Dual-Android on Nexus 10 using XEN

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Dual-Android on Nexus 10 using XEN
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Samsung will present the challenges of creating a dual-Android platform on the Nexus 10 (Cortex A15 based) using Xen on ARM. Samsung has been endeavoring to run XEN on ARM based mobile devices using para-virtualization for CortexA9 devices earlier and now with virtualization extensions on cortexA15 devices. The primary end user use case is BYOD(Bring Your Own Device), where two isolated OSs run simultaneously. One OS would be "personal" OS and the other a "work" OS. The user experience should not deteriorate in either of the OSs and GPU is the biggest hurdle in achieving this. Samsung would present its approach in virtualization of the GPU within the context of XEN and discuss the challenges encountered in achieving a good FPS(frames per second) in both OSs (two Androids in this case). The main points would be stress the following points * Virtualization on mobile devices and user experience importance for its success. * GPU virtualization is achievable with very good performance using XEN. * XEN and open source collaboration from Samsung. * Paravirtualization cahllenges of IO/peripheral devices on a typical Mobile device with virtualization extension support for CPU and Memory
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the solution the this and this and and but you and the whole on the and you look that and it will be in and out of it so so when I already exists and want to acquire so a mobile operating system so the requirements are quite different and basically the human interface the goes the device is of higher importance of that that the user input has to be more responsive so that the customer does not feel that OK the which later is not hampering the performance so the basic talent for getting a little ization solution to accomplish individualized is all about getting the user interface to to the right to know solution so Our main desert area has been to get the what lies GPU running and check the performance how compress the native device so for the last 2 years of you have been working on it was 1st put it in 15 this device that can work in markets that supported what and extensions so as just had an existing device it it's based on sentence must to 250 it has a dual core politics a 15 bit listen extension and it is a mighty 6 0 4 as
the Geneva and the memory that several of his studio did their from adjust just pretty high in early 2 dozen lead to 2010 because 11 and the resolution is massive it's 2 5 6 0 plus 1 phrase the report and then 1 of the throughput that has to go through for such a resolution and the band with the sequence for type so if you could get a decent performance of of what to do if you wanted to be wise you would be able to get to a commercial-grade device to to some extent so that was the basic idea in the started so today's my presentation will focus on what we did and what are the challenges that they faced in getting of what should you be you on a topic in 15 this solution but what transition extensions so let's start off what
was the configuration of the device so if you are familiar with Zen might be 9 down 0 is the primary always which does control and configuration so to make our life easier you got the dumb 0 2 and a full-fledged Android and Dong you is the 2nd and which is a completely which will uh and right the finding the watch of CPU even nonzero and so to be in this case of what shows of most of the I O is completely which allows forests non-use consent and shows like of the whole architecture fits and and the use the next 3 or 4 that was the version that was released the device and it was running instance Android jelly 4 . 2 and the used eventful . 2 as the base and event on developed all the extension support and I am not going to details of the real which I dismissed and support I think we have other presentations which electing quantitative and as you see the what alleged and extensions of basically on provides the what you take for that into HP's management at 2 states translation stable so that the membrane is clearly segregated and this isolation of memory it in the gifts and they have a new generic timer interface but had always a time and we had to support to a which ization for the NeOn SMT support and turn this device has I O
MMU but thus far were completely supporting growth sectors just translations so we had to use the intermediate physical address to the 2nd states translation and this is the physical address so that was basically the what which read it I'm not going to detail of that work my focuses mostly on the GPU but and this development was then in collaboration with the sense students and in Korea so the CIA the configuration the bounds of kernel has been assigned 1 GB of RAM don't you want to be and this then is fully esempio supports full simply Don 0 was also supporting the assembly and the mortgagee have supports single good on you but we have made a lot of changes and the number now supports multiple as well the main difference
of which I would like to emphasize here is that Don dual cone of all the I O devices are passed through and the dominant kernel uh uses the PV drivers so this is the 1 configuration of the device so this is the broad diameter was
talking about so we call this the hatch and much of lower is so the palatalization is for the idea but in the full utilization supporters for the CPU and memory so if you will see the block diagram of the dancer opponents on the left the answer different exhibition wants this and you have water with the hyper was events and the have the concerning 1 more of these amendments to the good thing about what I this extension is all these aligned with and without any changes to their unmodified guests of the changes that have been used for I O devices that's about what I using the CPU part of the kernel doesn't in the top of the memory management this intent so we see that I this the money that's display everything's palatalized and we have the which cities on so this is the basic architecture of the whole system the so what
are the challenges and the challenges but for what talization for mobile devices is primarily
those ideal but what's like this and on a server basically you will have the the prompt I wasn't
it I was the world with a different so busy you focus on those with that of are you prefer mobile devices tablets as well yeah hunter dental flows I realize you have lots of sensors you have media camera you the connectivity of all this drivers you get more latent have them and put them completely and have always but the the and practical the testing time development time would be enormous so the easiest solution and the best solution with them quite as bad immortalization where the devices nature devices still remain unchanged and on 0 and the watch and drivers used apparently this so a briefer individual before that of the a basis for the synopsis so we have this so the events undergone of addition and in which we don't look Bob addition into basically what it does is it uh at a time we 1 the boys will be visible to the user so the foreground domain which call so all the human interface so what's the display camera the touch everything would be assigned to 1 particular always 1 particularly the folder on the my so the arbitration Indian keeps track of which is the foreground domain and just a minute is that you do like this and I think so but declined device particle always so we have a displacement uh which could be a possible act which developed what would be a physical button attempting to a the demand in so why
should the review of the so that it's quite clear what you see on the Dong 0 the main and right of the of the world about and on unit of what about and this was switching between the 2 domains is an icon and using William button the
annotated the video so you can clearly see so basically what we're saying is so unlikely became angry words funding and what the and it's amended Oblast performance is nearly native and we also and but simultaneously show that the GP is fully loaded and performance is not degraded use GPU with the
domains and having the same reference to benchmark of which search for the performances of the book and you the
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completely which on GPU you go transitions that as good as dumb 0 you this and about signing at the native performance 260 of this so it's listed on the reason the warning button
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good so what are the challenges that we face uh in
getting the solution banning the the and readily being hasn't voice has introduced a lot of
changes together but it's more performance so it has introduced to a triple buffering and the
memory allocation schemes it is introduced new member indicators that every was was more then deduced new thing mechanism so that the buffers are in sync across all the combustors
and that is how the composition to reduce the burden on the GPU so essentially what happened is everything has been closely integrated use just limited to 1 subsystem of the whole of the book ways it's a combination of all of things so to get the best performance in a what should GPU we did not take anything in the user land part that 1 of the cone of subsystems like ion look at events and this but there was that main kind of subsistence which are better which lies in the data most to Don 0 to the native Irish and fix the display published interview so we investigated the gravitational ion and some of the things is and recommended and maintenance so so the basic
tenants used to get to nudity performance which
is 60 frames per 2nd as you see the GPU 1st and as in the self as accomplice and creates a frame and the frame has to jump back into Don you and then both of which are displayed and then comes back bonds you know and find extended on
the very endospores screen so the opportunity to the this call it a remote there's a is that there's a reason why we get to this approach as that boy in some sense of what's the different chipset vendors of you have different graphics vendors like and media colocalized so my to all this silicon vendors have different I was not the stuff that I want to listen this was the model for what the immense heat you wanted to a wide so cannot with the different approach spont appeared remoting where uh you take that this open you use it the eyes and the the dog that so all the what is done and user land and
none of the diversity and which still the performance has been quite good so the adversary based but a was small technology adjustable buffering reasoning stops FIL so if you see the reason it's a
it's a what'll top on you so we use that even 10 uh and when the and benchmark them road of events the past throughout immense so the 10 is quite
stress so that there's some optimizations to make sure that we don't miss using jobs and the performance this 1 to 2 so this see in this example
In this example the diagram shows how the fences that's a disease of the basic long-term amount events you see the fence mechanisms that each offense is allocated about before and you have to make sure that all the princess of upon and released at the proper time so that we don't lose any any friends so basic talent was to optimize the spot so that we don't miss inference in so this
these are the results of although the apps that the that use graphics GPU if you see the 0 and all music performance for a really 1 use cases slick launcher gallery Angry Birds years the performance of Don 0 and on you has been uh quite similar almost 2 years and if you see the the packets per 2nd the ghost the golden dome 0 and on you but the number of it a constant get to wanted as the
benchmarks to become more and more intensive the even tenant gets stress and the performance comes
down the so that's basically on the on on all the absolute use so that gives it appears most of the performance but the real world use cases is quite to quite good so this
tells this 2nd shows that even 10 and so that interdomain events we think interrupt of which 5 solicited . 6 ms visita when the stress is very high the lose some events which makes us so lose some packets of bringing down the performance so informal by and so what are the things that the tends of the had to change that might the bridge training and attentional latencies and the font with non lead grants and fix that and as it said the podium in quite under liable stressed so get to would reduce the scheduling latency so in some cases and which is so that we don't of missing of the future and giving blood to building and ideas to contribute toward in progress of you'd like to wanted but some of the core
of it is the common part and hypo is applied
the user land is again a little bit propriety this part of what has for the conclusion the conclusion is yes it's definitely possible to take the forms
of social class I legs and and that the right changes and I O drivers that make it possible to run full-fledged mobile operating systems the so at the center
performance so that's well on mobile devices and using the drivers things separately it's possible no required in is architecture so yes I've taken 20 minutes so that's the end of my presentation Germany Christensen
answers 2nd yes the question is then would be to use the
patches and the idea is yes definitely we would like to so what in progress in next
couple of typing months and you kind was the practice this is only for the common part i Bell just watching which we did in the use land I think it's 2nd propriety which doesn't come into the GBA so that led police for the rest of I O devices that we have witnessed yes definitely use in which the latest which estimates was we don't have any frame unfortunately must be follow a different process options describe what
button I am not sure how to yeah I'm not sure that this is basically an R&D
project that needed commercially dismiss the not of the challenges the ball management for example uh 1 of the main critical issues that still being looked into so still not 170 States commercially this is not to the this is going here and 54 28 not yet 98 it yes biguating just want to know what is going on that the problem that is the use case of changes that because we have a cost for was uh in being something used and lots of of mix and match so yes definitely what is going on that but exactly what's going on so much to what can be achieved it starts because going it is the me you know you can you say this the yes definitely definitely not just the frame buffer the buffers any any memory of what the domain is isolated side is to keep them isolated so it's a vocal
belong to put the member there were declared domain a diamond you make sure that the it's site's December site is not to share the moment of even if a particle of frame is displayed on the display it's the displays independent so it might not to interfere with other domains operating system and its memory the the it is going right the years so the idea of the yes the question is how tried more than 2 domains not on this product so get planned to have non zero bit is that uh independent driver domain and of the N 0 and the M 1 written there and on when independently and the this that's so what this is so the question is a bomb anagement hobbyists hope would it be better with the bar management is a systemic solution
so earlier each always used to take care of all management on its own knowledge the what has to be delegated to hide always as well so you had introduced new set of hyperbolic for example the frequency-scaling scaling and the low-ball wards 42 BC view that going to be different so we have to introduce new HyperCard so that that is a clear interaction between the boys and hyper ways that the system like this is mistaken you know this land on all the emotional distance from a kind
the all a and the a lot you yeah so I'm not sure I cannot give the person completely honest so I'm not sure what to of the products and the user can for the Christian Firefox a non mature were there thank you the In what Christians
store it there now and it but I think are still in the research stage so they're not sure of address those speakers OK thanks a lot yeah is there at this time instant the sodium atoms here I sort embedded
within the the use of the Internet users to get then any other
operating system but the idea here was to store the dubious performance but the vision that the cannot land in the West and not not not in the in
the minds of the people that I think this is the only way would infringe on the ways and up was the lowest in the commercial as sort of for example a company provides its own boys from companies in other words lawyers can have its own enterprise
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