Genode as general-purpose OS - progress report and demonstration

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Genode as general-purpose OS - progress report and demonstration

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Genode as general-purpose OS - progress report and demonstration
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The Genode OS project started 2006 as tool kit for building microkernel-based special-purpose operating systems. Over the course of the past years, it has grown to a state where it becomes feasible to be used as general-purpose OS for daily computing needs. This talk will present the many challenges that we faced on our way during the past year. The topics range from making microkernels such as NOVA fit for highly dynamic workloads, over the creation of low-level OS infrastructure and the porting of existing software stacks, to the question of how the user interacts with a system that that largely deviates from the classical path of Unix-like OSes. In the line of the presentations of the past years, the talk will be garnished with various demonstrations
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in it it to and come to the kind and if the this In this and it was found that this is this this and this kind of thing and what is the rate for them particularly of the bits and of the of the above all I will go presentation of what used to go to Europe your what's what's making you read and in most of knowledge in the the system and this is the point of view of the so that those of us something of regional but young and I'm really proud of you you those I don't know if you want to there was a lot of the reading instruction in the field of this science program comes from and that of a product form with you about it is that you used to be up to call what the and I want to work some rough idea of what each of the quality of you know you place it in the this comes from the use of words but I think that in your head in the world toward in the why all of you thought that he thought of all was that was used in the something the use of only so 2nd want you duration and the the our exports confronted with the kind of users them that seems you want to go from of the ball is the
securities contradictory to you securities all this to raise user it to remove possible what you have to configure a
were you that if you have this kind of movement called the government was really using so that seems to be at home and this within the kind of the you know
the Council of use of resources so most of the things that they have no ultimately the to the best of our partners in on some of the
theories of the sense of on the other hand some kind of from a whose columns of for the resources of sample it's not really was that any program that there exists a extra work and of the internet at some of the ways in which the problem is that this was the result of the by the same goes for the period patients that are running in and the use of the mind result and will vote was that what was called the you have to be made for the for the most of the and in a time complexity you contradictory was this going any higher than the which the people want know what looked at the means no probability for so the best way of talking about education must be smaller than usual will play out and get monolithic you you might have to applications by the way holidays such a models and for this reason people with you need things they want so reporting so got from having only the all of you know convex it's those you and we thought that the kind of the technologies available to solve the problem and of course then I would think this is and there are also also a well-developed knowledge of how to the big software and what he is really part of the cost efficiency come also to know about the basic many years and notice what this theory of most of the security concerns the or the and not all the relations since the years which would be to get from the concentration when the models yeah so the daily all this year and on new the occupational this is why I haven't someone came up and use those resources to build something new and think and that was that of the doctrine of the previous that if you have some notion of data and value of losses this picture and he did you use is called the both quality than before but this is not sort kind of um because the 2 composed those for the policy and state that would produce useful and we have a protocol and all observations that bring together in the training was and I think was the sum of the have and is provisional segments of them with started the so we know that the greatest and there is also world but the 3 different here each relationship in the narrative is in all of the so the Carra always posed as it is best to implications for this means that you have a lot of control over what all those you know process and I want to say it was the case is you know how it operates with it is the form of this and so on and so forth and on on the other side hand and what Paul is often used as the rest of the the parents responsible for the 1st time so we have to provide resources to the effect that you would have uh unintelligible resource then was and that is value you brought it and the issue of what that can't hear from this point of what the system you so we have 1 1 of systems that you know the news from the Cologne and in all processes that are in in the in the in the in the order in which of was a year year and change of his youth from which was and it was in Paris and also that it used to be called far in the powers of 100 officers honest in fast decay is this and the only thing right how we use the traffic would need 4 of the and what is
the matter of realization that and put it in his as the nodes of the tree and this opens up ways to and from the data to more so so is that you and the reason that next and you think but how to take care of you decided to move the follow the rules to fund companies companies to to the Soviet Union you and font accompanied units that sit on committees and no answer so it's pretty and you trust fund the development more on
the and the idea of just God so all the rules and and go from there is not much of this rule then something they got of was a pretty small and some the class of relationships with the title of a really need you yeah so the effect of development much licensing some of the from and so what what we hear so as accompanied with the the the fraction of times that he had kind some set of lower rates and did not really interesting things about and we understand this in a way that you could lose some strategies particle board so you don't want to see a specific rule by is the framework of this was the 1 of the variables I want just use the so this is all about you recall and from the friend characteristics of rules 1 and all of those who her you need to do something on of the hour of the rest of the world in which the input error and knowledge bases BCI was things that the rate of growth of so take out all of the time some of the more than arms and letters they can actually execute useful things for example there are as many people as you will see a little bit about
it here in order are musicians were born in or out of and I
head the the origin environments that need to execute use um but they all think that this whole system kind of the years that we will the particles and you might have to move to the resources at the binary vectors and then will last for all states that can be used to solve resources from different parts of the resource not otherwise we will have this is basically a translation of an and those components on the set from this and you the
infrastructure because for those who was a quite right right and as a result of patients from what the result was that I started my neighbors had to run unmodified this sort of problem for so this is the kind of this kind of thing that is the here and now also the leaders were try out and then use those of something that you would use but if you look the so from the class of
all elected to use that word and
get this year reportedly and longer and so the goal of the time when a measure that is that the right on the
right to vote and allow the use of this among users fiction and part of their own and support so I think I'm going to Ireland because of course the environment and use the the 2nd thing something is in a coma for something over the notes had any limitation of a reading from the lower was use so the critical thing is that but want to good that you want you will be from so someone who was 1 of the things that we had to implement those things that the correlation of forces also had a friend of mine was for 1st for extending the life recalls this particular kernel as a kind of mutation indication that provides a simple and see so the physical processes and it is only a means to getting the sources that memory pages quantification so you always have to the world it was the but the limitations that and I is only L 1 seeking you kind of have prosecutor on all but it's quite a the so we try to produce those is of no to implement global prosperous like the fast but you would know that because that would mean that they don't know about so we had to come up with some of the the following 1 in the middle this is I the principles and the only thing we need to look really part of the talk and that was the the the view of the power you were focuses like this you usually a new threat all of them would be the state of the world and this the visual proxy for the people who community it inherits this is the from the from the calling process but it is parts and then also the release of that way and the reason for this was the next thing is that some of you know how to manage those processor
resources will ultimately you need
so you want to make use of the name of the nodes on that and relevance to not picture of the components of the decided to of the thing is that because you want to review the rule was the 1st to the rebound and this feature space based on policy this video what this kind of I can use analogies process on was getting realize that the state and prevent this type was the author of the so that would think that they are only had to the use the such as you optimize the resources among the and because the other thing that is a often because of the 1st year of
college these but most of these properties the so now we not the interest rate times to make the total cost of the 1 1 half of that of this you don't want use and you would find that the 1 with the been process so that the quality of the 1 is other of freedom from so it's just a little for the fluidity of the development of these 2 parameters But it has the highest implementations school of information that happens with that and I use the use of so called the was the he was and so you will have a problem so you would use to work through that Customs would you and the this group the actually and things that we think about presents you know most interesting for such as accessible a are not really doesn't want to use the course those so in and 2 because you can use in presence of a the so you don't have need to release the will of the other class and I was intended to solve the problem of the country and and so on numbering right to you and there's lots of reasons so you're looking at this and once I start actually earned us right now would use all of the questions that you you and you of course you will make this often assurance the war of very so that's that's really what do you think that can through the about what will but what get this is a right and that the time and there's also usually all but once you have that is built on top of that you started out some sometimes missing in that users will be implemented and that is you know the status of missing and the local to the really the task of formal so we decided to the reinforcement of what it is that the problem of the don't the property is that someone is to bring all the because that not into once you know people this is this view that we will use the steady state is just about who knows this stuff was used thing and the rules and reasonable the question personally his experience of the data and all you need to use your is getting to be at the center of the this and so now the fact that those through some of these were the the you want to use this is the part of the times but also the simple use of the command and is to uses the system and so again on the very small parameters which is usually
a lot of work to work for example some thought occasion and by
the time in the world and how the users of the station what you I don't think it the most recent we also
need to these kinds of actions for getting productive renewal and westernization of his here right we it on this was 1 one's life the forward region you please no at all from time to course that is a very effective at a meeting once more to this thing from the theory that all the time because the the last
time I would be interesting so can God for example time the year
and the world knowledge of also and that is that it's quite fast so this will work measurements that's
the only thing we is often directly and some that actually this is also part of the thing you can do yeah
yeah that's the often the use of the and that most of
most of the time you get up in the in the because you know somebody who you to reuse existing and don't is that I wrote this research hypotheses photograph of some of the to bring ministers and not in school it also thinking of the nodes in a way to make the kind where current that is not the kind of course and looking at uh being and personal and we'll find this is in part of the of the so called normally the arrival of all
the effect so now you you need to use
it for the um so that's what the reason why the money invested in the green and this that this is interesting of so and here I was 1 of it is possible to move from previous reports and you can basically you want to profit from the wall of its feature set of replacement of often there is a tool that can hold of what's broken experience but to combined with 2 strong security model in rights events on which the agent that he chooses in this new space at a space which is protected all the way up and profit and this is actually a lot of the selecting
of immediate programs will and so the the most the posterior odds to find the right thing to do cast pieces of loss elevated are tied to the loss of traditional with violence and to place them with know the the the gaze stayed away the figure out why why the thing being and so so this is the only part of this calling integral to work show this to the excellent and so on it will take care of you you get into arguments and all things and so this is done using a kind of life is this looks bright lights and so it the term so this is just a for of the this this kind of utilizing this the 1st this was something that you can see that this year I'm on the on what is the is the so we think only on the Net some out the try but that the sum of both the source so from being in the world so many of you but also at the beginning and they let you so that the the answer of you and I think so that those of you that is all
that some of you know vision of the triangle where it tho
the the so just to
let the firm
those with him the sum the selected to require us to read the end of the problem of groups so this is a message of hope under the following month old and to identify parts that are actually because what kind of life that was used and the parts of it are the the list of what so at the center of the rules and that could be something in the solar and that something once you once you put inside of them but the end states that the right them because the use of the standard
resistance and looking and this is not what exactly what you want to go and use of the group had invested in in
that in the event of the only and of course the on this the knowledge from the private the talk
to you actually the I don't know
trying to change the following the
thing the prize was terrible
and we just pretend that what we want
to look of and the unit vector you and and they lost as the original
ones the talk was doing all of the victims of running the experiment of the
distance from some of the the that the also and them as well as from the opposite side of the rule and I'm not going the frame and this kind of
culture difference who is that the solution to the problem of and and runs with him and then use of the of the of the have to so let's
think about this active learning is really fast to execute is in fulfillment more and more that is used in the river and all of this that this is so called and under the theory that I have in mind a lot of work to
words removed lexical units of the full sample and about the right to life what can you remove them and all the other things on the board here so that in your environment just use which little environment and that you lose to with it but it has been monitored with this particular reading the so for example for the rest of you that configuration
file and accessible you and so on so this is the reason to you and you want to to change do the configuration of a specific color for and this is the overview i have to move the cells policies of the program's called this year and the like and the change of something right in there is 1 of the things that you will see that the state of play so that's the kind of fruits and they had this book is about who and what you find is lost and uses it to all advantages at all to conform to the end of the you this is or
the the thing that and see
if the reason you sort of uncertainty in the news that you that's fine so that the new 1 it also has the
environment and the use and all of its applications there across the united relying on the so main stage from what is right and and you have the wrong on this and this also and the use of so that was really so it is thought to we and the part of the past year to make this a musical and you will in it the set of all of the system and the need to work at the rate we're looking for a variety of their rates they are out of components they all ontologies that are in the system and some of the best performance quality some there you have to figure out from the tools and 1 way to get areas that have recently so that the trees and so you was to talk to have something that is on view of the important part of the point where the spanish resource on the trees and so what's change the the of the system and would want to use the information that they all Chung we also want to note still and 1 of the things that we use the word this is true but that's not what we would be the use of all kind of an integral part of the world making this principle also called and you just want to work they the resources needed and the feast of them from the Congress would use of the word so the moment the annotation insomnia and another thing that we need a kind of that of stretching that not all the word reasonable for those of you that the good of freezing the next reasonable and you see all the messages that the idea that this is a message to and and practical and you know what's in the middle of the half you're the complexity of this is that of course so you know I think I would also work with you on the other hand want to work through say Laplacian on the the brother guns that individual parts of the reason for the spread of influence and and you can go to the present in all his use of that knowledge is groups by the uncertainty treatment note that complexity of the image you want the and the plastic so if
you recall and false to get
a good performance on all there is 1 of the top of the and In the last phase of
the war the interest of the treatment with that phrase this is the core of the process of you who was in and through the use of that knowledge also here interestingly what would be the phrase was the trace processes and until they obtain the phrasing information from an almost all of the so for example you stand phase for the that's a very point just looks the intended
that generated region the policies of the treaty policy advanced approaches I will also talk about what interests protected and then with the policy of information in the face of our from what we have more pushing of treating is in the lattice-based section of the binary something that was that was getting you hear the freezing of processes involved in policy from from a photo of so you can have 1
thing in the treatment forces that could be
possible in most of the is the problems but unfortunately for just a
the delight of the which the the head of the the so we can thought the so-called free I'm not present at the accession again so if you here we have some of them back to you but I want to know and it is true that in the past and that actually is the constant the freezing cold the new year this year courses higher you so of you will so of the goal here you see the size of the process is year and that of the primary key of island and on the processes in the course of our life and do not know how you and remember all the 1st going there so the the the the the the the only place in the titles of freedom of the narrative I just the system for the whole world with with the numbers that each object and uses them and created through the volume of all of so we go into greater than the sum of the ECE OK that's a big thing of this they the prosody work you have to know the lessons the session so that all of us this section has to this is kind of the whole thing the idea of uh composing the some of these kinds of 1 of the in this so you can go to work in this light and and what you see on the top of the fact that the executed you and some of that was used to track the head and the Moon disposal which is this is a good friend of most of the OK so the point is that of you find them the performance rating for the process of someone in the issue of 1 in the world and you yeah and also you file you see a you of him and so we had a lot conflict so the reason that we have not yet traveled was so we had to do something that you can buy at picking up fire but the language of the influence of and all of you would say again and you find out of so that the so that if you just know that you have as many years and actually we have something in common and so now we can just as with that of of if you want to this is the opposite of what you find 2 out of the out out the water was 3 point calling on is the call and also frequently used the and will be the policy of what is what is what is often seen as kind of smart with those and and Europe is learnt from English you recompile policies and the it was from with from don't the them the the the but so I from
the next a thought you're way off in the management of the whole thing was concerned with you you have to say that parents signed on resources have it is that you know what I'm so that everyone had what decision we use these tools but something in front of no it finds policies society because of the way we reason to what you resources the use of that depend on the number of people that are present on the about the Government of on the same time so that no clue analysis called holes in this kind of good stuff all originally this would have and what is the reason you're has later world of of processes and create new and amongst the sample and graphics so what happens in the real and the but once a client next through the rest of the year and the client can actually that on some of its own resources would go go with the flow through and then the so the these and book on here so that the so the 2nd 1 on different I'm also resources committed by the firefighters and use those resources for those who read the book and it follows a lot is kind of a problem but the on the left or to the open issue is that there are some things and reduces the professors that I to find the argument is that a location can utilize memory by us and there's no way to say OK I want to use some of rock just as you all stick memory is that
is there so you want to have a rate with some
of the process is going on in the
forces that not much as the 1 much resources of the it got but they are
also used were the work of the effect those resources to the system mainly on you know it wasn't the case if we would say that the last case you want to use
them for something a lot of these systems
is on because all the knowledge of the the problems that stressors like files to 1 and then implement the location is the fundamentals and that sort of thing we have to find some way to move to a predefined ontology and the different the recycling I found this really is a lion in samples of this is that it's a process of what kind of fun of you the title process is you know if you if you could use some forces we or allow it that was also say that I run out of forces that would be nice if you remove the handling and balance of these forces in and for the whole concept you the right all the busses you know and this is looking and the last point here is that the world that
is used to and from so we also believe that the effect of that is that the time in those the user of the
energy and the thing a all of the test that you on those and this year with having a number of optimistic increases and those different loss in which has been part of the the head of the community of the parts of the of the of the of the commitment and there and you know you know about everything in life and what they want some point you would you use you see the same and so this year by different groups that have different platforms also often we often observe them you you and then we have 1 of the things that he saw no difference in world and the CIA was solved in within an hour during the 1 on the all of things in here and if you recall and it was impossible to to to to to go to the limits of the people who also wanted
to follow that is the formation go beyond the testing of benchmarking of ontologies diagram of the performance
of this kind of puts it properly executed by the duke's would see on the use of different colors the this time school had the on the functional using different and is the type of