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Announcements, Annual Report and Election Results

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Announcements, Annual Report and Election Results
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PostgreSQL Europe's Annual report will be presented along with other announcements, and the results of the 2014 board elections revealed
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so that you know it's is that the people in a civil war yes from the previous so that means some people in here that I don't recognize that's the rest of you will know what to say you don't know how many of you might actually be here for every for some universal constant we have this is a summary of photos for the 3 of you will go to a lot of things in the world and was not being here today and allow the well central but that's the downside is known for the leader of in there's no real but all of the americas you could look at different things in front the and so on and on therefore the wandering not going to do this for the moment it's just a short run out and find out some information you've all seen this form we started this yesterday for those of you who were
there so please tell everybody that you liked what he did was completed please tell everybody that
the room was full here so maybe we'll get a bigger room next year it does probably held the post until we have completed the false yes or half also more than the permitted you are also let them know that this was my my people way the time before its public happen again regardless of the size of the room but know anything that we can do and you can help us to get rid it I have a lot of people are interested in my mind of water so how many of you have seen here are members of this year but that that is formed good at the job are no those of you who voted in the elections take have done when you move bloom you should know that in the elections we close the lectures last nite it's not too late that we actually 6 people have trouble with that was always 15 in here so that you'll hear about 26 people also have 66 members so it's 67 numbers on its membership the incidence of her uh which uses the same numbers we don't actually know the few of those may not be a lot because you have to be a member for 3 months of the year before the elections in order to be a lot of words were among the public but is it 60 h members who could loaded so we don't get even half the time about so those of you who did vote cluster we will have a new election links here is remember vote it does actually matter the this year with 3 people were sitting on I think the older of the 2 of them right here up here is the last 1 that they take to the shogun and the like who had been with us for quite a while now but you you guys for a lot of work that and from work in the last it's good to have a lower than so we have action we didn't really knew what worked on my of the manager and the source of the light is sort of the wrong this is actually the order by number of votes it it's like the difference in number of nodes that or in the sort of I don't know what the previous on also also of the book but this just a small working at a time and I any more than these 3 candidates this year we'd like to see more candidates so the rest of you you should consider for the next time around the start of religion yourself or convincing somebody else to do it their home and that there was greater it's in November December so that I have a the full processes that on the website with that's no certain moments all nominations and then we so where wherever I will be posting it around early this summer I think that the process starts and the goal will be next year as well what we have decided that before going to decide that the goal is again going to be too elections Finnic Finnish approximately a so the most have I will is the endowment of muscles religions and this is your chance to get rid of me in the history of somebody's family yes please do not so within firm only worry yesterday for the 1st is that in that it was mostly but not all of you have heard heard of hiding objects now you want more events you want more and I know that I have had enough that we don't know the optimal so something you were in the general so we will really know about Muslims until about little things that the Nordic PTA in Stockholm Sweden on March 20 so you're anywhere near ordered something that goes down to approximately role and optimal about only the use of resistance and this year is what they want from conference that
my for Paris is open submit the conference languages in Sweden offers language will be English um because you know the stage people who
don't speak Swedish and we talked at the you use use use 1 of the profession you have to use a little can finish overload from the media that have a good time to buy and use billion speeding Danish from some of the earlier registration is also open if you want to take a chance actually register before the research the CAP something for 5 or 6 more days so moved quickly we do want to see more submissions would look to see people were not necessarily from the Nordic region join us as well in our focus is obviously but the global cell the name of the Nordic region there's 11 March 20 that's event that we know well that we have around Europe is the French Fiji day I think they're moving into the same controls that we did with the
European PGA is that the French Fiji days not today's we rename the European PGA when we got to 3 days of the 2 datasets that basically just 1 day on a map here this will be here there's no
the printed during so this was on duty also has its mean to log in France the series of here as well at least it's supposed to be open because I was from it would be open Indiana my finger on or they might the 1 of these pieces that don't speak french for the conference itself is in french so if you don't know French so the Ferreira just go there anyway structures so do you you you you so that the initial interval have in just cannot handle beach a few weeks after that we have this list of words and he says according to conference with 1 day so that there
is a of the future this will be in the ribosome you because it it is 1 of the things that I really want to inform the series opener within my a they will have a German English and French and the 1st 2 over the interests of means and you'll have go down to see was language eventually result in your book the so this the this as log of so far so for those who don't know if this user so he not in the middle of nowhere but is a half an hour later let us it's actually a very nice read-only history very campus and you recall is possible or you can go on for years and has not been set up so that works out in the French colony of the beach we conclude morning 1 of my the snow and is followed by some water the disk some around some of the real estate you know only on the water you from the use of a so we're also going to articles this covers Europe so many of
you have been to them I am sure we will guarantee that we will hold a somewhere in Europe uh and we will actually go further than that and say continental Europe the and maybe I can recall couple people that something of the order of the Britain and are that all can tell you at this point we are currently searching for news and trying
to to sign convex we don't announce the location of the we know for sure we made that mistake once enough to do it again and were wanting to have announced that the actual location of an exact date in maybe a month or 2 because that's what I've heard but our target is again the same kind of the year you typically do this which is sort of the 2nd half of October 1st half of of November which uh we don't know exactly when you because it depends on whether we can find availability added back of also stated that you'll find information subscribe to EGU General made was to get the information there so we had a Twitter account but the days of some sort of Facebook page the event's as thank you for the does better so far also those 2 final where is it will be it will follow the same pattern that we've done before we were looking for 3 days a conference wildly training it and as many of you as we can possibly think they according to it said about or maybe we have a lot of things and that is actually although I have no did I get something you I haven't given any information about the problems you have to do the region again there will be a German offers it'll in most of the German unique and unintelligible will but it will be a sum of office and also the promise and this is from the local data on the 1st day good the there and what they want out solid maybe if we can get it back so there's all those that we have just how many of you have not visited for that 1 student a were over in the A. W. building which is way over on the other side but there will be the role more my teacher yourself fleas allophones of about a model have 10 and a half that had to do with lots of things you know the the the phrase yes so are there any valid questions that is somewhat related to those post was your for is the In that case I challenge you to go have a beer you know you have with all your insurable right of the individual was you know means in the in the middle of the people and
you so we need to go to within 1 or 2 that you sign up for this year which have I have not usually don't years
as a means of India