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Gravel is a modern Smalltalk implementation for the JVM. It's aim is to provide an interactive development environment in the Smalltalk philosophy as well as a stable and fast runtime platform. Gravel aims to be fully ANSI Smalltalk compatible. (Family circumstances might force the speaker to cancel at the last moment. The time slot would then be used for "Show us your projects" instead.)
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the 1st unit with that request for all of you who what you have used small In the past or are you using small
so I'm going to do something that things of small so but in the end to not be small and this is also true of the of the of the uh the of we should so very fine line up to you this the 1st created a little about myself uh anabolic and told over
85 uh look for smaller companies since 2000 so we've been doing nonstop skills looking for almost 30 years I think uh we have in the past we also use the main cost knockouts perhaps some of you may be remember that 1 in the past and we are based in Amsterdam and Berlin from an 85 the develops a that and run based skills management application that we it's a very complex applications in we can track the house and people are trained
uh for old so also highly trained professionals uh part apartments industrial safety and stuff like that so in the past we build the units for the code based that which we still are a supporting and in a web based application and this leads us to the park of why we started actually the graph because we have
lots of small code and we want to run on top and we are not going to realize that because that will take many many years and we will introduce many bugs and I don't like job are alive from program in small
and the reason the main reason we currently are looking away from visual words to in our platform is that we want to do that includes was no like or support and we wanted to have a big the whole job library infrastructure with all the stuff that is made of so what is very small and the small is
4 that's the requirement agent who could have been implemented using the now was implemented instructions about this new in in Java 1 . 7 that was introduced by the user of 2 to and we try to develop parental small itself will think of about our infrastructure in the fall of the wall and we have a lot of features life it's made based on of the fighting
quotas whether the topic and then these evil exceptions and we'll open source projects Hungary and then at the point license which means that we which we change because some people are saying that the MIT
license is that of biased and we also have some things in the world and that is the only atoms you are coming from a small world and they're allowed this you may know the because operators in some on this trial little next to currently do not support that in the interest of and the main reason is that performance of the correctly about the is semantics in single small for all the years would mean that we will lose all the speed benefits of the what is deviant can do for us but if we find a way to implement that we might change and I'm going to tell you a bit about in the ML um that on 1st how we actually develop the inquiry interested in was gradually itself and we started developing gravel there in vision loss and we all built the particle
bar infrastructure installed of itself and we want to develop the aid the died annotation system and optional by annotation system that was inspired West strong talk that calls that you can and it allows us to add annotations to region were source code and we
use the to that transform the small the source code to java all source code a small example
over here which extend around the screen of a method called the mapping for the selected and is no I'm gonna see if I can move the image actually on screen so we have the
of all the thematic mapping from the selected that this is the small source and it is annotated with uh with those races fight annotations these are the different kinds of things this is the major invite which use the attitude of matching for any of the and this this local sources and will generate this job sources of see if I can move get my window that for so uh we tried to develop as much of the system in small of itself because I don't know don't like John that
and we developed that that's a compiler uh and with the idea that uh in in in injustices of environment you would like to change the the way developing in it so uh and we would like to use the example objects that come out of the libraries that we use like someone has some this comes out of a library and if n is smaller and we want to use that released as a real objects so you want the net and you you'd like to be able to detect a select or 1 of the Act so only those those kind of objects you can out of all the
methods on the JVM and we want to be able to change all that kind of thing so we started because of cold Lexington part and matching compiler uh allows us to and from the smaller
perspective to add and remove and change their behavior and this here because it is our users who controlled over the mass that so we can decide that some hold that is no longer than in from worst to transfer perspective and now you know for a different that is the order of the that this gives us the possibility to change the
school of always running Javier the next to get gravel around and we need a some sort of a slightly
and what we actually arguing is that you're the recycling and using that as the AD the base classes from me and we're and those those source from this this week and uh ignoring them in special edu c visual words and then the the right there out of visual words again we found this great actually on the it's actually a machine readable form of of all full of all the summary which describes the what kind of protocols you can expect in normal those whole system and what kind of selectors should be implemented and what kind of data that there should be we used to automatically generate tests actually we do on the test that in that much and this is in over here and it runs with some example values so what and this is the test for the circle as by and certain kinds of objects to be able to respond to you in this that things like important collection on the radio or the other uh correction bias so itself and you will iterate over some example values we use more this latter and test whether the result is any thing sensible so we don't do any the semantic it checks where the result is anything sensible it's next to a simple budget but but rather than using the best we can read the pretty easily we create is needed to have a basis although system graphical and and and we know what we need be copied from the screen we then go on explain things out if it did the definition and this is part of the tree part what we call or the actual information the because integral but we use the faces in the and and we In gravel we think that an ordered collection defines something of the public protocol all the base level so your place in the from our view is saying and so in the actual
implementation of the order of collection is there a class using the city yourself normally it's an ordered collection able and that contains the actual divided largely for using this on information and uh order collecting all the the default implementation for the straight so the more and you will yield an ordered collection in most of the implementation of the conference we and we can also use these uh these is that we have to look at the top bottom then if we and identify certain job losses that sort of course from their corresponding to the full process that you can the for example the user realistic we can I had to conform to the strict solar energy use that you will have to order left will be available on an area which will enter your promises we've been we started the
development of gravel in October last year at this point we have the theory and scientists working which means that the the last part of the the is working so that's actually a alive because we don't have to the a file protocol tests working and that's because of the ANSI standard of uh some very we're being about follow the protocols and the screen and also don't all form to be system in but we also have for someone some libraries to
to test the system with the very little adaptation to the unit test in your system and used as the deuteron tests all of an axle where found in the implementation of those of you on the on the internet to to take the form of grants although I found with the invasion of the riches based on and we actually started on the 1st idea all the gravel you II because I don't actually like programming job and I also don't like programming in the lips I read a lot of power over the refactoring browser of using a deeper and things like that um so things we have
not gone at this point again uh which is the 1st we wanna look into trouble and we have 7 marked but they're very interested in what is the song actually is going to do that so what's something we really likely to experiment with because it looks like there is promising of technology uh and and I think we really want to do because we have a lecturer you of being a very new language so you don't have to do things like support and solve is this something that we do once and for all and that killed all the models and in a way that like news the does that we do it because I really like smaller I don't like but we also have to get it working is life the body and problem with like in the and is the limitations of the JVM and you cannot of the image itself you general did we instantiate the SEC for instance you can only monitor respect from a lower the the sort of the the for the vessel trees possible how you can get a like
going work and it's hard on beer we're working on that if anyone has any idea how to get really the dividing on the JVM no I really love to be here and the next step is for us is if we can work in itself uh we will make itself policies so that you know some parts of the code for instance the because that's transforms the fact annotated and fire small talk to John Ohala these currently vision works of the only so if you want the that some of change the compiler you cannot be generated in the whole itself the that is point so let's sort of concludes what the graphical is to be and what where we hope will be going that this should they're like to
there's a thanks to well it's about the same events will the ideal of open source because we couldn't them build these in a few months time if there wasn't there your insurmountable the ideas freely available on the net like the whole smallpox with the environment and it is our stuff and everything it over here know I also like to thank the false that people for a given me the opportunity to get speech over here so thanks to that
the following is a short demo but program small some of will 1st which my motor into this
anyone know how to the this might that to monitor my we already FIL pair and USC the about another area and the images of the chemistry that always in all of whom the and it's
also not over here the a random arrangement there is less so OK thank that's the I call this the greatest we part of this is real for
you rules and how where I have someone made project that contains the all the sources of rear contains the knowledge of code and the of and this is actually the most bowlers area representation of the future works packages there I'll try to staff with browser because that's the the interesting part land yeah edited in the life of the and is it better alignment has a different approach to our approach is mainly about the and red lines so that focused on speech so that so that's the reason why we didn't go over the line way but in addition to the I'm I'm I'm actually with cautious about called in the names the numbers because I don't know how to do efficient benchmarks and stuff what is it actually interesting that but those are unofficial numbers that we have the DeltaBlue benchmark running faster than the job so we can run the DeltaBlue code all the JVM in smaller faster than the did the job class that cover runs of thanks to the year great hotspot optimizations of then again you you also at the ratio this problem with the greatest benchmark and the really performance life like how long system it's really bad it's like 100 times slower than job so that so far in field of building and running out of time over it and a set of my browser the browser connects to the gravel smaller and we build this project to it's again a few of the system itself you so it's a based sort of browse we have over here uh on the left hand side you packages and can there you can see you of the classes that have been implemented i'm confused in source code what we actually can do is that the method quite true and accepted and victory beers over here has enough to the so now I got method through to friction it's of course hard to get some feedback in the system uh when you have no the buying working so well below the classical way uh crashing your own ideas so I will try to there and now if you measure the application fast stand about application qualities that you think you're seeing right now somewhere over here is a button called except and I like to use the French word for cheese so when I accept this code and it actually accepted right but it's not cold for what so if I change the source code of the year of the code that renders the user interface and now because of the this change it also considers that the formatting of the method is has changed and that's because of its knowledge the sort of the compiled code because the the current those years right but the you think source code to this so it's now the compiled code and so that's a year we get rid of all the the graphical system law so part of the whole system the 1st question is when how many
people are working this the currently mainly made myself and a colleague has put in some extra hours many in analyzing discrete
codes to get the actual methods that we have to move over that's gravel because we don't want to move over all the methods because there there's also the source of legacy methods in them so we only want to move over the methods that are needed to satisfy the tests so their so it's I think 1 of the that some of our questions a the in the year planning to have production somewhere in the 1st small systems that in March or things like that so it's at least the 1st part of this as a research project to see if it was actually fuel and all that it seems to me will we we will be using a product we the OK thank you b and type of the that's all you need do to
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for a few minutes of technical issues
so the time had people