Expanding oVirt's horizons

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Expanding oVirt's horizons
How to extends and modify oVirt even further
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As the prominent open-source data center virtualization solution, oVirt has many features that help you virtualize data center and cloud offerings. Sometimes a feature might be needed to extend oVirt's capabilities, but even though oVirt is open source, you might want to provide a quick and dirty solution.. Mike Kolesnik from Red Hat will show you how you can extends oVirt's capabilities with ease throughout the oVirt stack - UI, engine and host. Developers are welcome to join us in this session to learn how you can leverage oVirt to suit your virtualization needs.
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so OK how about the thanks for crying for the talks and my cholesterol economists
in use of the Internet for that time the comic in the over the project this is grammatical and for this hi I'm really work a your solution opted for all this looks can we got the about expanding over and so who here knows about the the of great so it would be a short really short introduction for and basically if you have any questions I'll be happy if you send them to the and because of the original from time so that's so let's look at what
gun talk about so 1st of all small the
introduction for those of you don't know what is always and only noticable 2 parts 1st part is how to consume or which is just the getting information and acting upon already this is important because it's going to be used in the 2nd 1 which is how to extend or
it we have this important this reasoning API and the regions which have been presented by running so let's begin so what is already I guess most of you already heard
about it and I ask a centralized virtualization it is basically like open source of history or resent the as based on their TVs and it gives us a given McDonald's he
was here at the performance and stability and other features and there are great lots of companies behind it and also
individual contributors which will create over it so basically it looks like this have the web
of name and their main tabbies divisions but we also have data centers clusters holes which will comprise the physical hardware and then we have like a network storage of the resources and the and the women and it's really a future qualifications should check it out on all result or so 1st I have
to consume on this 1 the so
we have an API is basically you have rest API as the k and show
so basically what can I do with his API is I can configure my infrastructure like the whole the configuration and installation configure networking on the host computer storage resources back into virtual machine configurations so basically networking on the virtual machine storage and setting of different devices have been memory etc. also the lifecycle management also I can manage users may have very powerful the permission system in place and basically all the operation in the U I and more because some features are not exposing the eye on the line of the API the and they're different ways to access the API so as to REST API is just going calls on your and getting their response as the K which is basically Python or Java is SDK just accessing it programmatically and you get a list of objects that you can act upon and in the shell you can just do shell commands and get from other texts result the so I have been talking about the API concept
so basically only the eyes goes through the over engine which is the main components which controls everything and all of the API has a built-in there's so REST
API is at the bottom and then on top of it to
have that as the case and basically a shell is on top of the Python is the k and they have we try to maintain backward compatibility so that if you have scrapes on some programs working with this decay Gaussian Lord API they wouldn't stop working when you upgrade to the next and we also have secure access but because the security has to take place each time each call also have session access so you can get at the academy reuse that ticket for each call if so this talk about
the REST API this is the most basic the core API that's L of retention exposes so basically it's just
going basically methods it's the peak also get you'll get a list of resources or a single resource representation all this tool
submit the new resources or collect upon
an existing 1 like nontrivial by poles both this start data it's also just update the presentation and the limit of course deleting the resource and there are various media types with support we have a examined and
job of the just skip logic notation they found a basically it's mostly the
same looks like the same favored
editing you just shows what everyone to specifying in the request which made up by and then the response which response to want get it's up to you uh so let's look an example how we do things with the
collections to list all the resources we just call gets on the your slash API slash and the rate in resources used all states the peoples on the same Europe and we need to specify in the body of the view that we want to create and to act upon a single resource so use get on the single resource is the same URI and slashed the idea of the results at the end it to update it would do look quarter the same neural with the idea and we have batch
mechanism so you don't have to stand being power resource each time we just send which fields you want updates and 2 source of course just call http the late on these your and basically you can browse
the REST API were self and follow the links and discovered the collections but we also have our as the and to describe which actions you can think what are the parameters that you consent to the API so basically it's always available on API uh question mark odds the
as very easy to consume especially for creates just standardized XML structure that describes the API and how to use it so that's it about REST API that talk about it as the k that is built on top of it and
REST API is nice but usually you want to access it more prone programmatically if you're extending over the
so basically it's used more for integration and automation in some advanced usage as its object-oriented so you just axis and I used objects and current binding is we have is a Java and Python stabilized and have also lived geogrid and the but our our be albeit a which are less stable and some more are planned to be supported and what are the concepts of this decay so basically complete of selection you don't need to know which protocol is used to just use that as the k
like you would use only and the other
library don't care that the rest of you behind the scenes and it's also fully compliant with the with your attention API so basically every method that you can do everything that they can go through a REST API you should be able to do by the decay answer this descriptive it's descriptive it's really easy to use alter generated of course on this the Khazar always kept up-to-date because there other generated and if you have the supporting environment you also get myself a competition so like in this example when we look at donors
decay so just imported there a guy broader objects in Python and then I can create a proxy for the API so just give your username password get get a proxy object and on the proxy
object taken this on the availability connections or actions so in this case 2nd call and and on the and like see of their actions like at the new PM so basically how
to add the new of them is just a few more steps so again we import the API and created a proxy for it but you also need to specify cluster and the template to creatively and so we get the cluster we get the template and we create a parameter of the VM that you want to create so basically name cluster template and amount of memory we send it
to the API VM's collection uh we call a and we get back the VM object but we can further act upon extend this to be a more at this so the reason of natural resources are the kinds of devices so that's it about consuming over
it's basically there are lots of other things we can look at look about but these are the basic concepts and let's talk about how we can use them when extending over because that's what we have to talk about so starting with media some books so to understand what this will be a some Boltzmann understand what is
really and it's basically a component that learns a single hypervisor and managers that I hypervisors just manages the whole and of Young's running on the host and the hoaxes just-in-time mechanism that you can use to PostScript on that on that specific 1 host and they alter the way that media sum is running ends and basically the operation of radius and like the demand that is managing the have provides
so hoax our just call the on specific license is life cycle events will see like the full list and they can sometimes modify
the the XML structure that is
sentiment because the the asylum as we can say is using the still created the actually run audience so basically can do everything that we leverage support and also holds can run system commands so if you want to OSI apply firewall rules before you under the and you can do that you just go like the tables whatever and you have more information so the 1st link is just a general description of the whole of the right to use and the 2nd 1 is actually a hoax of the existing books that are available for use that you can install on new holes at the and to this
universal point so basically there's a lot of them uh mostly VM lifecycle ones and there's also a couple like if you give someone the demon starts when the demand stops and also some mental configurational that was recently added and on the other level can also build it around the home via a critical that handles the whole of the and or specific the end device so
basically currently on excess but there should be support for other device types as well so let's look at the VM level and this whole what it actually does
is it remove market on the filtering my country's both so basically when you start at the and usually it will not allow you to support the Mac inside of the and not allow it to use a different Mac this stone and use it it will allow you to is an image that you want on any of the devices on the that of devices so they're important parts are indeed there is some there's a custom parameter that is sent to the holders of parameters mapped at the center of city where it is fairly and we check if this parameter exist if it's if it's active on only then we go the whole logic so most of the holds act like that they don't just select automatically don't only do it if you specify some custom parameter and then the other 2 lines is the read XML and the right examined so we get the XML for the entire and we act upon it would do whatever changes changes that we want to go and Indiana right XML back and this is what gets sent to live it or to other holds because the whole so can be chained up but you don't
have an order of execution so it should basically runs so long that and the custom parameter specified in this
case on the virtual machine level so you have a custom properties that and you can just
whatever across properties you want in this case you want them export thing so same expo finger new state through the Council say false and then it will obviously not run the whole this and per-device level you
can go basically very similar book so it also checks if there some custom there but the 2 lines that the reader writer XML is just for a specific device so this is just a few want to affect the specific let's say a network interface that just want allow on that network interface BlueMax cool thing then you can do it instead of affecting the whole year and to specify at you also have
a place that is specified that a custom
parameter so how to write a whole basically in in the hopes strips of course these
are the proof that do the work of the and the disputes that saw the Python scripts and you usually include the red made that
says what does this will go and how
that configure it and how they use it how they're consuming for by over and maybe you need a so there's file if you're all like this so doesn't the common external methods Oaxaca man but if you're running step among the so those files to enable it and just a make file to install the whole so basically it is all existing the the source code you consider it simple to directory and you can look at the different books and see how they do it and just take inspiration from the so that's it about folks do this talk a bit about scheduling
API domestically hoaxes just extending 1 single host annual it's very flexible mechanism you can change the entire weight of Vienna started watching it a member of books in because of the flexibility they can also not run because if they're not installed on the host then the hope will not run it doesn't matter that you specify the custom parameters so it's kind of like the at your own
risk uh mechanism and and and that's affecting the VMI cycle scheduling API and this is how we can change how the engine actually stars the on which follows it selects the
start of the VM so basically the need was because the
users wanted to do some and specific scheduling and there was no specific scheduling done you you couldn't choose like work which shows will start at the am not just a few basic algorithms they didn't take into consideration like user request like someone wanted a maximum of 3 areas
for host he couldn't do that so also get a mechanism basically it just said that
like uh 1 distribution algorithm that is based on CPU load only and it would basically or is there even a distributed
via and vice if you will also it'll occured itself there's a 10 per cent and this 50 so I'll put it on the so to have like 50 % of fuel that has some logically that all power-saving to try to convince all the VM on the host which are more and more used by Scipio and to rule reduce abusage on other halls and and the scheduling itself of the Vietnam's tool to select which falls to use it was just basic models that are hard coded so the needs to have the devices and it hits the met the whole story is to have like support for the devices for the networking for the storage is to have enough memory available and so on and the load balancing is periodic of task this was running and also like trying to balance according to the distribution of algorithm it also didn't have too much extendibility silicic all this whole mechanism wasn't like an extensible by the user so the new mechanism
actually changes the entire picture so I have a scheduling policy which is
you know which is a policy that you select per cluster level and on this policy import filter models so filtering and therefore it follows that we select White models that are just if you have a couple of left that the decides which shows is the best and load balancing model which decides how to actually do load balancing when you have holes that already running the reactants the all external models are developed by and by Council user can just write this on models and existing logic it was also trust translated to models just building models that you can use um and as a so we can set the desired policy it can find more information than just the list of existing good policy on is that you can it's like the samples that you can log and right here on policy units according to the samples and there is also a wiki page about it just explain how to write an external scheduling models yeah so let's look at how it actually works we
have a list of holes in the beginning and then with have the filter model running so you each filter model filters out 1
norm Moore also maybe no loss just presses on hosts the next and when we have more than 1 host left I will have the weight model that is running and just decides to give some scores for the holes in the host with the lowest score wins and this is the 1 that gets elected to run and let's see how we can write that fits the model basically should the model just
filters out of this is the user logic it has a set
of set API that we need to implement and we don't know like we don't know each other each filter the model this kind of atomic it don't know what went before it it wouldn't know what runs after it but we don't chain them up like there is a set uh filtering training the and the of course the existing logic still exist a considerate QC later how we can make that the existing and external models that a user can write it so let's say we want this to run tool
filter the articles that have more than 3 and running so I know it's kind of hard to really but just explain what the different parts so the 1st part this class definition in Python it defines the name of the filtering model and it also sets like if you have a weight model load-balancing model this would be the name of all those models and each kind of model is just a method that we need to implement with the set the so in this case the dual filter methyl it except the whole state is just a list of the whole that it needs to fit the out and that the MID that we need to run and the custom arguments uh map that also can be sent from the engine moves we and like custom properties for the future and then this property you we can define some validation on them so in this case the maximum we encounter is a property that is the number and in the coldly gets actually the property from the from the map if it exists a few dozen some before yeah and the actual filtering is as a set you need sometimes the and as the case in this case we create the API reported to the API object we do a query on the host and then we do the physical filtering logic on this also according to and this case how much the AMS already running on each file so we need to get this information and upon and then we just prints the list of their ideas and this this is what's 1st on to the next filter the the
uh so basically filtering
module the it's the same for weight model just some different method that we need to implement and the same for load-balancing model is also a methyl so you
can have a file with 1 model or a can have a file with me all the modules implemented
and then do those some just logic that this model does each model does yeah uh and this all goes into an external policy on it
so basically there's some process running on the library on the engine and and it analyzes the filter is the way the balance
functions finds them creates a model representations to using the engine and a just can it can be used in the engine so it's the how to use it we have this configuration
screen it's kind of you so I assuming the
bit so we can use for it this policy unit we can decide which thing models we use so we have that set ones which don't are not marked as external and some external model that we created for example this marks the Young's modulus yeah and we
also can decide which weights models we want to use so we can use the existing ones that we can use the external ones that we have doesn't necessarily have to be like from the same file it can be like different file in this case even via distribution is something different and load balancing also we
can decide which load balancing logical once in this cluster policy and this basically is the
cluster policy that we apply per cluster so this class they can have 1 cluster policy that besides inside how to do the filtering out of the the weight and how to do that all balancing and as I said we have the custom properties that we need to specify in this case I can set like I wanted a maximum the end of the 1 have to set for and this satisfies the use then uses a use case so your applicants yeah
you'd since look like this
in the mental compelled to lose your positions it
all on your audience is an infrastructure to extend the order that an interface it was introduced during the or its release prepunctual
all of give you a short overview about the UI plug-ins if you need to go further and more detailed information you check out overtaking and also if you look at the real world examples that you get the feeling what can you do this you're plug-ins of which local consolidated since the in
the 2 . that the following this
is the the but that the new user interface you normally working this and you can extend this interface by and creating custom problems for example of tree here different types and from the right your called for the use of new for this of object a long but it
but do you need to do to create the driver can you 1st have to create a plugging holes page this is the page that volumes of forged
extrude of some
data telescope called and playing descriptor which is a configuration file and include some of the data but this is important for the you're plug-ins and you can have can overrated on the user level if you want to of let's have a look at the very very simple word plugin as you can see it's of some basic
HTML cold and the cellist protection of 1 important thing to know about your programs is that plug-ins are executed in different so you heard you have of all 1st of all you have to Texas to plug in the period from
the difference of your mid term according to the Peerages of function to the gist of the blood in event handler and in this example the reading and you may on the delivery of the main the this fruit and it will display the website few come off book prompting in this of and this API tool to pedal telling the plug-in that the pope can be displayed on as a as a said before
you can enter only intelligence up that's all in this will be a custom in time and the scepter appears if you select for example a host of virtual machine all the data center Lacalle style but you can
set the the prompt and Uriel
and decide if it should be accessible for use of hot or trust for a specific user group FIL of the next you can you can at that means
development partners of the European decide should they be only in the poorer power should they
be in the context menu or should they be in balls you can short dialogs of all open dialogs these dialogs have the same look and feel as all wrote Mr. should local option is that the dialog continuity neural and can choose it of course and in end you can do is use of this looking users and you have a
good part of the events that you write in that flea initializing uh and the selection tree the selection
changing events for example you have a plugin or you are a subtype of fault version machines and if we use our chooses all selects another virtual machine you obviously have to change to the code of the behavior or philosophical what is displayed in it that's understood from selection change of documents you can rest on user logins and use a lot of thoughts and all you can of sent messages of from the from the applied in using the HTML 5 all post messages API the on the at the poles of trouble if
you about the the Charleston called let's have a look at the at the MIT at the top and the different configurations of you have to put it in there which is inferred which is located in use social over the initial installation applications of it's important that you have a unique name so each you you I plug in its own unique name and type and you were held
you will all points to the web page which of hosts the cellist approach and you you can optionally of peasants and conflict of options uh all to summarize you have to write the plugging the
script doctor plugging holes plugin then see a plane in the action it's but simple
have a note and I'll show you a really good example that you can have a feeling for what can do with throughout likens it to my thing you are looking all written by the it's hosted on the top so of shows so check adult but what it does is it displays of object results from a single or inaugural saw the forts of in that at the interfaces on this
it doesn't it consume you on behalf of you stopped up my note that details and is in this example a selected 1 of the virtual machines and in the use of online learning to do so that you see on
the other hand in service to its the the so we have order the host and service
checks plus a few more details on this to my
mind you can't do it
the OK so let's start and you can also show Europe pp 4 molecules performance of data visited in this example here for the for the pin patterns for for the picture to offer better machine display all the or this is done using the your
plugin for the structure for sure so I created the 2 subsets of order cone to communicate this
is saying is done and how I can use the ideal database of single molecules allow or if you want to be and collapsed status API then I have to tell the truth trajectory Chaco here of of displaying the results so the look and feel use of music like all wrote and it's or done in this tree Korea and to use this users and they also include all tools for conjugal marriage begins stars but fires in the dissidents policy for the all of you I know it's not it's
not that but the blending descriptor is the same as seen in the in the Jumper before we have the neural and then uh and confocal options and in the practical options I have to of the location of the stoch poses a used all pole for at this location for this chair on
for the for the troop hold on to this API about at and stopped by the addition of the subsets of forfeited the simplest justice holes storage humans and so on and there sending a GET vertebra to this future strips the strips so there of of what type of of research should displayed of them if you select another data center another host Olmützer stand theory of the dataset central selection change option for example of which which has is the name of the new data center students teachers
of this we talked as we were talking about monitoring trust bent to introduce another project of some band-pass it's a moratorium providing for a single modules written in Perl there can more at all your data samples gospels holes but you machines and so on it's written in Perl as electoral and it uses to rest API like interest introduced the following and if you if you heard
of New Christians you can Ustinov all the researchers is also tickle dual route of in the kitty for more
information of drawing the moving the
list of of of your journals on all of us you on essential for the attention thank you and Questions the the the good thank
you we