Ganeti: the New and Arcane

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Ganeti: the New and Arcane
The best known secrets that can help your deployment
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New or unknown Ganeti functionality. We will discuss: - monitoring daemon - confd - network management - ext storage Ganeti is an open source cluster virtualization manager that's been presented at FOSDEM previously. This talk will discuss what's new in the Ganeti codebase since last year, and also focus on less widely known features that might make life easier for current and future adopters. We will also provide hints into what's coming soon, in the current release candidate, beta and bleeding edge version
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thank you have to hold then the Greater Media again and I mean the then ruling last few years that I'm sort of my favorite conferences and the other conferences because otherwise the I've got
5 prime to the work the well I have to admit and more the half OK this is interesting was that's as the
ones all OK good OK so all I want to give a likely different dog so all in all I can connected perfectly about how many people don't know just a couple of OK soul instead of introducing fully I usually on the news in 1 side and then move on to the French features the things that you have lot so what happened on the cathode and
that means that we will not find the fears that we can manage vectors of won't well 200 machines
of the moment that the your infrastructure if you want more you have people more than others and the example of you know that that means that the effects the yesterday and various other options my all you can create your home actions and that or you can use their opinions and actually and the ball like a limitation in
the with about the of to shares foraging hardware are generally yourself if you want to do so after not allowed you to rebalance the top there it has an easy way to full power and the parrot that so that you don't depend on N in harmony the all the nodes of the world on that standard you can control the metagene common lines are as in the conventional software or something 101 interfaces for it to know you so how many people don't know what the somebody who so that the 2 features that do not more easily or but even if they they've been there for a while you probably haven't heard of 1 of the more we have been thinking to wait wait little in sometime this year but remember when so how do you model the automatic lasted up you have an inheritance system right that there is actually the same for all of the organization we don't 1 that to give it to you because the law has its own monitoring system that had been written by other people that another thing in period and to so many different things in and you have control over the novel part of the name of the little often and it have the the thing that I have learned and I hope sort of things and then have to control the storage you have to control a single literally up all the during the link is the energy I is not modalities sort of things and which means that you have low dragon out of rules that cover the inside of the graph the women are doing even we just did you mention that point any tional and you can control the classes of inland anymore or data in uniform and then inquiry training Williams is there and something is on something is wrong and you got a barrier so you call your when is a good reason that no because work on so it gives information about the has in the state of the defense in general things that are happening whether or not the man and that has is are things OK or not using very aligned information like as up-to-date as possible until the so neuronal information comes in anything on it offers and the not commitment you carried about what you're thinking when you're in the case of using them in the in so all information in the it has only get queries is actually and gives you the days the minimal because of course you want to control what's going on in a diamond gathering loaded at a single point is were computed yes hi people the 1st um all you find the monitoring the moon that our means more than the rest of the the collectors that reminded of all of them are often so there's been a for for you to have a lot of the model that you won't be considered and from the airport and performance so how much money is loaded and things that might or might not be bad depending on the nature and then have a fatalist like is going up or down in the upper which is well known that in on and then from that of the our states like which you means that remember some history otherwise normal ones like is up around our only about the world so all you can read from the book on the table for managing KDM is coming into 10 to 11 of the German people should have more information about that our information about the storage information about the back and with those of that it is like the general this and the that this of no yeah meeting here using Germany's using his conversation what going on and the other 4 was you know you can easily write that more data collectors that but on in Haskell all of the room was supposed to be handled by interface that we did you know that what so this is the word for and go well for 1 the thing the here so that you can go back to my clients which you be a on the web page afterwards and you can go and see what values fields mean all and and then of course in this way you can write your software to integrate of it and say OK this means good this is bad and of this is where you will know and will the MacArthur which in it think a boring of all the the data collectors that report and the status of the class the while there's the was just the new values but don't have a particular of How broke indicates right we don't know how broken integer is that involve the if they're not there is not a function that look and of the formation of so so just well the amount of mutually it's not indicated that only just put it out private interface finally know there is a public issue don't around that time in the world of then basically you can go and check which collectors you have and then see either or collector so close to 1 for them to see if you can depend on how all woman's the needs information and you only of of gathered information and then do your own number-crunching is that the 6 but so the configuration the more importantly but no in answer the question not going on just the right now because the of the active having supposed to be the right of conventional and hopefully you with a single meaning there wasn't there a month his life you of the form of the you have to ask the API on this on the of means there since 2 . 1 so you can use it delivery and version Justinian before divided by the the brain like yesterday is anybody using a won't window it the new literally got rid of so um you have a lot among the candidates for information about what's inside your computer database that Europe could read from the mother from and but it was a bit complicated either part from the data monitoring and last near API that in month and about the kind of information out there must remain on the embedding of but sometimes you still want to know which instances where even if you're not on the base and the method and that anything but the dollar OK maybe you can't migrating disease or you can't create a new 1 but you still have a lot of things that are not and that moderation about 100 of these companies on our evaluation of in at the fountain but these are the candidate everything is unfolding in a way that was scalable and Hamilton would point of failure to access this other solvers this information and graphic data we give to normally as usually like normal here on and if the community the so you ask method and that but if you provide relational loading is just too high and a lot of the IP is case you lost track of where my mom on and want to go to a new life and what sort of money or other things the other than all the mother in the offline and online going on what the primary goal of current on the secondary or the primary the other candidates in the in the inquiry because company libraries it you these to update the market
area following anything last drop and you flying a couple of knowledge and promote inevitable nodes and thing all some method candidates within days they can figure out the new version of the new this that and says sequence that work in relation up and what made that these words in all primary of the mean and worth and which is not to you can implement more queries for a company of that right now this is what it provides and if the UDP protocol itself each not
so you need to know a shared secret in that there before you were accompanied people in primate and there's no show to the world
but it encryptor so I really like this said or something that was already just all that people cannot tell around that they can still all read the answers in the area of the 1 which is the that below about
iteratively wire hold on and then there's a time-stamping they schmuck so let's be working on the replay attacks latches on it also covers the from source all become like out the direction and so on and how does the political work so you have a client and his sense of personal management and is the some of them will get lost the replies will get lost some of them you know like when you look at to waiting time out and any sort of problem of PCB and then send them would apply like just 3 of them are the all the ones he sent you have to do with them in about 5 new that summit I under guy contains a version so that you can wait until you get enough for guys that say 3 of the funding from the remote and then just drop the newest location whether they're going on in the meantime and you have hopefully up-to-date information as you will acquire a mortgage that more and more a and this is not a lot of work and then I will look through all of the but you can call that resides in and look at it and also to the design on the use of and this is the guy to the thank and so on limitations of so there are clients that you can use the money to write your going the and from that moment were applied by the 1 asking if you need another language go ahead and just looking at the client would probably be they're on convention floor in them the main page you have this is the probability of class so all that a lot of care support another the applied and if you need more more of the link on the the the little or no uniformly from the murdering even to get information from the knowledge that we need to get faster and they can often laughter not like the other users and get literally no passing through 0 2 topics that were contributed by genetic our partnering based on so all in Geneva London me and say that I that is all around and so on but yes so all of is guides Sarah Maryland in part by from images so all currently in the final column there machines connected the network you unique among other things on which is usually defined as the number of generated the idea other if you want the option of link which is usually a bridge of mercuric tool and the mall which is rigid or relative to most of the time it's rather a review of and all moment when the moment it made just you're in the face of rage nominated by your rather than that the easy way you can connect is the 1 anything the right box that's not enough right you can easy get it wrong input book similarly how do you feel about and furthermore how do you know which machines are in the same collision them on what Merriam and see which ones that have the same in the work of game In what part of the and all when you want hear machine which I P want to you know in intended functionality that we have a giant machine that the Bayes somewhere in there value of that just users and the mean of a pain all the problems that this is not the that you have all the luck in Europe we wouldn't have the solution all the women in the world that and so the you never you basically it's has which collision domain are your machines all right so 1st to create a network and then you say when a traitor machine actually when you treat them make this snake is a letter at and the also the network supported by people so that if you specify the the machine and then maybe it gets holding the ball additional knowledge is they all the border just got a 3 and give it
to you and you can also work as nation saying these laws are a servant monitoring people and so the energy of goes away because they're not to be used inside on so that existing very flexibility is there you can think of you know that if you want to know this helps to hide what's underneath and sort of obstructed a bit more so all you know is just I have to move on top of from data right so it is basically has inside the fraction of a rough just keeps your enemy army terrorists collapsed their network name but it's just a layer of their actions instead if you need to actually make the machine became differently depending on if any of you that are hopes and other things and during the but have also written some of these thoughts which I'm going to go from now sold their visit there are states that they provide which are a set of rhetoric and FH did move and it says that if the HTTP GET monitoring June initially I know I know it would and yeah so that the network is not the optimal that connects the user of machines to the networks as about a bit more of in the default caveolae problem with that in all and then use this and
needs to be the actually help you give the machine the actual reality on an is a few more on this see below that of a number of Canadian ethologically in case
that we have in in the 3rd and the and when a
new machine is created and things like that I have and elasticity the bidirectional if you also you create an editable rules and you put 1 of the few your initiative requests for that and this so this is the the of that then can apply to millions of molecule needing to have orientation the server answering on the network this is useful because this way you have aviation bases on each knowledge rather than 1 relies on on the network and is more scalable because you're going after inevitable down a list all your machines on that not about the same time and for the fact that it was it doesn't like month and so yeah this is how the and that is the number so you can just
other molecular specifying which the idea is to use what's the gate on this would be passed then the identification VBE Turing those rights on issue targeted and
efficiently and it would be actually sent but using it as the speedy otherwise not and then you could on the network tool in loop because in the children like that that of the defending and suppose in old groups are in different and there's where everything in the user different numbers because the number of people want to harm you that that's a way to get back to that now so then you can create anything and that it was this is the natural market after that make try and you need justify anything anymore because it would now depending on the known group which bridge to connect to and if you were allegedly there's a lot of the other you have the information and you like the mean is less than the from this point of view you have then the on all that and then the and then you can also be very like information on the evolution of the network to see when the method estimates so you thought you know little about the ones that are among for and then things rationally water when you remote you influenced by means of this and I think it's a gateway in everything from an FDG-PET Anderson left that work that work together for this 1 on you can handle character monophyletic call in the affinity and and it was very who know more about it there was a package for that and so you can just all of them enough yet and they will say no reading this time the solution to faster more to that finally Our extorting interface of in the year of events of the source of the violence so before I thought you just had the inside unity of this stuff that we have they file which are just and in this and find this we had during the you'll was your way not to have an us and then we had showed filing gave you had the units for the poor machines that I'm having the 1st after that that in this that's
back what you have enough thrive in the above alone will have nothing because like this and the the of the
of nation's on and then what what really knowing is really not dead creating the volume of memory NAS exporting it memory on the node and then associating the block them and it doesn't scale at all because you need to write anything goes into mothering on the volume and this is you know in the home is not so lacking the majority but had the same problem but also
a lot of time and then there's the money from Germany and not just the and the only thing is that this interface that you can you can use the natural
log of the program in South America is a on the
right so you might think that lot and in the end something analysis so what do you well you just basically create a bunch of scripts in their language soldier of the means the March if you something and then you basically connect this script to your mouth and you make it after 4 on this another method that we make a creative provided formula for example now you have a lot of or by the the length of the image 1 of the people who live in a anyway at the beginning of the of the early universe of solutions and all but very high right arm so all ended reminder provides methods that basically told you Rebecca in storage and do things and so there must be a way to create a disk on the back and appliance removed draw this a patch of this little around that I should of I'm any metadata and verify the provided some support supported me case you have an next extra are in units of something as for example which actually American news among a set of values that you same hardware and services provided by so all of the broader actually look like well executable for all the lecture and then there are some type of behavior is the fact that the sum of 3 terms of of 4 of the environment model that we pass to your strength in order for you to be able to know all of the law so 1 of those trips but Paul your back-and-forth urge them the was on right so all of the colonies in the that they have the I'm not sure which provided in bacteria using like is it there and never monopoly of Mussolini and then you have this letter I talk to us about the works or it is followed for all and then I was mentioning and by this step
on the from 1 is growing all the migration of managing works behind the scenes in thing to implemented Our finally you provide a sensor parents exothermic there's the learning there's must be notified and then they can be used in way which is none on all because we know what your provider is actually new on and then
the net export know heart so
all the energy in a thorough and you get weight to diagnose you are but back in the and you have a way to do that that information about and these are the man pages in the design all of which he argued about of except in the the permutation so clearly known it the you much are there questions yes time the 1st interface quite well I thought it was very probably the the place to such
interface limitations decides to that so all all we plan we keep H and protocols and interest would be the paying off this sort of thing to him and he can but they're also if it's good enough and your country is integrated you just shouldn't and but the problem for you in the example of directors so that's that's a good way you don't feel like signing this serial this evil itself within your website hostels and innocent with on the we keep yes I gave you a very AST seems to play with and I think not much engineering which version of final delayed somewhat as those from Dixon but yeah I'm a member if the 108 did you have problems in trying to find all of whole and so on and separation of the 2 I don't know of the operate couldn't are actually stop it is a meaningful a and so on and this is all and the some of the of of light by name so this is about frozen entity-linking not perfect yet I don't even know the final container implementation look like the galaxy or something as bad guys you feel like working on it and fixing it it's at Parchin but we don't body production right now so it's a bit harder to when I was very there's the change but that's all I don't maybe at some point somebody's it is minimally torus someone will will take care of it we can by latent convergence of interest I what the next time you say well the last 1 yet there are hopes so you can actually do that the word so so how much of a for so there is that is support for both ideally informati mistakes and initiates doesn't have the pool implementations of a number but the rest should work thank you could write the what you say this the only to so in OK I I don't remember I know also in case and much you're happy to have these it's only natural or the need to be very good specify fake beyond the SM then linear it's not passed a DIP but of course the the greater the Internet for the of supported the FIL the the use of and before yeah I don't send the apart shouldn't be lazy then the bottom the lazy way OK the following so called love can the men from this down but it its my question is known the phone call so we have 10 minutes more if you're an oracle fusible coffee numbers of
Western foreign yes so all
what about the pacemaker integration on various experimental they've made relation in the work of the trial and seeing what broken and lots functional we are also not using it but when implementing and also the working and that's just for the mother tongue then of the all thing over and the nodes offline and online and then from that although therapy itself so as long as your mother is working which is the integration should not be for you then this there's this edge HA about which she is the 1 of age tools useful giving crontab government and the you specify a neurotrophic if you wanna build a better and in some of these pairs of so if the world is seen as which amended the generation new in other than that by the that note about the stop and can light field variants of seasonally of lines to online magnitude anymore and a fixed linear indeed migrate to the data and so on so this is how they integrate with each other I'll try out and let us know what's broken that of the the I I don't know I implemented on pacemaker as it was but I didn't check of all things they communication is very is that don't give platemaker and find another way to just keeping things which allows mean you know you want more than 40 must accommodate so that's fine from looking at it and a lot of the not just at the final layer in your monitoring system to say if a node is now offline and I know the products of the light so it shouldn't be that hard we don't want to know if he found that because the craft and having the sum of the removal of what will make sure of the deductive little this balance of example switch on the list if you had to just another policy so that the on people come up with something that thank information the yes it's all it's of of of of this vector that we tested it worth it's very simple so all of these the initial model just that using their abilities command rather than down among of London things honorable message it's not that hard to get so it it's not address really at the you heart of know all of all the know that is use of of 2 I think the best way for you to know that we have a moment we will stretch and then my or in some local age method in the globalization of trade 1 but the beginning should look in the meantime an individual and that is not a musician the sort doing inference diagnosed like sentiment which migrate sentiment and some us this thing well the of individuals of KG for example might have to replace the that of the on the list all during the is that for me to do you don't have to go on and on how the use of the way of the use of so all called the literature and culture and the media if you had 200 million 1 the what we do actually we have several communication network with the you and that's part of the of the of the nodes feature set the world through and also because of the that so all the the means that the formula and that's part of the classes and revocation it it's only land as well how many of them were given them can be achieved I said that the debate don't be too OK so if you kind and then I will certainly like I mean if it doesn't scale evaluated several properties of or you can even having the same across the different obligations just call don't like migration in another way of tool move them to do things that small 2 males and the other and I think the sort of you emerge from the intermediate units do thank
the Mr.