How to Build a Tizen Device at Home?

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: How to Build a Tizen Device at Home?

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How to Build a Tizen Device at Home?
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DIY: Build Linux kernel and Tizen platform image from scratch; create an open-source hardware device powered by SoC with Allwinner processors and boot Tizen on it. Tizen is an open source Linux-based software platform for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, in-vehicle infotainment devices and smart TVs. Tizen is registered trademark of the Linux Foundation and it is governed by a Technical Steering Group composed by Samsung, Intel and other industry-leading companies. Sunxi represents the family of ARM System on Chip (SoC) devices with Allwinner A10, A10s, A13, A20 and A31 processors. A variety of devices on the market relies on Allwinner ARM processors. Among them are the popular open-source hardware development boards OLinuXino which are designed and manufactured by Olimex as well as Cubieboard by cubieTech. The talk will discuss the status of Tizen-sunxi - a community-driven project for porting Tizen to Allwinner devices as well as building a Tizen device based on open-source hardware components. The following topic will be briefly covered: * Assembling Tizen device using open-source components * Building Linux-sunxi and u-boot boot loader from scratch * Building Tizen platform image from scratch using GBS (git-build-system) * Preparing bootable Tizen microSD card * Booting Tizen and debugging through UART0 YouTube video of a homemade Tizen tablet:
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they would have and changes and there will be a matter of i think local later today with which to explain the there's about source hardware who of me I'm using kind of you need for components to be the device you need a development work after that you need an LCD display and you need to me greatly character move so the the software on the hardware and of course you need a power supply so
basically you can use a battery
or some kind of a battery and there's plenty of development costs and most of these constraints however the number of words that rely on us the process of
manufacturers vital Wiener and then the other company which is also called the structured my heart my devices using kernel we because all we know the processor and the problem makes them accessible getting company and I live in but year as well so it was a nice coincidence that headquarter of the Bulgarian company it's nearby my home so can will there be a dedicated support and get the more it's much easier for for me to work with them they they have great support I this is the model that you see here is a 10 s for every single nickel and I'm also also able to move that on a 20 unique so there's another company at Chinese company manufacturing open-source hardware also called the in the line of what is called the could be more because the leading developer there called don't you me and his friends they stand behind that their their open-source products so we can you your freedom by the next or to be more and you you you what what do at home so about the LCD displays and the different kinds of this places you should make sure that your displays compatible with the more that you have and it would be nice if this place the screen of course some of a few tips to share of missing that it was working on this project and I would like to share with that we use on them then please make sure that you won't repeat my my mistakes 1st of all on my use the this set of people and this is a crisis people because we did you can develop and inspected by the new there or kernel is small would incur properly the and it's also nice to use cables and power supplies that are recommended by the manufacturer of the development more this can save a lot of a lot of time the other thing too is that the stack of words are using co would income from unequal me crazy cockerel not my personal recommendation is not by a non and how what if you planning to if you planning tool have to work so this is the distribution around redistribution of isomer only because it's much easier to work with the development work that was only from the credit card and by the way if you're familiar with primary by like I was started with a reservation by the other titles from as the cart please note that this these kind of course and most cases both from me crazy and and long-lasting it sounds something is not working for the 1st the 1st time you run it and this is actually happening quite a lot when you are working with softer of this kind of try to restart Idol counseling that sometimes it helps the so now this school your eyes and try to imagine like you know the bright and shiny hypothetical now I'm gonna should show we will something made at home we prepared to see that only I particularly this is how it looks like
it's it's not exactly it's not exactly how about that I'm actually when my mother so this she said all I would like to give you my problem so what can I say that this is this is something much better so what you see here is an American problem x 8 than and switching across the batch and that screen is that actually and this is a screenshot of in to you're working on the device and it has a bunch of cables and basically an an bacteria and use the and cable but actually if you if you if you have a good I think maybe you can make some kind of a nice boxing for it and put it inside that way this is a call made from the public device would also hard which is capable of holding any distribution as well as some so it's the it's not just by the the device it's a Morty Operating System
device now I would like to share with you my open source project it's called title song seed and the 2nd coordinate sumxi gains from the Linux and see so say is that you could open open-source project which show this kernel which is compatible with that of all development boss who were who have which have the Wiener processes so there are 3 things that you should you should get working to have a Linux distribution and that it's running a or at least moving find on development work you need the bootloader 1st and then you need a kernel and essentially I'm using co-winner of the that is we don't know where processes I have to use so that in some C kernels and finally the 3rd component is the root file system of the distribution and the ending the the distribution that I choose I put different policies so basically what I did was to take on the limits in the so c kernel and you will LDA to alluded to move them from source and then to prepare and because we are looking for me there was some a project at the that community which will sporting ties and IDI tool on the more so I took the soul the source code available for public works and I created by lot from image for upon the board and to the next the song so it and finally I will me crazy carpet which was moving successful in my device the consequences of making this is so if it's not difficult but it's time-consuming because the little things that you have to do that so if you have this kind of development costs and you just want to try out right and if we doubt that you think a lot of time you can grab compiler of has assumes the image that see the donor as the content of what it on your device I a few words I would like to show you words about that kind of not adopting just so basically that wasn't there that's capable of running Komeito devices as well as an devices the American thing that you should do 1st you have to start a present development tools and from and to set the development and government the for this thank you need a computer or virtual machine wrinkle with Linux distribution the cup the compatible and recommend it in distribution by the size of the window open source of Fedora as well as sentence the development tools that you nominated the new system and the nick and the but so that we don't you can create the opium packages and other finally when you have the RPM packages you can prepare the peasant from image at present it's a constant that depends on local or create it is using candidates for such control system and it also has a generator which is used for a goal means so you can download the called the social thrilling the the the after that you you have to that the shape the infectious Romney said in a recent publication all that the old people are asking can you will Tyson similar as 35 the short answer is that yes in general it should be possible that the the whole toolchain effects and is made for hobby 7 compatible processes and Rosemary by submit older so it's with the 6 you know you can go in that it it won't work well and it would be much harder than that if you using that kind of the problem was that I just showed finally got to create the from image using click and tool created and because the cart with 4 petitions to put everything on the the credit card to play it inside your the on board and promoted our depending on what kind of of a display are you think you have to computer whether it's using an LCD display are like the public that actually work at a gym I output the easiest way to do it is to or just 1 text file called you whenever there is a specific amount of it and it's really the easiest way to adjust space thank you very much
and if you have any questions please we have 3 or 4 minutes left because and the question is the the if you want I can repeat the question and the site looking so some and so this screen 32 and so this green properties and on the part of the city's screen you yeah this is a I'm using to some manufactured by 1 next so I I just bought the screen from the manufacturer of the because this was the easiest way to get it working on this specific work OK so it's easier for you by a more make sure that the vendor is recommending a display and it's
bit the a nation usually for a display that its recommended OK thank you for your welcome any
other questions