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Poutine: Dusting Forgotten Lore
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and I'm and I'm come along with me in my way on those 2 thousand 17
parents solicitor OK so on those are the main constraints about what this stock and this project in general was that on there was a need to have that no vendor tool bar devised segmentations of like that specific so that people could use work on without having to art work around an NDA having to our on you know being able to ship shared their on their findings and so on and of course to have that in no more info sick friendly environment not having to on you know have a PhD degree in Electrical Engineer to on figure out what nephew gene 1 the tools to so on if the is right now are really hot topic on I mean with deal on a recently Amazon going clouding the FPGA based on and we've had recently the project ice forms that major uh huge by in the acting community in FPGA is a altogether but it's very a poorly explored territorial mean up most of the self uh as it is right now it depends on the tools provided by the vendors except for well I saw so in their security mostly relies on on on security through obscurity and on there's a very big on
it's all about you know that the paradigm of but it's protected because it's a 4 bit and so on yeah right the 1 I and so on well sort it out as a proof of concept of some ideas that that the back you know I think it was 2012 or 2013 on and I was I was talking with which you go and some of at some recon and were drinking beer is like they you know what I've had this friend who on you had reversed some bitstreams now like well adapted I never seen this paper and you have been reading about it all the time and never never came out in my search like what you should see at the so go test a bunch of stuff finally get around to read the paper like OK that sounds interesting I'm going to try it out to implement uh the proof of concept but this was not inner trolled this was very relying on a specific 2 of the vendor tool and non there was very few alternative to build on so there was you're going with the TIR or Pajek I saw on but the thing is I when I went and looked at it predic ice storm of its middle so before going into an actual bit finance is a partial bit fun so that's you know if you want to analyze that Tier III if you're starting off way to deep into the process so I decided OK well I'm going to go with the TRN reimplemented at the gym you know so video on its
own it's called Verilog your routing on it's very legacy major project by Academy except for Academy x on it's mostly used as a comparative unit all women like that of the suffer development people so the usually go also we tested our algorithm and so it so let's say it's 70 times faster than the best time you can get with the the arts so since it's not is not vendor-specific everyone in the community can use that to benchmark and its main selling point is that open source so but at the end of that I still need to you or reverse configuration file so on but there's no that is missing in like you you have to do it so on and the thing is I like it you can even parser Ryan configuration gives you at the end so I'm like OK well this of their work so hurricane protein so good thing was to provide this final step in VTR to on use all this configuration that all the the thing it made the architecture definition and everything hinges the do that the protein you know so it was coated with in the last month on and it said that the project that the reverse engineering of the the the bit the bit files quite a bit because of it I didn't expect to have to write souls so much code and to have to reverse engineer all the VTR project itself because well it so well documented an and years ago from someone 1 of my coworkers like you know when everything is so placed decisions are really easy to make so here is it's not done yet arms so that was going for the past is like just trying to add more coding everything just keeps breaking so yeah I'm sorry about that the this was well below the the so the foreign because the algae I I talked about making these configuration files but they this is recon there's there has to be some reverse engineering here so 1 thing is this all these stuff is based on on on the pieces of its energy out of the the thesis College it's in thesis on finding of PGA is on the guy is a computer science so nobody really cares about computer science and electrical engineering while very little so on the main goal of the project was to do some skiing acceleration on the FPGA based so you would use the on Power PC provide an inside the FPGA are to run the scheme and then this just-in-time compiled the odd were around the thing on the Ottawa where the thing is on partial reconfiguration is only depends on the but the tools of the vendors sold there's no there's no documentation that is actually very little documentation on what all these bits mean and a hobby you configure and what did he do you know so it's like wow no problem I'm going to you on to do some computer science was artery and to solve the problem because I have a paper to presented in the home if I can get the you know work around the nth because India sort of blocks me from just putting all the the libraries into either interesting look at it because there's very prose little obfuscation there on what you can do that so it's like cocaine and I'm going to find another way so on this is the the in teresting part of it is II came up with a library the time the way to map the dog and the conjuration of let's say on for human readable configuration to the actual the on bits their meanings
so let's sort of with up simplified version of log mapping and of course have forgotten to add the result there the could so the article OK and so on here our the x and y represents on some configuration some of the that the uh it's called that the programmable point can be on configured so it has 2 values x and y on and so we change the so on these values to try to match them on has size so that the uh the next ones with phase correction also is the same thing but now you have the values no I can show you all with this is really about so when you go from X to Y OK you see the bits the results there happening so on it you know he is this is what you do you would see in our in the bitstream or that far so the 0 the 1 so they're all columns so those the columns are the configuration vectors and on the columns to the right of the configuration results the encoded version of it the so as we're totalling sometimes you have like the bits can be active high active-low the hard ones hard zeros so this is a way to find like if you toggle from all x is to all wise I fuel you can see the face of your your bits and then move on to do the actual mapping so this is where you go the x x y x X Y Y y this is actually just from the top you could see it as 0 0 1 well 0 or 1 2 and 3 soul and then each was sort of configuration point gets its own number and gets mapped them the at the end so this really crappy effort I would have mouse something the we want to
that the variance receive a monthly happenings call so here OK you see that the the the phases free realigned with are x y thing and so 1 and 0 would map to this green 1 here and I 0 0 in here the it's also face line so 0 0 maps to this 1 the and I here we have a phase inversion happening and so 0 what 1 does not map to the 0 1 here but 2 1 0 1 if you can understand that and so also there's no values so when you are going to refugees things are not just a lookup tables where you have binary values are so some routings and there are I mocks actually 2 of said which on wires tries another wire so these are Marxists and you have to like on find a way to match these multi values to an actual point and addressed on who of you OK you see this point here as 3 values so it it needs at least 2 bits to on to be able to encode all these states so on this is the the answers interesting part here so that that the vectors here being encoded goes to OK so threefold transition from x y and z since all the others are just you just have to face the wall this 1 has 3 which decided to like white all the others so From here you can get on the Yale Face alignment that we were looking for in the previous slide and I while so here this x y thing is phase line and also sort of phase aligned X to see and so and so then I thought OK let's let's stop that with our projects logic which is sort of and all matched you up by storm such is are in Montreal top form on ETA Don slush or die on the uh it does the same me melted snow makes with my vein undecided arose so on and this is what is supposed to be my own the thing that there's a reversing so on 1st of the was our proof concept made totalling vendor tools as of as I said but I'm the thing happened that I got employed by major Fiji company so ah it just got way too risky for me to just leave it out on get out so all I needed a more generic non-vendor tool and no I don't want to go to the true the the problem of just 3 implementing the rule for each different architecture they come up with each well you so the motivation behind this work is to actually provide some alone some tool for verification because as it is right now there's no tool to go on and see if there is a difference between what you wanted and how it was encoded so or let's say someone was to cheat and only chain out the bitstream was the the configuration file was generated no 1 could like you have chosen tools that no 1 just when there and change all the libraries or whatever of part those the encoding and on the so there's no way to verify like what you want really in there and on its it was needed to only give you know a space and tools to do so uh talk about this uh valency are reverse injury so have are there any questions I will I think he was scheduled to be a 1 hour but yeah it the question it Jack don't OK well yeah I think that's at around on so the minimization behind this was ready to on get people excited get tools to actually make competition and that's my goal to get something out by the end of the year but I mean with the project and the state it is right now will will not so thank you for
listening and I hope you like to learn something and the what together out and get up and everything so thanks