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Discover DoudouLinux live!
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DoudouLinux is a computer environment focussed on children fulfillment, ease of use, security and mastering digital tools. DoudouLinux want to compete with gaming consoles, TV and tablets, as early as 2 years old. After few explanations about the project itself, a live demonstration will show you how it is designed, its functionnalities and the proposed activities. DoudouLinux is a community initiative dedicated at giving children digital tools favoring self-fulfillment and not alienating, as well as the desire to take back full control over the digital tools that will shape their future. By placing children and parents at the center of the project concerns, DoudouLinux stresses ease and pleasure of use, security or even absolute respect of privacy. DoudouLinux wants to show children the best information technologies, in full confidence. With more than 75 applications that cover education, creative activities, entertainment and culture, DoudouLinux give children the opportunity to discover many facets of computers in order to stimulate their curiosity, their learning potential and their creativity. Its interface, rethought from ground up, targets the simplicity of a gaming console without sacrificing essential functions. Come and discover it live! With a wealth of more than 100 contributors, DoudouLinux is being translated into more than 40 languages and its website saw more than 400.000 visitors coming from the 4 corners of the world since the beginning. After 3 years of existence, the pedagogical usefulness of DoudouLinux is approved by teachers since it is already in use in many nursery schools. Nevertheless the project is still starting out and bursting with ideas that just need new contributors to come to life!
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it the onyx he really speak out about the video and I mentioned to the user has crawler to use or kids and this is the Johnson's to use all the believes that those of the
hello there until today and I'd like to show you a unique so that additional or how it looks like an old quilts that's so 1st of all I will say some words about the projects it says which you know what we are doing and why we're doing the readings of so the X is a full computer systems based the on uh the objective is to maximize the the ease of use and to provide children with the tools that are set for the the basic is is a life in the so you it is bulletin was the take care of the protecting preserving and that of may on the computer or read it is designed by parents and and uh the project now always free use on moment my moment for years on this and we we are of Saemaul of 400 files and that these tools then we have over 40 language teams so uh room today's
technology for Switzerland is coming In a takes a form of gaming consoles of course uh tablets that the not teach challenges that are said to be form of children from 1 or 2 years old at in the book on 1 things between all of these devices is that they are not designed the 2 of them to promotes a self-fulfilling of children's but trouble to be added the uh for example of the software and the game software it tells that but I am neural to get this to to make gains wanting and also there is so good so provision of digital and that they didn't so what finally children then uh and doing in perceive activities they are in front of screens and the wounding so many things by themselves William the a problem is as children would be health which you'll even like to match this kind of technology which is the of all of the ones spying in a kind of my where technology and all future would be really on the tools but our children like now the objectives of of doing
makes of course is the use of user a business in something that's is as close as possible to the use of meaning consonants that we want to estimate the potential if the children the China we want to favor autonomy and self confidence but we don't want like children in and out of the impression that computers are complicated and do much complicated compared to consuls and tablets but we also want them to messed up technology because that we live in a world in which technology is a constraining almost everything in the field in the future all children are not able to muster technology they won't be able to the most of it own the future of the and of course we want to be safe and secure for parents that to the the the quiet the Weaver children all on the computers and so right now what we have achieved the point to the work that we still have lots of ideas to develop the if you want to have a system develop of course in currently away from so we want to provide more activities of fall of the creation and we want to provide more detailed contents because this season the important use of computers today the that actually we we want to show the children everything that is possible to do with the computer so of course there isn't an edge of course there is gains but there is also digital contents and the Chris proximity to and we would like to develop cooperation between children that we would like to develop activities that the real children to use computers as a tool in the in real life that for example we've that all then why not developed of communities of children know to share their experiences so long as
I told you you can edit was uh and uh they're on lots of things that need anyone can to 2 dwindling so we have a an exhaustive listing here in the if you don't have time to to spend and full-frontal project you can still that by deletion of in and the value regions is so no
let's look at some of doing units said this when you started Linux the on
psoriasis refrigeration uh and you of you we
finer than the menu domain when you mix is this new the other but did each is organized by the by the difficulty the fall was smallest children from all the wrong 1 1 you all to use all the the this seed occurrence on the computer they're using the mouse and using the Cuba also we want to take the place of the parents in usually they they do like this with the mouse in the do like this with the a computer that we look at all and most of you know parents are running Windows or something like that In the immediately their children are all don't do this but you are not going to write something and of course this is not the best way be confident with computers so To address this issue in the unitary proposal in the kind of running of the starting with mean so when the children are really
young they can learn the mouse
and the people of the with this a petition which will yes no it works so when you move the cursor all of them also and you just have the nicer grew when you click on the work the chase shakes have displayed the issue press on the keyboard keys about well you just saw the sign which is on the key uh shorter on on on the display and and usually after 1 or 2 weeks with children understand how it works and you can lead them to something more
complicated the yes it's so next
activity the user of the wrong
and the mouse the 3 most
this is indeed a set of activities yeah for example and here you are told to to make a drawing of
now of course and I always say that when I when I want to show no so it's quite simple game in and when the children are
quite small and this is really the adaptation and continued where my and
the so you know by 2nd show you
can on the dragon drop you can learn to press the right and the left buttons you can learn to make the
fake and the end you a it
can be confronted with the children by plane which
is an over the set it's of
all of game of indication meetings so for
example you can the 4 component
In this game so you of the and here is the heroes of 14 down and you have to press the correct key many of the disappear and if you don't press the 1 the information in it yeah the the so of
the children and continue to do it on the computer of the you you can use a fixed things and then the smaller and smaller national
typically we have removed the the most complicated activities of the country but this 1 and finally you end we of environments that are more similar to what is usually in the form of computers meaning and Linux is
restricted version of the Linux the initially this is all in the x so you find the again and there some of application that were available me for this additional applications for example but the small caps
this is a nice game we out that you have to and the Senate the
correct the stuff to going by the name of the cat gets away because of capital and don't like them don't Atlanta nearly so for for this 1 year of his top 2 of the variance and so this the so in this
environments where the child is
supposed to you is only the the 1 we're application on shows and that's not only used for settings like this being analysis so instead of the offering a strange parameters like X action and state for the mask was used for was will just over 2 2 sets in a all of the this rule of most stories about so I mean it's a simple for
children but also for parents as against the yeah finally and most
of them security the next
generation access all of the applications in standard units so will begin to me of a good indication of data we of the former applications we have many times the first one is work and we will find a kitchen it on the text and if so who is this in here but here we have 2 applications to learn programming the In the 1st 1 you have to do something on the screen at the beginning of all commands to talk to this 1 you have to make an answer to get out of London's standard conditions we have a foot in work of some additional during the applications my pants the 2 to wound up in the room you can result so like regions the meals is an the Committee it
also you can draw friends invented in its the friend the
and put so characters inference for so you can also existing
tenants and like most of it's the
solutions we have chosen to will move the suspension of deformed but travel to the was children to it's what size was physically is quite similar to the free software so is of the so you the we hear the series only here science for empowering OpenStreetMap bunch about libraries the rules and there are few because of the content fiddles inside the Linux this is not the cell on the internet when would know everything with people do on the computer everything local the web pages often tell on the contents of the army and then we also have a at the effect of all JavaScript the good but the center of the universe no information on some of the we have
many games were mainly used for to would try to select the names of months that requires to finish spot to another or if strategies thank there we have a lot of time so you maybe there is some question OK this degree of and just 1 which and he said about the distinction of sit back agents of 2 as it you are instituting you know we can do about we still purity system uh would be the uh off about how you make your selection for this software which we tried to select children in applications that are simple enough for children uh and from parents to we also of you want to have to show everything but this possible with computers so and we want to extend the bilateral applications with time in order to include the activities that are not clear is in units the most of the time we are using software what is already in the Indiana to lower the fault that's it may often that's what we need to move applications from its far suffer the I would like to know you should it is intended to not have to do like it's running under sometimes tablets because it could be a yearly could also yes furniture and here was that the action of the linear system based on the union squeeze which we are starting to talk to me and we the innocence December all of the case report is very was very as a arms are might shift uh pekingese and also arise again pekingese uh so a duty which is partially running on a on on a waiver of fastest the ball of on unfortunately we don't have tablets for testing because it is so if you know of people who would agree to a new so that next to all projects that we always come so how well does the language support for different languages they it's is very valuable and uh there we are the media for all 5 languages for which the with transpositions off we completed the in around 15 or 20 languages but are between 90 and 100 % the this depends a lot on the transit or the unity of course and usually even the won't work on the own time on the the what project the devoted to what your