FreeBSD: toward ports v2

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FreeBSD: toward ports v2
Trimming the biggest bonsai
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A summary of 3 years of heavy lifting of the ports tree, and what is coming next: cross compilation, sub packages, requires/provides and more.
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so welcome to the last talk of the state from which set but that is that will solve from the freebies seaports steam I and it's that the talks called 3 BC what sports 3 2 trimming the biggest bonds III whatever that means the and the loan I met in those are timer free busy commuter both source and I'm responsible for a G on the lasts 3 years we have done a couple of small changes in about 3 and I'm going to talk about that to explain what we have done in y of what's coming next and what gender is a can expect in the next years so 1st I give you
a couple of numbers about the posterior so is that that the number should should be 2 days old which would be quite accurate we have more than 24 thousand volts and a few of them are broken that much uh we have a couple of difficult sports so if you want to save them before I area them out I have a look at them and try to modular I find a new upstream or world why it's duplicative inland going to remove and the realities of the package we managed to be of because only ovals sports or margins for 1 architecture or ones are sold the radius of the last when them of that that I was built was around the industry solving packages built for 8 and 9 we have a bit less packages of foot then and evolution because mostly you are it's a grand refusing to build because the I it's using you know about codes and there is a lot of iterative you can fix most of the time it's quite easy to fix so if you want to and improve that you can just go to the ports Modern the how look at the packages at that and built and try to get 1 takes its depositary not only use on for B is the it's also used on fight uh since 1 year sink about and they managed to get set up 20 thousand packages almost 21 of so are pretty close to uh the same number that we haven't really is the and pricing varies so a couple of issues that need take recently Semex built be even better we have since so December created a new branch of packages for a new branch the for which we build packages and it's called quantum leap it's um it's a branch where we keep stable what's for 3 months and maintain them for stream and so we had and built we just committing to that branch bill fixes security fixes and never endangered fixes we maintain them but 3 months right now we just build them for 10 so I should using packet the and you can gendered the equestrian sale saying I want the latest pekingese you place you replace as by quarterly and you get packages that you just get the circuit instruments it would be in its natural from the 3 and uh we will rebuild bucket than that and we keep them consonants it's an experiment we will to provide uh um packages that all packages because all people are expecting them but it's also a lot of work for the commuters to be able to maintain that so we're experimenting 1 branch by 1 branch from now so 1 row instruments if it works if we managed to do that without too much work to then we will probably push um the support for 1 year and the remaining 4 different branches doing 1 it so the pottery is great because it allows to have all those packages also stuff bouts of all 3 is uh has a lot of problems early I and Alexei had a lot of problems we have sold models and in the last 3 years so it has a bad reputation um In some all the compared to some older pockets system why because we have a lot of to break it could ever that adding new sinks all the time but we never remove the dual things and we never make sure that's all of the pulse 3 it's up to date with the new things question that's make it not the best tool to do so what we do is upholstery but we have it so keep it but we have to know how it works exactly how would need go sing in the background so that the pulse 3 these efficient in them of performance in terms of features using that to that's something that there left behind for a long time and upholstery and there is a lot of there was a lot of inefficiency called a lot of inefficient behavioral In the ports because a lot of people don't really know how makes work it's not just some variables and those things it's way more behind for example uh um we have way too many targets defined I I don't remember the exact number but in the basic for you have something like street uh and 3 under its targets defined and all this cost because make has to go through all of them and was being make it's better because be make has a firmer a hash table to have to get them so you can get it fast but with the old make we had people increased so it's time you have to go through the wall least again and again and again we have too many far 2 bars uh we pass those fires too many times its standard you um include digital Portland something it will be passed all the B is the book called the thinking this is probably efficient they're moving has departure has grown that was lead cure Don in uh infrastructure to to be able to have a clean separation and between what you predefined all the variables all those things and then what you will do so Digital port and has become a huge mess of singer and it's really hard to say all I need to have this target I would add it in this place not in this place because I don't know it needs should be done before pre care or Boston K is really hard because so you can blow up because when body is not yet defined so we have to separated to make sure that all targets are defined only when all variables are defined different we have we had a lot of old bâtiment imports basically when someone is not interesting anymore in a port to just say OK I don't mind mentorship and it's a good what's at all I just don't replies made so I still have my my my mentorship on it but I don't do anything and we keep those ports in the book they are often broken outdated not using the new features not up to date with the new way reducing the posturing 3 and there are taking a lot of time in the crystals 0 this unit of time they were so we don't need to have support 3 being something like where archive we just need seeing that works and that people consider we have some arbitrary limitations uh for example of a someone when they decided that for it is the could not Lords Libraries where words name these votes so that's 1 that's true for someone decided that we can only have 1 number after that so this is for their own we can help you can properly handle whatever may In the name of the library but in upholstery with decided in that case to limits everything to is that name meaning that we have a lot of hacks error so that the ports when it builds the library gender name to just have 1 number after that so we have a lot of complex that because we're headed new features or trying to fix things but on the floor without a large region of what we will what do you really want that seeing the how we want that seem to behave then we have the link more and more complex code so we need to do when we have to go through all the convex cone try to figure out what is the real 1 try to fix then right sourcing cleaner and simpler we will have anything to enforce pollution for example if we had a new macro that goes a lot of fancy good things we have most thing to say OK I have to change the water was 3 so that we don't have street for 5 different version of something going the same so we have a lot of inconsistencies In the name of the options in in the in the way we are all trying to fixed sins in the boss for example for the ports to group groups the PC fight in the right place it's time people are reinventing the sensing in a different way and something about it yeah
so 1 of the 1st thing we have that has been to add to mold that code because you have a lot of that good in the in the boss read to you know to to make that is the bulletin came more readable and more performance so for example we have removed the code that was only I make version uh there was a change between produced a forum for disease-fighting nature and we have also another you we have a code to and that's totally not necessary anymore with every whim of that we cannot handle any the category page for a long time anymore but we still have a values we still had the use good to under that we have remove them we have a lot of market was that's a are not in use anymore in you In the 3 and but we still we still have got to 1 of the we have removed that we have section of a system for very very long now so we removed the ability to fall back to FTP and all the code that goes with them we have change option for America we the speak a bit more about it that we have changes and framework so we have removed all the complex cut on the the old option from and we had a lot of old necessary anymore users like users to humble of extreme x-rays gone for long we have pixel for very long so we have removed that so we have
also tried to but figure out how we can improve our work and make usage it's time this time we get it we we can uh and save once account on the bill saying is very important for us because once a come times the number of ports can give you 1 more day to build a wall upholstery so 1 of the things that has recently been committed into into the free market is we do not any more different target all we define the target and then we we credit target and then we redefine them if there are needed by the port we don't fall back any more on do not have which would run being true for most things we just say OK this possible need to do anything in both batch we just don't define prospect that allow us to remove around uh 18 targets on a bicycle and save a lot of time on the Christian we have to reduce the number of shall invocation we make each lying on the target William Butch shell so it's better to have a 9 show but upon and it's pretty ugly to read 1 of the way we have done to 1 other thing we have done to reduce the number of shared indication to basically remove all this in mind code and all of the complex targets merge into a script and adding 1 line coding that script so we invoke the shall only 1 that's a lot of time on the customs we have trying to reduce were trying to reduce the size all of the infrastructure of the for that size of files that would be passed by nature 1 of the things is we have introduced what we call the users users basically is a very is very small um make file which is all that if only if the ports needed so basically it plays it's trying to do once things once and so it's easy to read you know exactly what's it's concern and how to you you can easily uh understand it you can easily maintain it and when you critical to just say I use this richer so only in that case I will pass this fight such reduce the size of use of a port in that reduce the number of things we have to pass and such data for performance we have also some reorganize the bits that the because it's not finished yet but we have and I have I have moved all the top of the target almost as a target definition in the end of the the old thinking so that when we are actually doing something with the target we are sure that all the variables old the testing whatever you can do on variables least whatever is not before and it's very easier now to say OK this part is for the targets I what I'm going to modify there and I know the impact on the rest the 1 of other thing is we often do modification and fights like changing the Cheong sending a stripping binary as the converting from those 2 units and we used to that 5 by 5 if you have a ports you're converting from those 2 units and you're doing that on I don't know 100 so far so it's highly inefficient so most of the new goods try to always use speak and that improves a lot of time in and the Christians we are now showing
and what have when we 1st try to build the on the on the new missions depositary we're around 24 hours for a full now we're IT 18 hours for a so we say uh a around 6 hours and it's hard to define what exactly had been what place because we also improves the code of the river itself since that basically we save on excel so we have now where we are now doing some cleanup and upholstery to avoid keeping all the old stuff we don't chair anymore because is broken or whatever in 3 years where every most around the quite a bit more no uh we have removed about and its 5 thousand boats from the pottery and the number of parts we have still growing we have finally managed to remove them on yeah we still have that no removed judges kdd 3 we still have x MMS and unfortunately we still have up his 1 user of maximum mass so I'm not sure through we have also reduced modifications chill out of what's probably catered it's time that ending the ABI or have a lot of change in the API so that we can still have the ports that have not been switch yet to the new version of the said library um be able to build on be usable the ponies 1 day all the books using your arteries are using the new 1 and the 1 juror the new 1 so we kept having for ICU for example we had 5 different versions In the past 3 . 1 was used I see you is a complicated based it takes a lot of time to build don't need so we now try to take care roads diversions we have in poultry and to remove old version we also try to avoid having always numbered version we can have something like if you have a look at the virtual looks it on have yet to look version A. version B you have to get all books and it'll books legacy so that each time we go to a new version we do it in the we pushed the old version into legacy and that of us for getting about removing the old version with opening 1 is not supported anymore reduce complexity all
make use quite cold couldn't quickly be quite complex and quite unreadable the trying to factorize coding Macon reuse code make use also a very complicated make is not going to really given to factorize that's we still managed to do it we have convex could tell about the different built system and like world make names are the following I want whatever all those things exist they there were all basically uh running the same come on with just a few arguments different so what we did is talking to the same command show arguments different why do we have got its time when do we duplicated code and why do we have got its stay the name of the the just create a new micro which is the name of the villa and we should have argument report just over overwrites do Djoser variables thing that we removed a lot of to pick it do the good thing about that is now if we had to change uh we had to add a new environment variable therefore the bills we just have to do it in 1 place and all of the on the bridge targets will benefit from that in 1 place before that we use to add its for Jamaican then we forgot about ends and for that about Ruby whatever and you know we also uh with the users we also tried to share of the thieves that usually you that you had from commuter that knows at all I know that this is often fading you should do that and to break it to pick it up coding exports or creates a very complicated thing in the BSD built something that thinking for example we had the more them hike which was and is a joke moment MK could have on the we clone so people do working on something totally different then the most of the time didn't figure out that we already have something to fix the problem but it wasn't in them so what we did is we extract that into a small users who tried to many we use the name expanding when the dollars documented in the Handbook and now we have a lot of things to help you they to help you in final but have best hack that something I stole from the opened his reports which is something helping reserve our shows that you the defining both that I'm not this dual where I will speaking stage in a few minutes we have by 6 with which is uh what was called before organelle hack which basically goes through and the makefiles therefore old looking books and try to figure out common past that are wrong and that doesn't matches what is dual that we have no UID face which allows a worm make system to um install seen as a user we have shouldn't takes to be able to fix all the shit and so that we point to the right place instead of its time having each maintain their adding a new said something we have fixed it depends so now we require having that's 0 . 1 number of analytic we could have a forms normal line we have almost fixed it to because for the same reason I had a problem we use it depends well the problem is it to because someone David little guy that we have is this limitation we don't have so they wrote into that way the problem is we don't have this limitation and if she goes through um Judy ports for example you will discover that with our version of the tool every single amino amino version bump user and library number which is very not good at 3 something you don't want because you will end up having to reveal all the port depending on G for nothing what we and the billing is instead of going through why did do those that's why we have this problem with the all letters hack and we really roads and it Dehak and hockey them remember bubbles yeah so we don't we wrote a couple of hacks 1st of all this thing that was the manually both Michael by all the people will produce we could just fix little so what we ended up doing these uh we created a new users which is called little why does is it goes through all the configuration files of the com Nukem Figure 5 then apply a couple of said lines to fix it to and we don't have this prime anymore and we're working on a streaming the change so that our may to will be probably working on for user by default and we have now that we have sustained Shiratori we can automate of past we couldn't before that that's too force uh policies are also help maintain years to check for example if binaries are straight is a screw to is wrong about if uh we you are refreshing that bus if a they all all of this kind of QA and it also helps to simplify things onto now were installing everything on the system and then try to grow so it's meant that to compress it so we have to define all demanded right now we can just go through decision tree and say all there is no man better can take all of them come them do what I want to do with and we were soon do the same thing for the info page we can we
have improved a QA with the stage 3 we have the new state Stuart I was just saying about that before it had a curated by default because it costs a lot of time but if you're renting just add their upper equally into your makeup conf and then it'll be activated by default it's takes a lot of things you really recommend that you had developer aquaeous into your MacBook called the we have also being able to handle this stage configurations those States supports very very quickly the sink uterum a world in package sort it to something like 3 years it's not the sort of isomer saying it's was finished recently the August market so what we have done these informants we have converted 62 per cent of the Boston and my plan they to say that informants everything should be converted if something is not converted so should be only 1 reason about in the framework and then we have to fix it but if not that mean no 1 cares about the sport and the spot will be removed from the books and we have the new BSD that's energy that thinking to help people to keep um integers in new things to be aware about the new way of doing things that you wear off the defining there the the feature or functionality in the ports we know re-poll there what is deprecated what is new we can report them that they should use this users because the reports have um justified so you probably want to reduce the list of the survival of only was inspiration we can also warned the users that's without and the less the deprecated as unsupported we now have with the new option a very convenient way to define always the same way and consistent way global oceans like animal the war is not all the studies snowballed of on of the siamese without exiting all this time it's I don't want something so we can on the user when we remove things and we can run maintain their origins things change or forcings are not supported anymore and we have added 2 new training targets which level of people let's make beasts but would just read the piece for you you just have to read you added it unduly some it's about about and make the conference you go on a date you do make stage you have everything as they do to make take and and just give you what fights are forbidden in a the last thing we're now able to package without the root credentials so you can just go somewhere as they make package and you have a package some 100 % built as a user we have improved
consistency is through the new option framework so what did those these basically et al the normal motion we had before but it also had a single option you say you need 1 and only 1 of the uh 1 or 0 the moment and oceans we have the radio which is 1 and only 1 in that case group option is just for convenience and saying OK this is concerning the same thing I can choose how many what I want in them birds I want them to be packed together so that for the user it's cleaner and we have a more Egyptian which they I need at least 1 but probably more In that options use I had it a feature to people knows about only you the aperture or using it for now but the human being then you had a package that help In the upholstery you have the dialog for the ocean you you eat have 1 and you have the new dialog opening we use the description I help you can provide a long can provide on on people so if you maintain area duration are complex to understand just this it the whether bridging deprecating clubs all the numbers are inconsistent used or not so we are removing it we we through option for everything would promote users instead of adding all done using into digital both engages right you use we can at its best at the good thing is if you modify use you don't write all the 3 but only a couple of both so it's easier to maintain easier to getting because even if it's have broker half working we can add it and then improve on the flow then we have introduced the full version that's for users regulation to specify the version of pSp what when you're building you have 1 seem to have to make up of but if you want to specify the version of Ruby you want it some of things in existence now you have just 1 macro which is the full version and you say the like lower final two-and-a-half idle 2 by default you say by signing equal straight of 3 and a half by sensory by default on every the single-sink Weizmann diversion we go through that way slowly so we are it's somewhere improving those sports we are adding the sport into the full versions of for user there is only 1 thing to correct we have added optional force at just show quick example on how it helps if that interesting versus short of so it's is afterward the only it's avoid having to include twice the pour thinking which you prove the speed of make because he didn't have to spotted flights a last I find it more readable unwarranted understandable we have way more options than configure we have configure enable computer we is that we have configure off could figure on we can do that for C make for us and Oldham Bremen variables for all the for products income look at the meeting the handbook have a look at that look you have a lot of a lot of hampers most of the time now you just need this single including here no single whole was scenes were Don
um before we had the that basically you when you start to just stretch so it tries to fetch then you you do the next target is usually extract and all that goes with is US tried to configure you build you think you
install with you master systems there's different way of missing your system with the always 1st areas the fires of hell not attract that's a problem that you can play with it's not good use it should be fixed but again it with but there is also making sulfates in the middle it unintelligible fire some were for system because work and other things other things and then you end up with a system in the marking system if it's get access that slaves you end up with a half of few ports not working because you don't have it get x installed but you have some things From gettext University goes now it's um then you way off of of doing things we sitting we still fetch was to excite configure With stage and then we can decide to bycatch
from this there's no need to install all we can
install the in sulfate what it does is it makes sure that the stages clean that all the thing I want to install are in the stage and those inspiration only when the stage the screen so it gets fails it won't be sort of new system in is still have the old version of gas in your system is to work this as we started in the with package install it's a bit different because but it is
so what next but we are dropping support for package installed by can't install in these and now all the bottleneck for improvement in the both 3 and 4 improvement in the in the in the way we handle the packages we have we're doing to do these things right now in the package even in package just because we have to support the weight of packaging sedatives so we would drop it on the report or reuse of previously at the same time we were aiming at doing that for a while and made this year but it's we haven't and state so we don't have that we don't let time enough for people to to merit so we would probably put that to September system the reason why we end that's made is because every single version of previous theories but aid that's 3 has a bootstrap is to um installed package automatically but 3 mediates we don't have an for easier it's reason of line in me the we would provide support packages instead of having gone so ports storms of the history books you will have just 1 pitch report you to make and if you create all the different packages another provides a way for the user to say I just want to build this packages we say OK just like its need this Abecasis a packet and all you get what you need you will give everything that you have 1 single maintain and you can create multiple of that we add provide requires it people are often asking why we don't have flavor yet because appended the Austria words provide requires is a way to do the same thing but it's In my opinion the way better provide require we instead of saying I depend on the known version I say are equally bold a binary Pearl is no reason why I need this body cannot version of plurals this particular version of right now on our pockets when you install the tree it would depend on a version of a precise version of but so you just say no require pull on the policy i do provide both and you can had problem you can also say I'm in that ImageJ so I provide ImageMagick and I provide Balsamo's magic and image magic but without exception and ever without other 7 we just provide ImageMagick without incident so if you need ImageMagick with excellent they I require ImageMagick was excess doing that you can do exactly what this is the famous up doing but in a simpler way the we provide a local police maintaining the peace is paying for 4 more most of people the thing is a pianist is very important for glycogen thought because pocket inserted as a script and it falls a sequence to do things with that an event of packaging style we don't have the limitation we had before on the beast so we provide a way to say back everything that is in the state directory you don't need to that back to the specify because I know that and we provide a way to see all wait I need to apply this keywords I used to do in the periods for this type so you just say I have a special fi all the rest you back normal it's a bit like what did and those in the in the wrists and where going to cross computation and to have a working cross compilation I right now I'm able to build uh on and in the 64 machine the thing on members number it was quite close to 10 cells do Crosby tensile imports for on and I'm going further and I want to be able to cross builds at least 90 per cent of the Boston but crossed competition I used quite
complicated it's simpler to do 1 by 1 but if you want to automate that and to make sure that the framework is properly due getting the right dependencies and not doing too many things it's very complicated and right now all of what I've done is not able to go through the ball 3 like this because uh it will required too many manual seen from the user's basically when your 1st combining you need a cross of the target option he to say I'm building for MIT 64 whether you need a destination directory were Europe libraries and binaries for target or installed but you also need to have the dependencies that's not dependencies because the if my my use demanding and bison the and that linking the bison I just need at the moment they below pulse the native bison I don't still side only doing from the other 1 but the foreign using Linux 7 to I would need to be linked to the version the target version so I have to have Linux to thought of both on the next year and the target or sometimes just I knew I only need the library on the target that's quite complicated to we have to wait to unload across competition we have Chris competition and we have we want cross computation for everything so basically we had a new target which is thanks be safe and a sport say for cross compilation does the but there is some very complicated ports to uh to cross built and for those sports if we come manage to have cross cross-compilation working we we just my them as unsafe In that case it would switch instead of cross combining we would just use that the q in you use operation for this particular ports we have a lot of work has been done by status on uh on June user aeration so that the user militia that is for for abuses no working for minutes the and um we have a modified version of media to be able to handle all of this and we have a newcomer models that is not committed yet but will be soon which is about to say OK uh if you are going to run this for example need 64 binary then prepend qn user right lying before that so we can use without having to emulate the wall books we can use imitation to be able to handle is all sports and we can go even further we can say OK every binaries but the compiler will be that runs through the imitation so we can still have the president compiler running at the native uh that is the speed and have the rest amenities so that that the overhead of do the relation is not that's how I Ch
that's all if you have any questions it which it is in it is in that's a summary of what I did for the last 3 years and what is coming so basically uh most of the king that has been down there is still a lot to do that the I yeah although except the what was except that box and right now for the staging we only have 52 per cent of the ports so we have still around 9 thousand books to convert and the and the other bookies up-to-date we try to make to make it up to the it it was lying in bed behind for for 2 years last 2 years because I'm not during the documenting that's right now but right now we have for people that are going through my committed the acts as if the recurrent circuitry documented set yes the the for package installed we do that because it involves no wait you out of the way the packaging is able to and use the directory as package so I does basically the same as creating the package but instead of putting everything into a top finally put everything into your persistence it this and there is no not more than just goes through the following you want and send a PR and the severest using the nights after what was Turing's goes through Iousy and years to someone's there that yeah where we have a lot of you are and we you lock people to goes through natural little URIs and try to take them commit them but uh basically a just go the meaning is and say why my purist alone there is not duties it's or just try to find a committer somewhere in the channel on may directly you know that I don't know you have something new using Jiabao then you send a man to our 1 of the people you know that he's using jatropha for example the weasel queries interested in job because he works on that and see what is think about the thing is also for we have now a lot of good infrastructure to have people return and commuters to work and on our part 3 we have reports reports is so basically um uh the repository where you push you when it says in repertory you can put your work in progress of the and then you can say OK try to build it on every single version of is supported and it would send you a messing OK you have this form here as it from here so you can prepare everything properly into arms in direct policy the have to create your own to set up your and and about shouldn't have to too meetings yourself on your box you can use the resources we have and the proposed to the users yeah no on it should be 1 day right for the for this is that of the yes the I have no idea not amending thoughts of I think there is already something for that's a that the I don't remember because I don't use much room the reports I have my own build system but the ising there is a love for is not trivial and and the truth the reserves frozen and then to that you take a or a more Matt's an awesome yes the and it's on my laptop and my head because now the reason is because it's rather complex right now so it needs a modified version of the the it needs a lot of money old batches into the post 3 the age it's really not user-friendly yet it's and middle of cleaner because have tried a lot of direction I have you have been looking at what's up sources doing have been looking at how DBN is doing a whole there's modeling cite a different direction and you have something that is able to build more than 5 cells and packages with 5 so the packet including complex 1 now I sing halves of the good direction I need to clean up the main that user friendly and as user-friendly as we can and then yes it will be available right now you can be Crosby oats the purchase stressful or the consent of all put a week you for that for MIPS using imitation because clear is already a wondering about and about all of this so junior sings and and you just have to grab the status and patches for the the colors are is newcomer module and there is a new thing module and it goes all the magic by itself so works that follows us much unlike Chinua meaning use aberration farmers totally broken and knows someone needs to haven't at it and is it's not that hard this mapping as is called so you have a huge you have a you'd use case and say 0 I have this is called it should be that in arms I call this 1 which is a local 1 then what and that it and and the that and so that's that's a report for were the but room for specific to subversion is that's global reports problem so no nothing has being done I wasn't a words this problem since they only use the version and then you should still be able to install both on the reason you note that the singer dependence version accepts the gate as and that's the 1 you want but yes the answer is you need to to talk to them and nurse version so that if you that that the batch is the the yeah it this yeah its version should they've had to go through the full version so you can you can set and the other thing is version support renaming the binaries so version is become becomes as you and I 1 7 for example and then you can that was installed without any conflict show not nobody working on the high side and when is working that's that's I as insanity Austin India red dots the both maintain in there are 4 of us version should have a look at it from probably thinks thank you it is so thanks all for coming this is the end of the BSE
devilment falls them and when you go out please take out any treasure fine laying around even if it's not your own thank you