Getting started with Smalltalk

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Getting started with Smalltalk
Learn how to use a smalltalk system
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it is all in the make correlated windows and there were some something you better make sure that everything should be fine and moment small warfare when using the system for a long time so they will feel that needs a so that interest rates will find you know French and will help you get to the good the so on the 1 hand from the the we all have to start new
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appearance the the we have used the time we want it off and the like again because this system it's appear so it does not meet all the forms from the system and if you figured out in all of its ability to all forms we
that helps those with this presentation if you put the cursor all-metal tutorial presentation the it's worth the time sitting on yeah no funnel again there and then you would rights Click on the way to do it then we are supposed to get you the the this display this is you only have little without presentation of because you don't have to show to large thing the the everybody got it but it was not and with the world and the and the and and that kind problem thing and the world around the the use of the word in the in the speech and the the the the the the a and the the the the right and the the the the the the end of the and and and a lot of things in the and the in the the in the in and out of the of the of the of the of the of the of the agreement of the and the use of the OK anyone know all of this could have the point that I have to do with the injured in the and so the total size of very very simple language the 2 parts of a language is about 10 times smaller than that for the whole thing but we have only 6 words self super this context who also milk everything is an object and with a very powerful environment let's take a look left mouse and recreating the workspace just on I she puts forward a professor and airmen thing I can do right mouse click and they in this but I can also do on my might want to be alone with that might be controlled the or also be please take a look the use of um in workspace my falls if you could perform a line that line is going to be executed inspectors can take a look commodify inspect I'm taking a look at what is all this the this is a small integer with value 7 this and with lots of different methods available to the the the 2 of them and it would have been the guests and it if you take a look at the menu and then you see that it has led us behind and that's supposed to be the commands to I would like to make it belongs on women who told the be all of them yeah they also have depending on your area because of the natural that that the it and the the and the and the and so this might not be as you expect that the farther out you that and if we take a look what the people for times 2 is then we see that we have left to right evaluation and it is you wanted that once they you should use and ferritin the
the the and in the end what do we have any more we have that none of which
shows it's all the same this system of them the we I can select the bottom 1 and can say well the goes Running hold decimal system takes a lot of fun to be very low the sum of the and not in this system there are understood to them but I have to include that yeah the and there has been an interesting work in screw all making about and I think it is the so of in 1 of the things we found interesting in small talk is uh tested in development but I can do I don't know if the this making you just other make at last year's World everywhere I have text I can do things you the the so if I say that I want a supply of the space to and I tell saved the presenters commanders then I did that the clause there is no room for there used to be known many and the to create a cost In this sort of you normally open about this about and you all you but also saying and you make with that new if I wanted to be more than a the it somewhere else and and I was saying there is some fluid then I could this and you so that's what we see here is that it is of fossils the classes the category of methods and the methods of a class so there are quite a few classes who have that a little soft methods and then it makes sense to categorize them have excess separate from the people things a better example of that is objects the and the objects and then I can say come on people browse then I get a new class and we see that we have way too many categories of the what methods even so many to get so we used do you know how many methods sense the people of the yeah and you
know it another this is the a couple of of letters of this much the OK I have so that's the reason why we are cleaning up close we can find lower service at all the 1st that of the new year which medical imaging of this is this 1 what I did I just said I want the song class and then I said no more room in various might actually be the i and you get you know it would so and in control the event it's just that development and we do that and the difference there the the the service something I didn't mean that Internet use does not exist in the system there there's is 1 doesn't mean that information for that kind of open-ended the understand well what I huge element this test the the and then it tells me message not only to small integer if you see a small integer Judaism methods which I don't understand about the what that's that was you bring that terrible I don't understand well then we go back there and then we can say that well the perhaps and creative and I want to create and small integers is in a hierarchy inherit from industry and from the number I think lot of the number and classified the non-bound well all I could say something like the Turin this is a symbol for the current value if you don't the term anything special then you will determine the object itself the the conditions and client section well and continue the the the the bad should have the start of computation probably that and it this 1 anyone know why this this bill was kind of an might if think where references used to it so that you know the month of thank you couldn't and so on so that might help with the and get different the say how what is see is that we can have a very short feedback loop from having the writing the Iast tests to creating the cold and just implementing what we need indeed the continual learning in the if I had be started the to divide point I could even have gone to a clean desk assault in Mumbai was didn't do that's most I just let it go and that at the start test but you can keep on going in the neighbor changing coated with gating methods skipping classes from we going to do that in the the the and what we have to you but if you don't know about that you would ask somewhere and if you want that was the ones where the and we selected and then we ask do we have any implement it the also the Montana that's the 1 where we use the keyboard and then it tells me that in the number expected share in the middle class in a chip and classified I have defined a methods q your way around the will was sending this tells me well this this giving is if I only get 1 usual bank I directly get about so if I select something which has more sentences but on those then I get a list of the the other implement of open the and a comparison and if I want a those of the class itself find complete house and get to the place so ToolBook systems have rules of different cultures and inspect bursts and tools to look at gold and from from the is so in this is the flex fuel I can also look at here he but I have a direct inheritance look and so you have know the the the and so so that was servicing is not a powerful environments in and we have a look at the very simple language that of a lot lot of the in the different dialects of all of those sort have different libraries various on the summit which defines the basic stuff of stuff on top of these different some and on top of fire goal I downloaded the software for the sofa and that analysis and we can show that if you take a look you have get so Nantucket do then you wouldn't open the and the we have a few ways of looking at the coast but
thank the you and this is
and I and the way so what we see here is that for 1 of the packages ieee uh make some pictures all the classes which are in there so if you take a look at where we find is that about come on the the and the problem which part of this work if you select the line can you open the counselor and you open the people what I did here was selected and all of and so I think so this is glossed also it that shows me getting announcements I have 4 classes in application I have 2 4 6 and mind to also of 2 4 6 8 than mobile and if you invest and and take a look then you can see that we have the 5 packages here and that it seems that 1 of the the it shows inheritance with the lines and it shows something about the size of each class in the size of the that rectangles I guess the number of lines of code use the vertical axis and a number of methods is the Beauchamp systemic or is the of lines of code the the the beginning of the it also offers a of the force this that and the other is the issue of you know that you can also be used to to find the in of the public the and know that I have here the the the and and and the degree and you this it of the of the the the end of the and the thank you so it's the weight of looking at the world of if you take a look at the start of then you can see that this complexity to which we're looking at the this for a small book of the enlargement of this part of it is designed to be optimal for methods flank difficult length about 10 lines and by designing it that way it is easier for people to make short methods because the limits on going to look at and well what you can see that you have reviewed this land clutter packages my it's organizers the default 1 might ask for expenditures and in a select from them at this like it's a book and that gets passed in all the package is the is the is the and I asked the the 1st package name I want to know if begins with full and then from that 1 of the packages death by the make a set of glasses and bold packages for the for the this means that the problem with this is just take a look the but you know it's thank you for this is 1 topic which but with need and this end with glosses the city 1 what the this is not a really good example because of the bases scope that is partly you know how to get it so we have some strange things going on here them be but the basic thing is that I find inspectors this packed then I get a list of all of the packages the an like 1 of those I can ask them for their losses and if I have collected those classes I can make a few With the rectangle shapes and in the few why gets nodes the packages so those 5 but it is I get in there and for each of them I put a new shape rectangle but with based on the the movements as variables of the class and a high based on methods and the Laura based old a a normalization all from the number of lines of gold the so the lowest is going to be clean and the highest complete at and then they put them into the layout and tell me that I want connection a line formed the superclass of the bank of the class to my to itself and the whole gets immediately out view is the thing that's strokes it shows it's the not the gumbo scan for and the I think the other ones were you know of so where we are going to work with today case this form package this form has the the questions and all servers and if you take a look at the methodology
the I go to correlate 1 weight
1 the you can browse the applications installed in the image events Anacomp
to look at I so basically In this most image we have
of the engine learning which this little box 8 1 8 1 which would the site and which ones they spoken application the the the the and the
works of which was provided out of his that that you can and the name the so what do you really want to no you don't have to do anything you just go to all that you do without the user actually fold yes men and then you will at of 1 because this is what a doesn't have the to that are out of work because they had the viral loads you know the other and I the world of the answer that you have to to that who was the 0 you just edges of that led them to guarantee you know that and so it is and then you should also questions it this the right the the and the the the in the and that you the I so just to so by their that that is was small talk systems are generally image which things and the all at your work uh and so if you don't want to lose what you are doing OK then we say the image when you want to do this the image of the which is of the the conference you kind of lose the removal of the original and get so this is basically a resistance which and would us to uh think they have a can you hear in the sections of our research the some of this data not all of the this and the money to spend time you know this is the reason the reason which can is formed by whereas this 1 but you don't for it and the and you'll may notice that there is no way to roll outs the problem we are working with the brownfield environment where you there's scope but it's also all working on the restriction of the missing in like the people the projects and so what you're going to do this take a look at that exercises not on this side or on the site is being like the we use for applications might be a cell which its support for the civil law we have to fly these and where are now the that get included the you and this is the but the solve this 1st exercise they're going to do together and then there'll be exercise for you to for your own so on the plate rest 507 feature on that the number of
points we have this system we want to have a better now tools helps lost in and so we need to find the blaze 1 welcome to this case we can cite the days back the only thing to at the and In the case of the variance of you extended search things wouldn't we will and you and then we see the of the it is in the in the knowledge of the head and the right in the water it is not useful is that that you have to navigate around you go along and on the topic of all the data is used in all of this so you have to find the right objects in America's then we show you all the time is kind know of and especially in the so you see the reason is that it might find that in the last place is going around that was the use of the images the I we also that the the the the the the the the everyplace where I can provide next year by can select you get that selected the room right mouse click due to extended church and said 1 of the 2 methods to come on and then I get these results the and that's problem basically by assume that
this they've on ACE dependent on my having 5 state named so I don't know how to find that I could have taken a look at chess and maybe find if that's close by the the staying with single quotes let's find we it the good and you who in the world she wanted it would be well known this is the 1 which is shown to those things and then I could of course say well I want to browse this this this goes much of this really the place where the looking is happening and then I see that I get the place with tools often linked and axiom of of use so that might be displaced and the 2nd place where it is I would like to thank the the law we the so what do we have for incident from a we found that well then of course we can say well I want to do something like that and it's a lot less solutions to