Do It Yourself OSHW Linux Computer

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Do It Yourself OSHW Linux Computer
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OLinuXino is Open Source Hardware Linux Computer with ARM processor, this allow people to learn, explore, modify and customize the boards for their own needs and projects. We will demonstrate how easy is to make your own Linux computer based on OLinuXino design
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the data at an utterance um was Peter will speak about turned out to be just so so linear time Puterman you know individual sensor nodes and stuff called only exists but it's it's but it's you know um it is a slave and region of and that supposing that you have all
had my name is the bubbles will file from 1 makes and today I will speak for do-it-yourself Linux computer Lin was compared whole everyone can build a call what is solid makes makes is my company with its 20 2 + years of experience with the laconic his land and I have the we have about 600 dividend products and colorful them our open-source covered for this but I would
like to make clear what this open source of the because many people are confused about is when the the uh it's about the what is open source software free open source of that invited all of what it is but the have that everybody is confused given my friend loan uh who had told with a before me she said could be bought is open-source have there which is not true and have had a number of problems of the to be open source covered 1 design has to we with oblique cat files the cat files so this is the source this is
what you can study modify or um they produced if you have for instance a does bigger because you can make the boss but you cannot change them if you carefully as the as the schematic in PDF for back for about OK you you see the schematic but how it how to change it you can study something from it it's if we make a note analogy like with the free open-source come software to hear that don't get worse than 250 years schematic use something quite bookshelf binary blobs you can study from them but it'll be anyone systematic if you will not the native study so if 1 of them has to be uh named open source it has to be unconditionally opened with the cup against notice fictions Sonora you stations the count files has to be present Of course there are some people who are all locks and they go deeper and say no it's not open source however there if every component is not open source but it's a bit silly for instance what this opens orally history below know the composition of the resistor or open-source go past that have been or what is the composition of the electorate in the campus that and why do you need this will you they produce these historical past the so called it's it's nonsense so if the schematic and the comfort of also opened its it for me it's off because you can study again modify you can make your own models based on this is the Call it stops of course it was
inspired by another by we will the who don't know what was the place here while we want and I have a pocket of the by was so exposed to the older the media's uh students told of 2011 about everybody was suspecting this low-cost limos computer and ask also I I I still do remember in embedded will this is the biggest 7 for embedded technology they they have to start selling cars way and there was a call may be bigger than in this room if always wireless waiting visited in the front of the final uh bold and they present a lot of this is that this is sort of reply you can note that the of only if your little you can wait for the 16 weeks to share with the loop and then I ask it was of why don't make 1 computer who everybody can make at home and open source and then there will be no supply problems because everyone instead the wait 16 weeks can can make implicit bury himself I for many manufacturers sharing the designed can start producing it so there will be no supply problem with this computer and this is how the idea for doing this yourself computer started mn
1st we have to select what process supportive this line is PGA which is use it and the emitted by UC it's hundred of small bowls with sold and you have to connected some cult of the Pacific on the right to see 1 guy how did this in a poem but I don't think many of us cared for is this is the whole thing and and so it has to be something very easy to so that you will course we started searching for this process of and reform Freescale I am makes
tool pretty it's in solving friendly baggage to give but baggage of course it has to to do with you you you must have some skill in the solvent and Ireland but many people can solve that this so-called so it's it's it's not like the BGA you saw on the previous slide and we made the basically a few more so basically this is that the simple around use double site so even among people can make its with there's some geeks which make PCB of homes they can introduce this bought by themselves if they don't want to they and and get professional the observed morphs manufacturers but basically this is what we do then all these for a type of 1 of the possible to solve that approach we open the cut files there also hundreds of peoples could modify this in mine affected by them self or is there some countries this with the very fixing for processes like the zeal for instance or Russian or and we we got a lot of feedback from people from discounters feature a disability that made their own designs and based on you and start producing the book the the so Of course this process the reason humble specifications you can see only 40 and a 64 megabytes of RAM only 400 mayorships and it will start to immediately comparing with other but you had this open source will but it's this tool for all not capable and then we found all
women stated in which is also you think you've each high and but context they ain't but the control of the uterus and it's about 4 times faster than out of 11 which is to in another by of course because of its price here because there more for this process is smoke a role in the gifted bycatch but still this from chip is bonded 30 solar balls so not so difficult if you have killed the you eucalypt eventually that evidence of how and of course it is that they love you you cannot share the fastest processor and the fastest technology and to be built the Council it last compromise but still going to the image you can still build at home it's about time will the the will of the people against the comparing with other bodies the average is it doesn't have space my it doesn't have this or that so we decided let's
let's make something powerful and this is the all most powerful what the moment you this with dual core it supper it there might but also in 1 year hits span has swung about the from so it's all performance by denoted means that but of course it's far away from blue yourself but in this in this of performing bycatch and then people start basic OK but was built by cost of deferred border and the hand this is powerful this is OK but it's expensive and then what we decided to make word which can compare with with only by invites this is all
related all women ate them more which the EU is named climbed and father is here and on the previous husband about still do why don't you cheerful board loop the full like of the body may be life and something that can be solved this is solid but your own biologists again on land use units that an colony uh on the 7 core we of 512 megabytes of from the test set the reach allows you to Block have lasted so you don't have problems with the external space i.e. it has a he tuned for battery charger so it you don't need UPS you can make some words and tool plug-ins that that was slowly it implement but it is shared and hours just from the but so if you make
1 conclusion what it's from Feb arise 2012 and evidence that the dual variety this year we have 14 different dominance the starting from 20 to Europe for the I am Amex so that the of up to 65 for the double quarter a central their uses the thousands of publications starting from Beijing collects via Internet and going to industrial automation even people use it an album what there are hundreds of very wide from the very well the works from from our account files people which made their own boards based on all of these and then thousand triples school and that it's not so difficult to make she solid going to the course what makes this year although they certainly zinc optical devices with its course and so we'll we we have almost ready for quality wise so this is what we will see this year the this is where the resources for the project every on give hope when only give hope you can see the cards files called the bill billion Excel to build on the and then everything you need to build your own computer based on on our fast the that's my presentation if you have some question the this it but it can come from the sum of software will literally that we use for different process so for the moment some of them just nobody will some of them has limited lots some of them come when we also want to do this work in progress from units and see which shows that it was using the the the acceleration when the money to your excellent good what there's still not complete the work by the way we are learning acted on in a government building there is this your audience and more but I mean to 100 and beyond and there you can see also some of the nodes each year to the mere promoting condom
full of the called on the bottom of the
individual clear reasoning with acceleration but for the moment the only support file 4 so and that the and and therefore better for so if you want to play some other form of the acceleration
room of the work of that position of for
the the line you have chosen to expose the details of the existing which is not the hobbies friendly he has you know was it was it to maximize the number of things you can expose it to us we have
about 200 different things should be also we have to expose them all to make about weeks of Beacon or intention was to make the world as small as possible because everybody CEO of of of replaced
the concise united there is a lot or you can make sure looked at and so to expose user-friendly which appeals the and then had that element of the PCB meeting at a lesser Meacham kind software use and how does the of software that you use compared with the conventional questions material which I used to be a single because we'll see over 15 years maybe maybe more than I 1 of the differences between the free and maltose open-source software and the open-source companies that you can that will open source software just at your computer but for to develop what sort of you must by caste system which might cost thousands and I have seen it shows that we're all source of but they're made by of humor something like which costs 6 thousand euros from that's it commonly contributors who will hit or cut costs 6 thousand but you be that we we made the decision to to move so also also cut forward but it's a very painful process because food is because we we are some projects on on teacups and it takes about 3 times more for developers domain the new design all wonky can't but this is the future this is about what we are going to do because when when you use all sorts of coupled with you you increase your your cooperate and contribute to the database the base the action of the community the key candidate tools for we we have seen a lot of books but it seems kick out this more sophisticated from the open source coupled problems support the moment and you get In the little winner porch so some might be concerned evolved after now but if it's not problem but then we were produced by I think about 5 million chips per amount is selling uh I was thinking long-term availability home along the media and that's another story that we were the acidic about 5 million choose this means that there is a
lot of inventory on China's you have no problems with working for me just socially but allow a remote area of this basically rules the tolerance of the companies of single chips along the time availability some of the story because of the wealth long-term availability is a problem which well we would never phase before because usually the times code for for the populace and for the forms of System-on-Chip vocal processes use about 6 months this is the peak cells after six-month list up to decline after 1 year comes about double or for core Cockta next year will be 16 columns probably and all these chips become obsolete in 6 or about 12 months so you cannot expect that somebody will keep seeing the setting this for 10 years because you use they would have no no marketable for those chips there will be 1 of 110 2008 calls for it after the fact that the but what what we would salt of a the week this project is that all sources of the is extending the life of the problem but here the tablet manufacturers to not use all women chips after 6 so of moms but of companies to make the design with or when the chips because we know they have access to cover files which are easy to get them and to test and prove consider them to put it in the user so there's the the the the the that they can still more chips all in longer term if they support the open source and what what they have like you should also all women is that if they decide to discontinue the sum of the chips there they will make us not to at least 6 months so we can talk but the quantity we want to do the falsity of a mixture the center of a storm and flood level of questions from you can ask him just