Preservation and exhibition of historical 3D movies

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Preservation and exhibition of historical 3D movies
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3D movies have a long history dating as far back as 1915. Jeff will provide an overview and preservation status of the 1950’s “Golden Age” 3D movies plus several “pre Golden Age” 3D content examples. Through Jeff’s keen interest in early 3D movies and all forms of early film content, he has been instrumental in locating, restoring, preserving and exhibiting many early 3D film titles. Jeff has many interesting and unusual stories to tell of how he helped locate and recover several early 3D movies. The onward march of time, and the ever faster changes in technology now present many challenges for the preservation of early 3D film content, but also offer new opportunities. The rapid replacement of 35mm film projection with digital projection is a key part of this change. Jeff will reflect on the three 3D Movie Expos that he has run in Hollywood which have allowed the public to experience these historical 3D movies once again.