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Armstrong - Music with the Arduino
No shields required!
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Generating music from an Arduino usually needs a shield. And shields cost money. This talk introduces a project that makes it free and easy to play sound without a shield, nor a knowledge of musical theory. We shall introduce a number of projects that make the Arduino make noises, other than the squeaks of the example code. This includes the new library, Armstrong, which supports various methods of playing music, along with MIDI functionality, all from a vanilla Arduino
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so on and on and on so many of these things and local control of schools objects and recover from that what it is and how it is used in the this which which the and it was not In realism the of the or in a in a in a region where there is a lot of time on the end of the season in the some of was that this was the that as long as the and I a the core the 2nd part of the kind
of thing and you and the next June student and use the standard from so we didn't use them to do the job of answering the rules and use in terms of some bands images and so when you do get around and then it should be the musician and this leads minutes of options in the new version used to move to music you listen and
whose students in front and back of hand so that of the that's what is it that qualifies as we're doing it and I don't know the text of the slide
there's a huge required by clicking on the best just constantly so you have to like it just means we will use it when we use music and lose a sensible we using this device and nothing else
so how do we use to the music on of the images of those and that the function tolerant this what I will call it however Tony's interrupted your user talk to something like something useful because because closely so instead we have this this is of this is an important is that you have to come up with a lot of how big is better at this because this is something like that in the past and it was that G C so much that a has a really entirely intercom was already out this does have some influence on this golf so it was like the 1st thing is we're doing abstraction here is saying like to paint I eat when to say shall all the world for example was this include 1 of the last which from using digital prints and patterns and use pulse-width-modulated of conservative and he'd after we program of the library world don't just change the channel to be a digital pain while the origin of automatically assessing the government and several openly it and the sum of digital and it says everything up accordingly that is actually improvement to because I never public checking weapons also it'll still developing without even trying as if you use the term functional about was if you use the formula used to make the node you could also say would you mind tracing I want to play and when you actually did it without saying is the software found was the hardware fault that's 1 thing you can do and you can just change it to be in the output model and audio output the speaker with 1 line of
code then we were go on the plane strain which is so important for the part of the however you complain those just by changing this and we the how the he moved on said is same this yes the think of the exorcist or plowing depending on how old you are I'm assuming that the local often the elder people in the audience so yes you can start a harmless together also you got control messages you can change the terms the duration of the various and again we run the octaves so until you got some much quicker way a more effective way of changing the music of writing music you lot the tone as a function and the standard dynamic mode plane of is a blocking function nothing happens and is finished playing the music however this is normally useless because the time you do something else if the game at the end of the level it makes a little jingling noise to say well you what you've lost that's fine if you're doing music during the going for example the dual flashy like going you can't do it it must be blocking so that we use is this idea of an update function which allows you to do cooperative multitasking so we don't have any interest whatsoever just every frame it says just change we you need to change we can have another go just that everything will find them because it goes quick enough you can you generally notes like this and the monitoring because I'm changing the page because I'm not start with a blocking function as you go so you can change the picture note all the volume of that note in real time so if you add some of also fuel note you can that the pitch in each update loop Geograph 7 local control of what you can do that sounds also provided a number of all input abstraction ways I like abstraction layers this is the analogue of he says and look at is notes you all all input is can be between 0 and 5 vowels fair enough however when you get to the actually read the pole it's the between 0 and 4 thousand 45 OK however I want to be a note so all this does is ultimately says when the input old ultimately studies were between for example C 2 and C 6 they also you can scale the input range itself if you have until the annual and building light for example so as you cast shadows of your license if there's a picture the at which is 1 of code here you online the religious to the full range of middle to a thousand modified will be complete darkness and all that a modified remains stuck in the middle of the sum you don't have that range so you just say well what light field the does have which is about 500 in the case of the ones I've been playing with that is also scales you get the maximum range possible again this additional complex code is not magical can no this is the change of life but if a thousand people making the musical of you know trade of actual music at that might be hundred or thousand people who worked in the same we dealt with the code there's also digital per abstractions as well so here we go 2 forms of travel but if you press the button that changes from 1 to a few Beaulieu facet of what you present it it goes this gives you a couple of different ways of extracting the input to make that differ from a musical instrument and even put the bells and here was well for free because the boats and push is the most dope physical you ever light so reliably itself it's broken the parts because my blinkered only had a very small set of the time so we have the music playback which is what we did this thing with you give us denotes the place of the of a blob of of of what this consumer playback which says now Casey now please you know play a now played the that's to sexual logic that in turn consumer control this is what switch mode in which the local and actually work in the update loop so it doesn't need interrupts but still plays asynchronously to and the way forward rate which is so by new I don't even have any documentation it but actually makes some different noises and language that go on here that sea uh and Chile that's if that makes to noise the estimates of requirements the way forward we let you create an abstract way of any type and pump it through the payment's all you what we know so you can actually use this fall playing back speech if you want to take a sample could put the whole into a lady and then play that you can do that or you can use harmonics and I like to say what is his primary harmonic was the 2nd of the 4th of different ways and will generally the wave and it will and played through the speaker and the end of inputs abstractions we've seen utility function for those
on low wall what is the frequency of all of the above model C they also the 440 hertz for those of you interested this was the very 1st example that late apart because I played lago and Pollock's anything unless is like this is a time and could female that is all the slides have music that comes in the 1st thing that that was a joint UN quote who got the demand you and title who prepared to admit forgot would you and you are entitled I really enjoyed it so the vibrations leaving choice so people think that was the terminal is actually a ternary which is basically a little icon while what 1 has a fairly high resistance so is basically a piece of paper so what you do is you put a crocodile powerfully across that was the quasipotential divider circuit you then take that obstructed and you input so as the political along with mutual what makes a different note I so sweeping note of course is made with like this is another thing you
can do this is um the piece of electric busses which India's was really clean and noise also capable of taking in input only does is it's just introduce it converts sound waves sound energy into electrical energy those was outputting buzzer noises if you hear them it generates a spike like that and then you can use the input like this I will soon as a spy goes above this indicates a triple a sound and natural some complain notes and because
all white noise source was no high that kind of sound and the police on the mouse knows the jet pairs the under at a proper the compared you could build yourself a very small atomic drunk with 5 or 6 of these 20 the devices and the a speaker scheduled you anything uh but so I think about
you go time which is unusual for me since I know we sold about the 10 times as long on which means I can't to the questions of how is locally any and all that good it because we have the questions that would have to
told I go over to the middle of the order of this slide later and I get the talk to the database but not explained to a teddy bear I can explain it wanted its so I bring us up to the questions I'm going to go a little further on the uh buildings without the consider all markers site which is also why do constant diaries um JavaScript's Lego gt II and other bits of random stuff on the other hand you will just go there and you find it on the some of the node so here if I do that the that's really really the it the laboratory have I because the moment but just as proof that was all running just within the fields a piece of resistor and speaker was so the and the seed and that this was proved that although was in this on so yes if I have actually finish then I was like any questions so I can find when many of the remote server was a question the do you have an idea of what the frequency ranges some kind of common proper tested the things that I like to give you a report for the this we propose doing earlier was I think between 200 about 6 thousand votes about sold moldable has gone up to about 10 thousand posts um I had news we use for anything by um the signal frequency go because you need to change the way fold less often see Box scope for that but is that whatever amplifier and speaker you end up back and you want this is going so
fast you've got a fair amount of scope so don't thing that the Rangers community of schoolchildren channels on this so we can always do is essentially what was looking at you and the because is not working because they hope hopefully speakers on 3 different things a little play different modes so if you implicitly you can do it that way well than having to build a waveform fall within the different modes concatenated in on the other strand reduce adjustments and don't your often