Data Warehousing and Data Mining Techniques - Introduction (28.10.2010)

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Data Warehousing and Data Mining Techniques - Introduction (28.10.2010)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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Loretta around It It may come as the prise but style but doesn't this that will be held and entirely in English language so that is a problem for somebody Radianz and law The same thing at all about this and that but the mesh but that at the moment the music but that this was so that the top because they were having about a mining technique and the reason why it's an English 1st of because it's important for you to know what where English and to be able to grasp concept evening which 2nd of this topic in order that they scripulum as the easiest so it's so concept of really easy to grab it even in English and most of the technical terms of English anyway and 3rd demand the actual reason is that the status of a national postal study the mouth of information technology and information systems that is the Mazda cost control and with the universities of Hanover closed and the 2 men I'm and so we are very proud to be part of this year's them and The substitute to get some of the concepts where Fi time in English good exercise later job applications of stuff anyway by the authors of this is that should the important full computer scientists and the state of the issue but it selective as the world for business computer scientists to sell out and a press information systems business and from nation systems that the cost of that is that we know of that are where housing because of the reality of their in almost every urbanisation from business information systems 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 small to be interesting and that the total could leagues about this is that and this is that but it's about time that the time to be doing side with some organisationally issues and then go directly into the lecture said accurate news from of the 28 of Dover until beginning of February every time from the stadium to the public so that makes which are those if you don't correctly and the interesting thing is widely do this in such a large broke with a shot intermediate break up and that is because we try to integrate everything we are tried to get the exercises was in the lecture within the cost Work and have told the background some stories about some historical of Raymond how it came to be in what was for the worst not I'm disguised as 1 of the 2 Solway can just right that relax and the and the and listen to of things that are happening but this is not really for thinking that the small 44 for 1 of spending but it's problem meant to be background inflammation for you so that you can see some of the issues that are involved and we lost the exercises like a solution for the Texas sizes integrated into lectures and a discussion about how and where they will be HomeWorks into a for think every 2 weeks for something every week all the fans who had paid for the work every week now and then find that will be exams and exams and and use as a pre requisite for these exam that you have to get to 50 per of the on what all 4 of the total available schools bomb wicket of the innings and you to some regulation NHS of the modules and the Ministry told us that it's not possible to have too some issues in in 1 exam so are having 50 per cent of the world's goal and Green the Oryx and will be to pops and this is no longer a viable option so us to the strongly advised to try to get the 50 per cent if not the most collective all really get are like repeating review of red on the flight in all my understanding thinking about which you have to do for exams and way that it's a good exercise for the exams and everybody was regularly doubt about the home work with no problem was that you can't please really wanted encroaching on tried to talk the lecture with some of the home or at least some of the credit card and services lectures 4 or 5 depending on what ever each Colombian or non queues study and the English people don't have to be all among some was the the German terms that is expected to send country and basic if you have the overwhelmed the credit if you knew where its life but it's not automatically 5 could you have to change your also of study of the and you have to make sure you do that then you get frustrated by a lack of the island and the next part of the introduction as or what should be the sole was the interesting part of the lecture so what was the city's you will learn and was the knowledge she would gain from the collection
And the thing that if you have bad business decisions as everybody can tell you that management decision he will be stop at in what your imitation of 4 and this is to say the least that some of disaster industry for example crash Freeman broth the lost their the strategic decisions and there inventing the decisions in the order and the new going out on the road yeah led to some of the rooms on where economy to the but they said they were doing the right thing help they come to think of and and that this will be the housing comes into the game that the housing is 1 of the major sources of information that management dread the grounds for strategic deception and that the girls schools area of of organisations which companies also of the private sector does not to be interesting part is for the dead and housing water technical perspective that is that he organisation only 1 on the other hand was called 1 line and difficult full-system all up for for this this that it is kind of analyze how you get to the information that we really want to have and the information was not out in the U Monye Nike Akihisa database and and put in some eskuara period are like and everything the and that most of the information that we were in for strategic decisions is hidden somewhere in the back that can be extracted by putting some pieces that together in a very complex man and this is what he has to do you have to see the the data from a different angle to look at it in a different way and the of specific said that it isn't worth having these for producing the for all 1 of I'm not not taking off about declined with clients of pay about the time of the Christmas model something that was really a plan for almost companies in all they have an increase in sales during Christmas time head the geographical area because of a pay off to Selfridges to the optic circle of NEMO of this is that it is not open the has not out and the open but there was rather somewhere and a new organisational in the sales staff in the cost of in 1 of enough so there to do it is to get statistics along with the amount of debt and the and the statistics in the Nineties Exell slide and they went to the next meeting by also has died the some Sumitomo collared worthwhile helps you to get your point across because who can on you was statistics and somebody to understand statistics and was not meant that this was basically point and the 2nd point is that statistics having good statistics or reduce the basic building walk of many making the predictions began to some degree predict future developments of says going up or down stop Mockett at a turning point stuff like the who are poised to write the you get the idea that we discussed is basically about this is what you should now because it interest that on the other hand it's not only interest and the best addresses and we are being pursued for what we do and if you go to bed with some of these job dropside amongst air hot GlobeOp and you find a lot of shot a umbellifers song on the new technology and those that and it was not about to see a period of 5 to 10 year says survey experience working was dealt with updated shows that has experience or rather than those services experience with them amount staging the extraction transformation ruling experience in and that will put you up a 100 about 150 thousand by and found in the hands of these really amount this really an optical indeed my dad and this is what you can get if you follow this cold and don't come too late for that calls
But some out and out some some literature like a very much and that kind of standard in in this area so that the housing and and the mining the some very good textbooks and a problem with the most well known and it was so cold that the housing by the the indicted by William amount of burying the dead were a House of bigger book that basically deal with than the aspect of the where holes were really get to know what you're doing what you doing it looked the way should do we shouldn't do and as a run on the same lines that to could that is my 1 on a technical level by rafkind The history of the books of a general view on the way house of the point out that the German the and the and the and the and its at so many but superficially that it's kind of nice and if you want something that is in German to accompany the plans to read about some of the point of probably in German that might help you to come of my book
We go into my technique of direct cheese and specifically for the online and led to could possessing a part and the United can recommend Bermuda 2 hours each he to locate which is kind of like the 2nd volume of the dead to get again rough Campbell and which specifically concerns the extraction transformation loading Croesus of the dead about how it will be about how used but house with the build up their all kinds of how to get that into the where has been protected databases how to lead a talk to a man realise it and all that kind of stuff is in the book gave of the velvet and as and that is a good Processing types of the bigger by Thomson overlap solutions and by some of the Wembley and that houses and a lot of interesting books of by can recommend them very well and a city that covers most of what we do here in the sector and the and the and the way their team in New 0 book gets most once again being to do today to day won't give you a basic introduction the hole and the and the ball problem so what is it that well also how reuse it a way not what use at 4 4 and then will be a strong briefly in into the lifecycle until of says that where has needs to fulfil its full potential basically and there is a very big so we all know what that cases are mean we all had Relational that they 1 time who had all but at the cost a basic
I heard And the as or it only had created of Islam from point will be the as well written as the disabled and the head of the division of the bases of the surface of far far purposes and basic you can see it that way houses of the large that and not of course the best across than every large databases that allows the ounces of the stock the with a typical relation of system the Oracle system below you know some them up their houses that just dropped and every Doha's is also not but has some eristics totally different from that of the system will go into them into estimate it as a lot I'm being Tabai means really really got my Aesculus not 800 gigabyte at the most do really have several are several televised was implies that I'm doing the rounds of the very difficult thing most of the dead globally distribute for security reasons what if you Computing sent a Byrnestown down while the Delphi innovations look very bad idea and I'm and and on the other hand because the dentist needed indifferent facility to huge I become ponies old couple facilities and all we need to accept that we have imagined that this may cause to be a bottlenecks it every day but database rumpled a single so mostly That allows are distributed on every distributed database is at at away house now it's not true either and that without the something really specific
It's a collective that repository and that means that any operation the debt that is produced by your company is split up in the debt where house at any point in time we complete history of his death in the desert where he changed his that basis as large as they may be a update data you put you get a new died you don't do that is that a where hosts you keep that the data was a timestamp and but I do that lighting the dollar history of a company with interesting part is that if you want to do publicity-shy some time to see trends emerging from a predictions for the future to see the models that you used for getting a predictions are true that the of cost need historical perspective on the day that is what you do I the prices how you get your operation of that into it and Wells because that's not a single system that several Systems is cold each year all extract expect transform notes and that means that from the memo that this is having you in your company has some kind of a process that would investigate during the next couple of lectures that means that the PM airlines that the worst of it was about to get more information on a bit and then is put into the central that way that is the real thing that those on the basis these are the ones that are covered by the British on the basis 1 and 2 and this is the 1 that with the England in this action in the UK and by the end you can do some under the jigsaw match covering the so called that mobs with much during the full for 5th of the 6 lecturer and then becomes the interesting part that will be covered in the at the end of the last 4 or 5 lectures and the analytic part hobby to walk from 1 end and party to the mining and what are these algorithms to keep out of the NHS Information would when old which followed up to put together on the same shelf in mySupermarket so people will find more and the something interesting and will cover these algorithms and you will know about it and well if he owned supermarket at 1 stage but he you able to make sure that everything is in order and that Jesus very close to the red line because the old ways for to get the care they secured leading and that this is the same with that of their was that those from the transaction systems from the everyday Systems well production that other the customers that the financial that them what kind of Taylor has collected by the organisation is hosted and processes that those doing with Habibul speedy opposite into a that also just like the real world where has been all that you have not of shelves and you just stuff that it and its some unemployment somebody goes through the day where hours and visualize some connexions the statistics takes predictions of just creates repels for management in all like was too good deals that he and his can be done with them
I'm not only is there basis for us at the other ways that allows basically a very large database which troops but if a competitor databases said that the death in a database of not have any product impact it changed and then there may be a change date but that's about it you don't know about the old values on the history of some that you don't know in that well because he never change and that was of course interesting if you to strategic tactic decision that you need to know some of the development to predict what is coming all for the good for order spent it as implies that the management decision you only have a smell number of transaction because management board meetings take like most of the time of the day and they discussed 4 5 things that 3 propelled by in that way if you sailing things all have customer come that will be 3 4 5 things you to 2nd because he said thousands and thousands of and this is 1 of the interesting thing I of the smoke number of transactions that those transaction maybe I'll be Treasury complex because they needed last that to sift through the main need a lot of different angles look at that and still may be group by the country's grew by a certain time time-spans although the development certain time-step spent so these usually the long running transect her and don't have to be on the line while a time but I don't yet know the drinks and the and the system is kind of free to use Fault people for the 1st assault of 1st database that is useful racial purposes has to be on line 24-by said because you count of felt not to sell something because you system some Hall of Fame and the need to be available so without compelling directly to each other they are online transaction-processing there basically the traditional database database and the data were a house on the other hand than the business focus is that the databases operation on it really for sales that it just put that and when unit is sold that happens very of the dead was for tactical strategic of decision at the ready that he the transactions that you have to do is very large in a moment that this race morale and that allows for many strategic decisions to do they are many unit of programme Wessell day 30 different the transaction time is stretched and the basis for me how long I can take 2 Update some record and the man in the White House Ireland as take to group everything by the country and who bought left and why Wii and and at the time I needed and global lots of joined Muchall for a range of self agree teaching and the sums up some of the functions of this is the basic unit of the major differences that we see between databases and and where I'm route again with a kind of annoying but that has not the of that committee are which of the them on a tricky that and that is not the where housing so what the they accept said talk about the game but broken and and the in man Bible just a minute ago so Roskam as it basic the account if chance actually that there is a specific destructive period and that the simple the finish the you have a transaction the business and that is operational would you just call the that into that allow also and I got the inability of their way to a game use it for later and that the firm would not last of women resolute which from the left to the point that could use says that their house is subject oriented integrated number time time very into a collection of data in support of management decision the set point need means and subject operated means organised in a way that where this about the major focus of the company said it is selling computer and the thought of him dead and that where should be the individual computer that is and owner that is relocated to repeat grew which around the central about the customer the cost that you have in production the orbits that you have plenty claims of the accounting that you need that is group around the central entity that away that need subject to shout example is that take the customer is the subject and the 3rd a where Hals's also from than we couldn't based customer data from different periods and activity that customers did so with the based their like dresses and maybe some demographic that at the age the gender and if you if you if you buy something at some of the big markets are like that trauma media model something them they have been problem will ask you what you want your postal code is occurred as anyone ever experienced the when paying for something they ask what is the kind that make it thinking what you just handed over good good music code and had its tie a uninteresting for the trans options and divided the come from and less you had an idea but exactly accepted so that has was could where the customers come from some the basic earlier than a Mockett serves and process planned information that what we are still stuff so that couldn't care less what customers come from the fact that was meant to yes Reiche soloist of a large number of my customers come from a certain area much of probably invest advert and and some at campaigns in other areas that are on to dressing as
That's right the basically you can find out where which Muppets up homing where and which icon of underperformance and you can't let it was a defined areas that are popular with the need of the new rockets and where should put up the next mock well just that customers by the way that taking away and the customer log files the way and not quite large number obviously needed new movie out my head and that's a strategic decision a strategic decision that is not the from the same state as only obvious off we ask people for this codes and selling that information relented 1 big that the focus around the custom and usually at which they are not tables and in and the 2 hours I'm a 100 tables of whatever and there related that were concerned about the object of design the custom of the order that may be where the focus on the centre of it in a way that subject Orient 2nd time it has to be integrated in tells us so by that house contains only information from multiple we transactional systems that spread throughout Europe organisation that means of course that data that gets into the data where house has to be consistent in all of the space systems otherwise he will have inconsistencies in the way of every inconsistency that you experience in the underlying system would be directly moved into that allow which is not a good thing if it thinking about strategic decisions because wrong that you the Inc are principle either that data idea that decisions and of course we want to do to deal with that somehow so far and their that from the underlying Systems has to be made from system and that means integrated you integrate the data from the different operation obsessed and so that we have you can have them may be the gender also measurements awesome conflicting Keizo something like that but what somebody has that many of female other systems just used to them and ask for a male female semi use 0 and whom some Hughes while man whatever is how to get that allow to to think about what kind of family that it's all just decide for 1 and then during taking the information out of the system Justin family but actually the transfer means extraction transformation loading 1 part of the of the child and family yet that that it is in a consistent representation of course or what happens if you have some customers buying a apart and the city's Department said as he is male and the where anti department that has some claims says she female saying customers can happen 1 of the underlying stresses the notice after they then that the world but it DeBlasio that allows would notice because 2 entries 1 saying she's female never say saying is obviously possible the need to decide which 1 trophy of 2 where they say nothing at all to me denied and that is basically the integration part that time and that was 1st to the striker dimensional the dead allow said that the dead and their houses written but updated not the take you don't get anything out of the dead allows you just put it in the up like in the real world where house I like way trade Goodsway Strogatz and then sell them off at some point here the analogy breaks said to some degree but I just stuff that in any keep it as some kind you might be better than the older than tenure as because nobody and with it any more or stuff like that but that's did you don't do the regular updates of for everything that happens somebody buys a computer to note that in the dark hours somebody returns to compute because did really wanted you know that in the last 2 not you don't just keep field records and put some new record into a sell you put in your record it was return and that it will serve again 3 different followed for the same machines in the UK that it will have a single record that has been updated for the new customers will eventually that are
I'm sometimes and new snapshot record of written that is exactly the something was return to all something is no longer about it but you know that as a new record you don't eat the load record update field of and that means Mulwala type basically stable it's just growing and if this is the time when those of the changes to the way house object and record so you have a history over time you can see how some entities changed so if you a central concern of customers for example that you receive overseeing the customer and the during his life cycle was your company and you will see or a visit could customer because the body is every 5 weeks on this is a bad customer because the board was not a bad analyst really got something about stop babies about advertisement because he's interesting said may be the other customers who by every 5 weeks need a customer got so I can have a big savings when shopping was so that these kinds of things that police some customers are pro sustained of the customer relationship management you need the historic data was the development of customer is a customer happy if you buy repeat for all be happy if I used to buy repeatedly but that some points the stop you may be unhappy he may have moved bassist not what you know about that said the some reason that this had stopped and you can find out about some of cause you have different time horizon certified of look at customers that would probably a couple of euros interesting for me if I look at that but for the sales Iwo would not cover the mini usable while the them incredulous or even and based at what happened today was my company I'm so you need you beauty rather than needs a I'm as the freshness of that comes to the large timeframe 10 year whose life you and you that you might that he might consider having the because predictions for the next year but I do want to grant of 3 months away the can operate was a virtual time you will probably need 5 10 used in the operation of system that some of different in all my family were the about once approaches sold it close to learn to be part of it may be comes back at some point the basic for the Dutch club interesting interesting will produce 30 days ago but the Web that come to general definition that house is a repository of the of the organisation's electronic extolled the what ever the organisation the look of the old and the station is about is stalled in the House and its specifically designed to facilitate replanting and the so we need a memorable that this was storage capability we need them now the if that some groups the that around a certain subject we need a lot of storage space because the with collecting has a 10 year time horizon we need use to extract repels and to analyse the data and winning ways to propel the that in Albany station for being analyzed and giving good quality that is basically what their where housing salt and the West Coast usually do that on custom-made half where the specifically built for the for the fact that he will not have that where houses running alongside you can't child system of that a Wells running on some computer somebody works was some of the because of the debt destroyed by some unfortunately events that will be a very heavy blow for your actions and the PM view and have the based management systems to the of Oracle alter that a Microsoft scale of identity to about which basically Relational underlying system for the actual stretched part to retain the for long period of time so we have to think about the Cup England may be New Line offline because the lobsters devices whom you have to consolidate that a that get from right I of salt and sugar figure out what that model of your realisation that should the central and the beach is the part of the customer is the earnings is to say where you really interested in how the see augmentation on the pitch to a subject that is something that where house up assessing about 1st does 52 and and see a show of use case of some real worked at a warehouse in
The sole we've seen what the experts say about interest in 1 of working for a year and say about the big where house but it has to to do not find it in the TV slice it was set for Samuels case to see what people who were with them in the company's say about so I've found a way to depict Shiite his field about it seems Sungai from sea bass will people would be about how this will be a 1st house so it's about time in the Nineties will not stop the city of that they were pretty big had of the time so they say OK what do we do with the state that we needed a boundaries we need to storey time will rise with a multi efficient so they Bakewell sideways of technology and a bit of a stigma and look and say look will not the chequered says we need something from said last some British databases disabilities outside the quickly obliged pantomime which you do not landmines before you should with the underlying high with a picture of him as the were said you don't usually a smoke pupil for its were during the cost for something right they but something for some time someone with a lot of work computing power everything was paid for by postponed the 1st 2 months and then we had the and a civil claimed will be put in Samsung welcomed the base of the potential for a road signs that the base their management after the potential how they would the promotion gold however the city's would be well with the with competing with man was the where they will be the last year's doing the promotion so they could have been a good humoured summer nice is the statement in the cost of parallel universe began having the seeking sold the seedy should basement because small whistled the dispute based only smeller cities where a member of the of the Penguins and how says he has big part of this the is compared to the last few days promotion with sales compared to last summer
What their work on the computer animated now what happened when the executed these this is a pretty big to select is not a problem with my 400 miles of data this is not the imagined a solo postal based ahead of global seeks like this is a lot of the time I had to be extracted from the database to be during the day available because it seems did the spoke about the need for the political be executive where the wanted it had time it was not the problem the issue as was after 5 mood says that this even quotes from over located users all over the room for shops that they came accounting for the occasion is the fees mapping Kaplan databases all over mapping finances and more soldiers were acquitted and he just qualities and she said the Pope the and system had the police grittier the and everything based on a concept Michael based in what it said on the New York and embassy was Isiah book you ever be creating it takes to do
What is and transaction system this means it have take immediate unsanctioned industry in the needs no either transactions can use the data be so that it is the the kind of the way the date of the kind for with operating said right but it is not the whole of the date of this 7 well of quiz though the world not to go would be by the end was not happy about the way said the idea don't care behind the wheel of my thinking it's great but there are also in this period of time right where the sea bass supercelestial with was would be seized on by the time the raid within this is based in looking so you can be executed queries and its big that don't transaction another transaction can taking this week of breaking the ice is was for example of full for example about the but there is a change is not expected any more so you can book a unified something that you needed a powerhouse beginning put your created and you can find out the answer the needs and on the other system 1 transaction sees the European Lewis's as has before so this is how to do so will be the 1st days away the Wigan indeed probably images of the dead but how things look like so we have to Stanzak Muller persistent Systems the wanted the cash it is that we use them for operational will without a debate that is the strangest infusate everyday probably also email and everywhere this is probably the where possible obviously they powerhouse is fit for the persisting with the quality of seeing the world promotions for on the run Iles's between what is the state of the and what was the last year how much the resale last year and will see things this have various or spending by digging out the thing is we previously seen so it is decision audience and it's something else has a major problem this weekend world distinguish between obviates Sobero operation will be used area should be the basis of a lie in whom transaction-processing I'm not allowed to buy mostly updates this doesn't happen in the field will be that houses to have the 1st step off the field the rooting for assessing whether this is mostly needs to use the local said you of home by the time it sits in the transaction a few who have small transactions the take on the 2nd line of the battle domiciled syllabus camarades to the poet and a bit of a damp these does not covered in the House have of large squeeze the size megabytes book that might should you can be a good way to keep the databases you can for example alert after reaching each month most of the time you are high and the economy reason powerhouses if only that last month for food without your country Prediction unique use the skies pulled out by the time I'd databases 1 example where my paid 97 world from the powerhouse off about the 50-pc of by the big announced they last year that the by this is how it goes
You have be at the end where the based systems summarise aggregate unmitigated the band the powerhouses I'm interested in how much I did this specific prior for a local government but United 1 0 at the time I understand how much they be said to be in America I'm interested in amount aggregated amounts of data It's difficult but it's for Beijing making left as they timer must not be of the last state today's it must be the that there is a window Justice close to the Six O'Clock penalty interested in this kind of procedure but I'm happy for him the data last week for the last ideas so it might be a slight as the these things have enough data to make my provision predictions Sony the euro and probably not however but that is history will eliminate the Mahler variation database systems to have warned that the of model some was some of their way to avoid of the density of the data so that you may have to use a stable unit paving cost them would be able some staples about this and some other about they will which out by being together told the keys in the big powerhouse we don't really care about the misation will allow some reduced see what is interesting for us
Is there when despite the which contains tasting data for me my sales of his to a bit of a customer so why was certain customer ideas the blind if I'm going for a time he doesn't get a you a week or being so different granted a Disney during although he did is about local 3 numerous site but myself but behind storey based she doesn't matter rises don't want to wait a week Some of the basic inside higher on the day of the which 100 liabilities 0 should be a separate machines separatist operations of cost base is that people will qualify should have different part of the fire on the map but it will British system and they wanted a powerhouse they should be separated you can Blue Bulls distinguishing but they really need some computing power during the need to make sure that the machine which is still available to them is enough power to serve Wopuld the tasks you can say OK received a slew guys who was to be a big big big big name the beginning to the end when what they talked about the pessimistic looking to sell the solution may be working with something like walking stick talking 1 of the last used the same systems in goals but it was her idea not fully for 1 that by database after once it doesn't functioning more and this is exactly because they were different infrequency behind with these Asian although operation of system will use the cash distributed by making says continues making says the stipules like it will be his last at its peak the about where most of the big time in the build quality is to but there the I should biggest pulled out presentation simple but 1 over the other widely in would happen here and
It will do what they wouldn't be able to make says the however would not be able to diminish book of the and that the days of the storey a wanted to look to data about how practical along the powerhouses would said Let's go and was that has signed up and the last of lecture will show some some applications of their where house so what are these 2 because that they would need about and online and ludicrous testing on and to be recruited out for example that if you focus on the with focus on some certain unit and on some certain time spent on much of the cell and you can do it with all kinds of different into was all kinds of an aggregation's in a month and a week in a year and a different different units and the and was combined sales for the 1st quarter see aggregated although crews use a Greek geisha she now is that the 6 with a joined that we are not Seattle had in mine is exactly what you need if you put that in simple as he out of underlies of the scheme and you would need a lot joins a lot of aggregation's locked up to is that maybe correlated with the other create and everyday database and list for every database administrator somebody who set up a database and and control over their base at some point this spells dissolved because those period the result of virtually impossible to optimized prop and then you have these 20 minute Mom stressed that will run for and block is system and fell apart from the complex combination of the carry it really need complex joined multiple scandal that said for following the different aggregation's and this is the time of the 1st year of a big chunk of getting the crew wrong but does not say what would I wanted to say and 1 c notice that all want to get at the the from the database a he have lost a sizeable mode of time and the and even if you do it right on the 1st stop it will still be sizeable not of timing and and house due to answer the freeze in in a more efficient way more quickly and the idea is basically that you that you do not redial normalisation but that you realise that and free aggregate some that others or a simple is I'm interested in sales and might be interested in sales for a week for a quiet of 4 months for the 3rd time this something that is naturally offered little all naturally aggregate iconic critic every exactly the kind point out that some degradations might be no probable that unless considers example geographic location is a probable that somebody will also create on combining the same off about branchlike and Hewlett and Rebecca where we might be interested in some high the Times studied scenes owners have guessed that exists but it's probably not a very interesting point of you on the other hand having or the new law could and delay Sex and the denial and Germany intuitive it would make more sense because there was a strategic decision that that you can really think about it now like OK we need my Lockett's and and and and Load sex and all we need to put some advertising campaigns in the big cities of somewhere we know already some of the very probably applications to happen and we do need that a house is really pretty a cricket used for example the time period if the basic period is a daily and weekend for example see the fiscal week the the fiscal period of fiscal year was typical period of time that in accounting if somebody has to do it takes a turn for the fiscal year is over the simple around collecting the day's can already off the year stunned recompute the fiscal year and where the best of tax return or whatever statement can rely on the pre equity
But and this is basically the basic Idea and this is basically the tricky that based he and and that the concepts curlicue said don't have the table of of the dead but of different I'm engines that like for like Street the yacht like what I'm on large but the table into a queue of different time spent where every few of the new database can be free agree gated along the dimension of time trial long geographic demand for long customer groups of all people in the city's old for all people who are made all people female something like the end of this seems to be a typical style scheme that will discuss next Lecturer in details about where I have the time key which is connected to a holiday borough of The Times was different Beagrie's of 3 aggregate and now pudding ordered period on 1 of these time spent made to a direct hit out out what all that all of this fiscal year not don't aggregated just take it from the 3 computed and that's great for the money to aggregate review and you and bomb tried can do that because I'd have to there for the big and for the city but again and either sixfold joined in a database would be deadly such nearest wanted at away hours still possible this found that there houses basically the repository and takes that are put up in front of so what happens is that the truth that the money to bridge of a ship to work on the data that is provided by the by the that away and the most Tree known is owned line and the 2 assessing the last tools for that and every company has its own tools said that works on the very day of the 2nd phase of the relay common is called it the most discovering databases of which uses different than mining closest that a mining algorithms on the to detect hidden connexions between so that if you find out that a certain customer group that is buys a certain point you can do targeted at the time things that you can make a big sales at points but these people are all around and you can see that some of latest effort advertising campaigns for people who don't buy so that everything that I don't know about the customer its sales to point out of that you can find out and rising what happening and is interesting for interesting for strategic decisions and then we have of course is that visualization and planting which is very interesting for getting ideas into management and all effect and show has something be Hazlitt can predict how something being and by the while my mind my related comments on my proposals of fall management decisions will of course be much moral from believable and much more at the for management of child of succeeding behind this why all these consulting companies making salient and them on their way said these wonderful colourful slide with with all kinds of extra graphs like how things the and hell the woodwork because it makes and this is something we can do to a grown up only lytic of persisting is a set of Falmouth information sustained and the would says it is basically tiny information so the information to be accessible has to be accurate and that we need to see that we need to normalise steadily need to transcend at some time and that it is understand and well timed the yesterday management decision UConn need a week or 2 to get that off but still is not like like at the capture cash register way but in the customer cop and and it should go up a he is the amount is your bill and move on and not which has a survey only limited today is a I'll knowledge Collins is not a good custom exterior the need to be taking the to be on the spot and means 2nd it up minutes hours on not unheard of and sometimes it may even take of it very and very complexing to the right and left and the flavour some of which will be discussed at the end and that the sort out the the door the look like that they are the best player like that the often sickened was all about and what will not go for a victim of example that this will appoint relations databases so and more Almighty them and Load their bases and and so on so the different flavour that are some are concerned about how their Stewart and and and holiday reported and the best of some of them in time since including the data mining is the basic ideas to find mathematical models statistical models of the data in question and that only a man with summarises what is happening and not can be used to predict trend which is a very important thing so if you have a bad day said like for like with customers you awake at the for everybody who but something and maybe the gender and the income and and all kinds of full of human graphic that you might find that somebody who has children rather guys in the band and call who pale something else which might have come to suprising but then not many things about this suprising indeed so especially if you go shopping and of retail not unlike grocery shopping West of altogether other sings that typically cells can be used find beside the obvious in all via the Getty and wanted to find something that you would never have thought possible for example line is very of with sold was diet is because people stay at home and brought a bottle of wine and going off involves if you think about it makes sense he would never thought about it before but you can be out of date and that is what the signing of only in Poland and all the way that they can stay in Saturday is that if you just go rookie and with that you can't have a family special to bottle of wine per 1 extradited the fact that you down by a US company that that enough like everybody will be at found as a set of the recent and and if you if you can't say some well 6 start from customer where terms and is bigger than you 100 humour and you can be some not for example show showed if somebody by the amid event and the age is the largest city 35 any family if every good job and the total spending will be a rather large if somebody is a member and comes from Brown try and he might have money because the Zitka of of eastern range and that all the island off professors and books about the managers and
Teachers and whoever lives there and are like that might have money for some rezaul they are not the professes to to help fund managers at least some these a typical rules that you can the juice using at Eton and knowing that the business advantage because you competitions may not know and then you can talk to the custom you can type the interesting by not set out to do not segment will also be part of the fact that under the crisis you get on to is that it is under which product accustom allow more profitable out what Mockus what I'd let most of last year and the decision to can take on ground these reasons as where should sugar more shops West acute close down shops which customers should be targeted for promotions and so on so you need some reason to do something she increased production should be decreased she producing more is good but not that much disaturated all you find out whether the model said here at the end of March research and look at the old that what happened as the says says they on the same level for some time the mock may be saturated already and
Sensing as whose the user and that the house is on the line and the possessing so kind of like a business called but still it's not the manages to its to complex for the message will need is and in the distance a point and that specific questions that the management and wet weather management raised the question of what should be do strategically should be going to the Far East mocked the decisions Apollo's goes down to the Other dress to everything the of that could be employed by rather than or more human all what interest you defined the information that is needed to discover the information that the by every Toulouse applicable and then the full a nice job of will not visualization that help you to get the well founded decisions for the match at the management may follow you'll not popular successful decision as the point at list of Europe called for something and found the promise really that even if your decision to hold specialist you would go through different levels of another
He will probably not be the right be re all not take the right with a new 1st try he was need to look at the data find out how to cluster to find out what makes and will make lessons and and dress and conclusions from the and was every conclusion that you will find out that you really want something different something more specific of something altogether different that his said on the wrong that some point and in the end you will find a way to looking for hopefully this Thoppigala Xstrata analysis you explained that you look at some aspects of the dad just to see what you really looking for the sake of your blowing up your mind set which has some the by the death of a fine and Lloyd the for something in the end you will probably find that basic the highly working and and Distributed expert advice is that there is not enough just possibly and found that the UK and the Jews were you want that it and then see where we want to know why Gadomski when he was basically of what but what you do and this is exactly how the dead a where house is actually built if it as this is sort system where he was that it is totally different from working with the bases in the database of the Chris statement it tells you what I ask for a lot more and not less in the decisions of pop system could take trend you detect connexions and you as the supply of specialist are in control which cost to follow which information to acknowledge what is rather than what is right and this is basically a what would you do if it is likely to climb and Engineering and read that you don't know where requirements at 1st but victory in New requirements everything every time you learn something new and think if you the saying that you learn something that they need your requirements things relevant just needed out to stick with the old and bold someone APEC is basically who he was and for the last cycle data where itself the system development life cycle and stability and renowned for its staff of with the design and the design is a typical stuff Engineering out requirements and to talk to use of the drug to the management led a interested in where the primary gold was the subject that should be sent to his wife systems on their work that solves do you have so lot being affected into that with the new look at the key performance indicators of what really is interesting is that free the money you and is a chip customer base that his team for thing is that the property was sold to want my what other people Holmes indicate and then you find out how good management works all like you try to find out how they doing decision Khaled coming to conclusions and this is the processes to support was the correct Croesus but you now UConn change humans to much if somebody is a good manager and the priority is a way of managing a successful new kind rush in like McKenzie and that whereas the change mean there was a great favourite of the UN but eyes 1 9 thousand and the people came rushing in order to not addressing knowledge and everything has to change and after the Red nothing work any more because we felt comfortable was nobody knew what to do what they recent yes it's not vision but it doesn't work and this is part of the problem he tried to make the decision making processes underlying the the information needs and and finely designed the sky 50 travel to a lot of of people before your ready to define the schemes and that is really necessary so that does no standard with somebody tells you this standard where you just get used to the state of the state of the state and the state of the state was the the and that it and its wrong it does work but the neck and as up to a prototype and the 1st time have to to constrained and in some cases Reframed and you the requirements of the law of cars amid once a system that has turned to the wonderful world decisions plenty about 100 per cent correct and would round large large benefits for everything and the Bloomberg either enough you just have to come straight into the toward a possible sensible and sometimes you can work with people say pop at and we want that but it's not really working need that tell and can change at then tried throwing its processes of a big problem and then and most a companies especially in the company's because you have to again with a lot of people just train people working with them and they used to be very patient before people stopped using the sink and the intended weight and sometimes have to listen to people because they may have reason for not using it in the end that way for many that as a good thing and it is a change that you should work with a header after the deployment faces over the day to day operation and was needed and a two day operation you control that where house to monitor the transaction the extraction transformation loading trousers and you have to see what happens in the event of a house and control of the island and basically you need to and high doing well and that there will be different parts of the life cycle of connected to each other even if you have finished and requirements the deployment roses will tell you what you need and people work with the happy but comfortable working with every step from this the design to the prototype 50 feet that some information from the 1st time the deployment of feedback some information and so on and off that for every step you really have to to think that information into the step before until in the end you are like and that the design of Safeway a rearrange logic of female all getting Uganda again you dentists pulses of a new ways of exploring that and that he found the Jessica suffered designed side life cycle and their way out of the system designed life is a little bit different because the classical domain the requirements of the law not to will component of the human nodal what the system is going to do which is not true for the away in desert well what you do with that at depends on what you find out from the back and the World Health unique in terms of information so depends on what you explode before and had Kenneth linearised head of reversed in away enough you don't stop was requirements and and the programme and the database and
Run the application on top of that his daughter was a better way haslet put everything together and the use some routines to find out what the that as a bargain behind the data is collected and then that he would arrive rules and he arrived in the possibilities of using the thing and this is basically a where the requirements are about what to do and then it comes back to the UK a and the requirements eyeing you Dennis also such a big part of why should not analyze than different ways it is a subject that shows what was wrong and that it goes to designing the the where house said kind a free worst top down a so the classic cycle stuff was the requirements gathering and that was design phase Programming testing integration Implementation that that a law that everyone knows from self Engineering want to sell their houses and they all want to deploy that allows and and and in any organisation your property stop differently to a 1st implemented after having the basic infrastructure Nietzsche integrated that because comes from different sauces if test for buyers what is in their eyes taking that incomplete all that inconsistent with what he has to program again so that you find out what Britain's you want to run more interesting structures and that he wanted discovered that the design this decision to pop system on top of that and then you look at the results of the decision to pubs and you try to figure out whether what they predict is good and viable where in unhelpful depending on whether unhelpful or really or any good to understand what the requirements actually on and you go back to implementing the when it could live but different from what we already know that some people clever system development lifecycles where houses cycle life development systems and which is kind of like just the thing reversed which is kind of the and that some computer scientists like it up to the moment cycle over the hours is usually that the rest of the world said the engineering development systems in South Engineering design a system that does something that the housing the data ask you what you need and what you find in that would expand and that the said the requirements for what you need and what we was integrated test that you can write programs and the results show what correlation size and that what he'd connexions that because that is a trick that connect high hidden in that if you would have known them up front it could requirements but you don't know that yet high and wants to find them a once you understand them if to make adjustments to the design of the system and then the striker cycle solo out which is 5 often called a spiral technology so you go round in circles and that a warehouse or you decisions possest comes that and that the better and the decision to become more quality and take some time before that sort of thing and find they have to operate that allows you to do the everyday stop found which is can be broken down into into the monitoring the need to see that all the systems are running that everything out then this magic extraction transformation loading interested that will be made part of the next 2 weeks and finally be analyzing faced by you really work with the end of what has and Monitoring is basically that is due to the number of available for them to find out whether they are provocative whether they are responding to giving you that you want to find out which data modifications to find the operation of Systems public high open the view that there and this basically set the stage for the next steps the monitor and techniques can be active mesh mechanisms within the basic system so it can be banned condition action rose are so it with a payment of about 10 thousand euros is required to transfer to to an economy account of something like that there can be on every update do something and what you do reputation is basically a case that shocked of the operation of the basic basically of the Human for example that that there you immediately replicate the of by M for example of the need to products allways by use direct reputations and write the that that is important all the update data for example into a different table and this table its and transport into the away out and that the car best mechanisms are where you just have length of what happened fully operational that and use the slugs updating their house and problem is that of the protocol the slope Holman may be and the and biggest so it's sometimes out to see what really happens and and of course there are some application managed mechanisms a which basically of a hot to to implement for legacy systems some old system in Eden applications that that is exactly know what the of dozens of how to get that out of the island but it also can be done so if you have to integrate couple systems and the comparisons all time stamping the update 1st all or is it the same update all about what happened and how they can be done but that's pretty Hadcroft than comes extraction stressed that in which you take over data that you need to put into the that away from the operation system will be from the view from the long sought by the way got it from and and usually this that is quite a lot because if you take every single update and put it into the back where house that it would put a large stress on the house and it will put Lab stress on the operation of systems because the the operation system has to before the update almost to a fault moving that this of course is now what I want but you want something that overnight maybe from trust around words on a flight getting very quiet selection anyway you want to do the work that in a batch and the and the operation of Systems is kind of ready for the next day and that all between Christmas and New Year are so difficult period of inactivity this is what he used for the fact that we take for them from the operation of system and cost to be sure that you take certain certain certain certain ways of making sure that everything really get into their way out of the can do that either a patriotic on so for example if you have better information 0 loss stop stockmarket by information for brokers and and then each to updated every kind enough to stop mockup probably every seconds all 5 seconds with a information probably every all of its demand dished out a set of people updating it once a year should be enough for most of their very little people that Marie twice of that time the face of it that is what you would have to think about you get to do it actively on request you item comes in so please update event written so if something strange happens immediately make a Snapshot for example fixated or something like that immediately make essential put into the warehouse I'm worried about the Christmas run in are likely everybody by his last Christmas present probably should update periods unneeded during the Christmas time of pre Christmas sales then full rest of the year but as well as you can do it immediate that whenever something happens a of this is a very direct case it really only applicability in the financial sector if you stop Mockett new if something stops slump he should sell in each of the not been off went down of all time low of are basically media this is only for time critical applications for real time applications that he needs a new evidence that and it is usually done patriotically all well after a certain number of transactions from Sir I'm this of course is also depends on the half hour when the software is for that a warehouse of the soles issues to build on the limit and you can do to meet of but if you Systems stressed that it immediately is a bad thing and he stood the every night system under the stressed that depends on your new where and how well capabilities when he find the company transformation processes basically about adapting and finding out Howard relates to dead and the other information sauces also that the quality is becomes a high to get the consistent can be that somebody lives in the stricken as the Press well on the road knows these films that you find all flew into but a register for something what kind of address to tie the multiple system type something like 1 of the system of that model idle to tell my addressed to some system stops sending me some stand are you want to put that into the away problem want with the but some rules for real dresses look like you versus on like Street names for by some number for the house and some roots can find you the easy the mistakes and in the battle of that quality then you need to integrate that a few different devisal systemic things differently sofa somebody of and including by and sand some say just 1 or 2 of the and for buy and sell a used to kind of carried into the same for the men while the representations woman is of soles of of the time system but his site for 1 of the transfer and found that while the deal was keys make sure that unique make sure of that if you can keep the before all references actually in the references the right time stuff like so pretty simple stuff that can save you a hand but that quality mobilisation to write Micachu Mahal all we care commercial mobile all true Mohammed should all major come up for a so I have to find some way to to stop the matter what it is but in the topic system it should be the same attending the big American data typical European data for at least 2 decide what the medal which was that he did the same all the whole systems measurements inch 2 centimetres something happens off spaceships failed having the wrong measures the something drugs couple centimetres close to the orbits and something of a a of insists that can be fatal proved to be make should have calculated value so something including the value added tax or something executed the belly basically the same price just and the value added tax rate multiplied by the and take the same decide for 1 seemed like radiation if you have the information reaggregate it into which for a computed in 2 months agreed dated into year St because you might be that at some point so that finally cleaning so consistency cheques can be very easy like the delivery data should be offered the order that nothing can be delivered before it is sold in the UK if you have some of the missing values this no dressed beautiful some customers if not the use the deal with the it to the customer of said will fight find all of the of baby some other system has of the dress and the things that have to do with dedicating and contains dedicating very challenging public and who also do was in the next couple of aside as easy as it sounds value the possible feature processes lowest step followed you do is basically you take it all flight you make during the night during the week and when the system is not on the stress and anyway batch everything together in a single batch and from because most databases have type Falmouth Load dresses the individual update is quite cost of but across the operation to take up and use that as a dispute between the initially which is seen as a snub the data where house and then patriotic because to keep the dead a warehouse update of Costa Bechaz for keeping their Wales update on the that the amount of 4 one day of for 1 week is much smaller than the initial 15 this takes a we got months it doesn't matter but the and the every day work for people adequate and and for this reason because the initial loading can be very big this hugely popular does that will take all the information that is in the ball systems and put them in some fulmen can be club worked on very quickly still use the something like from a Securitas values that I'm just flashed into the system and and the extra loading off the rest of the death of the of the new debt and that is just of well agreed gated nature so you need some petitioning unique incremental at from equitisation of the dead and the increment on he had more of that can be done during the night on the Lebanese of to analyse the data that an excess what you need each sold hominy Ifould busselton from strikes lost in the last 3 of the 4 to donate Uganda that in order to peace Systems takes a lot of time talking effect the information rearranged and free aggregate 4 weeks and area from 5 goals and Company of the only the team are about and eye can do it very critic of District should be interesting the aggregation of time the interesting everything that can be re equity in a sensible in semantically meaningful man should be free because it will use it will take a take a safety a lot of time during the online processes face and basically called on the line and then the 1st thing which means denial and directly in front of me about a line and let it cook assessing which means a comeback tomorrow and wanted pulled in the last 2 months to let that it shouldn't really pretty aggregate where whether it's possible now and
But I do that is basically the multi-dimensional that model disputed by mentioned like time into multiple references that this is the daily this week of the month but the same was geographical with the city in the state this country that is the area Continental and and then just certain operation was which will be which we will also discussed in details like rollout dreaded only slice and dice rotation you don't understand all these terms right now we'll come to that we do all the old basically it if you have this multi that many of them just slice reached to to get the right information and the right excavations the and stuffed with the deadline except where they can have a hidden patterns that you need to find basically rubbish discovering that basis self people by wine also by a by diapers very or something like that and of course the prediction Iseult so many unit of some for about during the last 4 years as high many are going to sell to use of trench of the things like the end of the UN Stringer where useful fostering string like held to save the full of what happens in the near future and the techniques that you for basic the strength of the occasion regressionists stations were running the lot of them will discuss some basic algorithms already do quite a lot of this is basically everything wanted to introduced at a warehouse in the next leg to talk about the Aukett of that allows 1 of the public basic got attacked that you will find in practise stretch models are based on the data but later to have been named and that would be accreditation Labour and the cost of bit about the Middle where that you need for making the collection for your operatives systems to the White House a Creston's concerning that allows the grid and the next quite