Energy scavenging, battery life and should we build more power stations

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Energy scavenging, battery life and should we build more power stations
Why energy-efficiency of hardware and software matters
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This introductory talk will set the context for the day. It will take a look at how energy efficiency is the major challenge for systems developers, and will then provide an overview of a number of open source projects that demonstrate how the energy efficiency of the entire system can be significantly improved. Energy efficiency of systems - hardware and software - matters. For the smallest energy scavenging systems it is a matter of eking out the picowatts. For handheld consumer electronics it is battery life that is a key product differentiator. Even for mains powered consumer devices, energy efficiency affects utility bills. And for datacenters run by the Googles and Facebooks of this world, more efficient systems mean fewer new power stations need to be built. This dev room is dedicated to the whole subject of energy efficiency in computer systems. This introductory talk provides an overview of all the approaches being taken to address this issue, particularly looking at how free and open source hardware and software is taking a leading role. It will provide a guide to the remaining sessions of the day, including the hands-on workshop where participants will have the opportunity to work with energy measurement hardware for themselves.
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and I don't want to act and the In the case of the the thing that we have developed a it's it's new to you and other regional accent it so that's the reason why the but looking for English-speaking this because of the use of the cut with total of the link with the with the opening of I want to thank you them for those of you all to do things and Europe from the the of the of which the you need do the the beginning of the meeting of the control of the content of the water not going to the the refusal to comply the floor with you the and we're going to have do OK and In terms of of the day but then after selecting lay in the market welcome to the and the efficiency of using but they're grew up Hyderabad then it's ironic legal chemicals that not the only energy project which is the got and you patient of this about of the wall and that this 1st of all How would you really just the summary of lying on the head by a lot of experiments that there are a lot of importance 1st how do people pay the toll on the that task what it's all try not to be most of this is just about the that and since that the what the the and this is what we try to avoid this is a finally the website but Europe should go observing that almost all of this if you have 3 applications matches that we have the gravitational only not citing have strong to render engines and they did not like smart I haven't had 1 of these so is the battery life actually talking lines of the size of the patches it may be that your battery 10 years ago we had about 700 million house my hands yes for that you have a system reaction out strongly with trying to around you need to processes running web browsers are also going to be as well as a Cox 1 of these models can important today is that this is not just an issue about not actually about my back to my running the is environmental issues of it is that all the time between the spirit of this this who will spends about a billion dollars on there is the here is the about the what is running searches out so easily found or what a year a few designers and that's it all I have looked straight probability is always try to reduce energy consumption and reduce the amount of
power that was used use that to your past we did actually for the UK all out and said you can if you brought the so that energy efficiency the technology will talk about that we're ready to close to the house the the other thing is some sort of various which each that actually a lot of this energy usage environment once you you don't see because it's not done numerically passivation do you want to see that there is a sign the individual pieces were 1 of the 2 pieces of equipment you all of these rooms if your streaming video from this it'll be passionately acquires the newly done terribly what city in John 90 cents all the energy required to watch a video easy enough to add that is if you eat all the all the all 6 of the wall as tell you about so you watch and how long is 0 sum now that's that's the device that's about as much as having a net borrower during the video you watch and I it is a challenge because there is more than the world that we don't see that also you know that this is not very hard to see the transients actually attached to the seed the CV of any 1 of you that you can the state get these people didn't like the waste money back so you can get all the right the I said to you so that there is you know there's about that the last a you will stand by that of radiation EPA 3 or 4 times as much on the right but the stages of the month the results of this of the modern world that's why actually this area but it's a matter is 1 obtaining a few years ago the European Union of things that I promise that the real problems the and if you have to do with it will be a bad weather would be on standby all of the with of the red and the value of that action global maxima at the that's James now the the needs of the things to the user and the answer is most often graph it's below our original that we recognize that you know the legislation that because you make your phone's lost for hours and hours and then you will have yeah I'm better while that all the battery lasted for about is that all laughing all 6 hours replacing this that's all you know that we lost in so the reason we were that the sense in which there is a lack of a big thing back buyout will who and what not have this and that actually is not on this we always would have to move right a lot of remote sensing is a fact that they were very fond of you know who you you have to the Weibull remote sensors everywhere this was then used the cost of access is actually a private comes and goes back to it and was 1 of my colleagues or about the electricity company could against using these bacteria in Australia Austria electricity that's just stupid the is cost and you actually actually change the level 12 years you make the same amount of data by our senses are all of our this where the batteries and expensive is almost impossible strain gages on the routines to pretty hot that's deep-sea sets you want and then sent to to see you're 1 of the 3 weeks before we read this that so all sorts also remote sensing as the variable provisions have very low and consumption industry ejected is the sole means is that that I a cell lines that techniques lossy these energy scavenging about energy strategy the roles of tiny amounts of electricity so this was little pieces of using the density of the constraint that the radiation and get enough energy to run the runs in the the growth of thought on applications for all devices that involved in both the chief of back to say because the family country of those are devices you ready answers out now and then what's now found that what's
out and so will be hearing more suspect samples that because the acid in the best of our knowledge the which ease the multimedia data is there because if an instance was always grew out of the so the message here is what we call that state he's actually variables that from the know what you know what the answer is an area where it's not solvable software issues as well and to radius we have this from this problem
the made but actually the also was from mental brackets on all based on actual so I experiments were out how much you can save energy is always on the top floor speculative I mean there's no matter what we think that in the use of so long ball as also on last time but because of the edges so that the out where
it has been a long and not gotten goddesses learned about this 1 of the most and more that plus the architectural level to a cashier at that time I believe that that was 5 of about that stones again into the edge where software the plot of almost always guys operator the change of the change the frequency of clock gate area so they use the word the example yesterday or whatever they call it the baby on of years which if you write quite sad we're able to make a lot of results is that by didn't take about 2 of the landmark 1st so the best possible that's creations but you don't need to be happy that you have the occasional said you run into that you can see that the frequencies of voltage the global tables on any use or not use it for a long so as not about a lot what's the what is the tension and that's the of the issue is resolved people have not the matched so if think if you instructions and all that sort of thing about issues that have sort instruction set you make 1st say the you actually think about programs that have program that that have more energy efficiency and the year more about that you might still also my Special universe the bottom of the object has led the back out some of these well it's a program problem 1 so 3 event is based on the around and use it as absences speeds up for as much of the parliament of the and then the people fall by the end of the year application now what the best example of that is system which we use a lot of what happens to the system of all solid can and that's what what what what's that consul that goes so this is the way of last 2nd of all of the national energy in something analysis of that of so it eradication here you may be given at all costs and the you have to be able to measure the mass of the people out there is about a so where g is 1 of the so called by the we're all around so just and will award is actually it's
it's a so they have a lot of it with improved layout at the same time we market down by the people and the stuff that I have to use the gates and in all in the family was not the you start looking on to this is that the actual loss of the game and so we get down the rats we still think that the object you know how do we use on national fire on Bastoche started and that they should get out of it that exerts the that in 1 out is that what the what we think we got a very much involved in the project are 1 of the things that groups languages where I can say this doesn't matter and using the energy is usually done with the book that have been done maybe getting down to 1 model at this stage I want have a lot of the the
compiler we already know and you don't always so that's the answer all the 50 out lastly we around fashion this is what of need to but
then you get a hundred over so we know that she intentional always use that to make out device is 100 times more efficient we prove that cause the so that actually is always you have done tremendous amount hold Over the years what was there is an absolutely initially and bring thing about this how much of that is open source and that's why ultimately is called and so we have to explore and gene backed by sees William August is
then we have a look at some of the research and is time to start his own research and that since the
approach that use we have all acronyms and learn that that was interesting in this research almost exclusively is not not directly of each joint induction is funded by the formalization of the European Union research on it being joined to companies and government part localization of Technology Strategy Board and that would say yes to the accomplish the company that being the so Ecol that you project that you have to set up a software framework which allows you to have a yahoo programs in mind that the speed at which is collaboration between the university and culture so as to make the hardware to try and get more efficient Bayesian about this the of energy I will give an energy transparency huge European project the natural somewhere and you can see the the how do you make it run around was found using our of goes Council easy and the questionnaire asked how much we hear about equal because of equal that's what that the the right education cooperation such that the project so they're about the world of men in the study you want you come to talk about them and they which is on and it's the rapid growth of the whole I didn't talk about the use of that it's useful to you and finally the thing with is did the workshop traveling shop for much time where you read that you get hands on 1 of these kind of figure from here is the water it's all it's measuring the energy consumption of all of the computers form because can solve this so what you can do this stuff the course that the that's what we want the isn't she so even in the volume of the this loss this year it's cheap that is only the ball on top of the company was established at the discovery of the East take results 1st and then you have to do all this all wrong has many back to measure your energy consumption since the Sun's ascent from data there is especially in just about as they measure it used by a single construction you will teaching at the workshops and you take away the tension on the generosity of UK technology strategy will is this out so that's what we're do that it's there is a very oscillations interact that's what they got used not just with that that way what we have is every article about this we should not be a good idea and in the midst of the expected right that we have tested the ideas of the of the people who happened to be that's the the next up the
sun and all this progress we reverse the sign of the design of the energy measurement
wars is that it is through some of the basic units of energy so that was set price on that of while scientists and not 1 that statement think it but yes
in the what's in a
name and password the authority you the slides are dataset make sure you get a model of the energy and out meant what happens to have in our lives and how these have lost due energy energy is the amount of time on the power value bodies with at the end of the it comes from a man by the rate law is where he analysis of the energy of the incident the sentence if you look at the world around us and you can actually do you want it to be used by the energy of the the special Interest Group of technology and all Latin I we have all the users are you using cluster around this time all acting in everything about you know that in here and there but is better than that you do understand that you do it this is the solution of the basis of the of the of the of the citizens of the world and this is called the unit of support and and then we have we have worked in the area of the of what I want to that is because you use so the baby out of the out of the that but it will be due to the right of how it begins to rise and about it on the erotic things like widely on any dataset is traditionally of obvious the black example of what it would be you know what's called actually involved because then it's a lot easier on that end of the word process this kind of thing that has write the but are the what are the units of the source of the data and what it is and so he's supervised can
refer to and them it's in this To cope with the with the use
of all the time people in the and and the other thing that I wanted and
in the area that the and all of the time and you
and you know and and and as you can see this and this and that
and it but that it should be a and the human
and so the the the of and yet at the
end of the day or in and and so on and so on
and took and then you have all the I at the end of the day
if you want to learn the it's the the this
difference is this and so I think it would be a good thing to think of the can begin to make
it clear that isn't just talk has the follows topics this form of the but it this point we can
continue to and to that you have to know the duration of the along with a learn the shock and so and we
performed the you're not tunable with that and I think of state and they still do the
same thing the it was it was just the tip of the probe for combining of the 2 we tend
to think of a better use of explicit and and what it means the the the the and in in
the in the we traffic because of an involved in the and this is so this is about the work of
evolution of the pitch I am still right so that you don't have
to think about the state and the example is that if you have a measure of the whole set of and motivates the of life in the United States and with the was more of an and in the ground we had a metal that we know that this using and that's the the and things like with the label of the world I mean in the room and he and that was pretty good that so that they can be written
like this region of the the that is what we would like to be in the
the number of
the you can
and that yes no and this is this is
the end of the heart is that
ok that having the meaning of the word you know
that when a of these through and we on know all of this this and this means that when you you know and there was some kind the media in the head of the class and myself so small that the bases of the use of all the reason is that most of the and this is the 1st time devices and and the only thing I would like you to get there in the details of the meaning of the inverse of the law and you know all about 1 of the and that in our the ladies it's all about mystery of the pattern and how will we have I was on the on the moon and images are measured on the basis of the of so I want and all of that and we get good reason in the idea of of the of the of and
that is what will make the most of the work of love to find the optimum the the and
this is the last record when it is that then you have to do so and so that's the point like the more you can the use of the the the cost and videos do well it comes close to I 0 it was of light that is the point at the very beginning that this so we'll see you at the time when they have no interest in seeing differences in the and the fact it was the I sure you know that the people who worked out and about and also using a thousand of the men in the same we have you and this is the reason that the relations of the back of the people of if I use any more than that of the use of the design of and I think this is really holes and every 1 of the things that have that I will let you know that the real thing in the universe and we look at the so you can use that as a form of a conservative and this reduces the traffic lights and so you care about the and and what I have a system of the cost of a more of them in there the quality of the line of and I have also so the reason we're out of the the the so so just get rid the of it and they which
is the most images where there was an and that relates to so assuming the relations that we have to face that where you have to have in universities that in use his
we used in the region and what for this reason and that was not the only thing that have the this is of
this and this is the method that you think about it and add to the release of the
entities and so the it was very useful later you want the it would be found in and then there is the use of the in the form of of of our life and so
you know I was that would actually did you make assuming so the politicians time and money game will involve the reason is that between us and the the rest of the
of the and so you get back in the in the time of so you get a lot of things in this you get this idea here that is something that you know however that the you go back up the the measurements in a set of sensors and most of in the right you can also think of iteration process which is made very negative the volume of the of the of the of the was of the power is out of the way we and so it is in the
record you want I know that using these nice and you know you you you you you take the savings I love have been used
for years and is very useful to the user the user and the that 1 we will get end of the the of the work in the problem in computer science can now use the education system the goal of the season the you population growth in the summer time in any of the reverse of that is different the rest the so the solution of the estimates of the system in the 1st and so sometimes you want to use this method without the need to so that it actually was the name of the and here you will let the rest of the gradient of the log of the however is the real information the of this morning then you will return to it and that is easy to measure what that's we have so that we do the use of the users of 1 of the things that you want to so we have to go to the middle of a very
high in the hands of the the the and that so that it will
be a little bit better but also on the policies in the group that is in line with the highest system it's a virus resistance
and how many of us find but this is the 1st thing to do is the that I don't have a permanent 1 thing I know something about the nature of the problem is that you want to use this thing and this change that's all you and so that means that the resistance of the the whereas the and so on the it was also the 1st century CE theory
is anyway so I look over the face of the current and this is this is the idea the distance between the reference and the duty of the mind
so yeah I get this when you by the end of so that the rate of growth is in 1 of the other side of the state of the art in and the video choice and that and you can use these this is not good the time the to
a mental image of this but now we know that this 1st a this means that the the uh the energy of those over work and aerodynamic policy we the ingredients of some of the form of In the case of the you know we use these things and
so this is 1 of the most difficult is similar to the survivor how
would you like the nose is generally all the you know that you in so we looked at this and this and this and the idea is that this will be able to use this knowledge of the and on the the meeting of the music fell vertically and that the ends of the right to knowledge not visible in the end user tools that will what we're all of these things in the
sense that you would want it to do this and the
episode later on in this and and the only thing that you're not on the surface of Mars so it follows the that in light of I think so the people in the South China this is the 1st thing that so that means that the the and that was to have a that you what do
you think happens here is that there is a sense of the descent in the gradient of the tree in a when I
find that is the 1 that lasts currently the this is includes analysis you can go in and out of the powers of of course we have all the this time and that is a little bit of time on flesh 91 to you the history of the world is so so that what we do think and we know about the use of this and
interested in this in this regime the color and the so when it came to be on the agenda it for the 1st thing I did not want you to know that the rhetoric of values on this thing
all the all the all the time In the year is
a lot and that has to get to the space that 1 of the and so the red so this is on the 1 1 1 2 0 so this is a practice of level thank
you so that you have many of of the in universe the way this remember that in the limit
once I find another K changes that we in the so the
movies things and that can change so it hold it in you and so each of these fast so you know what you are so that's the reason we use energy and that so that the density of the universe seems be in the
light of the data that you have this on the left and this is and you have inaccurate of this is the way that the gas and the change of the protons and the you know when I haven't yet figured it out of the necessary and that is a lot of the so the theory is that the it you have the and it has to the rate of 2 passes you want to change the
values of the motives of the last part of the same and
that's the 1st thing you do you know why is it that want in I
think it the new right
so it finds the company you may know that will be very so
the goal of the the things the world you able to read the final FIL euros that we see on the rest of you I want to do is to reduce the bias of each of these factors that would be a big all the things that function and this is a long history of use in the world that goes into a very large number of all of the and made using the the you know that is the kind of diagrams the law of the land was not on the
level of the the pieces here so you're liable to
in the using the reference and the whole thing and that is the idea of what the resolution of it what to the and they have you know that the station was part of In the of the course and the power the you have to and I was like in the eighties you know most of you are going to and the and so what we did in the course you will have to use it that's that's all you care about the and and what is the name of the of yet things that you don't want to admit it the some of the and we want to use that and so the there the so the fact that you the and all other forms of reproductive age
the fact that the question you've all seen and also we have a very the of
the the of the now we need to be simple to bring them in line with the the the philosophical invited to this analysis we prove that I read you and then like is there will be as the ratio of all the variables we have to do is labels the labeling vectors in the morning worrying about so that's the so that the I was going to do that you you want from this 1 is
you get through with the use of and so you have to be the the they
will actually encourages and then we also about that we all want to find the the the the and so the the history of the world that is less than the of this is because you have to make use of them you can look at all of the you know
that the
that in the in the in the in the
in the in the the these so
the government the current view on the basis of
the family has knowledge of genes UTI and for the image of the and they all the necessary information this means that the user can explore the applicability book of the book lack and so we do have the the
the only thing that will the means of the Council of Europe and the because of this the you know and I will do
is will place and resistance across post like of bit
a person's life and death of 1 of the battery and I presentations in then in the latest 1 and if it is close to this the and the but if you go out of the room and you make use of the pool and the the this article is part of the good this will hit the 1 minus the log of the sum of the paradox of will director of the the following
is that the this is the 1st part not all of the time amazing the story that would and what is the the right
kind of of you reduces the response time of and but this was so all here too small you get rid of some of the properties of the of so he said there had been a
lot of the of the of the the most by the user based on the fact that 1 of the you know this and you would think that the growth of what we
need is used in exactly the same all our use of the brain which is the 1 in the space right what's in the class of all of the and so this bridge that you have all of the small so we know that in the design all things the in part because of the greater the of the the funny thing about that we want to maximize the use of the small resolution you more points in the library and so
what we did is we can find the animal may want to use the just the original is also 1 of the things that the scales of the of the models into the length of vector
and the in the the news have you the of so that's so the the years use although in
the use of a life well the the very available just you know this is the provisions of the president of the feedback which gives
you a and you have set a and B on the is the next thing you found the owner of the pair of you know the name of the world and this is what the density is what is what is the quality of the water that can be a valuable tool this is a national cause the the mission that is on your not the the you can use that was made the Internet users with all of the moon and it's very
different from that of the and so the next a line of each of the groups in the light of all the creation of and application of Bayesian reasoning on the theory that the maximum of the hearing because of this and I'm 1 of all the mean of the variety
of in and the all of this is the principle of the devices that use in the final days would passes that that was the theory and then was so many of us to make a lot of things that you can't measure the accuracy of the of the units use the the the the the the the part of the world I the goal of this talk is of a little more because we would be very last this disease and it
is measured using the meaning of so this absolutely and you have the and so we we need to talk about it we go in the know what was the addition of this this is the condition of the existence of the a the roster of patients in that it could be a kind of like all this have a problem and the grade of the same people I'm taking the time to hear about it but I think you know who you choose to use later in the year 1 so people respond to and so what I get the training data and the unit is used to this and so on and in the relational and right that 1 of the things that we have had its roots in the user's so the total in the use of the of the same thing all of the university you know when is that you see the you said was that of the the of the colors of the same group and also data and culture where you on the use of it it will measure to measure the the power you did with the interval of related I'm feeling because you know when it happened and in the end of the year after the provisions of the writing of the that's
the most with your life was but this would be the this 1 to the idea is to have a place in the world and has
built there because we used ones usually you find the this is the this and saying you can have their and that's a little all of this so when you take value of measurement you always think of the activities of the of the and here is the mean of the variety of these users using the the and half of the year and then the of the rather than by sampling of and that I want to to buy a used all parts of the and the
this is the result of
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