Contributing to the Tizen Project

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Contributing to the Tizen Project
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General presentation of the Tizen project and how to interact with it at the application or core level or even for designing your own Tizen system. Tizen is a Linux Operating System for phones, vehicles, and other devices. Talk will give a short introduction to the project and focus on how can any developer interact with it.
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earlier which is not a response on my in my own you knew him so we have company we are working on a mostly on example princess projects and the present is 1 of them and we are working for in as constructive we have an active team and of we are located in France in the west of France and Britain and that if you care about ties and we've got scores of speech about it so I'm not the only 1 who is speaking about the reason him and that now that is and what we what the user studies and actually size and it's something is a project which is a bit onto the net formation system in and and expand the definition is a copyright order of all the stuff and so on it is an open source project met it is a sum supported by some and at internal and functional of of 2 them the big ones that's not the reasons also or sent it to the other than those on the common effect our native people are pushing this project is to 2 other command Tubas products and stuff like this and that and we also look at community issue compared to approaches community I can say it working quite the same we got some online resources to share information to talk about subjected to try to to coordinate observations there's some i to China was always a lot of people around that we an insane to much better and you can find a sound that means of some and maybe follows 2 of 3 past yes lot of events and I remember when I was in force them 2 years ago someone was introduced in the present project just after of the end of the new York projects that something through doing on when we didn't know was that time if it was a real or not and if I'm really this project is to reduce the 3rd and that that people online we are talking about those and because of this arm is I believe that in minutes refuted and from Riordan its icing surficial OS is something really great I have sort of return respect for this stuff but as I said this is not an online units because this fits on on the reduced speed so this is a bit of difference and of course there is a lot the and uncommon to be just and in in the bora winds finding is talks with someone from the teddy from growing up and from the the idea of so this is a one hour project not something typical audience In this 1 country so this is good so do you have some bigger glass is this is the history of size and I will we not start to say what is in fact is about 1 but this is that we often use distribution is that the the Canadian a decade ago so different projects and others projects were stopped but then there is another thought because after z and project numbers offspring is going on and that is an is if you look just 1 step in the past it's resort of so when job went away on is an eagle projects some summary proceeding and still working with studies and freezing that to just so what you have to remember the guy's not part of the clinics anymore so we have to to find a replacement of the point patterns and some sort of some the our projects in Linux follow reliant on so so phase and was making sense of a prime it so as so basin is not a single bullet this is uh on an architecture where you can have several profile on the same ground the same base so at the moment we have only to provide versus the cell phone and the idea I mean come on computer on Zass sums there's some stuff specific to mobile and stuff specific to idealize but there is a lot of come on so it would be stupid to uh to support project when you can show that preserves the babies and the same time can be used they related to many many users so at some amount of hours are some come which also by some some which learning phase and the assistance inside it and you know the waiver of objects they didn't even marketed it but that's true so if you look at the news on to put the days in everywhere as it can the the so now today and that mean to marginal worries on face and the first one was introducing a web PI to you can create applications using a java scripts and make certain running on the device and access to every component this mean
connectivity sense and so on and so on and that was the convention which was in February this year this past year was on and using a microtome that apply because there was the possibility to run that you apply so it was as light as that of the time and those of the free or it it really is in In this year 2 2 . 0 2 . 1 and 2 the to build on on that and so the project is still alive and going on and that's the end of the past the projects which to open the Vermont this is a big difference because in the past as there was a lot of the suspicion that there's and project because it was more like a code rock project and not something community the and the eyes sink and idle because I wasn't involved in the decision but the issue of something that in you can going down by opening after not to the beginning the so what but make sure that everything is public so so so a handy it's so you are if free free to check out and the poor is a is a change on your time we are using the come on tools for reviving and this good things so the so as the project itself for the next release of phase and it is visible today the and and so of that time we use that in some projects we we almost into the present projects of for technology like 2 to 5 on this is not part of the design of Titan but someone they did so there was no reason to put its house side is he talking petitions someone will have to use it and so in the future as a result as a version of phase and we rely on and other feature of my community use on the phone maybe that's not very aware of evidence but on on on the kinds this you can imagine a community power users of the same system this mean different use cases and the so of course we want to realign upstream projects we'll surroundings and we're not talking and of course when so while Amazon Linux distros this we've got a zillion of them already so why 1 more of my own custom crew West was speaking images of buddhist OK said and it's pretty difficult to other former Minister brought on other but that isn't since it was supported by other a bundle it can provide this so this mean about fall in the driver of developers and so on I just said in the past slide we've got 1 day then robotic or assisting the project was designed to be to create the DOI products to something not politics this is designed to be extended also are still a lot of in their investment into security we want to have something securities no secure for the use of secure for the system and secure for the errors the and the of if you withdraw talking about putting innocent come you expect it to be secure if you got for attended the can of inquiry for problems are of course the connectivity of is part of the system and also the poor management and so on this is something tricky and when you got up support from other people this vector for the for the the variability of the project and of is there is some happy I to breed application replication mostly because as a result a believes that so you making application is good should be simple and there is no reason to to create semi into those and nasty language is and if you can do in JavaScript this is kind of the way of the story now and not so this is this is the other point as the you I need to be very responsive so you as as a base of today's authority Tuesday was effect which is pretty efficient and this is mandatory for creating products and I are the same as the main difference now this is we are all it is we are on using upstream projects and we try to to 4 of them are also source much of can assist me in a part you know about this in freedom and the sharing your sharing therefore on spun project and so on
so I wanted that everything that is this is all the genome of that is an determine embeds in about 5 so if you care about application here at the top you see only 2 2 2 boxes spin you can use 1 of those was to create application and the as I said everything is exposed to spin there is little imitation about using every feature of the system the so each time so this is 62 of subset of population and security are so
now the question someone will ask the so here's a question now when how we're going to get reason device and at the moment we only have 1 for the mobile only reference the did the the the devices but the issue of uh look at the news and also some produce ready to be shipped it so I don't know it and it does this is not the time of the removal of the project is is marketing decision and so on so I wonder if you care about it so watch what is going to be shown until the Barcelona some by what Congress since dissonance and the you can consult ITI instance of ties all on supported the ice so this mean you can actually work on it and and there is also projects we are not and part of part of the project but so this morning none of this morning just in in in in the meaning of that and they all show is formed by isn't really just the party to research hardware which is humble and made the proof of concept of its so and he was doing this in silence so this was a Maurice's mean if he was about to do it this means there is no missing point to despite the hot because you good and so we shall something to remember there is one Bayes and different profile and z is the 1 I'm talking about is a base this is also the reason of multiple 5 because we can't sites is a prof what is it is available at the moment so if you want to a base and stop talking on it you can do it this is pretty new and that how team must being born into this so the everything is available online so fair
application there about war in this room has ever created some application from environmental appear as a rule here so on pages on you know all too right estimate 5 exhibition of OK so this is possible for you if you want to create a web page you can imagine you can create some 1 thousand applications so why are statement 5 days in this is the proposed I A P I because as I said the real the script is going very very very very very wide and everything is isn't just great so we have to do to review after only because in their stop your creates arm in true to observe the straight in and the results not GS and so this is a pretty wide use the language now and there is web on time is pretty good because it we trust and indeed of all research team in fact this was here and every MPI on negative on July strips so this means you can create cross-platform application so we should create some application JavaScript you cannot it's running on Titan but the reason reasons we know adaptation you can also run it on Firefox OS and by very weird works and every system was the runtime system what longtime so for the but growing means you don't have to traces the application uh as much shorter as many but from you want to target Sean is is is is something not to miss and so to create application was there is a tool which is based on eclipse so 1 and it's on 1 side mean of and simulator is a spin you have everything to create an an application and to test this and there are some common life tools if you want to use it own with ferreted atrocities so it's also possible the and then at the end we will produce a package waiting to be pushed on the and ready to be installed on the devices so fuzzy the I I said demonstrates that mean button some of these i the language and the policy at TI are standard that is and by debris w tree seed concession and follows well not in the son of disaster subsets of command which is we which supplies on PI and if you are looking at separate for this is our so there are some other giant but still is 1 of the also was designed so that if someone they know about so produced by the platform from from some sort of it's quite similar also you don't have to move around something very new and you can make some estimate 5 JavaScript and send them to suppress on if you know about honoring the GNI interfaces between Java and that of course is something is so if you want to use as a system also wound frameworks maybe too who tried maybe you have a defined you have to bear the you on Titan but from because that's positive the so I have here so this is the case
so now let's focus on the coast of
so services of amount describes some of the scene in continuous integration we have about tracker when you can request the future all so this enough for some bugs and so on and you we have some torso and 2 views of the of the package is every artist authorize is straight into several packages GPS is a tool we are using it is this system and something mixing in the on OK it's a bit by cage if you know about its so this is a to to base on gate which is downloading a 2 components and buildings itself everybody's all pushed on stream and reviewed by the because of their across and I have read every change on read Howell library they are every week annuities of the system is available this means you can expect you your change to get into another categories candidate very fast this so I said that this is the project switch to open governance so of a similar role while um expressed pursued working in the project I 1 data always use that that's the issue all contributing to the project you will be of their appearances mean you will use of something to to share and other people would take on give you some grammar feedbacks if this change is good or not and if it's OK you can expect it to be at and a project and of course for you have to be patient and to be productive because this is on uh very large projects so you know if you want to do 2 of your stuff in you have to take care of it so basically if you want to move to start doing this just create an account on on on those entrusted your system you can uh abroad you key and the issue you have to run it a few months comfort is it and you can put a codes and try to build and on the and unwanted the sum some contribution is shut down Nowhere wanted to show you stuff user but focuses someone we have you to to grow on the right way and if you want to create some dies and the relates there is a torque about it from my colleagues that fun which is just in front of me here tomorrow if something and you read it there is a lot of process so basically you can be you can use an existing profile of and this mean the observation we can be you would be able to download and you can just that and propose some packages and so on and and there is a tour we are using it which is nature and which was this is coming from legal Mickey's York image freedom and using this so you can all join the packages to be as I make a profit and if you want to crazy on you on 4 5 I don't know if someone is an to create and plane or whatever this is possible so but you should go to the front fork so if you want to cooperate um I'm put aside because that is title project is very base on opsin projects mean if you don't really want to to to to the into those by them for that you can contribute to its value acting upstream projects is new an issue this issue if you about to to a future on weight on do it please don't we we we really we really use your effects so um we are Excel not so plane in 2003 but so this is a project we was she was times and 2 and the fossil the I you cannot yeah share is a project so lines of which is sponsored by days and the move on and falls away runtime every project based on the work and work the and going on is because the root of the word things so I met some JavaScript develop and contest and every of them as a different Jefferson as a as the final cantos walking final phase and so this minimum here this is the user the goal of the beauty of JavaScript but if you want to last just about so your job as we come up with the weak and of course on as there is a a lot of common components between projects like many of which is sufficient as now and during the fuels that just before you see them many components sources Bernicia fixing of a result you can also fix its present size and the opposite so come up
and to have question them this so good let's go temperature but anyway if your some question our Baeza of of some units and you can ask them not also talk tomorrow's sour maybe 3 different talks you said not provide for questions Bulgarians outside of the world and in we
have a we
use and the first one is