CentOS: Planning for Variants and the Next Chapter

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CentOS: Planning for Variants and the Next Chapter
A Broader, Faster, Easier Route to Contributions in CentOS
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CentOS has cemented a reputation as the "community enterprise operating system" - one that provides a reliable rebuild, but is not known for innovation in its own right. With the news that Red Hat and CentOS are joining forces, this is going to change. Here's how CentOS is planning to change, and how other distros can learn from our next phase. This includes our governance changes, and how we'll address several different special interest groups (SIGs) that have different ideas they want to realize with CentOS. It also includes technical changes, and I'll explain how we're going to manage our build system and source control for accepting upstream code and then creating new variants. Most importantly, I'll also be taking questions about the new direction and how we got to this point
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yes thank you to it and drew it and what the end of you we to the however who started in a that and
and the that and the OK this so it's a good kickoff known how many people here know what sentences that's that's half of my dog no longer need not harm EVB you knew who or what red head is excellent that the 2nd half of my so and that's the time of reconnaissance activities come you guys meet all the affect about this is to just to constraints that I'm talking under 1 is that I have a code of and why it's so I was to get a 1st and goal and the 2nd problem which is a bigger problem is that only had the bears in the last 4 days so so please bear with me as a as a kind of transfer them through the through the talk it immediately after the this into this works yeah so um I guess most of you have if you know what sentences that of either heard about me or you know why I Martino by the like me a more like you don't like me and so this is a bit of a brief introduction about me I started off at Linux back when and you still need like 44 floppies and CD-ROMs are just about making the entrance in um values that for a while gender for while ladies that in for a while and move on red had that in 4 . 4 that 5 6 7 8 um and England really go anywhere from there from the sentence tried some people from the sentence project from me but I was founders but I can assure that fairly early in the game just to point out however that he was doing everything on um and unfortunately the kind of punish me by letting me do things and so yeah served 10 years down the road so that people have the wrong and so we trying to fix stuff but the fresh air been a sysadmin I've been a developer to manager of done data housing and then cover operations is on hold that against me and I work for hosting companies again please don't hold that against me as of a couple weeks ago and I do not entirely sure what I do from my job cake is Member of Technical Staff so I guess that's easier for for them to kind of put me somewhere in there not have to kind bought finding it title that actually means anything of majority UK have been there for a about 15 years now are correlated that hold before about India's have 1 . 3 always and make is that there to resize to this and of story that the and Linux distribution which i is most familiar with because that's that's what most of be consumed that's what the interface into the project has been but but is a very elaborate tangible of a quantifiable our entity behind the Linux distribution for the sample project it's hard to see it's is hard to perceive it hard to quantify because we don't exist as a legal entity we haven't exist as a legal entity has really been a target so that people could point out and say this is the simplest project this is the sort of predestination process or whatever but he did exist so that in i and will on tree driven by sponsors shown by donors people helping us out and and the community of users as well I mean all of that contributes into being the dissenters from and is quite important now especially in the new context of that announcement that you know that people think about sentence Linux as being just 1 of the things that the protein does some more had relationship is is something that the government recently but if anything back the relationship has always existed pretty much as long as centers Linux distribution existed right now we want out this way but there are a couple of and anniversaries going on at this moment in time but it's been about 10 years since really came about to about 10 years since the Fedora Project came around you proceed differing T-shirts in in 10 years has also been about 10 years since the simplest project started off but you'd almost think there's a coincidence that uh that there was something related in there and then that is and the relationship has been focused on war that is doing with that and the present extract and how they can have migrated from the traditional the old school RedHat Linux to Enterprise Linux and and how Fedora came up and I guess is most of the various and as you guys know what what we do and why we exist right so we only depended on to that but the button thing is that the relationship is always existed and so the last year who I know my phone rang when they pick the the phone and it was a a couple of people from that had legal on the form on the other side and it was it was it was like umm have moved uh will into few and it was it was it is a strange relationship at a strange conversation to have because all the relationship has always existed the conversations have always been you know in the corridors of Ozdemir in a quarters of radius conferences and events and sometimes conversations on bugs allows sometimes transition actually hasn't really been a formal conversation that so when the conversation started off it is easy to see how much of that we were doing so of line that what they were trying to do and how much of what our wish list was shared by you know a certain set of people within within that organization as well which is what led to the whole idea of the not maybe we should think about doing this together maybe you should think about breaking down so the firewalls maybe you should think about trying to win right had on board with this and this project due to try and see how the response how they could cure rate from legal system in a slightly more subtle professional will be in a better manage and if a process so this is to think that important that firstly it was red as an organization that has come to join the centers community although it is very clear you know should you should be and then all we should be under no doubt about the fact that this is an acquisition that has acquired the sentence project the trademarks that we've adjusted for samples are not generated and maintained by the deadly contain the term conditions that we operate under our of Saddam's it said by that had legal team so there's also there should be no confusion about the fact that the sentence is very much a part of the ecosystem that is curated by the act of nominated people out however from the community settings things it is sick from the sentence project settings it is very much a case of Red Hat joining the effort rather than send us the warning and do what they already had in mind out and what you've done that then I like that is that is the governance body that has some of which is primarily composed of the existing centers working as a court and an escalation process that is found that allows pretty much anybody to come in and be a part of the came from and basically go from being the user to contributed to the to reverse if you want and if you guys are really interested and motivated that opportunities to join the center's board as well and you know be a part of the decision-making process the and so the bonding is a relationship existed is always has done and the nominator recertify that right so what is it that is really happen here a couple of things already mentioned and trademarks of transferred over readily you there are some subtle changes that also have happened around the edges are sentence has by designing rude and released out of the EU for a period time that changes sentences now very much deliver the US is delivered out of a Red Hat machine um which is technically and realistically the only change that is really happened within the sentence infrastructure that is a machine that is Omar at that is now become the primary CD but there were a couple conversation on the mailing lists about a universe that mean we now subject to the US you decision does that mean that the now subject to US trade laws and and the interesting thing is that we've war subject to those that is is that by releasing about building and releasing in the EU we may have been able to do a bit of an ostrich of the gradient of you yeah had far enough into the sand you don't see the guy was going to come and beat you up and and a given letter that the guys is never short of and people tried that have any you know where the legal situation that came often and things and here it is likely that in none of them really and forward into an instinctive rustic but did yes we are we are constrained by what is legal and what isn't really the US and domes of export control we have always been a part of what we've always been subject to some the US laws because we've only consume content that came out of the US anyway that city think about it we haven't been doing so we have been consuming so and pushing stuff that has an otherwise been exported from the US city always been the subject of this is that those societies the the other big thing that's happened is there's a governance body that come up I with the mandate so it is it is a question about shut the block and the and the and the and and the the yeah so you so the question is that the and no and rel have
films which specifically forbid you from using them in infrastructure that Bruce rockets the so I think that the 2 parts of this 2 is to analyze that I highly recommend you write the questions and do any e-mail and I get a lot applied to so that we can quantify but I'm not a lawyer and I don't speak for accuracy this but I think there 2 was you need to look at that firstly I U Y leading the GPL weddings of secondly I using content which is otherwise restricted for export by the US so not in terms of application went on the content so if you know and then then that's a daily that you could use and based on that he should promise any any e-mail and I would get a lot you so you know private investment the fantastic things that's happened here their lawyers that I'm going to ask questions to and not have to wait 6 months to years before I get a reply because so far we can't afford lawyers right arm and even very lucky to have people like Andrew cats and then a couple guys in the US and it's a faulty who you have a sample 1 or at least times but then you may also be a question is a lawyer his got customers the clients is going to work with them 1st right so 6 months to a year is usually when we should expect a applies now with is a leading the mechanics just a question of just invested and about the constraints that we've had to work with in the past as well things like a you know do we create a firewall between us and Red Hat and how do we stand that file award to the customers and that and how do we send the final even beyond that uses a send us the customs of event had direct and and do us a lot of these questions we had to be very pedantic about we have to be very very very pessimistic about and a lot of the processes that the acting like a private QA process things like if you find a red grandson somewhere we would have to go back and knowledge that ran from everything sent us these at a lot of those situations are no longer as big a deal as it used to be because we have access to people of that legal that we can ask to quantify the ship say somebody finds a I found something thing here that says that this is the man page for a bash for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux does that mean what I'm running is rare the present we can go back to legally guy and say is that can that question be interpreted to mean what the guy thinks In the question that is asking and if if they say yes I no we will we will take action to that but in many cases I think what is happening conversations for them is a lot of the stuff that we were doing was overly pessimistic we do not need to be that pessimistic and I think I still think that what we did was a vector of doing it because you enable something everybody would say because you've taken the steps we know that you know we've tried to protect the users to a certain extent it may be it may be that what we did is more than what is required but having done what we did is that we've been able to protect those people against those things that that can occur over the scope of the question that you're asking to the absolutely so the other thing that is also happening is about the water is there an active offered of the core contributors as a court of the center for the jobs ever had to say and and they made an offer to all quite a few people saying you know would you guys like to come and work on the sentence product as a part of a full-time job responsible for the center for the simplest project some of us took it why did I to put our private as agreed that is great opportunity a couple of days it is all 10 people said no no and again this and all have not been analyzed as you know some people kind of talk that had happened on the ministers of that here to be about the process you have to be on the acting and that's not true we've got people on sentence Baudrillard people in the center Stuart aims to bring set up the researcher into all go work for atom model that and that's fine and there's no intersection within the project that they don't have access to that node comes a day after work under there no contributor license agreements that they to agree to be meritocracy that we've been able to build up over the years for privilege escalation stays in place so if you join the mailing lists and you're able to prove that a good at what you do and you get invited to be a part of a team where you can you can do something about it you want them to be a part of the team and not whatever add another penalty and right so why are we doing this I think in many ways is in many ways this is actually a natural progression um and is the question would be why wouldn't would sooner than we would like to have done it sooner but we never knew how to approach that so we have to wait for them to make the appropriate way for them to come across and say would you like to come into this thing and and a larger problem that we trying to solve is at the sentence community exists as a very specific as a very special group of people and the sentence communities primarily user-driven rather than development which is again unlike a lot of open source projects this sentence community is not featured led it's more problem that more people want to make changes because of problems that they face rather than features of the jump up yesterday nite like a this is a great feature should like some comfort and and if you look to the budgets that's as adults and you will find that there are very few features led issues that come up and 99 % almost off the stuff that comes up this problem and related the conversation that come up on the mailing lists their problem and that's a great place to be it means that people are actually using this stuff and hoping to fix problems that they actually have in real life rather than a developer let go of who tend to be more aggressive on you know creating new features creating some more special branches you being able to deliver more value whatever it is and to code and I don't want that is developers an incoming people you consider themselves to be developers so quality and how many of you consider yourself to not be primarily a developer so so here a point and this is still a majority it's a bacon majority apparatuses lot thinner than accounted would be but it's still is still a majority and I said is an interesting place to be because what happens is that if a able now deliver stuff to these people to be fair deliver stuff group so problem remains of the ourselves then we may be able to educate valued on applications Baghdad and foster the development community would be the that is economic sensors that does anybody have questions on that particular point but yeah yeah you in yeah its upstream 1st effect the we will obviously will service to that yes and I and is independent water tank upstream of it's only on OpenStack than perhaps they should go to further than the for as well if it's a condition and perhaps the world from so when is all of this stuff happening I guess you get already seen the announcement is anybody here who doesn't know about the red haired us relationship there so so it is 1 person you must see must all them of then what is happening and so last year the last year of the Rat people are inducted are saying you know we understand this the relationship here you consume are called unity you knew you produce something based on our code what can we do together how can we set up a relationship that works in a way that we is better able to cure rates this and community at large and be able to expand the scope or 2 goes to and on the 7th January this year from reactants and thus announced that he would join forces um and it's it's it's very so interesting down because it's not a partnership it's not uh um and acquisition as such it's it's it's actually is joining forces where the sentence project carries on we will be doing and that is able to come in as a sponsor to help to more the but there's no formal relationship that exists between the simplest project and react and centers linux and that and present that makes sense then network right so that everybody knows what's going on so what we tried to do was that when you look into the mechanics of what is going to happen a lot of people that have a very anxious a lot of people from centers community of the country with a base warden warder very anxious to see a what is this going to really mean does this mean a meeting testers have does it mean of so here it has to have around the is order process is going to be like who's going to be running the systems who's going to be running to get repositories and how a lot of these things going to be happening right I'm actually trying to steer this here of OK choose true stop at that point 4 years from now there physicists would then and especially the guys with the legal hats on specially guys the trademarks and the volume of the community managers and they were all very keen on saying have process in place when the court announced we should be able to tell the world but this is how we're going to do what we want to the video making out from the center said of things that we did not really do anything so obviously wasn't going to be that Cheney had to agree to be nearer to a certain set of things we have to agree to so the people the signed suffered that what we have done is that we agreed in principle to have conversations and processes we've agreed on paper to have conversations in the public forums about how we change what we change we've agreed that Red Hat would bring that people and we will have open wide communication channels available to anybody and everybody who wants to participate as we adopt new standards new systems new processes and whatever we do those conversation that starting off now nothing around us conversations that you decided to initiate questions being asked on the sender's develops still a genuine questions there no pre-decided answers to those questions
please participate join become a part of the process and all of those opportunities exist now and then and I can't stress enough that most of the stuff that you see motion thing that about the same those of the Special Interest Groups of variance how the process is going to work have the doing is going to work at all proposals at this stage nothing is that decided and anybody and everybody is welcome to come along be a part of the process that decides what going to be doing and how we're going to be doing some 1 of the big things is of course going happened is that validity guns like which took which took a committee about a week to decide how to come up with as as things to so that thing was what time you were trying to be more open we're trying to be bigger and we trying to be more inclusive but that makes sense right there will be that makes sense not really good because that was already knew doesn't really mean I mean a lot in itself so we want to do is a preliminary step back a minute and then we quantify something that isn't changing right what isn't changing is the simplest Linux is not going away sentence Linux is even from around sources that are released publicly that is not going to change that is to carry on doing what is going to do is going to be doing we may not get much better what is certainly not get any worse and how we may not get much better because the organization's ever and that we working with uh the Open Source and Standards groups we not working with the engineering guys don't work in the archaeal engineering business units we are working with the product side of things we are very much working with the Open Source and Standards group of pseudo we may not have we we had the opportunity to know when L 7 is coming for example like the when it does happen when it does come to we would like to get the sources of the same name as everybody else has out and the big thing that's going to be facilitating that is there that is going to stop publishing sources on FTP that and and also says will actually so did not send us evolved in a format that is easier to consume it's easier for more people to come in and participate in it's easier for people run their own branches it's easier for people run their own variants of the same goes for the core where the not go way so what you consume today I sent us Linux will stay in place and you see the word consumer just as you do the secured with that what is not changing in mind from what we are going to try and do is try and become more open and more inclusive so that the plan is that we produced the simplest Linux-based cleared opportunities for people to come in and create the variance by and this is something which has been happening you know for a very long time if you look at the White industry for example if you look at the open source communities and so on and in the wider ecosystem as a court has always been a sentence Hebrew which is guided a white stack on some there's a duty for understanding maybe 100 is always been the repositories of people sort of trying to add functionality to what what we do incentives and has always been sort of Lacey variance out there has always been some people doing things like a highest performance specific beta and there's been like you are minimal installer high-performance um fathers since all these projects have been irritate stuff away I think so and how many people the yesterday the and guys with there yesterday and they were talking about you know how they consume sent us and only to the rule of the OpenStack platform and anything and I think there's something at 11 o'clock of different OpenStack insufficient oversight distributions which don't do a lot of a lot more about each other and all incentives and only so that so 1 of the things that you want to do is make it possible for those guys to come on board me about this and those are all group and be able to consume what reproduce wisely extending things in an industry can always and how we would organize these groups is in down the special interest groups it could be could be 1 person it could be 100 people all you need to do is find a reason for images group exist and what we what we say is that while the open for accepting pretty much anybody in anything it would be nice if this special interest group is driven by a problem domain it should be driven by user requirements and the technical requirements so for example we would prefer to have a child sick other cloud instance rather than a State which bears VMWare images it is that is the quantification chemically and is is so so so it's like if you want it from so if you want have really should you have a special breed of this JDK then you're more likely to have a seat proposal pushed to if it was because it is needed to run you know which in 76 of rather than I won't do this because I want a new in a different way just the thing that we can point at that look do it from a user perspective find a problem domain find what you trying to solve and then we can work on the mechanics required to solve scene so king can target 1 of 4 things you can either have your own repository of students and budget already again be given back this you can these packages and contribute them in dissent as extras so that it available to all tenders users or you can take this and distribution and you can build a variant of it's easy I want these packages that on 1 those packages I want the system to be configured I seems not pre-configured and invasive alien all you can target something which is based on simple so if if for example that you want to bring in Onassis distribution with in some fundamental things that you could still do so anything quality migrate ashes distribución and space of sent us as available any sector target and sex and target market things and all the clubs is applying to multiple things where you can have so can have for example you how peer yum install OpenStack real to be we're get your uh Lacey which has OpenStack or sections are on it and the images and things that so you can target some multiple things the other big 1 from the scene is that once a specific there's a lot of cross-pollination between 6 so we got see coming up for example for the for the word group where the got and stack and looking at center 6 and you already start having conversations of how the club's seek could work with those guys to consume the same percentiles content under OpenStack make zen be of primary partner and OpenStack accidents deprecating and for that matter and that's something that's also encouraged we see this staff so as how we plan to make 6 work is that a group of people can come together and you can get on to the sun develop making a taken proposes a sick proposing that saying you get access to bury packages and as you see matures you get more features you get more resources and you can do more things on on so any initially drying up you may have to say this is my source this is my spec what you think of this and even aboard a few if you can prove over 40 months time that in order during which is the don't you commit access to the main repositories and it doesn't sort of like and what it was that it was all the time of the year of the years in the all of the all over half of uh yes so the question is that the access should be available to everybody that was so how are hiding their plan and how we address that is that we will measure everything from did not and does a dog on get and undergo Doria's and even talking to will have commenting Adoree's goes on to see how we can create those replicas um because primary the challenges that they did repositories was endorsed by 6 and 7 propaganda model pointed right at the moment when i the from visited northern somewhere in my life and the material so then the challenge also becomes at what point do you acknowledge that the user has the authority to represent the use of this higher level and you try and find that at best in the convenient and that's what that does not happen again what right so they take the challenges like if for example there's a visible transition group together the wartime and the quot point you decide that anybody has come along should have the religious teaching other people's code unless that person has demonstrated either wouldn't send all within that community in so it's it's a it's a it's a double-edged and everything to this in slide barrier to entry but because the gap process inclusive it works and because we to try and make sure that there's enough people who could do that bridging we're trying it you get to a point where request which for example for more than 48 hours we try and make sure that the process is always genomes you might be able to address it in that manner so as the as the 2nd image shows you get more resources and it goes all the way from initially banned the propose sources and what you wanted to go point where you get your own git commit access to a point where you can then start requesting signatures packages will point you catches of signing your own packages wouldn't send us about what point we registered doing releases with incentives or so you can decide as saying that a we you do in the release of the indictable West and I want a branch at and say this is going to be OpenStack on sent us and I wanna go released next Tuesday you will be able to do that within the tools in the constraints of mobile within centers without needing somebody from a to the governor's group what the core say
something like that to come across and push a button you be requested yourself to the planet it goes right all from 0 to pretty much mean you run your own little microdistribution within sentence a dog on your you know it it's a good good to get to I hope we are able to get that and the processes of how we get there have not been discussed right now so if you wanna be a part of the campaign and and that's a contradiction in know certain parts of it if you want to so the 2nd part of it and it's something to argue with a lot of people for a very long period time is that we want to be in terms of content the content that the Bush should not be restricted by policy it should be restricted by licensing and she restricted by copyright terms so for example um if if if somebody has a piece of code that don't want open source but they make it available for redistribution then what we are doing technically usually distribution and if the community wants to adopt that could we should be able to adopt and something that even working on further for maybe about almost 2 years and is good that having that on what we've been able to foster the process and accepted in the the given example what work and so from talking about it seems like the NVIDIA CUDA drivers for example or perhaps it could be the day compiler collection very content which otherwise is an open source but we may be able to help those guys maybe we get something from them to say that this is fine so does as a product you that all can redistribute this we carry that content so it's actually going to be a lot more inclusive than it's ever been before and the content is restricted by by legality licensing rather than policy so should be a we only accept court if you know the name of the products out of a that's that's just silly that is it does anybody have any questions on that has anybody have any issues of about about no the is that is that a good thing to do I guess is that a bad thing to do this um so what's what's what's happening right now in the states we had when we announced the whole thing on the 7 the Jan uh remember having a chat on the 6th with a couple of the other guy saying I don't really know another sentence user base has been extremely massive uh in the past I don't really know how this idea is to go down but if you were able to get 1 seat on board right in the 1st month and if you were able to do 1 really so we would ever deliver 1 thing within the 1st 2 months that would be a fantastic place to be right it would set a precedent it would allow us to grow it will allow us to attract other people in the products of but I believe in the 1st 48 hours we had 19 sick proposals um and within the 1st 2 weeks we formalized on uh onto Ulysses um yesterday is anybody here was at the dodo yesterday as well but if you people right so together so we actually did delivery so we break images for OpenStack for CloudStack for eucalyptus and the OpenNebula and for all work and for docker and valid sea containers during the a for a hacker can we were able to best that we would stay there for release and 1st Monday morning you see announcement going up for the images that we were able to bring so that to achieve the 1st 1 . 0 release point within I would say which is a great place to be the impact of link that is made this happened has come up in the last 2 weeks the release process that has come up has over the last 2 weeks and it'll take inclusive all this católico everything is public you can go you can feel could you can start contributing writer and so this is just like sort of an overview of some of this exact coming together they cloud see and I mentioned a few times which is which is an which is really good at but Eucalyptus OpenStack OpenNebula and call stack and you would communities will all come on board and there are some hard questions that have been floated on the moment some answers that any defined as to what the value is for our multiple cloud infrastructure guys to be working together in 1 group or whether the cops are going to be delivering their own thing with the you could as 1 to be doing their own thing and hopefully given the fact that the war expanding the ecosystem of a given the fact that the set of adjusted as well run the store things even the fact that the then goes on to come in with their what is then called given the fact that docket has only getting old adopted indianization stuff we are able to big enough of an ecosystem but that is value in everybody working together the every every cloud instance that comes up really is about to Yemen stalls followed by either Republican our chef phenomenon sible runoff some configuration management and I know yet every 1 of those guys maintains that only public they all maintain their own version of shift the whole got on packaging on and so they want their own playbooks they got on configuration metadata they all consume clustered in a slightly different way the consume you would and slightly different and away from the real wind from working together is going to be even able to consolidate some of these things and and I'm hoping be able to do this more to develop 11 rather than event that association of some but that maybe we should think you will see a successful now we know exactly the area the cloud sensing is also and very reactivating of covered that we've been but a unified image it's the same images works across all of those platforms that even in the delivery on we don't a tracking and updating at the moment because we haven't and release hopefully that'll happen on Monday and then becomes a big challenge so how we keep it updated across various ecosystems and again from how we do it when we do it what the process of B is open for discussion please jump right and if if if that's something that interested in this equipment was all the other guys who would seek his coming together the divide and on the um emotional of the Committee living on the but I go into the then is on the of the source is coming together regardless of Christ working with the with us you got the glass surface as working with us and the aim is to deliver a unified repository which contains common metadata so for example the two-year muni certain options in place for the set back in system to work thus a need certain going to you what we really want to do is have 1 QEMU which does both of those and also works with whatever live what we end up shipping as a part of the word 6 process and hopefully people see that as as as a good when and the fact that you were captured from the upstream developers to be able to do this is in reference to the and we do should minimal I guess have this does everybody know what the minimal bias and it is I think is quite minimal doesn't analysis it finds and is now gone and for example from but apparently that's still very fact so acidic is come together with the aim of having a sensors installed base which is only 90 packages or less and to 150 megabytes or less and I wish them all the best of luck I will be around for the for them I will try not contributing to far into into that but you know it's a problem that they see in this problem solving welcome to do so of people DM yes Mr. advisor necessarily but the Karo as lies on the come together and try and see how they can unify and how they can share codeword building a common SME home server kind of a thing from it something that it's it's it's is demographic that I don't really understand very well but so I don't I don't I so I mean the last time I uh I work on scale was probably back in 97 98 of because so you see that the 2 parts of it I work in the IT Services industry are you working the can do industry and I think that's the kind of verb demographic which is more consumer side and it is that since the late nineties I work more on the services side so it's a demographic that nobody in the center of but but obviously is there's a lot of people who have used a lot of people have utility for it so we know this is a coming together and I think it's great because in many ways care less has been seen as a competitor to send us the next several efforts have been seen as a competitor to send us the fact that we can bring these guys in the fact that we can bring this to so as backing in the project so your shared quotes we can share some of the features we can share some of the some of the wind as well I think it's a great mystery from the white guys are going to get it is a work but there's a bunch of people around this thing that the PBX guys the acid says about working on this stuff out of something earlier today to somebody and then a couple days ago as well about people talking about a super secure religion innocent us and that means again but I think I think it's a case of you know cyphers which they prefer being enabled by the for stuff that we have the mechanics in place that allows them before pretty much every package we will be back to the 1 2 and under that from this and have hosting say that is also coming together which is to deliver a very minimal sent us within installer that has the ability to arbitrarily add other content into the inside so if you want a project if you got let's say you're writing a piece of software which from hence people get-rich-quick then you ownership don't send us then you don't have to rebuild all thank you just double the size so you dump your content into a directory you create a concert XML file which has to have a specific name you and i so if s and you have in store for your software which is again I think of you should get that should get a lot of attraction and there's a bunch of people coming together around the scientific ideas on what being scientific applications valued within college guys in the UK who for offer the come in and do some of the stuff that it couple government agencies and the news the land and use them to flow for accurate and working on a repository with us it is easy enough for us to do this as a part of the 2nd that's about 400 different applications in scientific scheme of things from an and as many other conversations going on around the edges is also the something people are interested in you is interested in a job right and the opportunity exists and it's not going to go away but it's nice if you get more of the because in that allows you to have ownership or the processes that we end up with a and that you can be can be more part of how we in the shaping up everything answers the confidence and it is 1 special Fig
that is also coming up with sentence courses and this represents what used to be the old centers project of the people in the course they are the people who were a part of the bigger Europe and the core meaning of what used to exist in samples earlier that a few changes but by and large the mandate for the course is to deliver the % Linux distributions so these are the guys would be focusing on that so the opportunities for privilege escalation into the course are just the same as any other sector so there's no differences in that from the cortical to this and other things like the responsible for running the infrastructure making sure we don't get act make sure the website is updated hosting the new website it's great isn't it like it or it was like 8 years to get there with predicted that find and and doesn't hurt your eyes anymore which is always a good thing and so the cosine is responsible for things like the site responsible for running the intersection behind the wiki learning infrastructure behind the bugs since fundamentalists and all that kind of stuff from again all of the course because public all of the big scripts of public all of the metadata and that stuff is public if you interested these other things and if you have a minute that I'm happy to do a demo of how we and 7 as well that's the caustic and supported because the core circuit that essentially works within the constraints that any of the signal and the work with any of the privileges that any of the signal and it is that what they do is defined so 1 of the 6 can can be you know we do this today would like more the course is focused on only doing 1 thing and that is delivering the centers Linux distribution and maintaining the researcher and of the the the the point I would also make over here I realize that direct thought initially that we have a lot of people from other institutions coming along the the order with Aleecia's on about some and are if they are but 1 of the things that we worked on priorities and pursue work on quite hard over the last 5 years has been solution relationships from and and and I'm hoping to be able to do that even more I'm hoping to be able to expand the scope of what we've been able to do in the past and I'm hoping to sort a fast track a bunch of conversations and going on and on an easy example of that is so uh this is interesting you think that we all love and we all enjoyed scholar you you find secure ruled that and it so happened that and a 6 . 2 when should get out did not work on machine vision and have a bias feedback right so this doesn't mean machines which don't have bias support this is machine didn't have bias feedback because we have a partially in word he I support in the eyes of we did find out of the months after we listed so that clearly indicates how popular that particular option effect but we did find out and then we looked at how deep and what the implications were really like there's no way that we would be able to afford infrastructure of the equipment to be rapport with cells so we went out and spoke to the desert sitting down uh at the I believe that this the profession services group at and the guys right this specification for the you you if I am and you got that in project in because it got it was exactly the same situation I was able to speech at the gender project ordering them in some way and they were very happy that some news article can to them from a different product and we will bring a couple the distribution that we the authentic guys also now using the same infrastructure every the mental skies also using about the same infrastructure and we were able to bring a couple of them machines and we would bring in the the development from words in hosted in a common EDI or so in in in the US and set up a buoy calendar with these different projects can use the infrastructure to prove that this authority will to the extent that I'm open to be with do in april may timeframe is to solve the secure Boot problem as well to see how we as a community of Linux distributions and can address that issue and you know what the scope of that as as well as on a 2nd I guess example of that of this whole also been that you know I give our PCs were defined it everybody wants targeted on and then again in the summer of 2000 was we were able to reach out with uh with the group that as a group the city of office and as part of the the project the gender products and then you rejected the idea mn community of is in the US and abroad on about 5 of our 7 . 2 machines which it again shared between a bunch of projects including the posters goes out now as well and I think of the Kennedy product also using the same infrastructure that hosted on a common platform that is facilitated by the Centers for and I'm really confident that we want to try and accelerate along this for the more sources and more efforts and from the party that I'm looking right now that moving to accelerate is but is to be able to bring on the intersection is well we've got something up from that is that kind of works of but it's harder to bootstrap a nominal to be remembering on the UN on 64 on the 78 infrastructure we're going to Boston electronics talking to well thing computing we would have to consider uh function that conversation had a bit of an abrupt ending some of these so I'm getting a lot of people know that considers over 100 million all what consider focus so few people sigh people know that in a bit of trouble at the moment of surgery as this find out so you open to be with so that a lot of of process is low and the 2nd thing that I'm also going to be rich to something I mentioned previously that we have like because I gave you the OpenStack the open-ended as you could as coming and it will be fantastic if he could at the developer level agree to support a particular usually work for a union after that allows other people regarded the same pieces of software as well and therefore will this not only ask again but its entire ecosystem around this project is all the other distributions on this project which also gained from from having that having the resources of the problem and finally a test harnesses that we've been working on quite hard for many years and we would love to be recalled that up and allow the distributions to be really use it as well and the trying to come up with scenarios as to how somebody might be reused that instead of IBM's from and how we might be before that that stuff away from so that people other people like that in practice for example could then test data stores using the infrastructure that we have in place to pretend that we have in this and I think I'm nearly other time so I will leave you with but the words which took me a week to come up with uh and if any does anybody have questions at this point about things acquired so if you can't get to all the questions then come and find me at the center stable in cabling and can make 1 or 2 questions maybe they're just whoever shouts 1st and half the time you and the and to the and so that the the parts to the question 1 is the easiest to answer which is how does it affect scientific so the question is that effectively and composer away and he is happy in school where and then how do people consuming today to get what they want to get right now so as far as oracles concerning across oracle and as far as I cytokinesis existence even talking to them pretty much from day 1 to see how we could help them how we could get a better relationship in place so and they have had a bunch of questions even a word once and I think the the bodies from invoking their court we've and we've made it open like a you can come in and you can do whatever you want however you want to do it as a part of the sentence project to work within an inclusive framework so that is more people working on the same problem rather than a lot of people working on the same problem in different places in the city duplicating efforts so we get most welcome to come and take they 1 and do whatever they want the most welcome to bring whatever they want and house and is the more more impressive when we did the next Westerners trying to think a slide that shows you what the good repositories reflect check what
an you don't
think so the
but he said so the question is about how 611 content here and and and but so these so these are the owners of content delivery is going to be up to the to decide so they can either have their own repository and they can have a really side which is available within sentence extras yes yes but they also have the ability to actually be all of centers including application delivery myself but on Texas so there's basically some injuries that to carry on from your DOS systems 1 more so I think it around and then they OK be sugar questions but the and so so the question is if you're able to carry on doing what you doing with CentOS Linux today so as long as you know why kingdoms of licenses that the stuff is distributed under you find out anything commercializing something and that some trademark issues that come in but it's having value I Larger for doing what you doing today should be fine right so that's a social sectors Linux would exist as adjusted to discreetly just wrote about the git repository services and I would look like the every git repository will have it that hard wired Rogers a good nothing and must accept 30 minutes 0 there's nothing you must and this affects the 67 branches represent the code that is available in that and we have c 6 plus stuff this C for for those of you like live pain and what would be over the opportunity that exists over here is that anybody with a log on and create their own branches you will not be right in this faces 67 would be repeated on branches in you be retract the branches and within a branch it
you can this property not with my name on it anyway and so you basically got every lease that comes through as a as a correct as a complete command
and within that you have the text sources for them it's whatever was in that whatever is not in year was represented in a metadata file which looks like this
which has the names of the files the Institute of Physics sums or describe what the Suffolk under control known this correspondence and the content is available on leukocyte catch so basically see retracted continues to retract the metadata that comes out of the SRP and would you be we can do it as a gift from much it's easier to use and and there's a script around as well that is basically takes 1 of these with the name and gives you something that at the took 2 guys and should if he had questions come and find me I'm going to be in this investigation for the rest of the day to day and most of the moral thank you very much for coming along and kitchen