Leaflet vs. OpenLayers: which is best for our indoor maps?

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Leaflet vs. OpenLayers: which is best for our indoor maps?
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Leaflet and OpenLayers are two well-known javascript libraries for embedding interactive maps in a web page, and each of them comes with pros and cons which are not obvious. Having worked with both libraries for indoor applications, we will in this presentation offer insight on which of them is more suited to a variety of situations and requirements, and which challenges they should overcome in the future.
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ch theL the so this is live
Weber's layers I hope I don't have to explain which is which side this whole and is willing to explain of which problems we have in the company and is not on you may remember me from his so the talks such as an item of testified can that give all emission the musical Opel lighter mapping and point of musical if you're expecting songs and dancing and you are in the order of so um if you're expecting a little discussion you don't have it to 1 having this this uh presentation contains biased being a wife I you have to do a bit of history to explain that i it started in 2005 with my own chemist these mountain that was interaction displayed world really we're just of last year I work hilly with some of the latest to until the company is studying how the money and subtract those that uh January this year I saw 2 was based on uh we do in the maps basically had you can read from a grown to another room with rooting and some code and it works in school really so couple months in the company I the want Seeger reducing the whole stack of cells were and decide between the leaflet all players to take it to be a nice it it is to a good foster Jeon explain my findings from my experience with the 2 of them right 4 days later blowing at a fucking invites me to be a leaflet core developer nice timing Blair Susan the best of all things it will not what 1 of them is models maps it's just could library for beam of so it's to the mistakes so I don't consider it I'm not going to be what time Robertson awesome would you what's your mother rendering engine that not really it can and you can't really add trust-related which we kind of need I'm not going to talk about my boats you know because we feel it's too that my books and again it is still focus electorate I'm not going to talk about is really just an API because Israel but they do have to go through the 0 that they would they do have that I'm not going to talk about Google Maps API because will red but they do the once again I'm not going to draw it currently being because it's not a general use mapping platforms for data association which is cool but take ice I'm not going to the 3 because that's not a mapping library it's a bit initialization library you can go much with it but not roster not dynamic tiles etc. so if you need to do they association it's a great option that so I'm not going to develop the years which is the the the library is so what they use for a representing point lots would yield which you have seen before in some talks but you cannot once and you cannot work with roster and tiles and prior to a stability and nothing to talk about into GML even though we doing the mapping but I haven't been able to find a good into stack of with examples and data formats so maintenance is so for this talk I started picking the 2 most basic samples of both leaves little monolayers is changing go against to still and just see if it works and started I was trying to explain how the multiple works to the example data delete them up with no problem you can do that and not layers you scratch my rupture with a crazy camels rendering constitute to the product put image data in fully by what the that they're looking at it took me being adjusted guy and not afraid to delve down into the cold I realize that the problem lies yeah so little this works you know the problem in the coordinates eyes locked latitude-longitude with longitude latitude everything worked right but if you see a newbie react to that kind of error in the what council the newer goes straight away but I take if I was in the right thing so if you take a little of the condition it's a slap long everywhere if the technical condition for players uh that's that's actually that the center of mass be in lat-long coordinates so you don't use level according long lat coordinates operators as fixed this police you will make new his life much more easier OK do evil example yes works and just as an sorry uh so EU operators will be much nicer for all the DAS professionals because the coordinate system is already for 3 to 6 and the 2 6 you specify x y which is to for newbies who distillate of JavaScript and the hardware this simple webpage little much more easy to get working with classical adjusted when you download have both libraries you see the different size white wheat announcing features they have obvious us with roughly 3 times the classes features functions etc. and Lyra size 1 unified don't live like that because of how the the parade works it says in the web pages for each leave let's encourages developers to develop learning for it well operators encourages developers to make custom wheels taken apart take away the part that you need in the in the long run that makes leaflet how a lot of lines and very very little building stuff were also operates as a lot of building stuff and very very few plants or buried additional libraries of which the most of the known is sort the system I think I don't know if there any more of plug-ins for players actually so if you guys want make list please do that but but a few of the built-in function waiting from operators can be putting led by this plugin so I didn't really have the time to said the library sizes for leaflet with these libraries and the fuel others and that should be a pretty nice so plexus isolated but I conveyed some live that can be made the fear of by adding more and more plug-ins which is is just us and that has a great advantage which is with any tool chain any delisted toolchain you can do that right amazement we're using branch less Bauer that really you can use Bo's if I in the water and it will work because it is just
it fast by this could happen so any tuition bills angular react polymeric it will work is by adding more justifies In a bias unfortunately you need to use that will push a by that means that if year toolchain can use that will push a compiler you can make up a smaller version of of players free websites that most inversion was will is state the whole file there have family about files and you should put more fall so more formally little this is a real problem but it's not that easy to convince people to install a new build tool and change your toolchain notable players where us with live at you complete free that also of loop closure of I want to know how things were convinced that can make that kind of danger so I use to a usually use the debugger version of live led to the traced through function calls and refresher the site also use the openly about version which is 16 . 3 times bigger than little 1 and this was looking to add a little bit and it's because loop closure best uh a few weird things of which 1 of the funniest I will define was this who closure refined 0 us 0 and those meets a constant you little closer you're very helpful that's about coherence whenever due instance him up with live let's genius insisted about good title and I had to do much when you use operators so you have to create the tile tiles source into that deal with center so leave that this is to process loses 5 classes I wonder why apply is that in these and other class for the point for center point which is users so maybe I agreed land parcels by that way are you using an array of 2 elements is that is being of transparently cast into a two-dimensional vector where you not doing more transparent casting right the the pronoun uproar can see little also is that this sample just using 3 levels of indentation discrete is very prone to have something called the callback help which creates 7 10 levels of indentation and the coke becomes and readable quickly so in the long run this this uh this pattern will trade and readable called more difficult to read called where live let uses a much flatter structure and for me at least and further just for the is much easier for with yeah but when you're been vector promotes the same except that in Lisbon this and have a need to sit data by I did some work to have to use so you have to go on to go for a the query or any other library for doing that but then it's very plain use use 1 to the hell of it and in the abilities you have to find style and then inside the style you have to define a single license and we've seen it seamlessly different styles such etc. where some let this push together with the options of the vector earlier and Is this good is that it depends on what what do you prefer to read the to constant that the open is model follows much more closely the way that traditional GAS Sorbex of years applies in several symbolizes 2 1 vector feature were us in live let's for everything that you want to be shown in the screen you have to build 1 over so it depends the when you hello good Luke had these differences do you start realizing this is very important fact lift let is just a wrapper over HTML elements the only thing it assumes is you have a web roster obvious is using a model of classic VAX it assumes all GC symbol such a single feature standard for example and the most blatant example of this is a live live you have something collect greatly here which this can be this can become a this can be videos can be anything any HTML element well in OpenLayers there it has an old feature with the Indo feature you have geometry we that you you can have aligned string with 1 etc. This follows the DAS format and the GAO said conventions of very closely live let you really don't care what having features with geometries and properties at all it is defines also the kind of audiences at each slavery caters to if you only know about HTML leaflet will be much more easier if you have a big dependency on classic GAS model the Tamil you probably 1 of the sort list of all the conditions as I said before the openness unfortunate doesn't work it scares newbies but with the modal parameters it has around 100 to 2 examples that are absolutely awesome and indeed liberalism that right now also the EPA when is very concise and let it's the validity of the roster of letters that right here is learning curve it's insanely couldn't wavelet it's quite difficult to the mid level stuff with reflect and once you get on that area it's quite easy in open areas it can be challenging to start with that if you want to any cool stuff with various it's pretty easy because you can just fall of these examples and then you have to use delves into accommodation to work also the British of operators is monitored as ultimately generic which is look to gasses Seville system where us leave that 1 is manually maintained and I know what you operators of thinking and I encourage you Hugo back your muscle last from through but the more I just you know fix I have been developing something called lift doc which is going to Rock it's it's also you the problems with natural conditions from if you look at some of the condition for players something like this like strings you have something said coordinates next to set why do you have said cognisance of gold set next to next week for the main brain just keeps I 16 leave eating cortisone certainly
demand so why you have to show that but it doesn't really make sense when you're developing when I want to know what a Langston dust differently than the base class and uncover the riskless really at all to would live look I'm going to fix this bites showing all inherited classes at that side and it's going to rock absolutely decimal system the take the rebuilding it happened and hopefully within a few weeks it will finished and the other on that start with something else let's talk about interacts this is to be a fire immigration from from my office and as you can see there are 2 of them and different are do you know why the different time which contains right I will put an example more more locally so maybe you have a better idea this is the vector this follow 2 days away so this is the underground as of shopping mall in Gundam station and they're different why are they different in those orientation that's right whenever you're indoors and you don't care about the north at all you care about which side are you facing the OK so you have to rotate drops to feed in the orientation of the use of when this is quite important and in every up medieval creation plans or directories they will be altered in most cases so whenever you're facing a wall up found not north right 3 need rotation and unfortunately that works insanely well enough there's this work at all in the list that so the work ethics it when you consider that branch and it is works in the few things to fix that hopefully it will be finishing this thing and they both you know it counseling whatever it works but some something else 1st of all the you put her hands this edition is quite wrong on both of them because of inability to moles except the addition or set coordinating upper layers of during live let you can know how often perspective you cannot really have any single laser depending on altitude set coordinate by default you cannot have any kind of you right now of in that there's no what give support at all which hinders its in this situation of the is of some kind of wedge in support have enabled to have a proper look there but you will see hate among the season for player flat OK let's supports information they did not look season for players and the the future data and I noticed a god the bad versions of the library so they will use to include them and play with it and see which kind of stuff is going on in that right you want to know what happened before or after the but it crashed and burned with a good deal of air already declared this is what he called a culture plastic and what is this comes back to the use of closure to slim down all players uh not players once again due not trying to make developers use the closure compiler to customizable layers and into 1 of my best example of an open extension you're not using Google closure using Google close should independently properly as a part of all the policy see why not create a compiled version of both of them it only makes sense in the loop people for having these mistake that the so that's it also has a an ID traces him after that after all but it has a few of missing features that they would need 14 droppings namely do that right now we need to show that lemmas layers as flat surfaces of the GUE rat because you want so floor plans at different heights and there's no easy way to do that right now it can be faked somehow but it's a very high and I a I had troubles of starting it so uh and finally I decided to try and fix it myself with something called leaflets Yale so in worst it will work with time and I'm just a sorry that locally assistant doesn't exactly what it it's cool it's syntactical admitted it doesn't work for me it's more freedom of the unfortunately but also they have all the 3 libraries they have no problem with this when you're driving them up your driving from the green and we and you are looking at building that you will want to drop from the visible object that is on the on the you pointed to the you have a plane or on road building on object if you're driving from this roof of the building you on the roof of the building to be and the jaw mouse pointer so what was the for all indoor maps the gate open itself has to Peter features which are rotation and the and you know we thought about maybe we should treat still players but then all the integration problems popped up as a man with this to be the way it is right now maybe your case will be different me to allegedly better because a lot of these people finally Europe model of the leaflet confusing because it refers to HTML things on the roster of not on the traditional leader positing GAS the geometry is known the lab long is not the right semantics for when you have a difference here as that than that for the 8 4 4 Figure 6 has a uh symbology has Futuna features correct roster he breaks tonight it's impressive what you have to doing so mean you need 1 of these splits features from the set goal for operators they want to use imagine her and in 1 and is the what people with snow what domains with a look in the book and the other and DCJ as people and yellow people which know what NBC is with that look and book and position yourself in yet line that is you are in 1 and you will probably let let's let me is your build and you will probably like the layers is in the middle you have to try and 1 more thing before I finish and die and burning hell interest work and you are in for the worst scores of acts ever and we'll hates you a little thank you
thank you for your presentation at the at any questions you raise your hands you you gave us the wonderful
or a comparison with 2 different tools and thinking the other 2 minutes we have a as the 1 in and NTI happened on the
island on the on off fighting over their ability and that these and up there for a reason because that in TI's 1st that back and they prefer the may use that offer the generalization that I think is which is the better way maybe maybe you're not strategies for such a thing you need you are more of what the
site there may you have a assigned a side that you have to discover up to this questions yes OK so I missed the 1st order there's no questions from the audience you can count on me and 1 of the we're all civilians are maps and and what
we found very interesting and challenging as this other story with all levels in um what this what this support for for for um for levels or others for a r which which you so right now would you have to do is you make
logical grouping of layers and assigned those logical groups some kind of ID which might or might not be spherical Florian and system on off at that's the only way that you can do it right now that's why I'm doing is that you know to be able to have a proper 3 D I would like to lead in and I was talking to 3 D yeah yeah but I want to see the legal that we'll fix the problem in the long run think I think we have a comment on that yes let him quality of
experience for me say roster as the power of 1 experience so the units in the company you actually don't things really exist so much refusing into some kind of user so for the ordering the In the cultural food you're shifting the force of course it doesn't work if you have 1 point of informed about for like 5 of them can be you can providers shifting Kaiser answerable like on the data of its size or if you can do it and acquire the chance and force you some is you have to be be mind that was
doing it it will induce stick to the modulator is reasonable for the is in full 3 D and there's 4 months and that we will let behind if we are inclined to do about it and will serve the researcher also our experience of reading northern
maps and will also because of this level of force which you they do it also on on the plane and so if you go to your like the array of railroad station and click conversation then the will display a small of forests which on the right side you can see you florist going up up up up and on laughter that eventually it is
it's time to work but great talk a new way of thinking much tried