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Debian Contributors
A new, automatic, doocratic membership to change the face of Debian
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There is a new hat in Debian, bearing the flattering title of "Debian Contributor". Everyone who contributes to Debian is entitled to have it, and gets it automatically. It is a way to give due credit to all manners of contributions to the project. It is a way to make all the energy that is poured into Debian visible. I will show the reasons behind the idea, and how works. I will show how it may change the way we perceive Debian, and very much for the better
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Cherry but have not yet security and how well and what can I do and because the and and I'm going to be talking about that being contributors which is you have a new role and you a title that this only II that the where where stating that the OK in that's my balanced slide to all the people in the back can you read it OK so that the concept we are and where molding in just to contextualize where we are OK so that that was the statement the father I want this slide on the screen pool mind you I had never heard of that enables the statements OK a few so i maybe a year and a half ago was middle years ago that he and accepted this as an official statement as an official document in the project and and this basically mediates its effects I like a lot and says that that that involves it welcomes and encourages participation by everyone no matter how you identify yourself for how others perceive you we welcome you we welcome contributions from everyone as long as they interact constructively with our community while much of the work of our poses is technical in nature we value and encourage contributions from those with experience with expertise in other areas and welcome than in our entire community and it's we documented what basically most of the project was already feeling which was interesting because we had to do a huge not long discussion on that that imposing mailing list without and it was only about the the nicest way to play into these beautiful Chad which I think not the beautiful I now and that's what we feel we have a problem in that most of what is feasible at the moment of that and contributions these factors uploads however there are several ways to contribute to that being like would have that that was in ileotomy about book was reading of the the fact that maybe is that it was but that and so on and the list goes on we don't even know how many kinds of complete you just we have some because that's the end users of that you have that it's so last and ecosystems and people will divide by the right by the problem yes I also contributing to that in although they currently have well they previously had no title the use of the deadly concluded the people who the week you who translations or not and the bad debt hidden and here is about somebody and they can have fantastic to that that that you will in in South Africa we we may never hear of them but they got that contributors so we are failing to analogies to acknowledge the however if we have to spend time making a list of lists of possible contributors then some as therefore full that contribute us easier to write all those people that we can call them that included the impact of that being added was saying that he and his the Walker see that he's another to change something that the and you just get on and do it there is no more thing on how we want to change things with the exception of the systems that I could not do this last year and on the other hand should that is another case body where the walker work well just getting on and doing it that have more than 5 right because 1st but the the the the issue was but anyway well what about the step and so gently that you want do something to happen you do it we call that the law of the sea and that's about my so that follows the same idea because there is no force is called a pool when you contribute to the of you I know that you completed the best that the the designation but by definition of contributive 1st of all there is to that is that if you currently that incorporated the it also applies involved although both knowledge about they're happy about the basis of sustaining uh definitions and where that in conventional you get up and that's the privileged to have your name on daily rights right that because before we want to give you even have that no you can also choose not to have your name on the list so you're not going to be a better contributor whether you like it or not because I believe that may but some people also contributing to that you know you can see a summary of all the contribution that knowledge gets sent to get reputation for the what you're doing that many these unacceptable I believe it is unacceptable that we still stable global back for song many parts of that year poster stating that the hidden in the least no idea does any of you know is that actually the fact that I need what began as of yet no that shouldn't happen that there should be a page listing people do things because they're the people that make that happen that's all we fix it itself with fix it by having a list it place that
up thanks that the they got here today before the column not shape the 1st about that that OK and I make a model that anyway and yet we have this
there In that case these built by about is sad fallen the main themes in their view who set up their own mining and each team takes care of its own that the mining because that is used to guide us to expect otherwise so the 1st um design decisions I took in building the side walls that I'm not going to do that mining because then would not scale to this to the size of the public in my whole life I mean that know some that something of that it exists and not OK it's not an exaggeration it's it's that last know since teams will be responsible for saying home while for for for listing contributing why they going to do and the user group may have no motivation for knowledge contributions to get to there are things that need to get a job done people doing the job the job gets done I know what the has the time to think about that he told us what you know the fact because maybe some myself people that only care about getting the job done that what excellent so much it's nice to have a motivation for people to go it kind of course make it as easy as possible to do it and the building of the fun out for the interests of the US contributions finally has a chance to become visible I'd like least also sure all of the old beat so that is that we know of I want somebody who would like to contribute to that into to the side and use it as a shopping list to see what people are actually doing and saying well at all like the translated I don't like the package things I would like to build verifications only access people people that's that's good and that's all there is a link to the the that story in the made and I like that so for next to it so that it would not suspect out there anyway that is developers the way we see there are not only softer developers are more like that what is and writing the delay shell scripts for the drawing stuff to machines much where not then the people would like to develop software could be excited to see how to get into that is because we back is softer that has only been developed by this model well there's people develop softer might mean building that list that the mining so so again it's about that I want to change the units of that from that all people packaging software toward that in the is I used to be a system of fast integration coordination book a non-technical work that that is as important as anything else like well being added that involves selling teacher the designing this wonderful issue and that's as good because otherwise nobody will know about that in time so make that visible the being the list the least
and that's a problem of people missing in action so somebody stopped contributing to that maybe they're still on the list well we just say we just met the list by year and so the least upset self-managing because the people who I haven't contributed in the thousand for the not in this list but not in the next 1 so there is little management as possible and if somebody stops being a completely different because they have something else to do that then automatically they are still list is listed as they should be but we don't get it false that not being the core and complete the list because we're not selling marketing by a number of accounts where just thanking people who do something so it's a is that that is itself and then the developers are not ultimately that incompleteness of it's about what you do not about what you are and which may be that there that in missing in action team may place shit but the point is not about the police to find people who hopefully that include design choices now this he's technical solution what social problems which is something that a good in doing that you the people say it's possible but we don't care about what's impossible we wouldn't be here in the 1st place but anyway since the policies social the design choices that are deliberately simple I have to make an effort not to make an effort to do to my old they'll see the nature of you know that and so the point is we make a good that sort to find people but we don't need to get to go out of our way to those of Our excited states that you for fixing that thing in the waiting that thank you for fixing stuff in that wake you last month is it not having to go and say thank you for editing the 1st line in the 5th grade to the wiki so with correcting the matter and because it's not necessarily a in of complexity in immediately that the mining and went down to the last 2nd requirements by exactly like the back the exact the power of the contributions to the minutes of the 2nd month it's plenty store beginning and at the time of contributions you contributed since February 2005 to do lots of files and then value if there are gaps in between whatever if somebody didn't want do In 2008 and about online and came back they still say from about 5 about that now it's too much hassle to track gaps so we got the he needed the latencies OK if you make a contribution shows up a week later 2 weeks later finally we will eventually thank you in which means of complex that the mining task the dates for the odds throughout the get the schedule was a we that does not point does not get story OK to and the once they so it's OK if some contributions are lost as long as most of you have seen I mean that if we build data mining of the whole that impact the system to see who reported about maybe that's parameters you without maybe that there's plenty of spam but we can say where only you need to have interacted with more than 5 then so because that's easier to filter out spam if we raise the threshold of being and it's OK if after a while you will end up in the list of the wife of using deadly and the whole thing the old bugs that applied to the all about and that's fine as well the thing about trying to back it's little low-lying new things being over the you see that would something like that that was explicitly asked that the game with many confidence the state it's unacceptable to comfort capsule I'm not that there's an issue with the see 1 scenario that could be quite scary is that you are at the office place where not because it's quite morning and it's it's and that's a helpful dialog coming up say what you like to help the developer was fixing this sexual that you say yes costs had that they got have to develop this week OK and so about airport goes into the that in BTS and that's cool weeks later you will be in the list of that conveyed those states that you for helping the game the doing your water by about that these among the so maybe it's still find but you know that that's unexpected behavior that I don't want to go and anything that in activity into a scary thing that will go and tell the world that you are something you didn't expect to be so ideally it should be updated maybe you get an e-mail telling you how to be on the list after a while that that that that you show up is that completed the system I mean do not publishing the classes by the fold you for that but gets about maybe not a good idea although that these so at the moment because the BTS will publish e-mails that well and the and I don't want to add the recitation of N and allow people to manage what's connected to that if somebody wants to have fooled all lined personas that should be able to I may be kind was kind of illegal doing more than 1 kind of illegal doing my private time I don't have beginning people going divided time and the networking people doing more and I think
prefer them to be shown as different personas so as long as a useful GP he's otherwise we were part of the called the even if I use only 1 D B D T I should show contribution to that it is a key in 1 side of the division with that female that's on either side and I don't want to be the people's buying of people reporting on the phenomenon of the kind of like people to be shot called how their contribution that it will be presented and hide some kind of contributions I want my contributions in 2 the packaging to be shown to the worst of which is something I cannot go on all they still believe I'm not non-speech be developed because I don't know what I did some time that they mind and that's the way to tell them to get my name off their site I don't want to make another call that the side there is no better than you who you are and and also to merits and manage detonated suddenly bits of that in a it's understand you think of of you was in e-mail from so that and think of you as a some of these so that you think of you as a login name and I should get going to say well analytical these 3 e-mails is me that the school key thing which is me those who logins at me the then since I'm at an account manager and I was still like to see if you think about what is I want that anyone because there were some of the and that's a ghost ship will but I wouldn't mind if that would be accepted to make my life easier if somebody uh joins that you and I and I and I could see below their contributions just say yes of course have been sort given that you perhaps people can say that I will only look if people saying go and look but it will be interesting to have so we see conscious access for limited amounts of people but yet OK but then the state of the world that they don't have to use that that the genes in that in that submit not the site so must be as simple as it can be of nobody do it now if people he somebody has to hours a week to continue to that in I'm not going to ask them to spend 1 hour week sending contributions that the site I'm not going to ask them interlocking deciding click a button have begun to contribute to that that's something that should have been out tomatically and should be easy to set up an easy to maintain the main activity but that these should be to deal with that gene does best and not the fact that on contributions otherwise would have a bureaucracy which we have not right good that some genes can track their whole history that the units that has a sequel database with echoes of all in that in history at least after the year from a year of some other things all you know what the members yet so that that person's not all this range of the neighbors you should be able to say about the that collected and is received by the size using an HTTP S close of adjacent files indication tokens of basically 1 core invocation the at adjacent father is simple tools to build and post and I'm in this case that that's all about for you although if the like great it doesn't make much to do it by itself as state in which and and before that he and wiki it went like I had like then we the information to be submitted to the size the when talking about i is it OK by e-mail and they say that they that yes you're going and as I was writing in scanning the thing with the the maintenance of anyway how to extend it to you is that the insolubility some file after 10 minutes of fighting the will that was inside it's a it's really that simple and that you can build the Sun with almost any programming language now is uh so and as we speak the tool to the mining is getting installed instead of machines so in possibility of tools that there's been I think of this as the norm of the right of the people but I'll sit here but I assuming the matter of few days and anyone who can access that in our machine can set up a con job and of the mining and I'll show you how it works and I'll show you out what it so of the and the that OK but so this is the that's the main reason it's logins at the moment because in there still no identity management implemented patrols if you want your name to be shown so I think you know that your daddy and or highly of login would be safe enough social that's a detailed contributions so this person maintains that it is the developed so in the but but but but but but but as e-mail well again if somebody wants the myth
of the public it will be the analysis of about the preservation is still being worked on but these are all the values identities of his thought and and these are the contributions that under each identity thing yes a just because there was a they field in and I'm going there was no longer yielding jungle of this we can tweak the link to only show them on the the data that could be a good idea
where the list of other sources these are the the for 4th concept was those where my experiments when developing of and while at I did not this this thanks to the OK so it the time and the at the end of OK a so these are all the things that set up some that the mining that if you are at scene say you are I did that the New Member of processes you automatically get your all the amazing statistics the way sort old colonies you and I topic and so the data were organized on my contribution died by Dean as the Newton said let's see for the application and observance active at the moment in the new Länder process and then you have a solid set of X and I'll use the new set up some of the mining you get your own the so you know need to develop your own gate of N and anyone can set up anyone Walker login the sides that k and you have a source so let's say that the source for the that here in presentations the you where loaded with the list of talks another indication that that doesn't exist but making about how the indication token seek that's used to say that aside I the end some implementation notes yeah so it so it so next many that developed that can move and there you have it a it I automatically you get listed as a bad thing is they don't do that more and it's just talk imitation but is that in the military the and you you add it and it does your how to post that the way do it from the command line and say what type of contributors so you can say speaker description of this and it needs to be entered from both sides because when he it gets pasted into what's pages you can say this person is that in both speaker and this person a and this is a list of people believe talks so it needs both slaves and it's a bit structure so it's easier to translate plate and now you can start sending begin end dates for speaker activity in there is an presentations thing that yeah that it as far as set of goes um it Dr. outsourced management these over here and there a word 1 easy thing we can always see if there's about a source that spoken so final this submission these episodes last submitted that the 3 weeks ago or maybe it's broken yes of course it's a blow for granted so that's as much as a as maintenance of this i goes OK spoken at and the mean and tools and of Rico done which will tell you it's a proved concept and the it hopefully this will be picking up so let people actually maintaining it um so even if management of the whole side should be just about programming the features in it but it should be so sort of self managing people can go in configure the source and and set of data mining and it's a simple matter of self documenting Web forms so should be manageable that in presentations that I was that's no either 1 but delete the delete this OK so now and it's interesting term if M. you'd like to show up president contributor and your team does not currently send out well just could not the source for your team as for the legal has done these therefore have in the written at very low latency summation think he's the 1st completed February so yes if you want to show up as that include that it goes back to that that the mining for your team and make sure you are in the the OK so
about writing about the mining scripts all the um there's this command line tool called C tool are you the configuration file and describing how to build up the mining 14 and you are in this command and it will go don't that the mining send the that that to the site and it's not you just what that's game called and don't right know what's in the configuration file of the other indication broken configuring the site all it wouldn't be able to send a doctor and erm several sections in 1 for each contribution by so people who are committed to lose some of the proposed to use a committed scanning methods due to their 1st and the proposal the is in here and for his contribution you build a URL to that button to the commuter to showing the sides the this way it varicosities all you need to have at that collaborative maintenance that the source that's the end of 1 line in college down I'm not sure it could be made easier than this at if peak can that that that'll that that'll needs so be stolen ileal I'm working on it after which anyone even people who are not that and developers can set off the doctor mining you only need 11 developers to set up the doctor source and put the authentication token in it that's it right scary methods of files but it looks at the other actually to the look at 5 all this and 5 times that and if you all have follow where times them of free days ago it means that 3 days ago you but there is something you cannot that's all on a CBS repository say did that in where the CBS any that it would be not so for example that way it says logic in the following examples that could be put into production and can work as patent wink-wink not too much um everything documented what improved in and so on and this was candidates that factories uh as like the files scanner but we only look at the I been so that did that actually the looking for a file ownership because if you can't get log you can have any name in it maybe some processes that keep coming back system the people actually committing buffer to look at files the band's anywhere it before the Superfund gonna get log you do it that way and and and you can now create this kind in it can scan uh mailing list archives even compressed are it to discuss the tool is already he sold on must there be an all which has all the mailing list archives since the beginning of the year at the end and I wouldn't be sure since the beginning of that being but perhaps a few months later it their so that we will just look at who's in the fall had the all the e-mails soon not in in the folder was found there and and you can now the blacklist or white lists the so if we are scanning that embedded announced the list is moderated so every phone of SC sees a good contribution terms if we are scanning say up team mailing lists where the blue here at the mailing list the team has 5 members that but there's other people posting in the list then you put the five-member in the white list and on the scanning and you see when those 5 members have been active extended debt in the US a portion of that the list is not so smart but it's a start for several days now we get better with time you can have a sequel query on a post is that the base so I think you can mine all for you the the all the FTP that's a base about the sequel aquarium and you have about the source for example that's how you get whole by uploads enter the site but including ice you were held to link and the developer needs be page for about 1st it or subversion proposed at that sit at the moment bound any new coal did that they aren't so it's automatically absolute accommodation because the tool is able to write its own looking imitation so here was a little engineering that but stable interesting called delete the so yeah let's say we date we take weekdays care but collage named subversion but but there but the OK let's stay there and call out names of matter also which looks like this will get get denser their activities straightforward right at the end of the of the thing is that I think that this edit explodes you know and you
then from a source you are the the other negation Dawkins in the file the Spanish I know about division deducting column I have the reason I haven't done it is that the 1 2 Bakers possibility to maintain a 1 one-liner call well for young that 1 minor called jobs then I can't told to the maintainers of got main I hope that's not me and ask them to set up that comes of and then you get the statement that the body view of the doctor that would be submitted on the submission itself it won't look like this so you have of staff what overdue so you have several that goes like this and you say this person identified
by logging would this log as the contributions of 5 commit 1 contribution of as them contributions of start commit their fall on the state to that state magical day and makes it in random order but still the that is the final form this still easy directed by hand and that's about the status of it at the moment Urban as this whole gets installed in that in production machines I'm going to start sending announcement of that and that announced would go the examples numbered saying can please grow schedule everything the bottom line formalities well this spirit have at least FTP must they're starting to say about that because that means that this site will be as good as anything we have now in terms of showing contribution except the
slightly better because currently we know about beckons uploads we know about that so the size should at least show that and that has the mall we can have and we already have the week base and lot G our view of the Indian is showing us a bit more of a whole what that in actually is and we will never I believe called 100 100 per cent because that is fast still um then in about 2 weeks there's going to be and then we'll move up there at the UN Single Sign-On splitting into encoding way that we're looking into how allow we anyone with an alley off account to log in that is a single sign-on sites like this and that this is the 1st step in to having everyone knowing identity management at the moment but only show things that can be related to that and developers or people that you maintain a lot of people we value the counts but that's quite restricted because and even people without the count not all of them made I I am being extremely careful not to and um surprise people by putting them on the list that not being allowed to pick itself off but as soon as anyone can log in and and and and q management should be I'll implement identity management and then you can lock in decided say I've also that the middle and also the e-mail that fingerprint is that dp dt is minus on uh and build your online identity show how you want to be sure maybe other short bio for yourself at your own little contributor page why not um and that should be enabled about should be thinkable about 2 weeks from now if everything goes well in the displayed and so hopefully in a matter of few months we should start looking at all the faces of fable horror about something that it but we never find before which is something I really must look forward to do and that's about my presentation I don't know if there's time for quicker Q 1 question tho 1 lots of questions 1 don't I said convenience to really get to was a rebirth I can I think the 1st flight had ever kissed off than in the case of a well that that is due to anywhere you want the fission Johnston 9 and Nikon the mn whose transplanted into you we can separate who can seperate incident installed stalled on teams which would be uh have rule 1 and the youths who contributed some errands optimal implementation so there's no reason to compute the stole from teams new you know maybe something outside doesn't and indeed since leads to the to the United Nations back for the
team to implement to contribute on communists and 2 in expansion in for example there's a dip conformant eosin like our quest for packaging but SIFT for thinks the aspect of here good I want to you was schemes that do send surrogate doctor to score and wants to keep the old 1 word just show the from current 1 the don't good question teams that don't have historical that that control company go back in time on the other hand of uh so that would be really difficult to pack what happened 5 years ago for that team of however rule number 1 old that in contributor designed these tha tha and all that but when the out of the of technical requirements and therefore what does not mark but history uh and my plan would be to have a configuration 18 each not a source saying I don't know anything from before that date and term and then when you show a person's contributions let's say the the the on the person and you fall in here it was say the same as before we have about the so a team would no history will start sending doctor then from that they decided to keep history because each day the team will say that but somehow the contribution to the all of these and then today and the assigned remember that at 1st seen as a member on that date and then going on and you can get a threshold saying anything from before this states shows us form before we have the and that's part it it OK those were the 2 questions they didn't feel