Considering the Future of Copyleft

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Considering the Future of Copyleft
How Will The Next Generation Perceive GPL?
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Copyleft licenses, particularly the GPL and LGPL, are widely used throughout the Free Software community. Over the last few years, recent debates have led many to various conclusions about the popularity of copyleft. This talk will discuss where copyleft stands today, how it interacts with the modern Free Software world, and how copyleft advocates may need to adapt to the future of Free Software licensing. Copyleft licenses, particularly the GPL and LGPL, are widely used throughout the Free Software community. However, recent for-profit corporate interest in Free Software development has led to a renewed preference toward non-copyleft licensing by for-profit entities. Meanwhile, many for-profit entities that do use copyleft for their own software now do so in a manner that most copyleft aficionados find, at best, distasteful and at worst, abusive. A long-standing truce exists in our community between fans of non-copyleft licensing and copyleft. No one in the copyleft communities disputes that non-copylefted Free Software is an important part of our community. However, copyleft faces new challenges that make past debates about the appropriateness of copyleft seem quite minor by comparison. This talk will discuss all aspects of the complicated situation facing copyleft, including younger developers apparent preference for non-copyleft licensing (as expressed, in part, in the "post-open source" debates), the widespread and common failures for companies to comply with GPL's relatively easy requirements, and how licensing choices are today, unlike in the past, rarely in the hands of individual developers, but instead their corporate employers
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license for your own softer but you might be using components and leave it in are some restrictions on this there are some conditions that we need to understand and the same goes for HTML which is actually what I recommend for people to use a standard but this is just the beginning the then we get into a more fuzzy slide ways see right here and things start to get a bit more arrivals I mean you can actually I want to target myself at the Apache but if you do so then you have to be careful about the analyzes that you're about or if you're having your architectural discussion I mean you see a lot of friends and logos and stuff that they have their but even those things even if they are under the GPL license partial their understanding of GPL much you will be different from yours I mean it's all of the of law that starts to increase in terms of compliance in terms of complexity I just click here the work us part of global because I find it interesting that they know recommend all the work you've on WordPress also the GPL which is a commendable move but is still so much of the
discussion about it do then you go for development being here I'm actually putting a very nice way of power right while hope but most importantly what we usually do when we are in front of a computer is that we are stuck in a problem and there always the hence we don't really but if you get stuck with using the internet you find a solution and then you put in your code it runs and it's great but I mean from a copyright perspective it's ImageNet like the poem of someone else you're thinking that piece of cold and text that someone else wrote and then you're applying this idea on text but you're not really giving much of an attribution of the and if people later use tools to detect these statements they might actually not that word comes from just
for some basic information this is a term that people don't usually talk so much so often but in the compliance world provenance is the art of discovering resulted comes from so they have people that usually when the
speed of the try to cover where it comes from they try to see exactly what the source so that they can for example ask permission for the person to use because many times you code-sharing around the world but you don't really know what the offer might people might not be good but we also like to at least I see from the people from my work they don't own profits so firstly ask permission for people they want elections make things OK this is usually for our government institutions ends this is also my recommendation
if you're developing code of a good way of solving this issue but it's very simple I'm just putting Java here that you can put some annotations explaining where the cold came from who was the offer that you believe it to be and that they annotate it might not even be the more accurate information but this is the information have this is a place where you took the cold from it's already great help because when you're doing provenance analysis and you find the same snippet on for the different projects and just displays where it came from and if you more conservative you can't even asleep but you have to remove it from the so this is already a very big but
then we were talking about the curve if you remember now we are getting close to the packaging and on the packaging this is the more of say some more serious portion of it is serious but this 1 is really the 1 where you can't to be preparing to sort of medical plotters usually we try to remove all non compliance issues that if i
and by non-compliance I don't mean legal from a point of view I mean things that we consider the risk of not really being correct both from a medical you you can aim at but if you find something that you don't like it then you try to put it with the yellow attracted but to the red part of the clean and if you get to this point and you're still finding red dots there is not a good thing and this is a screenshot from a real project but the more scary stuff is that it's not just 1 but they were 500 components in this project and as you can see you find a lot of already and these are things on the last stage that is still to region here to correct a so imagine how difficult now it gets to go all these people tell all these managers and so on but we can't use is free softer because lots of compliance but imagine what's the answer and so it's not so something it's not so easy sometimes to get an agreement for there seems to be the correctly but most of the cases it is possible if you work in advance to give some experience and the good thing is that you get
your car ready with all the softer in size and then we can walk out the door sort using my so this is a good thing about software is free software also accelerates developed and that you're part of the the years it will be an electrical ones 1 but then Prof your chorus released he goes outside of the law and people start to use it
but what you also notice when things start to be used by other people that are not inside the company for example they start 1st questions I mean where's the
compliance and that a few people know but nowadays when you buy a car it's full of softer I'm not kidding about this and much of it is also free software but if you notice even with a cell phone when you get your own cellphone you don't really get a file or a document saying well you have X Y zeolites inside of it you don't really ask for this information is not solvable ideally only compliance that you see from most of the manufacturers is still slide like this 1 10th of the white I mean we don't see so much we have to ask questions so starts a process of discovery the this is for
people that come from Germany this is actually more or less commonly start to see a lot of accidents we start to break apart softer compiled on sources and try to see where it comes from why otherwise applicable what can you discover about the and this is not really the best way of doing it because this is 1 of my analysis of 1 of my locks because I have 1 to track all the things that I'm doing so that if I'm wrong someone can collect but that's the thing I can be wrong I don't know where the call came from I mean we're talking about governance and compliance and many times I'm just going assumptions trying to discover whether code is coming from and this is not so good this is not to the correct way of doing things so to solve these kind of situations the there is actually a nice
standard already been proposed and sold S BDX so the standard package data exchange this comes from the Linux Foundation it's being worked in a way that we can actually use it to describe the licenses so that when someone is creating a piece of software they can actually become
these SPX format is formalized but before 1 source of thing that is a very complicated format I actually put a screenshot of it it's nothing more than a text file where each line as a meaningful data that anyone can be there is also the XML version for automated tools but I'm just going here the the version that I prefer to use my own daily cases so as you can see has information about the the sharks and he has more information about the file and already has information about the license that some of the human for example has been analyzing so so if you remember before I was doing the things that really trying to discover them exactly the way that are now using to document the licenses inside the softer the it's also very great effort by
the exclude group that I noticed is that they set up a reference point so before there was no common language to describe the losses I mean if you're using GPL version you or if you are using a GP or version 2 or above or if you're using for example or any other kind of license that is more popular to find the all trying to describe it in different places there wasn't really a common vocabulary for describing the languages so I would recommend going to their website and taking a look because it's really
worth your time even if you don't about yes connects just adopting a standard list of license descriptions already very good and very good stuff tends 1 of the things when you start using the SPX imaginative like needs you know the web so SPX tries to do the same with licensing was used to have a standard and people start from standard same way we can start the metrics we can start the visualizations of data we can start for example to look at as the followed see which files have already been analyzed and which files are still missing we analyze you can for example make a list of the copyrights inside a given packet believe me this is much better than someone just giving a piece of software to you and say OK this is you feel and then you ask but what kind of GPL so it avoids a lot of miscommunication that exist between the both parts we really need to know and we want to know what we are using so that you can also process information to other people the poll that I'm showing here is things that can be done manually but we also have a lot of tuning already
available and I'm just putting talking here the cost nothing that you can use the so for example 1 yes the exhaust your matrices from the command line also to convert spreadsheets include the SPX format if that's what you're using and we also have also listing of a page on line that you can also go and try to make a mess the expected shot of it's the only downturns ideas steps only small false because it's appalling things that on triple sec we are also making actually available is actually something that we are using and people improving as so as
a proof of concept we are actually thinking of the reactor project for 2004 this is our compliance projects we have athletic inside come on how to create so this is what we are actually doing is a proof of concept and speaking on their source so it's quite big making files and files I can tell you for me when I'm looking for the animal analysis and trying to the
charge that environment affects my time so I hope that next year and that would result sort of it in
terms of reading I recommend for example going to look for this is where you find a lot of discussions about intellectual property and they try to go for the needy greedy details about recently calls also because of security concerns if you want to read about compliance in general and you're developing softer I recommend the open source license in it's very practical and the good thing is that we have a target license that you're using and so we can actually start learning how it feels I like it the the flower think the perfect I actually use the clue and so we looked at this
time and on a quiz time actually
invite you guys to go into compliance session to see how easy or how difficult it is to actually determine the license and I'm not using any tools I'm just really using your own research gnomes capacity to go the
internet and try to find information so we'll be putting some of the components that you usually cross around every day and we are trying to go all the reasons why there is this so the first one is my sequel
everyone here in this room user's my sequel but I mean what I think the cations at note land use massive prostate images but there are some implications when people think that my sequel can be used for free software development is that they also have a lot of license conditions behind them and their interpretation of GPL might not really be the 1 that usually so that's the main difference and I also have a few more quizzes there but I don't think we have enough time but basically I just really wanted to give you some the other examples like monkfish where they tried to for example they promoted as the is
the entity is indeed but 1 of the components is not and its commercial so compliance is
not really so clear most times they require a lot of analysis and efforts given that we
try to have the license is all very well defined and logical the truth is that all of new answers and that's my session for today if
you have any questions I'm here to help all the amendments to this based that yes there is a shock some that you can control the whole package official 1 ash that you can use and this way you can't change I mean people so that you can be broken but for following that on all security issues on respect yes it is on the use of the right and the other and the you you of what is so my recommendation the work talk so you on
a test and you have like a lot
things that you can the I know I know
we need 1 in work on it but just using the exception of law firms velocity or there's in the it was a good 1 you know and and that and you you so as you know so that's the problem you said it yourself a significant amount of gold and was a significant amount of both I mean how can we measure it can be 1 line for example we could spilled in 3 can be 51 so I don't know and I'm actually on the mistake that's most times you don't find licenses attributed them perhaps CCA common commons creativecommons but you don't find license you find the people that created that code so what we try to do is try to get in contact with the person discovery for the person was actually the original offer of the code and if not just move on to the person from were accompanied remember solid we try to on strategy the the the the the the the the would and and I think the and you can use the and is that there are no fixed rules from my perspective at would you be for what I see in real world becomes really apply it to this rule that fits every case we really have to products so for example if the ultimate goal being up but it's a different situation than as most of you probably thank you for listening to the
end of the talk and the pleasure
and so on and around
the time of the year of the
U the and so on and of on the end
should the and OK and
a and a and you so I'm thrilled that people are all the following as ideas we
trying to model over by you know we have more people using the talk of the basic situation in which you have like feeling like this is utilizes all the level of the coming in this evening there is no way to make it work place again until all the
seats and could because of the different types of group for all and now I'm now you know what that think it has to do with computer was
related to this regular discussion going forward and the and the thing that you can
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the the and and the the the the the the the brain is from a bag of words to say that of the room just immediately filled up for me and terror that the release of the newly collected may also be this time of other so that there's a book on his word you have for we will you downsides so the ability to understand the value like in my about cities that are more than the standard the of all the forces the fire her when I'm not the speaker that was the literary and well and the other is is that I have no idea of fire but only always metaphorically the and the the look of the size of the development of the field that you you have a the the power of process that follows the rules of the licenses and so we we were authorized to go 1 on 1 you will learn my heart and why out of 100 and all lot of them you know in you area of the what is no holidays you but you work with the of of the society's standard and the mean a at the top of the last thing you why figuring out what started out so that they will well more come on top of that I think it's undecidability around 1 of the things you do this there is no various with all the I know you are you're right you're right you know where it is higher than that means that the novel approach for this 1 was used to use the