Configuration Management 101

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Configuration Management 101

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Configuration Management 101
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Common threads run through modern configuration management systems. This talk will explore CM by examining promise theory, convergent systems, idempotence, and order. We'll also touch on orchestration, immutable systems, and containers, and testing
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you have this is the in the in the in the that's the and and the parameters of the right of what you use on my over time in the history of the type of the the actions of of in of the that means that the statements of the I and the and the 1st thing in the environment being formed so internationalization of the initial right on the analysis of the and no so that the last thing at the end of the last lecture we review and so that all the media such as the 1 year so at the start of the use of it but you certainly would varied with
the laws of delusional so as to the a kind of so many of the analytical formula and the worst of the letters that example is the measurement of in general this strategy is that use is really to way think about their bodies in the back of the fat so the science of this is looking at a lot of the at the of this is the knowledge the you know what gene that we're going to think of the of the company you work yourself and the mother of all of the so the the the i what in the service of the server to stop doing that this follows the status of all of the sudden you knew the entrance of they always within the precise I results for every lecture structured that is all I can do it alone in a given to you that you and is usually some units of the sheets of such a thing as learned how to do that I you what did you do in the supply the cerebrum this could reduce the number of so the volume is used to the all of them by the
the of the of the change in the system and basically what data in the next step there is a way of getting all of you know working of the painting and you have to do with the the so and it has a very useful to that of the of the pendulum were used because of use of it this is what it is that right region but also in the this at the end users and we wanted to constantly and I do that the user but it is so so that this that the set of all the and all of that I do not that the image and so on so that the lists of fusion and this is where we actually come to terms that you can use this so all of this is that there is no at all so that the pressure will sticker being filed here and the form of that thing so you know the position of the orders of As you better that suggested it all have the same thing on the on the new 1 is that you feel I made of various protocols and some of the the the on there
the size of the data somewhere job and service at the so it this that of and you start to see the like almost all of you on the state of the art but the problem was solved and its prosodic listed on here because this is the 1st 1 relies the following things in the state of the art of the models in the all from the the goal is the Bush is investing or along with that of the so we're through
the use of evidence that this is the very bottom of the
image and so you can change so right because we're trying to make is that the essential of to deal with 1 of the image the images of this that that's all I can say is this so all of the different of just said about about it is that we have all the with that in the use in of the 1 of the 2 versions of this of the world and revival in that there's so for i in this exercise that that's you know 2 of its loss of function in the use of the useful the I like the only person in universities program in introduction I I I really interesting on the basis the search for a lot of that and the problem which aims at modeling and an artifact of the waters of the next this cycle the center of the operating due to the the 1st thing but also the health care system problems at the end of the spectrum of the theory of installed in the in the in the room you the end of the end of this year however it is that you need to know about being lost and so on and so much you this you have
to find the 1st year in of the scattered capabilities and the of the things of an this can for that so you can see this
by the developers of the if the around with the following we
use the knowledge of the space that so this talk
we have to consider is the difference in the out of state of the art in the you of the of the of the of the of the of the muscles and all the and the
next day so and the
emerging of so
the highest possible level of of in about plots that so of course that's the that's the that's the after the world was 4 shows you this is the very 1st of the year and that's the way you you want to initiate if there is a mixing of right however there is different the repulsive force that provisions of this so the the policies of the use of the word the In the 1st of the 2 that news the only thing that is all the user stabilization of unsolved and the user going back to the collapse of the pose of the whole of the movement
so that that is easily translatable because you can you more and
we use knowledge of the old ones but they also report
the policies of the declarations about it comes at a time and it's also the applied in here and there was so this is important is the notion of control the kids like did so what kind of is it on the other hand you want to do this it was also the author of the change of the whole of the other states
of the region and the size of the actors and so on and so on this version we can all the and on the basis of the president of
the of the of the example of all suggesting that the for the people
nearly so that means that we want year of so it was really so you look at it the rest of the original so that's the 2nd exactly what I think the all of protest every time they were about mean the and so this this year or during the and and you will not do so the thing that we missed it so happens that the research and and the would use I 2nd where you see the reason is that this is the last iterations so actually like to get the data into a sort of a of the of the of the environment and what happens is that you know what was this social status when the data in the file and literally to non and a bit of time just because set so the 1st one is said to be issued on the data the dog secondary arose so when you think of another example on the quality of and then there the will be a lot but they just can't save so the right and with this in mind so that the example of the voting operation of it but this is the 1st 1 is what they're going to stay in the implied
by the operation of the number of moles of the nothing about how to actually do the work to similar very close to the fact that sets of the difference in order to get a handle on the top of this 1 at the University
of and show you as such that it is not so much from the face of the rates the this data because of the ones that were going and you say that it's in the way in which the derivative of I won't do
that did not and so I actually
want to this room which is the 1 that so but all of the news and the Republicans Test stayed there is
so a of the in the lecture on but you see there's has so I thought this query in this sort of and in the test will take action after the so here is that the plot to understand and use those to the tool that was the last of what was the meaning of the name of the In the latter case to the other but in the end the the both the installed from Europe but also in a new development system very often you will have some software with the deviation of the of those from the that what you so full of at
that time this is the original speech usual thing is that in this of universe
or any of the following so this is the 2nd half of the so
the results we the so I was wondering what you refer to do you have the right
so this is really that a version of the system and the thing that you know what
happened was that they have a good analysis of the blowing up of operation started 1 and so on and laughter our lack
of this study the remainder of this form because the name of a swarm of bees on the 1st 1 that uses them all 3 of others in the water in the lower so the values in yeah of goal and latter so I reviewed figure
and batch and online of their because fashion as we move on the fragment of humans so that was the year of the of the of the of the of the role of the this is called how fast it with the best knowledge of changes way so the luminosity all of the different groups of users that you of so we're all the there is a set systems based of there are about that she so we use the cost of the skin so the first one is unwound take to the original operations and the together to form a so the the 1st thing you know all this in the past we the name of the match that's what I find more available you so much the but the parts in a significant part of of and so on you were the same as so I want you war was little it is because of the users so you can use this in the on the easy stuff this is the usual binary regret it I told you that you can use 1 of so it is based on little pieces of the of the attention and the last 1 actually want to see that the the the the the so called all you for a fact close to the world that we're all on the which is so the functions to functions that actually false and that it was in the the Frederick how about the ones where this what about so told you their repair out any of this but I don't have the genes the good of the so what is the status of the use of pool you on the well this is the wrong word so have you done over the whole so this is the exact along with their own 1st step of file with that of the head and the cricket directly in the donor information you can set up religious group and the result of right to us so a policy that you actually so I thought that online user and in the existence of nations and I'll situation that the moral is that they're not all the time of the year in which at the 3rd iteration the convergence of the state of the art of convergence action of a test on that's what the user ratings in relation to to to so that of all this is not usually you should actually that's where the the level of of what the situations where you know nothing about system just changing the actual you so services can of that most work all operations are actually really stupid OK and sometimes the original vector of electrical systems and so there's a and this question what action we have communications when you rearrange all of the functions of the user topic actually versus a pair of events in the in which users through the use of the system is on nuclear issues there was no I conflict in the sense that you know that there is no difference what so I guess for now a lot of writing were especially on the inside but the move
wherever from the period of the 1 month and so this is part of the of the of the of this kind
of model so look at the age of factors that each 1 of the classes that we've been using the effect of the the only 2 provinces because the lender and so within a set of these things actually some of the more so it promises made and that's just the way that the the the but even the other agents and the resources the files the the agents have local information were sort of this is of the implementation of the Beijing has all the information that you need to be there but is so users what know that the on this the the the the nose the the doesn't work in the library can the theory of information about themselves against the the him where he wants to use the what you do leaders at the variance of the the world that it the there a of interviews and also is more of a building what what's providers and so on and so providers and that of the words you go over the space of all the the how it is that it intends possible that it is in the past year the the promise to solve the problem of the so it is because the and the tools that bad things about the intentionally for facts it turns out that there are actually like at of the time and you know it all and this number is that
the languages the of the for
DSLs there's always the strict machine instructions from the user to find the right so you don't let you may on a very smudges using that the and of the head of the tools the velocities of queries on the order of 10 and watching by the time you get to the addition that that's a lot of things that you do in a real job is to look at the end of the song and story which the area
of the policy is so the probability that the version that in the the subject in this package that this kind of the nature of the actions in the form of but I think this is something that you should here we have a single major regions of the data on all of it added the exact the same idea of doing the same thing it's not all part of the observation and sciences this is kind of the head and the number of classes it was sold and I introduced and again in of we and I have a subject and I'm in a so and the the but the US and this is that you
and I would like to be of the form and in the end the on the other end of the day in the
heart rate and
the composition and
structure of the so that's the you from you know so that the rest of the this is a recipe for a while and then talk about from somebody some of the ones that you need to know so that resources in that same pattern from that you find this in the cell cycle where the original file with that in the case of the resource so that you can always get you a better and the change of the whole thing came up with sort of inputs to 1 of the things that I would you have older so 1 of the more than in the 1st 2 and all of that what they do to the different regions of the world so that learning of the resources and this is the this and the the rest of the world the book and I have some of the families to the source and something understanding of the world and that was used in this part area of the that some of the policy that this going this event in everything that we function 1 of the things that I have just the right of this work and this is the text that used in the of the of the around the world have noticed is that the only way to do that so you have a baseline resources in the implementation of the of that lasted about representation the top of the variables in this kind and I do this by using the stories have become more in in the in the of the it was my intention to talk about and the rest of the and actually communication of the use of the of the template on the other that the and you will see that the the using the use such that the reason so some of the the the long in the walls of the state of the during and the so you know I I just so happened to the worship of the star and action and so on who was in in terms of area of the of the of the of the of the of the of the I was like yeah that's that's the and the artifacts of tradition and you and the same side of the room and you don't want to know what the value of the likelihood of the and is the that the election of the overall vision and doing and the same thing as the data in the handling of whatever is the the the the all of them have been kind of about 2 so this is the fact that the work that you have made the the children you test the of over the number of the year the 1 of the main so I'm just going don't have the form of this is the sort of thing you so you need to decide that the students that use information of a lot the of name of a so this is that's the experiences of of all of the 2 in a sense of the word semantic version of the meeting I have a lot of so so instead of being a major the is and we have the and the reason I'm not really in the case of the development of new features of the of the numbers the and so it follows on the ecosystem we also have a version of this state actually only like answers to the university and unfortunately not like you do not cause and the of system and what was going on and some of the category of users and the number the words and
I just reading about the nature of the books and the number of times the word that you have multiple versions of the site of researcher also in each 1 of the things that you got that the shape of
the of just the 1st of the of original must because it will be
on the web server OK what intervals on the part of the chain this is just the the of thing of this in back the of the of the vessel is going to be at the best of it's all around here and so on and so the ideas that he and his promise of a better use of the Internet is the things you could find that the tree the chapter and we don't have any of the 4 this
is all I through which God I will always better than that but also in this these which of the relations In this part of the of the of the of the next morning I know 1 of the things that I want it I want to in the right of this is the land of lost technology but he was working on this kind of stuff like that but that's the topic of the through so the use of it to push the policy making them and this is is all of which is going to be a cluster and the cost of the and this is the 1st time it was was so that we actually have a language that book and then the other people in the world in which so over the years and in 1 way or the other of the history of the the rate at which it's the the well so I've actually in the literature you can to think of it in the 1st place and that will and so what the user actually have access to all the time but it's not a member of the class will
actually resolved in so you say I would recommend that you know that the pope can pull the artifacts the artifacts of the 1st things other than that it's the right thing to reduce the result of of the 2 was the use use a lot of work on this project was this part of the initial testing and
so as a festival will so the goal of the have used to test the waters we have used so just because the resulting in conditions because you actually do right and so you see the text of the dimension of the assumed to just work on all your old future actions and policies I would call this are you the original versions of points part of the data and the model in the in the context of the books of the company and checking up on the board of the members of the research in the area of research work on it the In the out of band together so that 1 of the things that's a that's
that is to say you have tried various changes corporations they allow you to notice it is in the of the of of the of the of the of the thing and also the use of simple version of the text of the the use of Frege's work and the issues in the book show the of of the mean
modifying the work and the change of the variables of the version of a
that is the sum of the I have all of the of the world of the what were
the the thing about
processes that is literally all is meant to each and so far the most about this kind of shame 1 of the areas of the knowledge of the clustering so we have this the leaders of the the answer was provided by the user applications are called the so that policy to the US is doing reader and the reaction at the the top of the culture child using the search the machines and the rich while the so and I usually have to say that most of the time in the environment and set of 1 or 0 . 1 version of the book and on and on and on and on and on and on and on the other end of the state of the game entirely new of the of the test that you have to think of it the exact same and some of the test you know development of the incident and the the use of the of the of the of the final so what would then such a state you want to match of the the sort thing that sometimes the day and it's the 1 that has a lot of problems and you know that you can search you come onto the survival of the so you don't understand the production of learning and just to regression of what is interesting thing here is you know this is something of the right now and I will suggest that the of the other provisions of rules and the size of the the the the people in connection with the of all of the information in the you you you you but that's the analysis of little so the interior of the universe of images using the status of the variables in that so you can also calculate the and and and you know that I have of the phone using execution and so on and on and so the and there's a the kind of thing is that this so you have to have a look at it and going to the patient at the end of the modern age and the and the energy of the of the of the of the of the of
of this little sign of the use of text that unlike in the case the structure of the clusters so you need to use the part of the solution to of the city in the of by the very nature of the so the thing so of
this is the only thing that is because of relation between the meaning of the decision function justices are from the interior of the particle because and had and you all in the name of the kind of things you can 1 of the reasons that once the reach the and develop hyperlink he was that this used to just that and and that is a Committee has the right to the land and that's because the variance of you should use the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the rank of the time in the number of people