on the margin she say so and so open source projects in general to begin if you have a few contributors but then the idea only 1 person may be promising for to people who have been touching the change and so on but the rate of the few people actually looking into how to get all that kind of stuff fast totally progress that so I have been looking into that and what you can do about it and I can looking into that using a very simple
small because it's easy to implement and implemented in all kinds of different variations and there's actually a small for their using teaching so you probably going to be a couple the universities with use that and the main design constraints appear to have something really simple for teaching them something that's really showing the concepts in the ideal textbook way obj the beginnings of the fast and then they have a couple of interpreters implementing that actually or had different implementations of the and programming so but as a set of 1 of the major
always is the walls thing is really then so but it's easy to teach this the year and 2 of them are pretty common object-oriented benchmarks originating from these multiple which is by the things things look at least you but they have been used to for small of Chadians Chymistry type thing and you see like I find x lower and the X slower than top job was of course those you in the hundreds of many years spent spend to make of past and knowledgeable different of course can't keep opposite so that the body
was of course something different among the symbol the that that's everybody of community and change in order to make certain things that the on that as the example of the the reconstruction of the really laws the in 1st small the different that have fewer people to be able to give you want so or basically replace the mechanism by something like then you need people that actually can change which machine and so on all that but of course we also want to find out that these region the same order of magnitude would be so the green knowledge which any kind of what is actually on the book which eventually you so that you barely 20 % lower and features of C 6 times 7 times so that the sum of the and the so that's the of an idea that the simple and so probably at the moment just-in-time compiler
success that that's the really just a few people doing that so often it's just arcane energy so that 1 person in the 4 in the community doing the species that the function machine that's basically it and that's our good work people have of the guy behind you would you and all I think the other communities like records person and then the other option is basically to love at the peak of this infrastructure for engineers the job of a the idea that school laying the same day that of art for instance just as the engineering refer to so that none of those solutions insufficient so that's the and what science came up with season and not the water from coming you see actually the some model sites will be online daters within the all but there are 2 interesting options so you might have heard of tried by the use of the infrastructure that nowadays call and they have the need tracing just come and compact which is a very interesting people and then very recently and oracle apps open source project called structural and that they have self optimizing and of and based on partial sh evaluation and the full toolchain and based of a just-in-time compiler toolchain those kinds and I'm going to read books so what some just to give you a brief
compression that's a simple small has been developed in the parent to cells and some novels was at the University of teaching on the text space to make reasonable to build the very 1st that an attitude you off at the levels of the class as a primitive you class 2 and object on that's the point a quality primitive and In teacher for instance instances addition obstruction on so and then of course we have things like Williams and this is the and that's very much a small addition you really have a polymorphic method on that's and using the standard of true false on implemented and if you look at the true class you see if you can actually implemented as you would implement it's very simple straightforward in an ideal of sport of implementation factors play a and then the 4th case just you know so the very straightforward simple on small to be based on and explain how that varies let's look at the vectorial so it on the shopping cart my running examples of factorial hidden the most simple just explain I think everybody can read that you're suppose it can anybody not treats multiple public so how small the 1st thing you notice is that results from using the that's actually 1 message and locational important message then and the receiver so the object of the June vote this year the evaluation results yeah and so there some comparison has and is 0 not and if that's true then really the block which this on and you can just 1 because otherwise we wouldn't it be aware that a lot and Lotus recursively for part so must include fancy some maybe a hundred small talk maybe better to make the right to us how we send you get out of at the I of history can shrink wouldn't want lights and then and I will have to try to change the resolution 1 small is going to be a big problem in the following we just a lot that's that's it in in the nation's here the problem and in you get this at the love and then I will reset it after the slightest then so I'm not really is 1 so the here is if you want to implement an interpreter to classic thing to do is to build a set of 5 coats and the and the machine on to interpret the Bible so that they actually composite vectorial to a very very simple what's that so in the simple singing and all the things we need something like the single predictions from the model and putting arguments from the function of people for whom the access and the fact that if you look at it from she so imagine if you think about it would be executed you can't vote on that actually the 1st thing we do it the importance of pictorial for people of all that and in the 2nd operation is 0 and that's why we can now actually the message sent you for the comparison and so on our stick here so people in the fields of all comparison birds you of falls so very simple step operation you uses that to basically build up 1st the arguments for the message sent and the and the and so in October rules you can imagine very much the same for the progress and you put in a lot of respect and you can result and eventually either 1 which was used a lot for the actual pictorial blue and on top of that you and that's something OK let's try to make the recorded happy and the there the
it in at
the you think that is can you like so come and basically should you know how to interpret such a part of the constraints and go from the limitation of that is also a moralist straight Soviet bureau in a kind of patterns and that's because it's actually more than the other hadn't moved on and see you yeah the method you get a message you want but you have frame that this is at your side and what we then do you all by quotes as long as the output so actually started so returned by the so we start of unified cold and 30 that's very sentencing these which over the full enjoyment of the right thing to do on yeah well that's that's very plastic it's not very fast and that's actually moving waters used to see this 5 from the Council's job so it's not only comes
the tracing of items or did operating place and that's what the the people also used to implement on really fast Python implementation so the only difference comes like this actually here is that we felt basically the infrastructure of the specific type of you here I can the youngest are also on the faces of young normally what moves or that's that's an interesting point to start to generate native code so on the other hand notice at such a point which which formed for just-in-time compiler that's that a certain group has been executed again and again and then it can assume our k now of because actually spend a bit of time to composite and the phosphate group and generate all yeah I know our optimization sufficiently but that's not always useful so that's where you need to do this we can that as well as what we actually need to so armed with just the tracing and actually the love that sort of pictorial so what happens now because we execute on we start executing the method and we take this to be the 1st by code so what that means if we are now in the tracing mold they actually even things like John and branches and so on and instead of we just report important actions and assumptions and I just sort of functions and so really just before the reading and writing field because that's what's really interesting 1 was is the actually need to go to the method object with by the of the of the young we then move on to the most and then they go to the next we have and legal fight with the army and then as we are not really recording and chance which is not in the speech that the regis people to actions but we know now that actually the 1st by the the fault of Parliament what now happens this approach by him and by whom as a which can time and as you also might know notice we actually in move down any method in the patient because it's on the really just want to know what was a complete actions upon and and here again we start the frame get argument the legal frame see the argument area that Diamond value of their and visiting all of solid then we wanted to to go from the push itself so you need to go to the frame you get the 2nd of the increases that point of view the brightest point that and get the that is specific the position at the start of the volume and now we actually exposed yeah and if you know of continuous and imagine talking on there's a quantity which like what this should be used to decide on but then the executes the next slide and then it happens all over the and very well yet but he's very similar incidents of workers and they will might already see I actually quite a lot of stuff again and again and that's actually the tracing on intermediate tracing particularly has a lot of the sea so it it was before the closer at the trace and this year at the beginning just accessing the the type of area into these types and at least for everybody who wants a to by with executed but methods or typical execution phase be much much longer so and the other thing is you have access to the suspect area which should be happening some of you know and we can we just remove those operations because we put that uniform burger people already and that's really the same and a simple optimizer concede and then they see you the same kind of stuff that again in using this technology can also on ideally optimize and the people who are on the op-ed projects and it's necessary research and they actually show that about 90 per cent of the of young operations in such a case can be on average so I think that was between 40 and amounts that persons depending on the kind of benchmark there and that you're really eliminate all those operations and and then ideally we reached a key performance for a specific problem on by using that kind of tracing complete and I think the success of kernel by project of the image so that that's only 1 of the
in I had to explain used definition the more and that was already at the area very of the is straightforward and it was also a very few at compile actually the gold to buy books that because it's in the linear representation of something which if you would use a simple positive probably would from all of the so the policy that the function and the true or false testimony president the and the receiver on the left and the argument in the 1st of the 2nd block in the structure and yet actually implementing the for is pretty
straightforward as well maybe even more simple so if we imagine the 2 year
on section so very in the code this constant that usually and
you can just implemented on those days the notes that the 1 of his name university of and very similar for for reading variable so that you compiler coordinates small and it's very simple to know at which position the variables should be on so we can just remember something that's on input variables and then just really you read on the variable in any interval today's you and execute that has so that's really very straightforward I would say you should use that's technicians and then you can even look at something more complex here the sense what's a message to the receiver and maybe an hour so that gives a binary message sent what do we do about simply execute the receiver expression because of the words going to know what actually this is due to return as a value and the same as the argument expression God's adjusted and here is that quotas that explicitly I can actually just use the in implementation language and just discover my your the argument variables and so on and don't have to say about the past that the and what do have to assure which later and so on so implementing the battle of the seems to be much more much and then you can go on and go to the receiver gets us to look at this this electoral and then given that needs to be invoked and the just results so the sum of perspective that seems to be much more natural and simple way intermittent of and that's the
traffic comes in on so the order people here actually came up with an idea to optimize those kind of is the base interpreters buying at runtime on specializing those days the space and what the actual values but so and taking that message sent to 1 of the most important things you to specialized for is actually the look of the receiver and the mass of the image of the but you so especially in small phase of the war and the making encouraging change that the message of the and that corresponds to this and it's pretty expensive so I
I'm always sketching for that works you refuse can constrain found that he is really the answer that is the 3 year and that's then specialized to and execution tree on that has a very specific nodes in the this just performed the minimal operations or goal to move forward so 1 thing you can see here in the colors on the variable rate for instance became Leighton in and words over that of boxing and J. influence on and that the generic binary sons converted into cash so this couple x so the class check is the next mode and then you actually in alignable all because of you get much that performance you line and that's because then you can specialize in in the calling context and the lot because sometimes you have to polymorphic message sense and that once the occassional might not be enough so you have actually chain and so you can can something like a polymorphic in 1 cache which has got constantly got young treaty to implement in Cochinchina but very important issue for small and here it's really a tree structure or while that is no no I think this will be on and of notes and you have a very high level representation of all and that will it's very nice and of those and they get actually pretty fast and the whole fast is
it just a Toyota really what we want
text on the real world but I have to say the moment on the apple pie some versions of this stuff running on top of operators and tracing on I had the support of some of the false 1 of my guys who actually made a
promise that they can see you the availability of study % lower than Java if you remember the prevention of shingles 20 % for the job so these little lines on so and shouldn't be a an effect is a factor 10 which is smaller so our goal so just barely so a lot of trouble some here and she's still stumble into some bugs here there on just recently and there are actually thankfully fixed a couple things for me on that path non-local returns 1 of the interesting point features and small book for the principal structures wasn't support of and the cost of gas the compilation of problems so I haven't been able to use that as much and that is also much more to and implement the use and to the black box to change but it's in the interest of every
so now as a conclusion the question was can we have maintainable designs implementations and clarity to basically reach more people actually maintaining derivatives and the motion of the and yes that's that's totally possible so that the nice techniques so they have the size of the media tracing all these have optimizing interpreters that's a good foundation of how many possible columns well I would say these it's plausible that comes 1st in the the thing it's also possible to use this things to reach the current performance that and about there's a leading I
hope that you can use the same unit of time to push those kind of ideas and a lot of and maybe the which machines this over arching is of people and yeah so that that's what future so there's this and in the other sessions and I
the of my office on the users would instead of and ask you what is your program where you use it all over the world to remind you that it's was the 2 this Europe's and these are the a and model probably depends on the year pieces if you if you really just want to implement a very simple interpretative for for instance domain-specific language and so on students in the scripting language to which the catch I was on the order of of so if this is the case in the kind of mutant rights it is the same as the 1st thing that you said not even in the middle and what kind of interest to the talk involved so the samples that come with a few of which I think is a very nice and simple idea that cannot be in the and that runs on Java so you could just be the open source and they each and the grounds there's no load of documentation to which is the problem but there's like a simple language implementation which shows a couple
of concepts so you can recognize that there is a little too hard on the heels of the non and other ways of you can also be easily implemented on top of something like travel small ablaze into the that's a very straightforward so our descriptor textbook in and cool device there could have grammar implemented a student such so I don't I don't know 0 look to a way more so and those techniques we have here only for performance and I don't know whether that's a critical point in your if so than some loss this is in the eyes of our history the given the so I what would you say I was Due to time constraints so that they would like you to take this line and like thank you very much
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couple at the signal in In the middle of the but thank you for the I want to know so they used and you have something to do with the fact that you have this kind of knowledge each level of the document we use this the and in this some way yes please get closer to at the end it is you OK