Current State of IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Stack inside the Linux Kernel

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Current State of IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Stack inside the Linux Kernel

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Current State of IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Stack inside the Linux Kernel
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At the moment the most common solution to bring Linux embedded devices into the Internet of Things world requires a gateway or border router device. These devices use a separate IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Stack from ContikiOS, TinyOS, etc. The somewhat misnamed linux-zigbee project aims to implement the IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN functionality (but not ZigBee) inside the Linux kernel so that you can bring a Linux machine into the Internet of Things world easily. The required hardware is an IEEE 802.15.4 radio frequency module which is typically connected via SPI or USB. On top of the 6LoWPAN stack you can run any IPv6 userspace software. The main goal of the linux-zigbee project is to support the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer with 6LoWPAN on top in Linux kernel. Without linux-zigbee, a gateway or border router device running a separate IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN stack was required. These devices are connected via ethernet, SLIP or USB-RNDIS to Linux. We want to bring the IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN functionality into the Linux kernel which makes unnecessary to run a different stack on a separate device. The project started in 2008 and part of the work have already been included in the Linux kernel. At the moment the Linux Kernel supports various IEEE 802.15.4 radio frequency modules which are typically connected via SPI or USB. With the project's userspace tools you can setup a WPAN interface with a virtual LoWPAN interface on top. This LoWPAN interface translates an IPv6 header to a 6LoWPAN header and vice versa. In the last year the 6LoWPAN implementation in Linux became more RFC compliant so communication in a heterogeneous network becomes possible. The IEEE 802.15.4 stack only supports data frames right now. The 6LoWPAN stack supports IPHC, UDP compression/uncompression and fragmentation at the moment. A limited RPL python implementation was released which adds a basic support of Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks. The libcoap library adds support to run CoAP applications in userspace. There is a draft for supporting 6LoWPAN on Bluetooth. We are working with the Bluetooth community to support 6LoWPAN in Linux kernel. Another wish is to support RFC6775 for 6LoWPAN neighbor discovery optimizations which isn't implemented yet. This talk is for developers who are interested in the actual state of IEEE 802.15.4 and the 6LoWPAN stack under Linux.
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good thank everybody for coming to this there from sanctions against or volunteer string the amazing video camera workers alive stream you can about it if you want to have it introduced uh Alexander Arun from Germany to talk about i to for um The granite applause case for example thank and all and things for in my book I talking about core state of the ITER create 800 to 15 for hybrid name it and I to read got for its original name and I think the limit I to the floor and 6 Lo painstaking inside the minutes finance and In here go on the other topics of discussion I want to the 1st thing I want to talk a little bit of what the wiki history and then yeah I want to take a few hours the introduction into the topic and then I will talk about that in its implementation the future work and at the end of the talk I will show you some of the more thought of way at history the black history that
of where x start in two-column data but the way it has a name you know Cs
the B and I think all you know what the Linux as part of what that is a key element in this thing is we don't make any the being implementation in this project and some people are getting punched confused and asking a lot of the year questions at a mailing list and but we don't make any the year that B is the N. them and add a native to 6 no to warning on top of the RGB . 4 it have off on license licenses is used to under 2 windows that anything be stake in the kernel space so now we like to implement a 6 Lo Pan it's an open standard and bytes based 2 on attribute of 4 and additional we want to implement some of what accords forwarding and application so decoder's mainline sigh since yeah to broad name time the introduction to make layout decide to beat up for instance the weight virus business and on top of the item you got formed B 1 as 6 Lo Pan and 6 pennies I P V 6 0 1 0 Pollock wireless personal area networks that many doubt to overcome our fees Mr. the first one describes the transmission of ITV's spigots all of them I did read off 1 works and the 2nd 1 is something
special this should describes I IPV 6 header compression format whether that areas of applications I know than the majority and whole and uh in industrial automation down related work down assisting a contiguous contiguous
is on other some famous operating system in the Internet of Things and this they have been the most I'm I'm they come it's the most used PixelPaint implementation but Kon-Tiki owed whereas aims to 1 on 8 bit microcontrollers and that's why they have a what to make our sport stake implementation so we begin
this uh nails implementation here the
fish this graphic show the how will I normally IPV 6 looks like have defense loan you have an application Adonis in a 2nd socket layer upon what layout and pick a layer on the bottom you have the the at interface so now order 6 Lo pattern have no infinitival interface I marked as in this red box here that we have to interfaces um look ILO pen interface and an that the pen interface it's still like to we got for
interface and in the middle of this you have and 6 Lo Pan adaption nail that's something magic I will describe the data and the application layer of fondant Euler space we don't need to share and change your uh to change space application to 1 of 6 will pen application is still R I P V 6 application you don't need to change it so does but actually
about exactly does the 6 Lo Pan adaption they'll is it open of shale
compress the compression format but of the bytes IP the header so future version of the traffic classes area hop limited and many the utterances which are 32
bytes and we can compress the link local and would cost address so I'm you can also move a payload length and but we actually the have is that more 6 Lo Pan head out of 3 bytes FIL additional we can kind of compares the plans but had blacks and the UTP even which has no would be 8 bytes and and uh down as system of the this report
range and we can also move to check some the cost to make their and it is and that the smallest UDP 6 open had is then 45 bytes long idle UTP bizarre I P V 6 yeah something else that as Excel panforte mentation on I did but you don't what you have uh I and you of 177 in and begin to buy a wide RIP there and the U N I P V 6 which is 1 told to 180 and defragmentation hunting fragments of a lot of packets and it is on on all other side if you get up a lot of vision is higher than 100 and 27 that my experience issues
am I start with the kind of vision entry point 8 um 1 year ago and um I tried to paint another node in a 6 to 10 that's the 1st thing which I want to to them thing interact and this only works this non link-local addresses soda lost something for Mr. A. compression of 2 link-local address and fragmentation it only work on our units 3 communication and sometimes myoelectric fragmentation I also get some ways condition
and awoke and crashed and and the 2 year we stopped and the 2nd thing got to the last 1 out UDP application and this UDP application I good so sometimes not find and it didn't vector wonder UDP quarter-inch arrangements this are ready mentions so then I looked at it a bit deeper into the court and I fix something them died he would be view the thinks header compression of thought I h that it never collect the and I we implement do and as node function through over quickly like you want to have RCC face the and the UTP on a combination and on combination I marked is that because they have some byte ordering is useful somebody at Hector's include the dean of scanner and never tested so it looks very them same like the contiguous steak and so what I is already May 9 9 and I fix it and have also also Lobel when make layer had a
size which is dynamically and and they lost some magic number which uses static head of size and you measure the was formed so they also known existing issues the 6 Pan plantation and does is currently mainline not off the blind and still having the stress condition so it's like Russian roulette you know have my of you still have a fragmentation and there's also a sum is used to acknowledge ending in the make layer yeah but I have from patches what is and and which is RC compliant and having no conditions anymore I hope I am I will move this because article and did it and notes has some I PV the spark mentation API and the current implementation of use it so I did the idea was to use the API which also used by IPV 6 and key me for um yeah and what we have done our either before then I've been to a Contiki vise 1 possible also to learning experience convocation because the link local the interests of wasn't hasn't done and compression handling and suddenly to Canada crashed irate mentioned for comparative fragmentation race conditions and now we can use to link local address and uh connection to a contiguous works and dead BHC did I P V 6 had a convention and fragmentation is most of c combined files and um yet another thing that due to a 6 Pan that our new standards and new house and it's it's not LC at uh what date Chad piece the 6 header compression for modern is the best economies some main order and an and use some code sharing their and I hope that you improved at 6 open implementations that the future work on 6 pan out but they have would have caused
a certain In API edits that I wouldn't put a causal Nopaline allele and it works and use IPV seeks message there was in I mean this is based on I t the you need to go to to so the IP layer and alan ready is sampled type implementation by Tony urge you know but it is has some limited functionality and has lot of divine dependencies like a piconet what Grammont in Python and there was not all of our major findings and also use the Tsuen q as you can see here and another thing is the neighbor discovery optimization we don't have them somebody can cost might make like the Senate is an editor has moved would cost and we don't have it on Monday cost is sampled companies and build a logical but cast overboard cost and densest LC to optimize the neighbor discovery that would accord with that of but we need some great idea to implement
it because I don't know if you can handle it in the the 6 Lo Pan redemption they'll another what economists call up got them for you know the application would require and its many like HTD part a HTTP for than than everybody's UDP-based and there are some of the implementation the co-op and I as success was used as 1 . 9 and now we
come to within the more but
I time for and and
follow my um that's
still I to VII built fewer rec use Buick and the first one um this are Kon-Tiki steak which of of me on them is in a
device under Linux but it's still use the kon-tiki steak and the 2nd 1 is the from who we are hard rail the achieve B which showed you don't wanna quantities stick and I you square you moved through a existence I achieving reader for that the the so I need to look up to and I I already is set up something
I atio yield no if ifconfig and you see here an old man
interface design them designing local address this scope undecided describes the it's a link-local address and it'll be a
think is but important thing is when link-local address and under item EU ivative e . 4 interface to be been as you will well we have a Mac but there some negative as the thorny AAA and a link-local address is based on this makes interests and many do this and we can fully ignite the debt-ridden attrition in the I M 6 open and 96 had and but it's I want to being at now of number the take stick it i it i visual so so um it's a study show you come a co-op will and
I use are co-op client it's the
copper and on no you and you see the co-op and the cooling interest
ended and the and I think and do the mood response to the call up and I want you do simply the standards the pool extended and I can 1 a discovery this Korean describes still that's the core of the global bytes and it's some country ASCII description and when not to be there have something at this but we can get the time off the system that's no theory and then I changed is time no the the the the tool would 22 a 20 tools but
not at the time a change gender what it's lurking in our I'm I show you something application mapping extended this fragmentation and the UID ready the yeah I it payload is all 100 27 of
my from that uh 20 and fragmentation is working now the the time time this OK then Christians they I thank you for that could you make any
comment on how Contiki or similar the Internet of Things communication stocks can deal with a low-power sensor nodes were necessarily the radius and we'll most of the time in how you was in context you you mean some like a rapport management features store and forward messaging or something like that this there is any kind of standardization of dealing with notes that costly and a lot of the time the added is so I think it's up put a accord what some modes and there's also some speaking beacon frames in the make layer low you menu and sent a beacon and as the state of the nodes and it's a vague and you can you can and this got summer time slots but this the but the is meant for the local Contiki mac and books the radio off from 99 . 9 per cent of the time so that's that's stomach monthly gets on the monthly here OK can I ask a question and I also have a quiz um so if I am correctly so the quantity a you was was the history of the radio you see the review function so the actually the thing for and then on the on the Linux in on Linux you have the sixel finds that and actively therefore as well so whether you have quantity the quantity that yes we want to overcome going up I embedded devices in the into the Internet of Things road so mostly the and a bit embedded device you have I to be good for what we see well it's a breach of oath is the and then you can connect the RGB but for of what this year are easily and then you you can make as its age what something eds forward and have you need need to align this and any question in the adjustments a this seems like a really cool project was so that the future of the longer term future of the energy future um so I taught this some guy which wants to implement and I to VII not for make layout some security option there are also some good option which it's not the supported 1 no and a lot of all those things is it's a lot of work to do next time I on I fixed this function is wall was not working before and the whole word and text many of us in the the the the on what boats and just asking the sum compare to manage Wi-Fi usage is this master to slave like texas point slave moderates appear to be like adults we you could eventually do some kind of mentioned working between the between the notes the and I to read it for have a staff of will be on our I 1 to come up to peer-to-peer the would be true make some watching you need to know about and of the 6 pants and I'll see you this slide and a smartphone mesh rooting what is this this is not implemented and I think there's no of practical FIL amongst the do you see it but you don't need to know I exist point and the anyhow want to treat Europe as lope on the stand the men that way so highways by the yes and under a boy at project sites we have a list of supported partly to I to be eager for we see us right now May 9 but they are not all the non mainline 5 us like a corner take and as aconitate few male and update h he was he is true some currently not May 9 but H T L E and I have 2 on it and 13 1 of many the decimal May 9 and so some so all you need them you know the slides there is a poet
projects I decide on such knowledge and you can visitors and interjectory gave their stance annotation of the
content of the
thing to do so with classification would you say that we're see of the of you mentioned like wrote 1st which means the size but between the 2 peoples in over the remainder of the of the acid electric and have mission I have routing between the of the senses and find it would you get the the the the getaway the the same way they do the relative to the some up copyedits implemented in Contiki yes but the the API mentation by social the 20 she no the this use might mean and lot of things and this value imitated and I didn't I don't get it what I 1 I want know this to talk was Contiki devices and the In the need some implementation work to pictures of to go and that's the kon-tiki thank you so thank you very much Alexander the land and we have a 5 minute break and then we'll come back with some session on or off from poultry mental