Ethical questions of game developing

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Ethical questions of game developing
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I 5 yen from the better for which the project that this stage mind I haven't
prepared in these lines that not much text because I want to you into a discussion about etiquette questions of game development I should be asked to to introduce so audience to is a lesson project because set of people in Europe who haven't heard about us not what is that a lot it OK present as a turn-based strategy game respects feel very old-school miss some hands drawn pixel images the 0 maybe you know fantasy General for a better life from blue by which is not exactly fit to secede but very similar yeah anything else needs to be the opposite of he was a lot of magic i mean that my firing got hold them in the is the and so you're on the effect of the of modes some of the moon is full or we invested those in the region yeah that wearing but other than that I was I kind had of like a full and again group the motivation for the discussion was I was working on the total conversion of another game into the rest of engine and after converting some of their buildings I stumbled upon 1 called nuclear power plant which are formed very exciting because you that's not a building I would like to have 1 my better future if every so which of you that I wouldn't like to be an effective all OK when I looked into suffice to converge it
contained nothing that expect yeah this is the thing is producing some energy and it's comps consuming some material it's not to trends in any waste and are um is there any foreign for all of the things that it's the OK it's not an producing any waste time and and destroying the building it causes no further action in the gate the the said to kind of make me saying if we as game developers short introduced the game mission which are
so far away from real life that they might hurt people's
expections and part inference politics I don't know uh I guess you are mn many data game developers here and most games feature more engines that the yeah but note but what I against God the you are the and have fewer Educa restrictions on the ones in your projects but it's interesting question because for example the content of the flesh of and that was why they thought about the question of myself because it was developed by the size of the 1 of the the past so that in the was we must flow the some of the along and all the marketing of part of the station and that of course you can put ideas on the on the and really nasty things in the other tests that make that data get with the we use of a surrogate loss and the character of the possible so you use it in so the next time it be in the year by so and so high the use of cheating people firing and he's doing about it what happens to use my growth of cities was like we we are in this so I said well that's right on the unit so I would like to do the right the right things so I mean there are people in the energy the roots of the 2 identified these micro what's the tropical down back again so sort of view was the law just with the size of of the was the kind of sad because was the message that the game was sent to you the only way to do it for you during my was about the world and that was really the point of you know about the research because the a a message to the envisaged in the play you receive something and you you receive the message talk but this this and this discussion isn't anything new games in the fifties standing in media yeah and what kind of message is you you want the Congress on what's specific against those that they are simulations of Altsys systems in which is basically every day in that some kind of a system and I think that may medical question is whether whether it's OK to resend oscillator without telling that this does not represent reality for example even even these lighting it as as if it were represent reality for example there are things that would example of the kind of price so OK submitted a lot to be kind of prices on systems comes not from disease so we got the price of similar reality Our and you gotta going based is that this this is like the real life so these playful yes but anyway the messages that you convey sees uh that you get when you get money you'll get my things and so on so you get the your character about getting money and navigating social networks and so on but the point is that he never he never states explicitly that this is all versions of reality and these might not actually be reality is it's understandable that people understand these without explicitly stating and get I've but I sort most people knowing case is a case but is it true for children I witnessed a a boy and a girl playing at the plants what is it called a playground and some void Chanderpaul is a government marriage little and of when she was interviewed about that he told to I yeah I was expecting her to turn into a banana most of us have from I it took me some time to realize that this concept is from a supermodel which silence so a lot the answer about meiosis innocent vendor watch it as an adult but it's free from children even for very small children and you may be appealing to some and yeah it costs that incident it's playground aging anything goes and use the play of so this is the path that I don't know the this is the problem of the form of forms of like they did to the people are watching the to so in the end they were we were thinking of you have so you know it was the start and we want to meet the 4 and in the eyes of the main thing is that so my it further found the sentencing time did you know that they want to be seen as much as you can see and I think that we do we sort of the work but I think we did this for it to be an and island of the of the features in not really only did so because the gate can children that you need 2 things and it seemed and there can the children and handed then and it is expected to learn how light works that thinking on so the we think that before a critical full-scale was tables also if you read the book title meals well I just want to create a of c which is fun for yourself well it was a bit about myself I II I meeting for myself I have that has been honored by sometimes being all of that and that you it because we know we gave you the topic subjects yeah they they style the and unique so this the matter because the ideas anybody can they had the head and they can modify it still you know you any out of for the people were going to play the game you should have the meaning of the the this is just how you can make sure that all developers agree on similar tired Williams and level of confidence of but as I see it you the guidelines about what was that your body of any of the members of the applicant for people think the needs of of you can do whatever you want it yeah In inverse not we have new war so there's no blocked it's a war game but was of plant and this is maybe a good idea when the ones I I bottom presenting an award to clean it might be a better idea on the other side my grandfather was and for 2 in Russia and get wasn't so nice a you have a commercial games advertising militarily I will I be knowledgeable about thank you very much please the at the end we applied this looks a lot of visual things the sum of the there we have some very
realistic America's Army first-person shooter which is indeed a very realistic yeah I have been told so but it does not present any plot and the people trust vanish from the turned on the this is so it for me for my opinions crossing a line I would like to have 1st person shooters as much realistic as possible universe pardon were all very archaic yet maybe in this is a lot of chomping also so you really see is this is not the real war but if you want to assimilate war similarly simulate all of it please you read it does agree 5 yeah of the and the or hours the moment they will arrest go over it was then had and the new here this is the area where we have to do it gives you you can get rid that at the end of the line you know so I think you will vary in the morning I and know that of the hopefully if it have a separation and you you you you know something about the real world and in so we take the peace talk louder on this so that the bank was going the world and there was a start the the we got a lot not the end that all of these studies would so I'm going to what was the history of the things that you have have a friend the the emergence of the resistance and the most of the time the the and thanks for your product as the mean complete realism is just not possible of boring is not the only From the point of view of the this is the point of view of the and the 1st of all what qualities the are in of any part can be positive or negative so that so when you see a movie and see a lot to do with the bottle of red you know you you I know people wanna for movies of of the year of our really body model nor blog or the DAG no OK it's fine for you use analog of reality and you realize what they're doing is this the so in factories would you play video games as something kind of of kind of the 1st world interview get some words you tend to faith in real life for example I instruments of the past and being in love and of course the problem so when they were going to watch a monument to omega I just go and then the mystery and you feel like I have to fly with northwest not but the the the elected people and you still want so because you know bring us face in such a way of the warrior who read the nation and there is no of factor of the challenge the challenges that when the play of the game in the tragedy in the city some people fall if you try to make it is the of the states you die and you don't play anymore it's fine so the sum of the OK but this is not a game anymore it's it's something different so I'll most simulation study exactly so in the case of the boring so finally which you have the tools will serve as a ah I don't remember the name right now but I really think that the association with the user the university and I think it's going to be a little bit of course some not all the people of the mass media in all the probably some of the people that doesn't make difference so years between reality and fiction in the the the maybe if and I like to test if you talked about movies and commercial games went on every movie or commercially game is rated by some organization in most countries in the world but that's not true for Open Source gains I have not seen open source gave greater yeah and either I just have to interject that these are not about finding only when is 1 thing that is the of such as the can be about 1 but they can be a lot more that is not your point into and the other constant and that will highlight the fact that like all that well there are being experienced currently games are mostly concentrated on the part of Fox and there have been experienced would be erased and and these kind of or or these kind of scary games that that are part of I mean the about this in the sample which is not very fun itself on this on the idea that I was really the so well right I want know but it's not funny in the same space is to here yet but is a message in the back of there's always the 2nd no problem in the original begin to which we in the rules of this you should the movies and going on and of the ones that have been written this this is the kind yeah but that's our parents control at least that age your child is another little and so this the the the it is in the average maybe at least 30 so i . must have a hint that this is the goal of this is only a matter of and you that if you think you're effect it with the if you could a is and I think I can so and the the and the size of the and I was just using the In this year of of about this in relation to this is just part of the of the of the from the area of I think you should the existence of very the oracle and it's a lot of all now go by and be very and renewable punched sees this as a kid on ZnO was its leading that would lead you have to prove laughter I have so so you have a
direct feedback back what's possible and what you should warrant so this is my 3rd point we will form of all of the actually the problem who is due to the love what it's what it's about the quality of the freedom religion and of the beginning of the war that we look at the aspect of the thing on the consequences In this aspect of the of the of the most of the time so that we argue that the not simple or the so that's a good point in the land of it and this is the of creating a new do against because the and and so I think is the rule of law and so the fictional world and the other is placed the of the real and the rules of the form the book the only and of and I think the relation of of all of the morning what the thing the the the this and the answer for example the thing of the the and I will be used in the what's the value of the the real and the consent of the of the of the you of the but for the fact the more you can do you be 1 of the things that you your lines of that has not to be crossed this commercial staff and spending real-life money here but you realize and of the act of offline and online of and it this from the 1 with the the will of the text and say I want to have something in the sense that the united but faces in the field is different but also they like it when we when we went on with that with the beginning of the way that we will be able to build the work of others the if you make the most of those the growth and you know whatever thought I did then yes I would say that it I have to know the difference between the people and a so the days and these this can apply will in the it offline but we real of the needs and I think that we really need to go it too much to read and the getting should be like really difficult we do they teach people on the norm the the a the pKa the sorry if infinite but the so because the polar almost all of the above the ground it it it did it the idea it was the think about what's going to think about it but in the that but the problem is that the way to do that and 1 of the the of the United right back at you if you know that you will be will be money in being exactly the thing that quality the agent and furthermore the there are among the you'll have to get money from the beach and have not of their books from the players that get the there anymore because they want to know and then you get more and this is this is very interesting question find you find of it but of course there is a huge greatly actually I see that the issue you what is I know that I have not all you know that they all of have their yesterday I have about like that the thing that they in being yet another thing is that it would you know but the thing is that means that in its in itself valued going directly to the hydrogen in the states they the Gospels was very bad but if you if you steal all plots meaningful parts that don't leave costing 1 then and then you provide an older or for people that belong to the body to the game of go and spend the money on it that any way to the other aspect about collecting money but I think it's so for example if you if you have a favorite and that but what about the rest of the world that might the the nature of the crime in the part of the right and the perception of the expression of a set of different kind of 1 of the things that you have I shouldn't be censored in into the the thing is that some of the action and so you can do something into something that expression of some of the vector so the the the the the 1st recession so taking perception that like this and this and that kind of things wrong about that is and kind the complexity of the just decisions that that's where you want to the use of the apples and she also there's something called art so I think I would not want to have a receptor for that I think this is the 1st century is something you in that universe so you the fact the this was the thing about the so if I want to say that that the most can be and have asked the baht PGP ratings that we usually don't have that open source product of anything independent the of course you are right in there must be a freedom of art but I think it should be assigned some Hollier you introduce staffs that might affect younger people so put a sign in front of it we usually don't do that that's not
has no that's must not have any written warnings about kidding s if it is you know of all the reality words in the in which is the figure this is not on the all the young guys you devious IR really yeah we can see this beautiful and it's not because for the mainline domain and subset was more about getting messianic all of the roles also about the I to I think it's probably because of with the data from origin of the lower level from for moving as well as the and the books on the part of the hearing loss a of the B you know the projection with all the sentences of pretty much different from from culture and country to country so you don't need to put an exact h number on it but in the conventional nudity or go or or whatever may be racist that the I that some people the and all of that the patterns that a little louder please the end of the beginning of each of the 5 different ways in which it used in the and around and hit this on the news and you know how do to be just the presence of items that were made yes that's red bottom which is yeah but many clients nowadays only involves pressing button and if of the immediately I'm sure that the whole model of the of the head and find it in the case of no change the reason we want you to search a about a half of the and thank you wanted to say something in the fact that you know dating from roster for the same lines of the lecture that is so funny do you that the 2 of the things that food you so I was mentioning to read the so you find on the wall and there's the something that the roster shows are released to the so you make and almost speaking what from what the that industry is she doesn't want to you want to be the selected of their kids by those at all I just my friend got the 1 with the course I look at the rate of the agent who were in the orientation of this work was waiting for the the last and out of the house of some log log so that means it's a ridiculous situation so because you don't want to do that in real life so I would love to profit from the data that is full of all was to be used to be the new of allies that like the more but say and this is is not an industry so really got this body because it's just a black humor or so and you know what is the 2 to of you and you will the reality you know how about or not so the very few people in the region because you have seen the the in the look was due to the 1 in the but cheating dust punishing if you kill some sometimes support is behind you're out the finally you events so that's what this is after you have your colleagues all sorts of and once you intend to it because the kids and many of the rest of the notions of false you more than 1 way then it but at the end of the year and behavior that we read a report here and the more the more often if the height of the body's of dealing with you so you right away from the instances like John you would you use your data into the into the ground to catch people who like rock so if you run from 1 of the little 1 so you want dozens of them going off so it's more of a book people that you say 5 there was some of you know not color and that is to say that what will you know you want to catch on you know you going the instead of subgoaling that we believe that the would be about anyway I and that of the model of the the you know at the inside person and of the same and it will however be comedian crazy crazy well I'm going to go into this that here of even though land use and cars words for those articles that they gave me on on that heart and and hour that people are doing that which is of course you say and has no basis in the and studies have shown that games are not causing any 1 of the following ever having that in mind and since we are all again developing community and nobody's watching from the that I a fish I that the having said that if it's not it's it's a bit think that something is that 1st of these thus readers in the UN wants a complex thing and games are 1 thing that affects the even even if it's really really really bad saying because people ultimately as that with with these crazy crazy media articles that have no basis in reality even though gains may still affect as that the the 1 the the things that you know that the expected distance things that you wish to an act of the and realized that you choose what you want to do that because something you like you would like to be part of my view of the world around us so we tried to get all the all all the like to ask you what happened was that there that different kind of the with that so what lessons I want you to test the waters were to the world of and 1 of the consequences of this you will use the degrees presented as it was going you want this because you know that you will because you know what happens when you have that the core of the issue of a but if I remember as a concept of TGA correctly you are a criminal in the sky so as to
call you criminology dual vector and can you only have I know I don't know if there is no allegiance usually comes up with all doing something for them that have it in my opinion it's OK but scared state we ask criminal law and says that the definition so we to Betsy but there are games that you also hero and 2 the stuff that was popular
discussion of the trees of the relation and the history of you must you the history of the idea was that the himself so this was the and so we're all in this case would be that I have my boss in the final result of the axes of the tree to establish a link to the users of our to be OK with that of the the the subtle about to lose their so is different for you to do with some of the some of your point is the character has in Gj have a certain death you so you can understand why is it was start the new so for the for the character of I know what kind of you don't need to be made with the size of holes and was the it was the you feel like some kind of about the OK you all the and of the maybe like places that this way said he doesn't seem to travel from the 5 usually to the main topic in the field of different positions so the people the people of the world while with the other 1 I know that some of the stories that come with a cost individually and you know you try use of the same feelings you you try to defy user with part and you will too bad the mind because in fact what you want to feel something on and experience so all the luminosity and you know you don't really the director of the script because these are the same responsibility lies you the all response of the Really know it's there is many people involved so you have properties of the the program meeting is called the dot and the screen there that we model because of the begin with you the if you don't know most of the the what's more like you you you you you you you you you worked this so that the fact that it was useless to reality that look like on the fact that you can this last thing it's good for you to use so that the all of the the and do you have to do is to reduce the holding of the this is this this problem and I think there was remote that things that make use the different users yeah yeah sure that she has a similar revenue to people work work on these rooms of the work of the of time I think if you the the variance of the do you have a In response we the you make a view of of this to be the length the world for example to the right and of the probability of 1 to 2 and a of half you may be in the title of the and we model of you know who you are are probably the best on this but it should be aware that the tool but in writing 1 of the knowledge of a variable something like a cart rodent to know to Carter's and constantly but just think of this as a a lot of lot of the the the that you and I think we have a lot of the people the this is the sum of the the gap in time to do the work the so the of the mind and of the of the of the of the of the of the reaction over that truly affects you I remember when I played great 1 it's quite a while I dreamed at nite from being in great levels this was as our friends I know and everyone had no weapons younger computer weapon so we had to tricks monsters and many of us died and every time I died I wait up totally went from select a point it was agreed that nite uh uh status sleep began and I reincarnated it's the same thing for the torques sum all indicted it it was fun because I realized at some point of instigated here and here is the title of the uh yeah that it must have affected me to go over the readings and you have this the the light and so the use of the level of games it is about a movement you have this actually arises due to the lack of a set of genes that moment and so on and so on so that I can use it your reading and Brazil and just label with so on lever and key veterans of the user are you more going on in the inverse of the things that you know
we in the project these are our way of out of the material in different outcomes and of their i issuance and that's 1 of the things that they are thinking about the plight to the and the also what the area concept that I have was having trouble formulating can I didn't know that this is the 1st of because it's about money and games because as a game developer people people like people like going games because they like games so when you introduce money after 1 aspect of the game question is not whether whether you actually are breaking the game itself because games happening is well sort of have a meaning of magic horrible which which which is defined as the governing the game I haven't gained world itself and the user from outside of the the of the things I don't of outside the leader of the probably the last thing is that it is about the compact Pelias at the but that but yes type but I can't I can't wait or need so that I can do this now if I have the money or and I can out on the present Council which will present more efficiently by itself so then you are actually we are actually uh breaking the claim because the level games and probably because they they offer these different types of uh world where things you directly in the front ways cells you are injecting money into that so my question is do we have our integral responsibility as game developers laxity gains as gains what is the point that I think you know the the the view was that was the only the quality of the policies and the you can think of the way of the point each 1 of these when the number of moles of the result of the graph couples you know with a little more you you know it was called the way OK you say in the middle of the the code the example a some of the model so I certainly think there was the beginning of the year so what I know that this is this is enabled the development of you need renounced could be used to being more and more of my you like we remark that the use the work that out of sort of the the possibility that people from other and this the same if you feel that you replace the more you the on time we have special rules for you so you can so you can play you know with special people who live in the following to keep the knowledge and so much time and especially if in the eyes of the 1st and the 2nd order and who was that the that you know that some of my mind and I felt really really selecting the people I don't want to you guys all the work of and out in that it's difficult to hold so you have the choice of the loss of its fine but there is a counterpart of the use of the users and what they would work on the influence of the prior so so so you that connect the of the volume of the global to the use of people that they will play a part of you who made because was hot and there was no body of trying to get above that of of changes in what they can put it in all the rules of knowledge and what in the body use it falls off so that means that the time that you can use of course you will we believe me or was it so there's no point complaining that so basically we know think of all of the work of the the right of the the right ruled out the all the the rest is of the rest of you trying to 3 to beat the legal and should be in such a maybe this is partly of topic but I quit it to them in a world of warcraft because I had a stalker who wanted to marry me and there was no more phoneme way to get rid of him you could you can um silence character but the players so every time I met new a nice person and the scalars of all know it might be him again yeah and this is this was completely stressing the eyes are as I can I can imagine a stalker in real life is 1 of the reasons for decision for the whole of the usage of the addition of responsibility so the that people the to be hold to be that I I I I had so positions to to come you have point at him and send his account was closed but to trust bite another 1 and another name and started again yeah goes completely I had no chance to get rid of them quickly out eating my character in the eyes of course this also describes that the uh the game and the this talk about it a
little bit louder I can't hear you sort of think of the the 1st of the and this will be great thing to explore the question here is that the the the what they call the so here that it is the it is not the same thing going on here the so get with all the with the use of the violence was moving in a more how should we think about the of the around and around the region and where they were of the you yeah rating is a difficult question the use of the ring of layer where will usually you are more tech-savvy the parents of the pairs figure control there's always a way to and I know like where you go on to the internet and they have out but it would maybe allowance effect said I'm not allowed to play the game that teaches a child sets of answer some Ross again and again it's it's this is assumed to be the 1st thing here that in he the heard that in it this extra level of complexity you all there only about putting the label of the of the distribution of like publishing the gates it's true that you can't enforce at for not for commercial stuff and especially at the discretion of the sum of the source of the thing on the on axis the and the company but also in the so called and the use of the Internet and the please what is it that a a lot of work in the movies in including the of the of the of the of and this is really the gender all but this is also something of the order of the day and the problem and so all the all the this use of media marginal everything and is so it's a little bit more much of the document and not in the world and and what is the real world so hard to you have children or many of the genes of of the answers that are doing this she rides on the computer we can expand and she was much you but what I will to be in the form of this thing on the In the problem of selecting and this means that the core of of the but not only that over the In this is the position of the current generation grew up you know and at the end of the of the much more understanding of the nature of so what get the lot and the all authors the center of the game you know what you know what and so on and so this is a problem is not as stores as it wasn't heart rate regarding chip in the proof of and the mn in the united and niche diet that I have to say about the normal everyday questions it's something not just this for about all alchemy save our kids video very part of the question is the reuse of content and it was always pretty often that people just have no contributions of which they are world from some size in the internet but they don't have the right to do so so I think that's a very important question of how should this be handled How should be handled well values get content from which they had an apple but others to get answers as the step further is wind to gain for a again wanted from and how can they make sure that it's all legal and all wide sounds whatever's India and but this is somehow controlled by the government of loss you have to guess if we allow it to In uploading of copyrighted content to resolve any restrictions we would be closed down some sometimes so it's the question that should right especially to it she could also lose you those stars nodes or think of the year that you need to know because the last of your I think the only thing you're legally required to do that you get the official of the increases History of the size of the afternoon and the year of not at 6 is also on the left and the to the and everyone else changed your solution and so on will you realize science it's a science apologies to all the other homes and even the noise and in our and and maybe that was the the the the blue
and I said about it if we add the generation of people who drown you eat so it's easier for us to handle the effort to accurately now thinking in now these are very different in these myself a I reduce the size of the listings I and the the the of pattern used to in the that I find of that they that they find so we'll wait wait if they do actually in a more common so it's the time in the meantime you correctly by people from other they from from the from the something that were constant so I must use of those who think that at the I have a different so saying that this site is the more the more the effects of the the people who for a while and we gave and the things I had to explain to people that would be I believe we have to meaning in the it on different that so it's not really need to say that we are all aware of how the you know we grew of these because we assume that we know in 1 hour to doing in what widely founded on the Idea of something at at least a few tests saving enough yet yellow diamond the yeah she's going to get to where heart they think years of you know that you will know it was the scenes of our for the whole thing that we have a other because now and I a I would assume that it the size of the environment where are the others being a say that countries begin maybe before the more of it so they can buy people because you think strangers so the idea is that the in my my usual when it is the development of idea that the power of the world mostly of landing on and there were only a fraction of the people of care nowadays you can actually connect the box with us in the account of of of something that is Speed is the name of the people who you have to control the disease of the baby is that's a little bit paranoid because you I have the most right abusing is taking place in the 2nd year are relatively 199 has a sense of of all child-abusing the song goes on to the board of the of charities based of the birth of the value of these trees and we have that the you know in the there were so it's the so abroad the church and all that in the book there also many where where where our children are grown up so I don't know what kind of they had the votes of the work for example the quantity in the only thing that I was in the direction of the we can we can work out that we are increasing but we do all these things are made of the the Parliament of the of the you know it it may be much this year time this year old posits that thank you very much for the future to the