Community based translations of games

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Community based translations of games
Why babelfish ain't enough
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The battle for Wesnoth is in the rare position of being an open source game project featuring many different translations for its huge amount of content. Currently Wesnoth features 54 translations of which 15 translations of the stable series are more than 90% complete. This session is about sharing the history behind this and factors which can help projects gain a stable internationalization community. The talk will focus on best practices which have shown themselves as working nicely for getting the translation community started as well as keeping translators happy. It might also show how the translation process is connected to the release cycle and what common problems for game translations are.
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I will get yeah it's relaxing the OK from me what
everybody It's nice to see this little problem this time things finally some know translation of games from of you participating
in development but they're not those to that
why should someone want to translate a game madam know does anyone of you speak another
language than english them sound like so how well the speaking this compendium of that time how well does Europe nephew on each speak English if they want they gain we need to understand that so you need to translate it or there may be some people like the French people don't like to speak English I want to play the French can happen the main reason to translate gives us the main reason why do we do anything we do because it can adopt but then German as he might he makes and in some strange stuff yeah I'm working with was now for some years and a lot of stuff I don't really you know what I do anymore but others who it somehow but almost no if you were you the last of you already know it and I could say
this period was someone that you in the last sorry other guys I need to go through this west of the Thomas energy game that is the scenario single-player mode theory of love love love love the main part though where it's different from any other source games is that it's translated and to many languages 53 languages in the last stable series how many languages do you count now I guess you won't be able to use all of the languages we have not less so mark on the assembly we have some translations which I 1 are presented those are for example French German and Polish British English but more than say 18 translations are at least 90 % completed so that's an idea of how much is how many of you have read the model rings several we on the level of the 1st 2
books of wars remains to get 1 a sentence slaves just to give you a rough number that user interfaces there's complains because they the manual all the fun part is that we want to translate 1st the frame looking no that's only 15 thousand strings string can be 1 word like for all but it can also be a complete page in the manual if we now look at user-created content if you are you the last time you saw that there are like 5 hundreds campaigns and wasn't stubbins available we're talking about 4 times the size no managers prevent combatants know you're not just sitting here because under speaker will be nice if you were about the nose so what I want to tell you that some basics about internationalization what we do and what you and I want to do our best work now for
translations we're using get text life because
it works that the tools it's easy to use for translators and with some screw affecting it's possible to not just use the fuzzy plus held but also for own language to free and engage in divine now it was not we use it for C. plus plus for the work and double mouth alone language the problem is if you're talking about translators not all of them are co-owners so there might be some people were not techies but who want to contribute to the game poor good in english but even then the mother tongue in the know from my as a coder you have yes save themselves I think that that that he's getting old I think so what you basically need to do to really get translated into the project is to make it easy then there are various we would use them that will make it too easy minus is contradictory I know but it's intentional the matter is if you can
say you have a complete story line and the characters in the dialog 1 scenario still need to feel similar and the 2nd scenario that scenario they can develop yes but it's the same deal awards how many ideas his view and the next 1 is a young men how can I get rid of them and it doesn't this so you need to be consistent there so if it's too easy if you have some drive by translations it can easily get down there is know we
have some strange structures built to make it easy for a singer translators the normal translation considers that you have some translators you have some translation maintainers who feel responsible for that language then we have those internationalization managers will the technical part life receiving the files and make sure that they are
still working and then we have this strange guy called manager is really figured out that whenever text domains if we had those 15 thousand screens on 1 huge file it will be different and difficult for a team of people like 5 people to work on the translation of garbage if the because of this yes please what makes sense and splitting OK if you have some content of fits together like like 1 to many make it a single-sex domain this way 1 translator can take care of this 1 takes domain and can feed consistent somehow now we using as you can see many many tools some of them I will excite some of the most goods will all those applied to your projects of course now the main parts are if you were last for we this part about competition EU competition
this is no competition we have no
idea we don't show those languages 1st jacket please translated by those and the British English 1 what companies below those we don't do that right OK so why does the self there can be good
competition in the early days of the development of the game we have use those statistics to encourage the translators to for example be faster than the Swedish team they were very strong many people working on it and with that start and the German team was playing catch up with them it was competition for us to see that you know we can finally get we made of course what see here is the unified what you see here
is the German version if nothing units of saying I like now instead of close family and range Gomez it's not coming back the years if you're working on a game you need to make sure that the content is consistent it
in 1 explanation you name it OK use range comments and the other you translate company differently players might get confused computers always not to be done and such a list allows translators to look up the turns to find the correct terms for their language there might be some better ways to get it done to have some real dictionary of all this stuff last some ways and 1st the mother translation as
mentioned for translations there are good tools munching we always recommend is POS as don't spoil the fun you that the bits as in the year is basically a very simple learning a strain that's how that takes work looks for this that in the spring and will this translation wait this was that as you can
see here those 3 translations are identical that's what makes get text quite good it similar strings when using appears which doesn't know yes I would put it in and market use translator then go check OK pound-for for was that hills OK it's not just for us until it is now time forest so just you to adjust this part so that you can understand stuff this saves you some work sometimes but it can be often also very far away that if you look in social terms in the old days we had the term all walks in the game 3 that are easy work for the help make you where they were all get texts always a 66 per cent match it needs to be the same on fuzzy so yes of human studies 3 units now as I mentioned and also some are
responsible for a getting new words out the problem is translators last guys to get the final and need to be able to get it done before releases it's always better if you moved against the working a moving target so we can rely the so the problem is if you're changing all the strings all the time when should listen
status get started you need to have some period of time in which the strings are frozen wait don't change the star so that in the end the translators have a chance to catch up considers were always they catch up U.S. developers can create new stuff all the time that's easy but they translated in the end it's worked it needs weeks even if you're especially if you want proof read so string freezes good to and if you have stable a stable series of even a better tool because in the very 1st released maybe only 1 or 2 languages made it but in a later release somewhat languages might be completed so the players who want to play in
that language then finally can use of now if you want to implement such a system strings if your Livesay Moon attend fire real nice very able materials for this could be for all of the past as a translator they will kill you it is always appearing in this direction and water in some languages you have to change a water so always make sure that if you have something in the game make sure there's a context the to put stuff together otherwise to have some interesting problems then once you know about some
problems every game with different problems there number identical because every game is different because when we get out of that you in this course many problems will be identical but some are special depending on the translations yeah depending on the team members yeah depending on the language you're using so think about translators the files the matter is get Texas based on some generated text files which need to be matched in the real text so if you only update shortly before release since they just have no chance to start the catch process only on even if they know that our work will be lost there are some or all files than just was in the game so make sure that those are translatable to it eventually all all games others done maybe France they have so what you can say something don't dream and the real problem of now
most of them part the last line you can read write now what multi-way the translator the 1st question you should ask yourself is what motivates you to people sell software to call
stuff to use the term to face what are you doing this I think most of you will not say because I'm getting paid for it so translators are not so different from other contributors similar motivations are there a lot of it is ego that's faces they want to see it's done I have done it by contributors they should listen to reports that they have something to say it might be whether the defect and they might need some plants and to exchange will translators provided most of you if you're working on a game where some formal stuff results on area and therefore translators the contract Dutch now how do you start getting translations as you mentioned many guys of you I'm not a native english speakers so you probably have a lot of why do you not stop the translation is no need to complete
it but started if you lay the foundation of its I see it's possible for translation and ask how can I help that's basically all the translation vessel started like in the old days the translation that initialization managers young daughter started playing she just hours that Swedish so she wanted to the game to be translated some so she spent some time a cell phone it know he was good tools like I said if you have similar strings it's always good if there's an easy way to move stuff over if you have to repeat and repeat the work over and over you also get a noise eventually would also be the project the same applies to translators as mentioned the competition part what we have done there instead of just having this table we get 1 step further we told the translation teams the translation to to get to 100 % 1st will get for 1 week the announcement of the new working in their language exclusively the English was lost announcement will only be out a week later so think this is motivated now I've talked a lot about theory that's come to the fun part if you were the last
4 you already know this green now using the John was not what you see on their which is translatable now this was done there are many bonds this text obvious right now we have a logo it might work in some languages allows it might not work so make images was favorable now a step further we have a low shot you in the background with some labels on them so
yes textures might need to be translatable this creates a completely new area from the end because if you have such a label and the label size is depending on the strain is you have going the if I had kids that little on John in the but also if European year of those bonds if you can see this term is longer than the other ones it's the longest term we have and there is even longer than the English terms all the subband size here automatically adjust based on the longest 3 that will be too easy father environment in which found there are always 2 ways to fix problems like this play 1 made on the cold side so that is the size of SUVs adjustable in reasonable limits the other solution is and the drums they just find a good way you will find many areas with just all possible fuckin status to find a good way very well of that and status are abbreviations he points a everyone knows this was an English there now if a male kids playing yes does the kid really know what HP stands for I'm sure that in your language there is it true that every relation for what the point the stuff like this can be formatted so when designing the interface make sure that some people are involved who speak languages which are more with both What's also very nice as having Asian people involved that translations do not necessarily require more logical space but they might require different font size readable down the at some point you have to draw a line the the reason we somehow all support right to left we don't simple aptitude down and down to up the now I basis that all this stuff which have
been mentioned yet is gender from general a huge from because genders do not only have effect upon the string
itself so like the units so we have friends Winslow Princess that's known English right now we have the what we are was a fever temporary an English it's the warrior easy for in German It's clear that income now
if you go a step further like say a thing was in Gary and we have some terms which describe the characteristics of a unit like unit is great so it can move fast know there is no difference of this term in German but in Darien it matters because if it's Creek for females that from then create for male so don't underestimate another nice 1 context for currencies of methadone general now we talking about a military there sometimes units called general so you need to have a way to distinguish between the contents of a context if something is really a different context make the difference it might work in Germany might mean working believing that it might run in many other languages you will come across some languages where doesn't work so make sure you have a system for it know your dimension left-to-right forms or a sad that let them say it is cruel forms the best example is you have still 1 gold apiece to collect you need to collect 10 gold pieces many languages you probably speaker 1 and many many languages
you don't speak have 1 son even more many free many and how about languages numbers and in I want the meaning of the physics the language 5 or 6 we study vengeance this so trust me when you get translations you will find the war stopped imaginable as already said text these more text still easy whenever you have images you might want to allow the people to provide translated versions of the images especially in the context of a health system as already
set needs to be some complexes with complexity to it make sure that the teams our but harmonization is the new translation style already have some lessons learned from the older teens 1 of those lessons is the lives of contract it really is your life now if you make sure there's some single process all that TeamViewer responsible for the a good start coordination if you have a team would good to have it as a mother Oracene the basics of just finds a single worst carries there will be many things which a don't consider on the 1st look so if you meta
translation systems is good or not the US person who only speaks English environments someone speaking to languages a good stuff make should talk to people who speak more languages is a very good start and it's even better if you have those people implement translation system tried to translate will themselves then they will easily seen some shortcomings abbreviations loudly know you have any questions you have
any comments the you like translations the you can follow with because of that I think this is where what we and of the we not that this is I we don't have yet to hear I that we have a problem as I mentioned you will always come across new problems we haven't we don't have it yet that he work on it if that's so the environment this research which were 1st languages to test and 1st is full of Germany is also job is also pretty good because the 1st German policy always results in the other stuff top to bottom left to right I mean left to right 1st you have language someone speaking a language which does it but there are just limited number erratic headroom bowls overcome once most projects would probably not have available speaking those languages try to reach out and the community the most problems and the calculations of tried to as this that I haven't written in English but many of them yeah yeah how to see the problems that's a good 1 found you will be able to notice in most cases no there if you don't speak the language you won't be able to notice many other problems the obvious pictures you will notice but if you don't speak say room or a rabbit you will be able to tell if it's from left to right right to left 1 of the problems so that 2 letters we don't have any we present you know with other words there will be translation problems which are in releases you said that you it's something which get text supports get textile supported you just need to make sure that the spring itself is marked as containing a approval form and then get text hassles support for it in the header is defined and full language of the available for a forms and yes open a file to show you and
you can see the header you see 1 line in here
FIL group also as you can see here we have to prove and there is no given number is not 1 so that's pretty simple I think Gary and has different 1 in the knowledge the so you can see it that looks a little different but the text also already has this feature the tools of no that is there and they will then offer you the field's foremost true forms
so the support is there you just need to know where the spots of enquiry that's a very good question where he was all that's why I said it's due to their translation maintainers basically the translation maintainer is responsible for consistency it depends on that to look patches so they get to talk to people to define the basic line to take and Atle those basics and coordination between those how would you can actually do it the same way we have the English U.S. and British English it is possible to support different languages something the the that I think OK but can see in Europe this already little tiny part of list as you can see in Europe this looks very erratic to me then we have
another Karelian chair characters we have rooms could go so Andrew that's 1 of the Chinese dialects or is Japanese I don't know that several earlier chinese so we have a definition for this
where we have Laurent but it then know what so we just have a definition of available things but the most important part is we have a list of actually to lists and the very frustrating which every translation should translate is the former water because the formal their defiance which font is used for them and if character is not from that form the Nexus fighters or as all so it's a pretty simple but still working system it might not work
for the translation selection there might be broken in showing wrong characters so for example the problem that Chinese and Japanese that basically require different forms because some of the characters have the same cold but should a different so Japanese might still recognize the character but it's just wrong for them simple there's the limit recognizes it's good enough all selection but for the actual display them they are able to define the different 1 is used the the know well how to that's easier to answer no we don't want this part 1 we basically directly extracted on the fly from our content the strings so basically to show you an example things you see 1 of our
Comvik files and you see a story screen we have this description text and it's marked with the underscore S translatable FIL strings will then be taken out of this pile and into the deal father it will then
appear in Europe a best string so that's basically all we have database as you can see here on the screen you have the ideal and get text would
just do the exact matching so it will look for so the string appearing there is accepted the industry OK if I find it I
replace it with a string there's some more flight rules require like you always have to have the same number of new lines at the end of those streams of this of sector technicalities this space you just we a string matching of replacement the the and the yes yes but there are ways in the tools to create dictionaries basically you can use dictionaries and those tools that they will automatically create some stuff the problem is if you're working inside longer strings it's also nothing in the end it will be doing exact matching so as long as you have the exact on that OK but if you have the World Mori and Lake a evil nature very common disease we got it right here but the translation tool whenever problems to make sure that it's really the correct connection of the terms languages others complex that is provided the 1st translation data OK then they are trying to get some sort of of unified you that is we do have tools which allow us to me great strings which are exact matches from 1 side to the other so if we see that in 1 file we have the worst major we can easily if it's just the single word lists identical in screen and the other main we can easily migrated over that some basic texts the matching some as that's possible yes that's also possible with some of the tools that you build dictionaries and have them automatically use that all the files do working out but it's still a pretty hard problem thank the the presence of the water right so it follows where you have no idea of I was working the 1 used to a lot the in the language of of the of the of the the which and the some of the kind of the you know was the rest of the body use of the as mentioned if you use if you know that there are some games with a good translation you can in theory that was database yourself and apply this than on your day so that would be a would be probably good starting point for some basic terms so yeah that should work we have done a bunch of work was here you use a string you to the you use English version 2 to yet another if this and other languages that's what happens in some of the use of 2nd your son the the have lovely tool in here we just pretty empty in this version the and soon in this world it's not as empty never a basic tool which the string
matching of replacement this way just fix a title winter the broken text fixed axis run the spirit no fuzzy that's all I also mentioned and that will use tools any more questions but it was like this is the most of the time the all of these there was game on for all you do is
you won't be with 1 of you no I think that the answer all of you know all the the the the the the part of the universal get to matrices because they have the time you get the hang of it again the so for for the norm but most of the We're open-source projects a reality for all of this is not the the most of using we often work all the all the almost all we have this those of you who were you you look at what was according to he tried to put a story here you see it but I understand your question was not only the size of the use of a lot of that is the use of the provision the policy of the League here we have a less than inflation who who play unless you falsely but we do have this translation why do we have someone came to us so I would like to do with translational Latin some of this and I think and so if anyone wants that thing to claim that we meet a need to it at all around the the the the ory the that the the the the of being what would you all of the all the the plasma because those who can translate and save me might not be in the same this will be their example but if someone on the fact that the universe was thought to be also for all of something all right I want you to close to the the most the question is if someone wants you to work was I don't really not think that the and because of the the the the OK if we're talking about something that I ever talked about some problems and although I understand the point if you need to hire translators give the money I understand it the volume to do is the infrastructure of the world so if you want living one's self and arrival to it they already want to the translation otherwise they would have told us they want to do it the the in our experience fuel over the translators the evaluation how you used to call there's really no reason to stop some of the language will make them happy in the future of possible you say we have played on data from the do you what you also need the raw fish but I have slide disagree with you there many of our developers who are not native English speakers had in their respective translations even if it was just for 2 or 3 pages they did development is so yes we took some development highway but it's a good way to kick some implications on on on of the of the of the weight of the from existing you think that you know that the that you have in the like no you know that this is about the salary through the story the notion of getting lost it can be so it can be matters you need to have a translation team will maintain our is something like if I was educated you have some set of rules and the proteins that some standard there if you don't have this the quality will suffer That's right thank sort of thing the and of the of the and it is of the best example of this of the least we of the best example we have various Asian translations but translators who won all the Chinese was set in the mythology with a cleaning and to the throne it doesn't really work nicely but if I made him a decent of problems it works so here we wrote the story to match their mythology somehow yes it's a huge amount of work so the quality between translations is different depending on the people were just as the Yukon quality is It's basically all the same no matter if it's on work if it's cold it's translations yeah good once you have that want and you had model of the and announced thank