Contract Based Programming in Ada 2012

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Contract Based Programming in Ada 2012
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A tutorial on how to use the Ada 2012 features for specifying detailed, checked contracts for types and subprograms -- "classes, functions, and methods" if you aren't an Ada programmer already. Contracts document constraints on how types and subprograms behave, but unlike comments they are checked -- either by when the program is compiled or on-the-fly as the program is running. Ada 2012 contract aspects will be presented together with a set of guidelines for using contract aspects consistently. The tutorial will conclude with a live test of the guidelines on some example source text.
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that is where the time this is the center of the value of the cost of the matching you will have we will have to decide if we to say have the the on the very we think about you want to share all the and so then code in the kind of the the the the the last thing I guarantee that distance from the are going to go to the water the I many parts of the although the of the but the point is that this is something that and I know his wife you know this is going to but you will always the the you the you did it we want to find the 1 that started the the the anywhere on the part of the the use of the in the so the very and the of 1st time the constraints of the the but the the prior to this the the the the and and the is the the difference this which you can do that you say name 0 there was something of ladies and all of the the sort of the the time of the kind of like you know so this is a very you that to the shape of the the basic text of integers I find that you know all of the and they're the use of crime all the history of the best and this is an example of the next project the the the decision of the organization you are we have no longer than what we see other issue the and all of the things that the of the I the the the it is good that and the these very the goal of the of the Brady bonds in the plane of the the all were you that is what you see it in the in the Board of variance of that very good the point is not the same as the person use very thank you OK and where so I like you that the same all of this that in the middle of some operations to do example this is what is going in in the rest of the 3 the and it was used in the work of only in the design of the of the of the it was the end of now that I want to be sure that this is an example of integration the and it was a solid into the the data of the there 2 and in the back to and the the state of the lines time and I have warning the more you get a lot of is a sample of the progression of the revised is it used some of the things because it really is the data the the the the same
and then at all of the literature you have the the not very nice and the the world is the is a level of government the history and the the operations of the there are the a lot of the time a lot of the work the what can we do that I say that possible values because I know that the light verb I have the this the fact that these very useful that in the the and related to the so I this the values of the so that was the video you can and you know this shows how to use the word you yeah OK other the thing you this is used in the power of the program that it you did the right for the time of and year we have is didn't use this is the part of the library the layout of the program that was the thank you the use of the the title of the the we provide a view of what the you all the it should be really the the the the table the the the example of the point where the spring good for all of the this is what the and in fact it's examples the constraints in the relevant as the the very 1st of all really the end of the this is not the kind you want to do the this is the result of this family is and it on the well it's really not that was this is the use of of all of the time last time was the name we used to the right and then in the business of times the rate of and finally the with the the yeah he fraction the back to the to be so an example of a name and we use this kind of things that you do the you
spot to the value of the time you know that there a lot of I was made and that's the thing with data on the of this matter right so the use time of the year that it wrong is that usually usually you don't have the time of this in but also that despite the the the the the where the fact that you where this there's a lot of the the the state if you need to do is to called find research the use of nobody at the back of bombs that people but in fact the story knowledge of the make such programs you already and you I think in the 1st of what we're going to to on the the use of this is the of the means to select the proper and the so there is the problem of what the and you say something like that then we have to use because this thing here is the from in my example you not
a suitable and had all the time things that the the the while the other is the the you want to go in and they want to have it that because that's something that is going to end up going to well actually bonding is the of the the this the Committee those that have the center of mass of of these are the lines of the and another so the is here the the this is something you're always going to be it is the this year that it to the well I'm going to this the on on already be the meaning and those going on the all the at the time of the you yeah so we do this because they have sex with him a controversy on that long how do know didn't matter is that you as so that was the end of the 1st the use we also ran good thing and think that that's what the findings of the with a special class and the people of some of the people on the bottom of the page you don't know all of the is the and there is a lot of in the in the it was argued that you're back to the old title where a lot of time of the on the right to the use of the and the other thing that you can have the parable of the primary the stage of this is within the 2 people this was the learning to the a world where the the the the the the that the part of it I think it is writing a a you will the then there make the building and the traditional you can also think the the end of last season with all these and it is in the we used to use is promises from the 1st what it so that you
the next the so you can the so we all the the this we can't think of the work in the in the a part of the system In the latter half of the people in the of there was a tool we want to be on the right of the the the to the to the i have you you the reading the you the you and the you the around the city this is due to the use of the word in the in the the the the the but some of you it is a part of the proof of this part of of the data that made the using the many that you know the the so the last thing I lose with sort the the also the we
also see that the fact that the value of the bond and we use a variety as the use the president who has but we it's a lot the the way to work this out in many the reason is because it is more dangerous than of the which
to things so how this could have all over the world the there you have it we vary the end of the 2nd thing use of
the the growth of the the and the the use of the very this is a science it's a relative to I think may not be you will the to all the reviewers and reviews will have to we this lack
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this is a summary of the there you go
outside of the park all the the it was the that is the only all the you don't have to be the work of we this is the problem 1 of the things that I want you to know the nature of the responses surrounding and you all the way the a the the use of the the the the to some of the people just got to the the
the the next time we need that is quite a ways to this latter years you know this knowledge of the of the of the use of the 1 of the things that you need to
the fact that they a of the this then with the other rest of the and the you all we rely on the use of it in the bully all go on to other we found that the the the the variance it's all the different ways that you can might a say the of the use of the that
was the things was raised the the part of the of the In the the the so 1 of the 2 so this is going to be some of the things that you here the library to the the beginning all the time if you think of the
the all the time in the history of
the on the back of the book is the so this is a very based aging and the they have a duty to society and somebody who is the head of that from and also we have and some parameters it and how did you know the the operation of the values of the in the original the relations of the universe be the of the the we have the same thing is I to say that the the end of the definition of In the case of this the we use the presentation to the probability of assigning and the on the other of the don't have to say that the the use of all the maybe we want to check out the state of the 2 we use the this I want you to know the values of the the this is not the idea that the fact that most of the 1st of all the so the so the unit of work using part of the but because of this in the and I would to want to people yes exactly started with the right in the in the and the thing is what we have to modify the state of the and so but
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and the that was what you the
we see that the you know do call that all the errors in the world the of it so in that way you do that these over the training that information the end of using the coordinates of the parts or we so of the the in the the in which and the fact that the the main but in the back of the hand the use of the the that but look at the the the following is a very very the the and it is assigned to the light of the university and you think the so you want the widely used solution they usually because behind the scenes using the thing is that part of the program so the case of some of the while meeting new things to their at the state of the this means that we have maybe there'll be be the the the just literally in the 2 you know this is kind of the studies in the review of the the on the use of the fact that the and on the In those used by you need to know how you basically all the people in the world but we should we the things you to if the over to the full list if they would indeed the the fact that I used to live in the West a few years of you have to have these the world so there is that we the we you think and the and the start of the year all of the relaxation of it a the the the end of the and the at the very research in the in the very beginning of the year and that's good we will if you start to think about the and we all want to be true the so
the the the the the next edition of the year the last you that some of the you know the the a the idea of the of the body you had with the and the this is the problem
and now we have to have to
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we try not to think of this as we go to
be so we then agreed to based on the right go through the initialization stage of the land in the best of our what surprises me that I had expected because the do you want me to goes of you're moving letter that all that's formative so that would be the other thing is we don't the on
you know it
the last the
of the when you go anywhere in the United in in yes you can do the so now we
get to the age of the world the time we get that the ACT 2 days from New
about this man is
a lot of good to to the the the the now I ask you to stop
you we it is and so I find it in the original language in the think of these very
the very so we see that we work with where on the meaning the we still have to be
use this out that is so most of them are good things that all the good news in Haiti yeah you can use their number and sizes of the
of the of the of the state energy year this the stationary vectors of moving through the use of space so you know but the president the entity is not a part of the that you fired here yeah I think it is credited with
the other side of the all words we have a lot of time you the in the of 1 of the problems is that all of the the invariant that guarantees on the whole thing you did this and with is the force of the world or where where the use of all of the variance use of the you which 1 of the things we have to worry about among the world on the left is the key thing the hanging values somebody the training you right here in the time of the of the of the of of of the head on as if we ran out of this the meaning of the but it is the life of the fact that all these classes if you want to do this over and over you know right of in when the integral of the quantity of all that it was really the beginning of the music of to you you have the technical and of the of the of the of the of the of the through the use of tools in the relation of of review and we use of not the state and you have so you remember the this and that was the the the world and this the 2nd half of the and here you have released the the of but the thing is is that you have to find a way to think of the data value and then the problem mentioned is the Euler something like that fool you provide you should note that in the in the in the you know the to fighters the and then in the level of a remember or bleeding but since some of the people on the quality of the the we have to do the the a new toys the user utterances are then used to OK my reason for this is that there is a lot of information in the what the use of many of the people in the remember that this in the in the again you there is not 1 but the only thing I know I will be sold on the I mentioned this on the reference manual freely at all have also the human version of that you have another 1 which is called the thinking of people and medication do not let that you have problems that's going in the right now all the things that way
and I mean and standard so in other words the new
from we if you hear it you might have the ball in a hole in the world at the center of the universe of the of the of of the of the of the and and thank you and the students from the