An overview of Sozi

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An overview of Sozi
SVG-based zooming presentation software
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Initially inspired by the proprietary software Prezi, Sozi is a free and open-source "zooming presentation" tool based on open standards. This talk will expose the general concepts of Sozi and how it benefits from the use of open standards, from a user's as well as a developer's point of view. We will give an overview of the current status of the project and the expected future developments. Over the last few years, several presentation tools have emerged that provide alternatives to the traditional desktop slideshow software. Some of them, like reveal.js, allow to create slideshows using web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Others, like the proprietary software Prezi, have set a new paradigm based on a sequence of camera movements (translations, zooms, rotations) over a single, unlimited canvas where all the visual content of your document is laid out. Initially inspired by Prezi, Sozi is a free and open-source "zooming presentation" tool based on open standards. A Sozi presentation is an SVG document augmented with presentation data and a player script in JavaScript. As a consequence, such a document can be played directly by any standards-compliant web browser without the need to install a plugin or a specific viewing software. For presentation creators, we have chosen to build the Sozi editor as an extension to the free SVG editor Inkscape. Sozi is open to contributions: volunteers have provided translations to 8 languages, others have created packages for several widely-used GNU/Linux distributions
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OK about zooming presentation tool called so the and this talk is also alive they know what you can do with using on to put a little background information well when I started working as a teacher and researcher 10 years ago I did a lot of light shows like everybody else and my slide show software usually proposed that this layout for slides so this is what I did by linked to a vital I Click to add to the text
and most of my presentations look like this so they were full of good points lists of text to read and I thought that it was very convenient because if I want to say something what my audience could still read everything on the on the slide but at 2nd thoughts I realized that it was
not really my way to present things that usually well when I try to listen to someone I cannot concentrate on what is written at the same time and when I tried to to read well it's difficult if someone is speaking at the same time so I tried to change my presentation style to better separating the old you'll and the visual channel so that In the end the most of my presentation as well and this most slide were made of controlling pictures charts and less and less effect so that most of the text was in fact given In the speech actually I have to better about it
but and it was so frustrating because most of the time I had to show complex diagrams big pictures that did not fit on a single slide that would not slide software missed an essential feature was which was to zoom in on the regions of interest that I wanted to show what a given time at that time a few years ago a colleague of mine told me about a tool that is exactly this that does exactly this the 2 is good praising its appropriators software now and it does it exactly why 1 that it has a license that does not relieve fits with my needs about to sum up uh it is properly software with closed document format and everything is done in the in the cloud and so it is not even possible to get a local copy of my book document data on my own computer and so I started to think about the possible alternative to crazy that would use free software and open standards the and I call this tool so the public if
you speak french knew that so the is a look-alike something someone that looks very much like you I still he's is not actually a clone of pretty hits of different software with different features and different philosophy and different workflow and induce similar effects as you can see from this presentation but it is not the same tool at all 1st of all when I started developing so the Irish shows the the document format and I chose G because most of my
presentation whole drawing intensive they contain a lot of diagrams i it was very convenient to have good trolling as but a vector all growing format for this I very convenient for all of us because there are already exists
several drawing software that supporters EEG either natively or as an export format you can see here some of them are here some ofrece on on on 3 on the other hand today almost everybody has it is the you work on the computer in the form of a
web browser and support for his B is EEG has improved a lot of of the last few years I was told that even the Internet Explorer now can display so the presentations quite correctly and finally adding JavaScript to is EEG allows to make dynamic documents that you can play like this the so here is the basic workflow of how to create a presentation using so the 1st of all you will use your favourite vector or drawing software such as Inkscape and you will draw several elements the visual content of your presentation as if you were creating a big poster with everything on a single page the then you can add presentation information 1st of all you can damage your friends using rectangles foreign for instance and you can open the so the in utero which is now
implemented as a so that as an initiate extension so you can see here the main window of so the which isn't and independent window of from in state and from this window you will edit said every information of your presentation you will give frames of titles you will program delays you will tell whether you want the rectangles to be hidden all visible and this extension will add information to you as we do document in the form of custom XML elements and it will add a script element that contains the JavaScript so the player when you save your document you get a stand alone presentation that you can distribute that you can play immediately you can open it in your web browser and it will play immediately without the need for applied in part an additional software so the has been around for a few years I chose the numbering system that uses the the
year and month so we ought to date at the latest um stable version is called so the 13 and it is based on the following software it uses escape and its extension system and the extension itself is written in Python and uses a gtk 2 flew by DTK this editor has a lot of problems today it so our works well for most 2 use cases but we can say that this user interface is not really suitable for a presentation at the we would expect something more direct here it is a form they no user interface with list with fields and the extension system landscape makes makes it very Our inefficient and quite boring to use moreover it is based on technologies that all considered today out of date DTK to and by DTK uh by dt is not maintained anymore so it is problematic to use it now and especially it is difficult to instead on other um operating systems that Linux and Windows and OS 10 users usually have problems in setting so the Susy on their computers so what will so the 14 look like China have chosen to um give up maintaining the escape extension and I want to switch to a new editor based on web technologies that namely student 5 in java scripts and as SVG it will provide a better user interface that would look like this with direct manipulation of the documents and and fall from a developer's point of view it will be better because we can share code between the play a part and the editor parts which was not possible with the Python version this development has just begun so there is currently no prototype available on this is the personal project I worked from mostly little-known lists in my spare time so I will need help and if you are willing to provide uh somehow so the you can contact me and I I will discuss how we can organize uh this is being addressed of the main website the official website for SUSY our thank you for attention and maybe have time for some questions put it in the the the yeah the that so I usually rent representations in later accused added it went to how would you do this combining this with this with a sort of right my slides facilitate again and turn them into the input a figures that I can use this on our behalf is so is that something you've been thinking about I'm not sure I heard everything you said I was basically wondering is still awaited is not about how you would combine the system with the lead to buy and use it as a useful to the collisions and there's no it's not something that I have thought about
the the extension on the and all of the you know so you will use external the tools just on X and annotate extension for in-state or that latex and well so it's so 1 possibility that the basics of the field so these 2 idiots all your the you know the complete document and that is the duty but it's a call to get it generated fall from another tool and someone has made a port for the guy diagram and it's that can export to as the G so the idea is that you must rely on existing tools and generators rather than that of the here now the left that's um and so the user mesopredator using scape representations site generated PDF using some nice magic and I'm a good usually you don't want to implement or things keep the features in an I'm I'm a bit lost because problem because of your finally to local really be less powerful than his Katie's is OK the idea is that this toll was just replace this water I mean the I'm not planning to reimplement anything that's messes with the visual content of the documents and the idea is to just provide a presentation data that will just manage the presentation data not the content of the document itself there have been attempts for this it is called a Wagener it's is not currently developed anymore it was an attempt to make something more crazy like that that's using a web interface so it allows to create demonstrate create text administrator shapes and accused of this so the journal in the background but it's not during the developed anymore I I think yes can be Jesus subsequent foreign diseases source code of Europe result of this presentation if use it just within so we all the perceived perhaps 1 of the things I want to see the
hospital was I think you this is in this video human played in Firefox actually about so it to this in taking skate generated is the with many metadata headed by itself but in the end we will find these are elements of these although the frame elements that all added by the with information presentation information here
so the N S 1 is actually the so the namespace uh that is used to it that is added by Inkscape and you will find the place the script elements which is a modified version of the of this so
the player just if we have question and it's about using your so the specifics of the market
and have you tried to to user smile elements instead to a tool and it takes to the in the information of the tragedy no I have not used to the all
the animation part is a managed to directly in JavaScript in our there were good a good summary of why is my was so considered for this it's on the In the shoe track of the project why not sure I can find it easily anomic but someone meaning argued that so we should use smiling and all the user explain what it was not a good idea I don't remember exactly what but it in fact when I started with the development of this but it was easier and more the the well animating in JavaScript so and better support from support that's my soul I stick to this implementation thank you thank you yeah and it for this question maybe someone the the thanks of if you're looking for extra developers and people working how is your with sequence development community of united under the and issue tracker you discussed but you have for example a more ditch repository of people can download citric into this is a project is hosted at its much of so you can already contribute so by forking submitting that is providing translations submitting issues of there is currently no actual development team so it's not easy to to plan anything on so maybe we should get in touch later on like to find out a way to work together is an interval presentation included was the incident