Foreman integration with Chef

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Foreman integration with Chef
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In this talk I'd like to show a live demo covering status of Foreman and Chef integration and try to answer the question "where do we want to get"? Also I could sum up what's needed to add similar support for config management tools of your will
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the and the the the the and the and the and the and the and the the and the and the and the and and I think we announced seemed to the use of energy and you can learn an issue
but I also agree with the consolidation of formant operation we share so 1st introduced myself in the same way so many name is part of a set the word right or water on your mouth and most of the time of the formant branches of this in already you use for and how we used the so so as and so experimentation like to briefly show you how the status of our current work from the duration which so I'll try to the provision of new systems in Europe for
the while the issue and then I'll talk about of integration based and a try to show you what origin your friends with forest integration and also of the expansion of the heart is or is it just good to the so that this will be of this presentation will include some of the most so it's kind of scary part for me but before the war and so we start with something like so this is this here we have performance told the likelihood you know the the the the the the
the provisions of the sum of the
past year I have to thank you read in of and you
know how to explain it to this this was designed to ensure that you hear about this is me all 4 by this I think is interesting theory from this list so I have to say that this war of aggression isolated from the resource so we could work with words or you groups users and over our computer was provided in here I just heard about lots of these words over and over and he's like Amazon regions where some of here can see that I was also assigned to the closest to this host so that it would continue my host graph but you're trying to work which uses just north of the moment so here we can see that I'm working so when format traces disposables also create a history and this is also a purity of the source of the host was explicitly present from the origin and which on so you can select the ratings and so in here and article for the use of the URI concerns some of their relations and the reason and here we can see that we have some parameters of all of and most the parameters are introduced with most of the most important part here is that we can say that we would like to share of we want to set the should server the world and also the correlation property which will be used in such a way as to register in the it and also so well I think it's something that's in the union of two here at the end the
so is for the foreign
moments and and it will let alone the configuration file for the source of most of versions of things like that so I just did
it on and you can see the important thing so this is how this is working adults the PC configuration file we support not only Proceedings of both models and loss of a certain we have people being very here and as you can see we have a number of
it so for the variance you get
the same this is just a revision of that you can increase the answers for questions stored in a similar way the have finish pair which
is basically the 1
and we have a responsible design designed to this and you can see it's basically just a best friend so you can see that we are looking for a volume form of the word and in the end we don't want to use it but we don't use such as we it's a about poverty because formats Rabinowitz of of of of the responses formal but here at our got something we have also some auction so here you can see that we have and that is the call is which is basically just another person in some way to ensure that all of the that's and
and here is probably the most interesting parts of descriptors from after exploration so as you can see and also people told OSHA of formant during which contains the duration of this and created also we created of file with the motivation is to produce the so you can find history and is the fact that configuration file In this work we use the important part of your registered the history of our and also here because the configuration options that we are also for the work of relational models of later but you can see in the URL and the label of being in a report to the institution and this here we just a set of control that should be at a sentence of each life around you can see here and so when the Sun is role it will just a convergence of this religions to climb the president so far so now we can move into this dual role and social share server so I have
a shift of exhaustive search result here and we consider the role of the
home that's just 1 over the other and if you go to his people
we think of
this the so the only thing that's basically is that it can solve the gauge altogether but also because of the large ones and will be assessed to some place your and 1 of this is just kind of host all of the articles and that's the message of this and this is the final year of the usage of the existence of the format that you need to OK so far meanwhile because of this sometimes you and along
with other details so I Latent compiler of how things work well with the public check so you can
see what parts of integration we already have and what's more but you concentrate on the future no no coverage of search every of Ronald converge at the anode rod starts by sending a fax from the the most and no just for his initiative in which it is the mean of of data from all of us or but the most that can use in our system and the whole thing rests with the former is that we lost the last formal what about the constitute the apply for this part of the world and form and also provides the user with the values for the parameters i have a that you are beginning to work for the thing that you the the rules and procedures is useful and providing of edges from 40 so that the master of composite to explore some of the of the of the and is also reported in this form and so what we want here means uh something like a lot of worries on the floor and start to so if you go into our shared world is different here is that we can make it in the form of a at the end of the run process so don't 1st last for and shit answers to run this and use which is computed based on roles and have a different view from the news and things like that is sensitive to note the nodes then runs and combined action is in the convergence and posted this lecture and then optionally can run some handlers for example in the case when something went wrong or everything's OK so with the use of monitoring water things and you can solve part of we we created a new set of handlers that you can use easily or just find that will upload facts of life it's in here I mean all the lecture attitudes performance and also it's also report on but this which are so the drums and answer here and what have is the you so the goal is basically a lot of balls and you on the the bottom right corner which is running on my physical machine and all all of the nodes are of virtual holes in the and so I have the shift of source here and I already have some nodes have which 1 is called and here's something we call to approximate just some a small education that's
responsible for creating the message that you see where things like that and also of the 1 . 4 is that it's this is a feature which is currently use here so would announce of the nodes from the plant table of data on the used here and this proxy actually handles the invocation of so next slide and then 4 months later the that use case in here is that you can have nodes that don't have the connection to the form of for example the complexes of intranet and former approach the only active ones who infrastructure but you can also run you could use the integration also we don't perform inference URI going on for example this I would say most of the the so it was all the above information for a moment so in this example we effects from the notes are just find
other users on how to use the basis of the nation to use the client and his or her her own learning communities and the use for making a digital signature and this is the 1st time in the form of the analysis of the shift toward the particle and the refractive surgery much and if it matches and for 2 days and the former Soviet Union this is power it's over you know see that it's
running finished place which be done in a minute so basically runs of its authorship Journal of and around the for the 1st time so there were a moment we you know if you but
meanwhile and taking to I think what we
can look into the foreman and and
what it actually means that we will use data from which part the brain so important the
so we have this want features so you can see the overview of your
infrastructure so the old 1 by right so we can see that we the overview of all of currently we see that we have 1 of with no reports to hold of her songs and report was not to lose but the also already exist within the structure and you'll be considered head of of of scenes which means that it of these false arbitral and does not respond to a call and we were forced to and also we can see that kind of last year that happens invited researchers and properties of the cost lecture but and I we considered the host the thing
so now we find that a page should you already reported on it so
it means you know host with the reporter and of also we have some statistics here so we
can see some data with our infrastructure I would like to see in research areas of it's not so interesting because I think of digital form all that you now think couldn't look into this new world the to show that the woman was like the can see nice that you're here in my house and also we can see that
some standard provisions of former and so I went to know performance we can now see that the data were
loaded into a format so for every of you can see the history of this world I'm just wondering
what I can see the forest fire means something was installed on the exam and if we go into its we can
see about what exactly happened so you can see that it's implied message of today's changes also this so we see that some of the also we see the details about of what version of it was sold and we have some entries here basically we have times per resource files in here is again also interesting about show me some of people Moore
also has also you can see that there 1st problem for example and so this is actually we from what you you have know we have to distinguish it them the a so this is how we work in the light of the world the OK so with that it's about three-quarters of effects
so that's our data that are guided by higher also comes from a few more by the I think that most of the time so we can now see all
the facts or data for
the research on the the we
can see that these are not
the same as mentioned in the Book the and
I the the so the
statutes are basically the same thing
and form of the of the difference of the power of that so as you you know we can search for this is the kind of thing so we can for example find on the on the and the the so we can see
the free memory particularly we can also search on the 1st of all the
infrastructure so we can see free memory or we also generate jobs for his injuries doesn't make much sense but me be for a fact that the distribution of the of of the infrastructures of the mind the and we see this as
an effective in using most of my machines and there's some that used so am that's probably what you also know that to presentation OK so what of our integration there from all questions that you need answered before we're moving up the most important factor is that we don't have an easy way how to sell to find nodes which were sufficiently executed but so we have to figure out what is the source of interest to share of former so what should you know assign these researchers of uniform also and share or do we need to extend transitions from G and this is becoming a bit like this and this and also to be below users who were assigned these researchers and composed in form and then we are basically treating you like to work or we have come line so as well as on same level as I said we have nice and he II and the period of you know so it feels like to rewriting so to actually of research and me your input here we need to hear your stories meaning to the users and then we can realize how much our point let's users so I'll also so that I will talk about how how easy it is to go to that site or and so we provide a API so and so it's just a lot old data adjacent form of performance so you can see this is a form of recording facts basically we support nested effect because is the shift as the nest so once and you can also log of methods that data on other the same words foreign words that most of the population is just that you have to compute all the metrics and the status of clients usually you because you have all the data from the ground the nature of the work of the and so during this presentation most important knows these are all that we need to hear your stories we already provide some integration policies that use use so for example the provision of an our use instead of just finding there also but you can see you you so that you could use the monitoring and forest in your infrastructure and the important thing here is that we want to keep the lights shift but integrated of murder set or so we need to we need to understand your and there's link so if you're interested in would if you would like to share your you know this is this just visit us on the
aforementioned all nodes also yourself in order of productivity and things you need to integration so in this sense to things more attention and if you have any questions about any of these 2
questions the the
so the the other you know you find this useful when you think about it in around formally Yorkshire and the on the his in the it was the so once again the word problems are the the the of the moon is on the island but I think and I know it's a personal thing I have to say something like that so these are the things that can be used for the merge to structure and 1 is a on of which you can you can use on is to manage with the for example there's a there's a also you just go into the history of the of the lectures on of the things so they used it around the the the personally I think the war and all you know the the the a summary of some of of the of the using the form of a difference in the world in this thing there's a lot of people are using the analogue thing but I think it should be possible to so if you need anything we start with a lot of the the the this is because the variables and relations were 1st of all the basically these are also about making sure you're up there is no notification form and I think some of you that something went wrong descendant of get and those of um so there's there's way how how you consider formants are example of I that the answer is no what's the in OK all of this no I think it's the distance of the power of using 1st and use the and the also the influenced here so that you can find in the and I was doing the work and the last 1 the and that's all I'm sorry I don't I but I think he s but in injury I see all the parts of the world a lot of information and the the and the In the end we find the and the work and the right so that the all right the the this is the last thing I want you to know the 1 of the 2 which most of the other world and more support for the curation tools so long term there are some people from community of life of people but as far as I know there is no longer just the way I could be there is that if you look at it and