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3-D movie rarities
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Stereoscopic motion pictures have existed for 100 years, and the 3-D Film Archive - founded in 1990 - has a key role in saving and preserving these historic elements. Greg Kintz will discuss the many obstacles and challenges in locating and saving these precious stereo images. For example, their scanning, panel-matching, and stereoscopic image matching techniques have been widely recognized for their efficiency and precision. As Greg will present, the full restoration process begins with 2k or 4k wet-gate scanning of the best surviving 35 mm elements. The films are then aligned, shot-by-shot, for precise alignment and panel matching of the left / right elements. The 3-D Film Archive's multi-step process also includes image stabilization, flicker reduction, color balance, and dirt clean-up. At one time, the 3-D Film Archive held the largest collection of vintage stereoscopic film elements in the world. As such, Greg will display some of his favorite clips on the SD&A stereoscopic projection screen. In addition, the Archive's first four releases on Blu-ray 3D have enjoyed acclaim: Dragonfly Squadron, The Bubble, 3-D Rarities, and The Mask. For the first time, contemporary viewers are able to see these films at home in quality equal to or greater than the original theatrical experience. Greg will also discuss how the Archive is working to save and restore additional Golden Age 3-D films through licensing and partnerships. © 2016, Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T).