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Annual Squeak Shoutout
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Progress made in squeak the past year and a look at the development of spur, the new VM
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welcome to the afternoon the small book that will also nonsense level and this screen shot will not solve it and is going to talk about some of the recent activities in this great project uh the main thing in all the documents hard this the ladies who these candidates and for this week and this week 4 . 5 and then also be talking about a couple of other packages that some people have been so the sky for qualified is
named Theodore for the son of orally friend Andreas as I mentioned last year here of of Andreas was a major contributor to our community there from the beginning and the last at this time he had just passed away from a heart attack and a young legislators and at the time his wife was 6 months pregnant and of the Son and so yeah we want to name this release in in honor of them so my 1st shattered goes to his wife Kathleen uh so discover a few highlights here from release notes 1st and i'm just gonna stop by mentioning the thing that italics and this time look back that the so the 1st thing mission is environments of Viacom put me so it's a way of uh having namespaces basically for having multiple classes with the same name to exist in the same image object memory and in your code you can a reference to the classes environment containing environment to distinguish between 2 classes of the same name In the area of collections so we have a new kind of collection of flow collection of which inherits the added and removed message face of water collection I just saw more convenient but internally uses a full array so it's still efficient the In numerics we have faster and better implementation of random numbers 4 days and times and as part of a college native-code generating the atoms we have access to to new primitives which provide a much better time resolution of 2 the microsecond in text graphics and sound no form pixel value at that makes use of also makes use of a new primitive so you don't have to make a full bit like the 1 you just can't get a single pixel value In the thorium environment and you II and the the source code management system Monticello and our of community collaboration process the trunk that some polish is going to a and B C B of older you I want it's more like 80 had so you can actually debugging it again and as only talking about later at 4 o'clock in my talk about spoon on the Raspberry Pi this is a handy for when you're running on slower hardware which does still exists you doing things with embedded platforms like Arduino about pi so just to refresh your memory this is what the NDCG
original Model-View-Controller MVC you I look with the rate of lot of scroll bars and so I just lay we 3 Halteren workspace so now the difficulty in them I managed to miss the would window time where NBC didn't work so I'm not exactly sure but I'm sure that text yeah just normal system rather as
well and there's improved in command line interface so you can run 1 optional commands from small talk again and I think that's also without the the full overhead over the complete or less process at in the area of configurations and when you're running on a cello you can now start his and in anticipation of a smaller image and the more total Monticello history the the stand and you use a skillful website for how this week releases that change over time that's what you have of and is a new facilities called object history that makes it possible to track the creation time of In the object to a 1 minute resolution the of scientific is fixes that thing so what you have is going to how the ceiling and the proto-objects message interface has been pared down in a way that as it should be said that the the new class root searches understanding is both possible what happened with the actual return i'm changing the things work because he's was something to be a show the that's all um yeah biased today some nice visualization work of package dependencies
consider several quick at the heart of a
path yeah I think he is
graph is to do this here and so it should be the this that yes always quite enlightening to go look at the sorts of the dependency graphs I'm always surprised by by this 1 thing that sort of thing this 1 just at 1st glance to me looks quite of the and what I would expect to have it depends of collections so if 1 of them from and and
this 1 is very interesting sort of visualizes the package space of like a bunch of nations and continents the and just antecedent all over the years like the get
a similar idea of collections of but because it's a bit more detail all the the class categories well just getting out here looking for anything surprising again it's it's really improved a lot in last couple of years ago yeah so this is cool yeah and then in the application of the
area of a little thing the change with 0 0 area just the borders of just lines of conductors OK so could the rest of the but so new recruits sorting utilities for a race or election from new LRU cache implementation and please feel free to stop me if you like more detail about any of these I don't claim to be expert in all these changes but I'm happy to go to school around the image with no promise now for which you objects of their and the so I assume that should make seaside without devoting more of I'm not sure what that means some sort of collection support for the compiler of logarithmic calculation fixed images and then some interesting new protocol for making the dates and times of you can have an expression like 5 minutes ago just to get it so is it date and time for 5 minutes from when I take that the yeah and so actually conceptually in the object model have nanosecond resolution that this is a copy of the thing which has marked 2nd as we so used to be a dual hierarchy of new paragraph and multi paragraph and so on of the scanner was of a bit messy that's been improved the a region paintbox more performance improvements over 80 PCM that in the unit after no so there's a somewhat controversial feature of the whole summer footers which automatically resizes the real estate do the different things in a browser optimize the position in this path as I understand this feature sort of watches you're of browsing behavior and tries to give more space to the things that you use more often over time I
just opened this image so that the group in the scene think to amazing vejust the system rather than but but it sounds like needs to be true the other with played with them fixed color
selection being able to form took place in the screen and use that as a way to choose colors of I guess that was about for a while the length of the bar of log report you get if you have a say the impression that make this possible the yeah that non so the tree laughter you can now result moves between arbitrary packages that's probably a bit more obscure unless you're using modulo configurations so my shoulder of filer output known code in UTF-8 instead of 1 it isn't a new systems based analysis tool lots of things
yes school so that's sort of like a given mapping
you once they're in about the system and we get something like that that's handy so that go under the magic incantation for doing these things so and this the emulator stuff that's especially to me a subset of the affecting lately the and then as you select more these things more of these items such this report so that's really and we just knowing what the plug-ins you got loaded so the arguments turning there's going to be we just go through this yes so so it is that they've got loaded from the extreme of the parameters you started with the source code files you streaming all your preferences that can any decimal place the provinces browsers quite useful but you don't have to search utility can be a little children to know
all the signs are when yeah that's another
another view you get on all of the other the little the problem with settings is that if you don't know how schools life which full support we would like to have the time devoted to feed you find that it exactly I'm not sure what the difference in colour here of the that uh a summary of at Monticello source could a repositories and then the working copies you've got in progress so we looked at a few these this this is a nice 1 this lot information so it's quite obscure you actually had to read the VM source know all these things with so it's good to see them made more transparent here yeah some information about the garbage collectors always nice the host the on and he can run the benchmark church school so I forget what the numbers were when I 1st started paying attention to benchmarks but probably about 1 per cent of this performance so severe as critical recording just in terms of sense per 2nd from yeah I think when I started benchmarks is like 1 wins 2nd the and then we were running more people to machine instructions of per 2nd there about 3 times as many uh as native instructions on the 1st machines were a lot of small talk a will special dimorphic you I felt comfortable that seem to stop you talk to me about around 200 megahertz so similarly you can release of space and office market was workable about
this all the people of those things that they know they're not interested in the book so that was not usable at the level where you meet twice as powerful yeah yeah yeah exactly the thing goes around 1988 of across that was
the thing can say this under a different name
the the the thank you and me
offers to me a look at the so screwed people log just Canadian so
on a Mac you can look at this through the normal log of display stuff so something with Monticello with their own emotional on OK something the 3 D of of course every time with the impressions are so rare when they happen there also starting to me that I can't really remember what I was doing you I was at that moment and remember what happened right before variable at a future that is talk about was you can set the length of this where for sort of grown link at the alone so think it back to where I was
OK that's right I was looking at the other 4 . 5 to so I was our
time of the most important things that come around so was go back to this about the system
stuff so only I was trying to do a space analysis and I'm not sure why they needed 3 D to show the answers or maybe it was analyzing our system that you 3 so I will look at that again the all running all tests will actually so you can run all less units that got and then last but information that log file and you and you look at it there is there's a sense that we saw in the Council were but with the stack looks different this actually looks more action will probably figure out what happened the so the school but they will just threw us couple minutes all ask the questions exist that you feel 0 yeah so element has been hard work of over a Cadence Design Systems and there's so continuing graciously of put it
contribute is called the and work that's the community down there and so he most recently he's been working on a 64 bit of object memory support Dan Ingalls said done most of that work with Dan Ingalls Indian Q martyrdom most of that work and back again was that to package and in 2003 that there were still some rough edges especially In the area of running an old 32 bit budget memory with the new 64 bit the getting that all right on the difference in the use of he's also yes so the main idea of God is about native code generation of and he's focusing mostly on the Intel of he works on the back and but I know only in the last couple of Google Summer of Code their students working on a farm in seeking support as well and then most recently he's got our project practical called spur of which is a new object memory design and then I he's got and the new garbage collector and feature and that also has histories critics of objects of format and the new tunable objects we have objects that don't move around in memory for the cluster ones which should be really good for media intensive apps the and what else is there in the the we yeah I think that's about the that it that the media flows we don't fall media so here in the yeah so can't even very solid for the last few years he used a lot that took place of notice clock with Andreas and doing the 3 D tele-presence work a lot of streaming media we're doing telephony and 3 D yeah so that worked the going very well it and so I don't get rooms birth is the sum of the values and of course the numbers on the the all of what is part of colonies just the refinement of the object object and we model of and standard and new garbage collector and get all point of the finances to support new collector of I don't know if thought of increased speed is really a design goal of this for the the collector I think it is mostly just having to do with making cannibal objects that don't move it you want you will this In this work so there must be some problems improvement there are there but I haven't seen any numbers in here and what is the thing you want to use this already and not and it you know that this but less and you would not be right up there with the use of the Internet is used in then that I don't how to do this and you know it to the lifetime of the measurements and this is how the so just flows of showing some 1 package that on and another member of our community edges vector to clean it has resurrected from several years ago called map warps I so something called a federal plot and get this looks cool you can go and find out more about b and they didn't have
time the
the thing I was I also want to talk about the trends a you have to give yourself to come up with the rules of shipped to move on it would not have the right to the the use of the word I should be and what will be the problems in the 1st half
of the lecture this will at and you know the the the the the and on the and the want the way in the
the the to thank you for the world sold this stuff out there for the