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The art of trolling

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The art of trolling
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This opuscle, or talk as we will call it forthwith for ease of understanding, is not compiled from any work extant, but is a plain and candid narration of matter of fact, founded on many years experience. By its assistance any one may become an expert troller in a short time, which is the principal object in the endavours of the speakers.
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so if this is if and
so thank you all for coming here uh and yet we would like to introduce you to the wonderful as of trolling and I think that will just start right off with what is troubling about this what is falling and so can but what do you would say folding if somebody in the audience no 1 has any idea what following years and and the show so we thought about what is following as well so fast we looked into the to
what you do you look in a dictionary that INRIA web that following is to finish with the vote and lines that approach for the water the very old definition and centuries-old following its end result hobby and have with left cluster can tell a lot about falling and a lot about the technique that go on
1st attempt the creation of falling and thus commercial folding on a big scale the conformal lakes and reverse the control of the sea you can have a long line start lines to control for small so the control for because that's a lot to say about forming result of this format forming going on its centuries-old there's some interest in the water we should focus on 1 thing and 1 more thing before this Rebecca would tell us so the most important thing about is Bates bait decides what he she will be able to catch States comes in very many
forms you can have
artificial bait which is what we all know you know these colorful trinkets you have about we have natural Bates dead fish life is words insects whatever anyway I'm gonna start with that well the most complicated part of data and then we will get more easy as this is a beginner's workshops so we will just brush
over to artificial bait as a visual data comes in all kinds and colors what it's supposed to do is to attract fish and fish can't see very well which is it comes as no surprise in almost what very murky you will be able to see very fact nobody would so what fish do is they detect pressure waves what the artificial bait is supposed to do is to imitate the fish that target which is supposed to go for went swimming through the water so what's the well what we do essentially is we need to take the artificial bait and drag it through the water which is what trolling is all about dragging books water with the artificial bait it's important to remember that artificial they will behave differently at different speeds so you might add a single for it to go downwards so you can drive more deeply fish you might drag a little faster so it will actually wiggle a bit more like a fish want to imitate to catch the fish you want to catch and so on but on some days even the best artificial bait won't catch you any fish so what we
need to do is talk about life dates I will start with 1 that actually I think is well it's a bit morbid it's a very frankenstein ian bait worms from vending machines when amending machines are electrocuted on a regular basis so they go to the surface and make better so you will have more worms in your kappa when you get it from the machine but it's a bit gruesome so we will go on to the well I think it's kind of and they fish and you can have the bed long I mean we all know what most of us will eat fish so you know nothing's wrong with writings and fish but you can also catch life which many chilling adventure actually starts with the cellist heading out to sea and catching life
fish before they go for the big catch so there is a quite a big discussion in the angling community about if this is difficult so so that should we use life it is obviously true also the fish he hoped that way but then again it does indeed while it is actually fish you want to mate with business so it makes catching the big caps and complicated official more easy so you go for like they that way and then some people say well you know
it's just rule and since trolling is a spot something you do for recreation
you really shouldn't be using life fission being that cruel to animals some people say you could also extend the argument to the fish eye-catching and trying to catch but I think this would take the discussion to far so I'm just gonna move on and we urge going to show you how you can hook like state this has as Rebecca fed them using life fish this kind of difficult and of Africa a questionable and actually most of the things in the Middle East that's not allowed to have a lot in life but what you're a lot of to do with life life for and we can fall everywhere with my friend and mentor some technique to catch with because the what
of life ramp another debt from the most important thing is not true that the brain the brain around here and you really don't want treated with your you so there's 2 ways that for easy way and just do the case take the new the tail than ever nice leading from Britain catfish with the other 1 the firm has a book once you have in front of the brain and if you put it here and there will will you and to give birth and life 1st and it's very successful amateur wanted fall and if you want to accomplish and since and the windfall in life which that take the book might the and the flood the break down the hall and it's like great great for falling but no information of
this talk we look in Merriam-Webster every phone that's likely more kinds of trolling and it's not all about fishing and luckily and other things Mary rest the fast falling as for example singing lulled can say at sold in the shower today and another 1 is bound to growth things like I thought about the the market today father the dictionary is quite old enough a new 1 that should not in every respect assume it's hopefully with the go away and the first one and strange stuff a strange thing is and that's the following on the Internet some of you may have thought about it that's new model and strange and we
decided to tell you about that as well because obviously substitute like to talk about it and there are people it is what we're interested about it so what the strong and infinite married no fossil that this about for
annotation of think that's some common to all accounted falling it's disruptive and that that being slapped that always sounds great a new technology in your something nearer thing but in reality the smart thing Austin and thus the slots communication for the from and to its own masses together for a set of the dead emotional everything is going bad condition and that the blood and my opinion that that
following the 1st antisocial behavior and I wouldn't qualify this falling because falling on the Internet of Services has to do something was still in the fund and Rebecca Willett said something about that report that the
fun as you may have noticed especially for us and I think for a lot of troubles the only internet Jolie is about from the very least people should have fun when trolling is literals in relation if not
trying to jolt and you're not laughing while you're doing it you're doing something wrong it is also probably a very good indicator that this might not be OK for trolling or whatever so the thing is the playful about it enjoy what you're doing enjoy these moments of stepping out your usual comfort zone of the way you're used to communicate the the end products should not be useful in relation where you produce with a troll if somebody asks you what is the point of it why did you do that well for fun that is the point there is no useful thing coming out of
place so if you wondering about is talking about handling on an Internet conference we did not want all of you to come on minus just and all the points and Turkey applied this server and so we thought well let's talk about in a sense what shoaling is is a former art and I thought long and hard about this and I looked at all the history and what is what kind of odds we have and how these are not usually treated and not only you would you would have arts in in very confined
spaces that are about out you have a certain place at a certain time where you have out and there is 1 form of answers from the early 20th century that quite a few well known and that is down the essentially what well that I was really confined to the out space Dad I never tried to break out Dad are stayed in the ad space it was odd because it happened in the OptSpace otherwise it would just be disruptive rubbish which is what a lot of people might actually cultural link so basically if you want to have a kind of definition what trolling really is about it's free-range out up and so as I already said what we did is play with expectations we actually submitted is a is an abstract for all that is what we did that was actually originally our intention to we felt that maybe we should open it up a bit more um yes but actually
be submitted at all to talk about finding and just because of the context of an Internet conference this was thought to be the talk about drawing on the internet so whenever you want to troll playing with what your audience expects you aware of the context you are moving in the and that is really the key just take something out of context and move from there and have a lot of fun with it and our installation we really want to thank his diet because this book as well as part of
our work at Wikimedia for a long time and it stood under this um takes desk and actually the original and inspiration for this talk will be out of trolling the the and the idea of looking over to most of the 17th century and it's really really expensive but a lot of cheap reprints of Internet and it's this nice to have an acute a great conversation starter and as you learn a lot
about ending as well so I really can't have fossils food and no we have to a waste of all of you that we can have a discussion all we can tell you more about 10 minutes on beyond falling fishing with sulfate as you can see the can use the following the span condition that but can you use dynamite which was not funded through the but that's really interesting topic nearest to them don't
want to usual to discuss now I would to to terrible dynamite fishing and
no impressions and someone well paid I can go on and on about states but this lesson over there yeah right and
that the did you push the button and why if we push the button yet we talked 7 minutes about fishing that is actually a sincere talk about fishing we did a lot of research and a lot more about that we'd ever thought we would go and really interesting actually could hold talks about ending bundle yeah thing we should apply them in conference but the interesting part of the norm the submission of the board at about fishing
there's nothing written about Internet of the submission they're really thought America talk just about an interesting with the army maybe it's true polite and maybe too but I didn't come out and the following is always a fine line with without people and really I really don't want to do the 1st bring on some new ideas and disrupt the annotation but don't the true mean
so a thought maybe we should open up a bit and have a discussion about whatever kind of trolling addition if you read voices reduce life fish forming the France's likely at the killer or as a lot more left Africa than an hour and if at so any more questions all you have the chilling experience you want to share with everybody
knows your chances over there thank you and I was wondering given the fact that some drawing with the fish is kind of a one-way experience for the hunter and the treasure and what I was missing is point that if we go on the Internet strolling this kind of interaction so what is it the fish becomes interactive and as for q but there's a desert town
of you to videos about fish becoming very very interactive and to the food so we learn that a lot of YouTube videos about angling our actually um dubbed with metal music because it seems to be such an exciting sports and you can see people trying to and get the fish out of the water which are huge and I am they're very interacted with and I want to go up at the difference between
falling interest with the possum for and falling in fission trawling the direction is always between you and the fish and that of the 1st test most of the work and scope of interaction with a reference to bring up into smaller bite fishing this pumping the water everything is broker within Parliament of and let me know found mean it's very effective dynamite fishing as well as the rest but 1st not a good way to think for on and on about interactions and follow what you're deficient fine and then with the other and on the internet as these people don't get too much won't get eaten which I think is some major point for Internet from falling the no but it's it so I'm interested you guys contemplate really doing the whole talk just about fishing just to be the ultimate troll to everyone in a case this lead is if the culinary on the fence that actually quite a long time
until I talk to somebody I I really like it was really an inspiration to media and she was like what's the point what we doing white doing this and I have to admit I just wasn't tall enough to just pull through into 30 minutes trace of Fisheries were attempted after Nokia will only we were very very tend to do this
8 uh thank you for the role but um is there a favorite trawl that you guys have so I I don't know who that person actually is that there is a personal favorite uh
trolling action I actually have it's a robot it's called stabbing and and it was introduced to a conference about uh the drones robots that might kill people and when the person who entered this robot which is essentially a robot that has in life and it is having movements um entered this people as well how does it kill people like me said well it steps people that is what it does I think this is this is 1 of my favorite shows because it really uh um it really brings home um the topic of this could actually kill people it is totally useless if there's nothing you know everybody will be able to evade this hand and yet
basically the idea of saying OK I'm gonna take this idea and make something completely useless added and make people think about this whole topic in a different way it is my favorite their water like last week about the author of that the humble best somebody just for the war on 1 of its balls sort of convolution of a lot of fun if after after 4 and that's really really sort of expert solving just put a 1 and the also trained for the traditional sense of all but a great conversation starter went through the media
for days if not which I think it's got a lot to think about trains and as part of the world but what I like the last station which a lot end a
then if there are no my question has your last chance to have as 1 that the solar system can I get my 30 minutes but who you know that that is a point of telling you should know what if part of that of the true 1 of I have 1 1 with an and I want to mention something just for anyone will trawls probably realized of an addicted as a south of self-help program called 0 trauma ends and I really would like to charity guys what is refund if just in case I think the next listening to the thank you to the
and be