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Ero.coli - a synthetic biology game
Citizen Science: Popularisation & crowdsourcing
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Ero.Coli retraces the journey of a nano-robot in its quest of ensuring the balance and prosperity of their living world. This project is a single-player 2D top-down adventure game where the hero, a tiny nano-robot, has to explore a living world, collect, and combine functional DNA fragments in order to engineer and control the abilities of his bacterium companion and face obstacles and dangers. This project is based on three main axes: - This game should allow players to understand the basics of synthetic biology, popularise the open BioBrick system - see - Players will have the opportunity to play with DNA fragments to create their own abilities, and, in the long haul, participate digitally in research, or even in our wet labs - This game will be a real gaming experience: fun and engaging
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it so I'd like to present the game in working on among my is often
and it is the song I'm a programmer and needs greedy matter we work in Paris tree so maybe you were already there when they're just was presenting red where so we worked together and and projects and that the user has a lab whose activities are centered around the education science and games so but is games so what we wanted to do with his game and just to do open science using an open source game about an open catalog on biology alright so if you wanted to doing a presentation you can ask
questions and we'll see later how you can interrupt me you right so do you know what
synthetic biology is from those of us into the
Virginia nobody OK that's figure is 86 per cent of people don't know this is a scan kind of weird because in the last 10 years and in the future it doesn't uh like a 10 fold increase in and the more you can you made of so it can be in
different fields so many things agronomy etc. and what isn't that a great educationally itself that's a modified
organism to fulfill certain function using our so very sorry that the center of this technology by rates are standardized sequences of DNA so DNA is a sequence of of base pairs so it's just information action it's a it's information so you can code DNA and then printed in some companies to create 3 the organism you designs so um so you have uh the BioBricks all in the rich history of the way to go about
so I can show you a page of this uh registry so get over rates of those of categories of different by reason of different functions and what is interesting that you can take any break and put it in an organism it work because the DNA scan of universal language in every organism the so what we want to do to the game
was too low to link DNA was abilities so that the central character is a bacterium uh and this bacterium you put Gennady devices in its agenda device is defined as the sequence of for every so this is a different advice we've for whatever the so in this case I wouldn't so that's makes a bacterium green
fluorescent pink green fluorescent protein and as you can see it's not only inform categories the 1st part of devices when the US is active so it can be all the time you can be 1 of preserve Majoris year all when presented here is not here so this is the use of the user and the parts and this is a quantifier so should produce a lot of data we all just and this is what asked so what's truly produced you feel something or right so so there is a simulator and
again it's not just sent you a quick the device
was this you're very pretty braces like if uh how much what's and if it's a surrealist simulated you put a decisive stressor protein then protein interacts with some racial that maybe you don't know about and then finally you have the ability so you have these complex a reaction that I cannot explain because in parameter so is very complex and all the work that is the version on but I know that there are more interesting inside outside directing signs either the inactivating molecules then I compute the concentration of each molecule and then it gives the ability
so I. preserve b but maybe some words direction that destroys of the I don't know I just would device it computes and then engineers in so now it's about time right so
uh the the the game is no training but Bo yates's no we don't see it's not just the and are they just open it again and to the UK right it In but this is the talk this is a list of OK right so so how should we and was the uh to the have ID the terms of the misreadings to teams yeah but in the and relations here we you can and you can generate it's just the and and all arrangements something this is 1 of the things in there get get on the top arrangement yeah and based found out yeah the what right of you anything the K I just need to know the number of people it was done talking and I love the OK again thinking the right get right yeah this is done
using unity this cross-platform OK
so uh having fun with them and so is a game and commented in between so this is just a convention was about very we want
trust begins histories of OK so here's your material so you swimming around the summer of and then of complex universe this is red toxic so I talked is done going there we don't have time man has become the note gotten David and
stuff OK so you found that those that it
denies so this is the 1st part of the game you just buy something anyway cricket so an example we agree B so there is a complex a description of it OK so now I have to go faster so now I can go around and so on what the what and the local was here instead of the DNA of bacteria here right this is In Native nationals again we're going to have a real so that's goes into the DNA and you can put stuff and relocate of rule candleholder so I read
this this to tangle faster than the density of what it should be the I child OK or you get a very good yeah so here is the sensitive of the game so that there is an a adaptation of the chemicals that the inside
of your vector and so as disease odds the protein that's the from the uh that enable the creation of new knowledge so we have this small amount of and so you just has to measure right repositories treats the
material OK in the the group's view OK so we reject me something artificial you know it's so it's not as hard because you don't want to have physical problems we don't want to go assure shekel I going inside the human human body because it's a very dangerous
reduces the variance presentations right so he found a by bridge so of by a break this it's not a device we cannot
adequately to the something that's so it serves a cause again is that you can craft you can take the rates and assemble your device so you go through this
you you pick the breaks case of this promoter of the than a 25 so you would think that it's destined of the prediction affinities with fragile producer OK and right no costs no there has been a great the right now you can you create the
new 1 so the this year and then the of alright another 3 physicist very fast and OK so these are the the main main features of the game so our as I've seen you pick up a device you crafted I all steps later iterated thing so just I want to world to destroy which we've done technically we we of the news immunity and as you saw earlier so we've been using the but also we are using free and for open source solutions from right so now of the demonstration is finished I guess is a better place to hang in there did just that it well yield to to show the bad guy is sometimes have about guy here and he and in this case if you don't agree the device that gives you 3 times and your diet so this compares reduce science you cannot just move around the SEO sensors school and just getting that does you to use right so I can also explain what you've seen number but this side of the screen here is a list of diversify great reasonable view of a generic that constituted and now if we have done in great interest about OK so here you have lots of dolls and stuff you don't understand OK what's going on mean so you explore this takes almost exactly where to go it's of some rocks moved strange OJ strand the the this as is not finished that should be more advanced work on to know this from a great fluorescence so grim process look this way when your when there is a blue lights you tangerine itself in science and we use in this analysis you give me and a hiring so we've books dolls and that's uh make it compulsory to use to use devices of and then OK constants of this very blog of so this is just kind of
Jesus later we have red crosses
and right so here is a basic game play you know to to make it a massive so that so you all you want to see your tool to play and actually made a test of this game France in an exhibition in Paris uh and um that's of children do
not know anything about DNA I Indian and there were I don't know I'm sorry but they were really interested in making the just bacterium moved and see that they could change the phenotype of the bacterium so adds new features that make it faster and more and battle the effects successes game is that's um the artist made a really awesome job of to make it's really
immersive and nice to play so you really want to play this game prices exomic energy to to fin is again the quick there OK I want you to arrive the just no again but there'll have this although this state game don't for its secret should also have In a variety so this what is going on OK and you here
it's over all the issues of the users using too much energy because of 2 devices I stuffy to devices in into a vector because of the multiverse is you are the more energy the
costs because there isn't so much the behind this so if you move the fuel represents and each of which is it constant and appears the pure because of the fact that I'm sorry to hear it and it few
so OK now I just did a very quick explanations about what what you've seen
so you've seen the 1st interview that is easy but also you pick up device you remember it into the of the bacteria and then your your green indicates the seeds thank you find a sort of equipment you know even if you guys OK the next that is made and so you craft it's
so you find this that you find in social Emerald you put the enrolled on the Solomon then it's magic your view of this to a cases like this so here I could replace just of the unit would work standard and then the half also it's interesting about this is science so we want to create very complex system so so as it tortoises and if here and here so you you produce a potato here is that he's writing this and this and this you switch so if there is an amount of that are here and then this would be needed and this would be active and this would create our so you but the rest of if there is no I then between you and the protected so this is not a
function of protects you from books and so according to what the environments there's a switch and your other rights are either the thinking protected from toxins rights and we can do tonsil stuff like this this postulate as you have you can have a but terms that links ring of incidents red alternately written in green you can do tons of stuff right so my conclusion but the results we won the competition in various uh about science
so it was international game for degrees Asian and research so here we have a reason why because it was nice because of of cases going with it and than what job prospects
uh what you saw just approval of concept that they will for does it work on what is interesting is the massive the people understand was going
on well to British atomic tests for students and all the kids we want to look to see what they do they want more and the haul we have tons of projects crowdsourcing so like for this you want to solve real problems of science and this may be collaborations biohackers in various with complex was not by us which is about where headers embarrassment to the most parent to make some fights so you would equip some devices come devices content onto device and so on and collaborators we won't make a simulation tool so that's when you have done a good to mention again printer but they are as I said earlier and have your lecturers of the areas uh we don't you to read through the experiments and we want to make their learning tool for most because well I worked at the lab but it's also um an institution where
those are some nice incident and so we could make people playing instead of good 2 courses and that's all could down just by playing right so thank you and this is this and and
this and this and from the 3 of these questions we want to few
and presents some was canceled and of the yes so you can go to explain the and you can always come in the and so on and so on you have the same kind of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the I and I know that you have the way to the bank and behind that kind stuff and have the the the the the and the meaning that the
inclusion of genes using
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the the the the this is this is the case in a lot gave it the a thing
the the white line at the time of the definition I mean the the log of the sum of all the people in the of that we can have
use the data in the sense that if it is name the right so I think I did not make but only at 1 of the things that are in each state of the to the source of
the all of the of the of the of the and also in the presence of those that have the same kind of all right and what is the role of
the the the the end of the day in the evening and again in the context the
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expressed it really that it's easy and you have to think about what you want the this
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the end of the day the rest of your life and you have some kind of an example of the kind of treatment for it the of the of
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