Google Summer of Code and Mozilla

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Google Summer of Code and Mozilla
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Mozilla has participated in the Google Summer of Code every year since it started. This talk will review what Mozilla has gained, show off a few successful projects, and explain the great opportunities to participate for both students and mentors
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I want you to write a letter of the law of the land of the love to the the the OK so now let's talk about at Google Summer of Code and
Mozilla him in the rumor and so it's gonna be presented by and Java and throwing so as is demands allows experts in legally to use a real real extent you can believe in me he walks on public policy governance community peacekeeping bugs in our security and CIA stuff but also the sensing and trademarks and in fact anything else is ends find to do the probably all FIL that I'm working on the work that is he opts as a month he is an administrator of form of the but shown in Google Summer of Code of and is also the founder and the lead develop our of been standard so asbestos debated in the Google Summer of Code every year since it started this talk will review what would that as gain short of a few successful projects and explain the great opportunities to participate for students and Mumtaz so blue is welcome demos and trial thank you OK so find some information can we have to talk about Mozilla sponsorship exhibitions American so 1st let's explain what in the the of so because from the website of because about program at the 1st Westerner incident that it is facing and what are the best way out some money yes that's money that's money from Boston to write code for all values of enforcement of the project so this is that the infant from another and again based on the theme of the day it's not burgers exactly the so you you are so more specifically for the robustness means that it will be as students would be connected with month also to write for States weeks during the summer so this is 8 weeks everything in its right OK so this is some of coverage for this because it's not it's and responsive but positive then it so this is something as a relates to the sum of the program the your however some of President in 2006 form of an organization had again in 2007 but my was selected in this I would encourage you to do is we project again if you like it's the project was found out and as class and it's that I'm hitting this 1 developer community where farmers for those who don't know instant bird is a Mozilla platform-based instant messaging applications thank you I was ordering industrial I had to have at least late last year and in some of imagine I I'm I've been doing Mozilla stuff since early 2000 and my mike is ringing and you to
I think I think it's fine you the yes I have a loud voice I've been doing was a stuff since 2000 and I've been Mozilla's Google Summer of Code administrator since the program started in 2005 although last year and this year I've been handing over to Florian I meant to 3 projects in 2005 2007 2009 I D 2 in 2005 neither was particularly successful we've learned a great deal about what makes a successful project and in the last 10 years and and guess as foreign said and I am in the process of handing over but now some numbers for you uh in 2013 a
117 different free software organizations participate in Summer of courage which involved nearly 1 thousand 200 students around the world who in about 70 countries
uh so the program has been getting bigger and bigger and if you multiply it 1192 by 5 thousand you will get an approximate size of uh the main component of the budget for the program so that's very generous of Google since 2005 The been 7 and a half thousand successful students or maybe that successful projects because sometimes students come back in the multiple projects in over 7 thousand mentals a from 100 countries hands the Summer of Code students have written over 15 million lines of code all I'm sure is true variable quality um of from Mozilla's perspective we have had 117 students and of Europe 99 past which is a pulse rate of 85 % and that is actually pretty much on the average at least the 2013 average pass rate across organizations was 86 % so and we've we've had you know 80 goes up when it goes down but you know we seem to have about the same number of students passing failings everyone else In 2013 we had 21 students out from I think about maybe 10 or fewer in 2005 by you can see a graph here and we had about the same number of students each year for the 1st of several years and then the last 2 years the Google's been expanding the program or they decided they like a small so all we've had more goods that projects and not quite sure what combination it is but the number has has risen significantly which of course requires more administration work which is where foreign comes in and 2009 was an interesting year we had quite a few students by a light year on 1 1 student and uh disappeared off the radar after week and reappeared a month later saying a yes sorry I had a major car-crash I cited and that was pretty much the end of his participation for 2 years later another student said the same thing and I started to think in nearest they're like get just give me the money i'll catch up in the 2nd half of the site was getting very hard to tell a sum of action the car crash of going to visit them and looking at their Bowman scratch marks but anyway and that's that's roughly the shape of how it's been OK so let's not talk about who can participate 1st talk about this talk about the students so again putting women websites to effect when it has a student it to be an individual can run all in are accepted into an equivalent constitution including but not the cell to colleges universities must programs he is different from that of a private programs the you must also be in a given time interval to watch in the country in which your resigned from the duration of a program so this means that if a summarized it to be a student on nearer to prove it and to be about to receive money now I'm under those criteria hands up in this room if you would be eligible to participate in the summer of code as a student in the year 2014 the excellent there's at least 25 applications so scared you now so yeah all of the people who put their hand up please do seriously consider a point but the next let's look at who can the amount of so the momentum of the neutron beam Mozillians far right while many of projects are interesting if we have known equipment it up I would suggest a plan finally nation on projects so given Bill canvas from guess have a good understanding of the could area of a tape of what that created a project of course need to know what ordering about this if you want to have a student and you need to be willing to commit to looking at 1st to them for the duration of a sum so that the definition of code uh is slightly flexible we have people doing of example code for the Mozilla Developer Network pure documentation projects aren't allowed nor a pure QA projects but the unit is a it doesn't have to be as he knows of deep-sea passports hacking there are you know there are this some flexibility that now and hands up you in this room thinks that there is an area code within Mozilla for which they would perhaps qualify as a Summer of Code mental the easy after I said what said about the 1st love their like none other than that OK fewer people that is interesting actually find yeah well there what OK so it's not about what you get by participating so as a student of course those some money that's interesting but I'm hoping it's not the only reason to consider some of the so what you get apart from the money is amount obligated to have a new and here is held in Montpellier had to 1st they will enter the final projects to be sure that it fits the Pretoria for some of that is the right size is something interesting that people would want to hurt you with the it so I as to get up to speed as soon as the which means for example that it will and you understand the sister submit patches to get reviews and so find the right to respect all work well for you so get an efficient workflow they will get you in touch with the right people so for example within enough for some projects will not only be touching code but you will also be discussing user interactions is on the face so we have use expands with people but you we want to talk to In some cases there may be separate implications you would want to talk to the critical part and the model will introduce you to this point because you can't just guess who they are for the results security so the secret
and of course the real world and duration of the summer the model will provide advice and feedback so we never get stuck for this so basically if you were thinking of getting involved with all getting more seriously involved with the free software project but find that prospect a little bit daunting or difficult all the time Summer of Code is a great way because not only do you get paid for getting involved but you get someone whose job it is to help you get so and it's a really great on rat if you like the proper free software involvement which can lead on too many of the great things including fun and profit let's see what it looks like from so this thing is you get a student focusing on a project of the about the duration of the summer but if there's so think about investing in your community and this is a great way to train a new committee number also and it's pretty common that some of the students become compassionate also invented on the on the greatest of the universe and how it just wasn't working with you if you have range of government up and there was there on for years and then even consider being amount of it and skills OSHA really common is will we get people who do that every year but people's involvement post Summer of Code does that and it's not implement implementation so it's not uncommon you and as so that uh it's a personal grief about unity because you have about it or someone and developed a monitoring skills that not just at 1 point in time but doing it from iteration of a some not so it gives you time to improve if everything is not perfect immediately particularly in an organization with already 70 volunteers and ambitions to have so many more volunteers that missile at us if you're Mozilla community member developing mentoring skills and the ability to uh help people along a volunteer role is really really useful skill to have a Summer of Code is a great way to do it so when I going to give some examples of successful some of this project we have had in the past so afflicted to project will just talk about and then we'll do should the think this tool because they are not all new theory into a very popular model project so we just wanted to show that the president of the Dutch Firefox of efforts so for example where the student doing great work on front about improving interoperability between 2 and infant about shorter than the of people are really happy that in this way another example that unless the is where the student doing a prototype implementation for city of a film condition that was the 1st working 7 condition which is a great help to people trying to implement plans and discussing the specs and now we are going to social free more visible projects for which we can do so this was a project from I think by the 2012 or 2013 I which was mostly Donna Summer of Code and then picked up polished inject into the tree this is the Mozilla networking dashboard if you go to about co on networking and fall in any copy of Firefox and you will find this and it shows you um all of the Open Connections supports their on it's it's about connection but what has that to others information about DNS requests you can't quite see the whole you either of the top left-hand corner and all sorts of things that you can get it all to refresh and you can see you your browser's talking to the the uh the and other projects did some very interesting bits of a coding from the Mozilla Developer Network which is our site for helping people learn about Web standards of which everybody who writes each CSS and JS should use and tell their friends about I'm we built some water-cooled CSS generators which a little kind of web page widgets that help you design the CSS visually for some particular affect the what so this is a new CSS properties is a frequent border image which takes an image and splits it up uh uh so that's and you can make a border out it instead of having to do manual image slicing and having the top left corner of middle the top right corner and so on you have 1 image and then use the CSS to make let's right so here we have all sorts of which it's a controls you pick a of a border image style image got that on the left and then you fiddle with all of these as you fiddle the um the so the appearance the border changes until you've got the CSS right and and then you copy and paste the generated CSS from the box at at the bottom and you done uh there's a similar 1 for border radius where you can kind of drag until your box looks just like the top right and top left corners of Samsung Galaxy S 3 and then you we have the uh and um yet assumption Galaxy S 3 is like the 1st smartphone ever designed by boys if you look at it you will notice that the top left and top right hand corner is have a different border radius on the x and the y and they again have a different border-radius to the bottom left in the bottom right corners and this because Apple has a patent on black rounded-corner rectangles anyway she box chatter generated and this is a box here and if you it again with it would help build to the left of the screen you can add a box shadows to it and so define how far out they are what color they are and so on and so forth I'm always kind of beautiful color pickers in graphical drag and drop this this and that's and and then copy and paste the CSS lost anyway the last 1 I wanna show you on the next have um is and probably the most visually impressive Summer of Code projects that we've had thus far I'm and this uh I think it's better to show and if you
press the right button the it together that the yeah 1st the the the the this is a great way of figuring out how web pages are made up of what problems the may have widow boxes and they're stacking and that kind of thing this is called tilt I and it's a 3 D webpage debugger I'm even in the 3 D view which uses open GL you can still selection nodes and do all that standard dough manipulations on them from the Firefox Developer Tools you could when you're looking at the webpage in 2 date and and so you could also see how the the layer of the page changes this the Twitter timeline which you can see has a reasonably clean and neat construction if you do this on some old-school HML it will look a little ugly and was like so I flatter and ugly and but said they get so you um 1 guy did this in 8 weeks which is pretty Dunkeld realist the yeah yeah as so
this is not about what we have done in the past have similar but it's a nice and cool it but I think I'm more interested in what we can do in the future so when I going to talk about participating in 2014 at the start of the thing promptly clicking project idea so we are pretty right not ideas for project but at moment also if you are considering a playing that as party but he has a month can submit your ideas on this week it has to every here right now make sure it's it'll get it at our bond for it and you should try to find ideas but always know size for 8 weeks of work from a student and we can sometimes helps you understand if it's not enough of are to short the and it can be for an image and a projects so it can be for Firefox of course half of so as to have some great but them so for fun about for instance not fornices from those in of all any of our modern a project you can think of and that that this is really needs to have a mental yeah so every every year and and this is why we have ETC a brainstorming page and there's another official page with the ideas that we think are actually credible the 1st year we didn't have that separation and people put all sorts of you know I would like you to I folks did this for something on the list but with no idea about how long it would take all that would meant to refer England and then students applied for those ideas and we have to turn them down because we didn't have a mental or it was a ridiculously inappropriate project and that's really not found the students at the you know you kind suggest that this option might be available but then it really is to make orderly effort into writing cation yet so we don't yet more instead we have the brainstorming page and to get from the brainstorming page on the main page and idea has to be the right size and it has to have someone who is willing to mental it so is that you great stick your idea down awesome if it's if you able to mentor it you probably need to find someone he is or who is willing to consider doing that before putting your idea on the page because otherwise it's really not fair to students and we can't copy it on to the main page the OK and so this was about fall opposing projects not for the other students so of course this is assuming was arrested and again as monitoring of organization they will because the solution is independent from the the thing you need to do is running this is a project that will amount off 1st before applying because it will help to ensure that you have a correct understanding of the project and then we already had to improve the quality of the application and and so keep in mind the dates so this year program starts only on during the previous years and the interplay between masters on March 21st and there's someone advice for students to increase your chances of being fit so it would really encourage you to send more than 1 application because every year we have a situation where visible part of projects and receive several great applications from its students and we want select moment when students Belmondo usually would left to turn on some great application does because of our great appreciation for this project so you reduce the risk of being in this situation if you apply for more than 1 project the girl now has a limit of 5 if you can write 5 good applications that's good but yeah maybe 3 is the right number maybe yeah so you probably don't want to send momentary applications to this and other nations yet the rest being seen as Spanish try to focus on printer run counter to that place in the moment 1 and from being at a really like to suggest the student is at nite for 1 of your own ideas it's way more exciting as a student work on something you for yourself but you only its and as sort of this competition and so on the would be the only 1 thing for it so I'm saying it's a great idea it was easier to improve their chances but keep in mind the need to have them on top and finding amount of on and and the modification yeah this is this is where often self proposed ideas fall down even if that correctly sized appropriate for Summer of Code project if mean when we get ideas we think the good ideas we will go and find fundamental for you but we have a big pile of things and there's not much time and if you propose it and say and so and so has offered to mentor that makes your application for your project much more likely to succeed and the because they're not going to take questions yeah so powerful and I think I along with my and in this regard because we are not used not all of OK so the question was what do I do if I'm a student and I don't get on with my mental and the answer is that you come talk to us um and we deal with each situation on its merits but is extreme I don't think I've ever had that happen that students and of completely fall out uh in a week all work together kind of why I mean students sometimes just go off the radar and stop communicating with that's you know and then the mental tries to encourage them but they've they just kind of given up on the program and by I I but not really had to kind of seperates 2 warring to Warren participants in the past as that of the precarious state the year after the end of of the year news uh I agree with you theory be by our men do we give the question is do we give additional credit all kind of uh
look more closely at applications people been before I think the answer is generally know each application is assessed on its merits for that year with the resources that we have and the other quality of your applications and so on and so forth I mean if you come and you dumb stuff and then he disappeared for 10 months and to do a thing and then come back go out all the other projects that might actually in a sense a net negative because it's clear that you're actually interested in being ball with Mozilla use all the money on the other hand if you comment on it and you carried on then probably lots of people will know you and you'll be in their name but it's the fact the their name in your community member of the gives you the beast not necessarily the fact that you did Summer of Code you for that other questions the the call when you say the recesses about 3 months from the use of words of the Jews of project he said it takes 2 weeks of the coding period I believe it's 8 weeks but there is no right or was it 13 weeks this OK yeah we've got longer the last year but even reported it was like 10 or 11 weeks OK aged it's again and I think it's not out 13 fetalis as long as you will see that the coding here is as long as Google says it is not as long as we set out OK we do not have an extra special short coding period from his world what makes a good mentor and like you know what is a bad mentor was a good mentor what's the difference fluorine so that would give to mount also is the 1st to getting this the student as soon as possible and try to get a student to be involved in the community might not treat the student as if it was on criteria reflect all the pledges to introduce the student to everybody in the Committee get listen to talk for the body and here on track as soon as possible and it was a regular contributor talk and not just someone paid to the somewhat and some stuff so I've noticed River yeah when it was a mom all that we get much better results if we get this to them to submit small patches at the beginning of a congressional or even before and the Committee bond and bonding periodic because then they would already being used to submitting patches to help people work in this community in this and something I would give us advice to mount also is now but they specialize in 1 of the give the students a very small projects for example something that you would do yourself in 1 weekend but from a set of 24 2 weeks for example and see how the work on this and and then fix the working of its and if you can get them to come our contributes correctly in doing something readiness model that achieves the simple area as a riveting later then would have on the total and to get started quickly when suffered of an invariant I have something else as well which is that 3rd cultural reasons some students particularly students from certain areas of the world ot reluctance to show other people code which does not work perfectly and the tendency to not shown code until the student believes it works perfectly is absolutely disastrous for Summer of Code project and therefore you need to you by coaxing and cajoling wheedling some promising whatever you have to do to them and persuade them that they need to show you that code and that you can comment on it and improve its help them move in the right direction whatever you see from and because the whole big bang patch at the end with a week to go hey can you please review this now and almost always ends in complete disaster so good mental does not allow that yeah I think In the last question is on west of success and failure rate of past projects 1 so say he had what I missed right biden isn't I crap yeah they got thank you the that's right so it's getting better as enigma possibly i it's in it's because the numbers is so small variances are hard to say their statistically significant I mean 85 % on average and that's what Summer of Code has itself yeah I the united UT in this node this not been a single year where every student is possible I think we need a manager last year and yeah OK well I OK 1 more question yeah yeah shout all repeated I the structure of the the things that all of the fact that the the the the the the the the the the the the thank you so if you're a woman known Outreach Program for Women all that we've program for women run my name is a similar thing but with different criteria and different admission criteria and all that sort of thing so you should look and see if you qualify for that and as an option as well and thank you very much but those of you who stuff you had that the students we do hope that you will consider applying if you have any questions you can catch on either of us that falls them all send this e-mail and we would love to help you Get involves thinking thank
you so I heard not coming so this also optimally is going to
the middle to let people find a place