Designing for Participation and Web Litteracy

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Designing for Participation and Web Litteracy
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Mozilla has 4 pillars of activity, to build, empower, teach, and shape the web. One of the ways we can help others join with these activities is to design our systems and processes with participation in mind, but why stop there? We also try to teach, and its a waste to teach someone a proces, and not tie it into a broader understanding. This interactive talk, derived from the "Desigining for Participation" session at the Mozilla Summit, and spured on by the release of the Web Literacy Standard v1.0, aims to not only help drive better participation by making systems and processes more accessible, but connect skills people learn + use within these to a broader understanding and web literacy
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you MIT hello already laughing at 1 end of 1st of all the kind of Austin using a lot of detail here he yeah I topic fired like my cities and this was a coming up here actually inaudible word order would can has some hands OK so the yeah I was amazed identity so it's like in system it's I to of since I know where I let's see how it is different and you evolved for this and our whole weekend on which product looking and wheat seats fakes the so hold on was a lot of little knowledge is useful for users how we how it how it is easy hard being there in this for the Laplace and how the would propose books on this so was a lip was enough as they say I made a weight of signing log in our system mixing in final so what this basically of hence users to log in the a safe on unsecured manner and it doesn't ask your boss so it's something of which is different from the internal so having no diagnosing intent on we need to the for I depend on but don't buy these lake in order do not that indicated his sight and that it passed through those shape you're up by information lake of maybe your of 4 number of a lady it's considered an example many mainly the blogging but to feel glad with but we need the site it asks all you will shape our information back to the information of lean meat and out for a number of other so that only get a lot of of means and that they Boston allotted under asking about mission and it also as many privacy issues so the like I just show you liquids at the Institute of was saying so the this cell the see events IT task of you belong in the global or Facebook Oriental so in your city that these kind of it has to come across having even used in our fight or prolog you may the and so and but this is the mean person main concern of everyone had that it information is being shared on social sold it invents of having a lot of so that we're going to find is the use of the Laplace enough of each actually saying the easy this create an account and next Baccus cure OK tasks you and the UAE immunity so hard that was an army of 80 the Medicis as the unique values and then process for the logging so you can buy so this is a screenshot of a you are managed by what the mayor ladies in no a of browser so and not just uploaded Rosalie almost any of supported and but it may not and no idea noise everyone act of 5 books of within that was in I put introduce the of Eiffel also years and in that community supports disposer not on a single sign on so right we have to focus spatially on that developers and why it is easy for them to implement disdain of the same system so as they said have it easy to implement that make it would force steps you just include them out of the telescope of file of that and then I would plug weapons and then the fighting ends that's the the the sole I the data protocol because of it does actually ask you but the log in our if they agree that it's going be tuning values of amenities it doesn't wanting other information so we know you just give you a million years and logging polydactyly evaluates of if it if you uniquely mitigates and they got article so it don't ask you for the fullest and blogging Bill Yahoo and then it actually politics that that the Mary's existing and because of the fact that not and then by guns back to your site and then into blogs and as a set of it but I can't it's not if you do it for us and and by this information in whatever the sites and valuable napisów and all you don't need any non . by these so idea of this and then it initiates the decision from the minute you with visit and you would say it's a high we're interest every save and keeping of in memory that allow you to give the Member State of the log in Boston it's very difficult and sometimes they ask the user names under their asked that I use of unity so it's it's late of complicated so this sort of this was annihilate of inventing these registration and so again it's open and I mean I I use this was an item additionally annotates you'll need you may not have been is a of bad submission of a battery of the nutritional and this system really this you will need to take it off again I'm giving you also scored on us ing in science system on your website so you peaks of from the update and just a bit for this leg of the freedom of a give up give another pussies they you then but change as you all units as you want and in done lights that dance figure and eliminate 48 languages the and Soviet of the by use and was a lot of the was enough and so we only get your nose late was an inverted is that he of provide further off a museum we sector you want 1 thing so in that we use the same a single sign-on but of course and the Firefox Marketplace and in public similar and even in open that's and that's so in the morning they were discussing it aboard about that make that so in that little area to log in you can just plug in there was enough of eating ask you that means that this shouldered food the demand and that the states of which I use this was as an organ system is like most of which is of even of management system and this thing like this other people may be knowing of this site and on the other cities it don't they won't be value payment of fees and and discussion fondly these a few websites of the check actually have implemented this persona and because labor is success so and up I even if you it's not like i if you're let's say the latest in a large sum of histamine can values up was
enough if it is a amended and PHP then
of this and it does make a lot of families and by that I showed you and our limited lake of disposal not use of basically looking 1 of those that AD probable so are you meet the mandibular call detectability particles army this probably has the actors so users linked by the same identity providers I use of set quite big common who used a lot in the and I really like this Our it up Lady gets up archaic as exemplars that maker of that make their all . 1 g is a ruling by body and into deeper already something like a the 2 uses a log lake effect on yahoo of the site something and take our common the logging so that would make any difference so they call that whole dodecyl I just type in early 3 steps late at the cell of the
new of the consignee but the each of the me and as input and our brother response lake and a state of personal fast over the full state and then it generates a key value pair stores it's of private key in the of PC and centers public key to identity party and then the assigned of the public key and then married and they all have the issue at validating the lake also active certificate and then of rights the sense that certificate again back to I used and after it issued by the user I has to prove that when so any and all of a user's browser and writes something of a solution in which targets the molarity and he and other leaders are present and that assistance is being
sampling by p Our late mean that the user certificates and then it's evaluated our so I thought this is something later all you like video of use and the date you log in and for mining the preferred provider it is regretted and then you can just log into the site I just show you demo that the so late in the morning they're saying that mean 1 bullet logging and those that make us and then we have to use a lot of both and so I said I you have already used we need and flooding someone who have a common trade no logging into the site then we can so it's it's not asking any by surrounding and this the I'm not been so it's like raising someone wants to play the good and yet yeah I don't want you it know the US the lead if it beats Firefox rather than the often quite tight focusing of if suppose you have a lot of you have probably noticed of Firefox Rosa so when you have the same of sink of key and form then all units be granted you London so I think it's clear so he in this new have sink so this is often I was thinning of the I think use manfully manatee other than this the just remove this yeah the so it's something to think of it died gene because I have invented they doing that I monitored maybe someone wants to convey the a researchers from the University of Basel I know it's at the Apple Jeannie all hot maybe it's looking for something you know this is where goes to hold a hearing on the previous the we different from you this there's of the made with unique character is go after them but also because of the and and with the death of my the thank you for your visit this was taken when you look suspicious and and in the but it's still that that the thank you can get it is knowledge and from the 1st the offset and so you for the 1st time I have had it in a who is this of so you you the think that at the very you know in the in Italy has with with this and while the people of stock if it fits it in 1 of them you alone in the sixties and and I came to the office and you know what a move and is that we have b b is the view of the without yeah I and that the day of the month that had at his or her the so it is not quite yet so the I think if it goes to show that the I just I played a lot in my notes his badly when learning and so on so when applied to the the III yeah and yes but you also way want to the to of the the the late I don't understand the whole OK that means to see later and I because of on the other side of this is the use the that OK I think I can answer this question you can go to log upper so of Oregon you can their caloric clear all persona loadings so that it will not let you in any more so you
might think that are not yet there still thinking about that when you run your personal identity provider then you use data down your identity provider to do something like this and that would probably work so for example I have my own 19 unions I want to revoke any certificates are out there for me right to take down and piety to prevent people from learning with those certificates signed by earlier private key you can use it to your mind and you don't to do this this and to what you know you have to to what are the price of nested question of questions for you the question was that you said that happens inside and provides a bound to the domain for the e-mail address and we just showed login in with you know the question is if 1st if Google supports persona and answers it does not directly but the team has built a couple of bridges that allow users to do all of the API to uh acts as an identity provider so you're really log into Gmail of large enough for so work and it uses unite yards to reuse uh their credentials and that works for you know who and you know today this does this work with Internet Explorer a this is how the thing that you want and you want to know what I think is that it the the so yes it does work and it's because the soldiers of thank you thankful and PS immediately that goes on in because he has done a lot of calculators to come here so really you you did sales and
it that we