Intelligent SDIs with MapMint 2.0

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Intelligent SDIs with MapMint 2.0
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This conference aims at presenting the status of the MapMint open source project and its upcoming 2.0 version. The upgrade to newer versions of its core open source components will first be explained. The extensive use of OGC standards through ZOO-Project 1.5, GDAL 1.11 and MapServer 7 is indeed making MapMint an even more stable and efficient foundation to build an open source and standard-compliant spatial data infrastructure. The new metadata related functionalities being developed in interaction with PyCSW and CKAN will also be presented along with the assets of the CSW standard support. The new MapMint responsive user interfaces based on OpenLayers 3 and Bootstrap will also be presented. Both code and documentation improvements will also be detailed. The newly added functionalities in MapMint 2.0 will finally be explained from the developer and user point of views, based on case studies and live examples.
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which is a bit of evolution of means of sounds that we are using it 1 and blood sums OGC web services in fact we are mainly focused on making a fast and easy web mapping to the end user you can see the website mapping that comes so as the main ideas right they're doing inspiration was tool focused on the issue of services in fact you probably know that we are walking on as a project uh WPS implementation and in fact it is in the best offers a mapping Pollack I mean everything is based on WP is processing services almost everything cause obviously we also using the ozone which is the web services such as well as the 1 used to spread the that that such as the WFS WMS and W. MTS and there is also w CS of his we are using something which is a less common his Egidius world is a little fees as a cell indeed everybody evaluation style the liberty of the cell open efficiencies computer can run it as a cell so we used it to produce a complex pdf file complexity prompting it outside of the J is that by using is uh liberty of the cell and the use of universal network object software particle to communicate with the world a beneficial the so the rules of left of mapping is a project we are using also much so you are probably aware about but now has project is about tool output in it is used to other WPS a silly secretion as a WMS WFS WCS depending of this that the performance of the so we're using this functionality inside the whole mapping the software we obviously also using is a GUI dell'energia Andalusia software but we are not using any more new yell forcing anymore for any user to use it from the command line you have do you have JIT access to user interfaces to interact with you that then always Austria after watching our stuff like that we have used so using openly so is a fuzzy version of might be and we were using is openly of 2 that's induction and the mapping to the dual version we are using is a suite at 9 version of open area sir I will show you briefly was the modules in fact to have lot of use the administration interface and the client interface that's is a pretty interface why won't go into details but you can define as a pth in every level we 1 more thing we did not fair amount to anything we simply use the Unix operating system Pb ledge of the film as a life else so for instance tool released but that or you will have to others of the than these acute privilege on the or do have access to 1 that the source is you know that the you will have to obsolete access if you want to process or to modify uses that the source you will have to observe these acute pretty so all we have to do so far man will use in fact we will see lately is that we have more specific let's say a modules with I will show you will we have many is about about that is of the is the manager and then is a provisional I will show you so few of them said the modules which allows short films so and decay time watching Asia watching the software so it is a part of the Dutch model but still user to walking pretty well so the answer to your left on side view of the domain configuration file as a project as I told you in interdiction so that where you defines a maker that that information about your WPS services and stuff like that but as 3rd use that as a project is about to provincial politically school maps so those of 0 so what is the what services it said so we are using the same method that Apple default as a means of WP assemblies to publish initially your that there is energy and when we go to the provision of you can read data estimate that that for this specific project in the middle you as an overview of the that the source of the past already about is that the source of it about the real family projection system in fact less supporting both the DAG NIG because we are a function of the French so we have to use a specific of projections that have numerous have an overview of newly but by the lessons the maximum of action and you don't have shown and fortunately we asked sticking maps our sees the tuition because on the as a some of 7 that the older action Z that a patch we made in things that to the solution to make it the better tool automatic any in the encoder so that uh fall WFS solving fortunately we tied to compute to be as a common wisdom of some of 7 support but he but that he broke zones of them as always Victor weights for all of you 1 more where the anyway as much so sees the to give you satisfaction to us and finally on the right hand side you have the release of the last this permission projects so this is what we call the dispute on so on your left hand side you have as a list of of that I to apologize for the the resolution which is quite high so maybe you can the many things that on your left on side you as a database system in fact we are not we are using the dialog as an abstraction library to communicate with any need that the stores so it is tossed for and use early fifties that always unity with that of AZO objectively all WFS so Moldovan Davidia so well except for the real is so well obviously where there is some limitations but anyway we want choose the end users and administrative tool just focus on the that the stars and then on that the sources so once you click on the 1 that the store you will have access to all so that the source is inside of is the so you have a clear view of the road that there are as they believe you because it's Victoria and obviously if you have earlier you loves the histogram of of the bonds of enabling discussed so farming in fact you can already defines a pth for accessing that the stars and then and you ready data sources of of videos as we are speaking about administration interface speaker tool share the periods resembles a tiny such people to let you access all up to some that the start to access almost to some that the sources and family also you can almost always a GUI dilemma tool Jaitly from the user who is this web interface simply by clicking on the smaller wheel displayed and if you probably can't see in the case of the which vitamins and certainly you cannot such ensembling of your in case it is not coming in UTF-8 because we only supporting interface you can also create uh diet of the title of the images you can also manage images that so you can do whatever you are used to do Fonseca lighting using Auger our didn't so what is the manager module in the majority so you define the way you earlier we let the and in fact to have some of classification error tools which is a really useful in fact in this same example it is a growing indeed did is because we are using timeline in fact you can have a miniature boat justification for only 1 year but mom was in early you would have only 1 classification will you have to know that we are using also off the off project tool use the discretization algorithms of anybody not so you simply choose if if you want to classes used to classify then you choose your number of classes of his fifties ation metal you pass on classifier new of diversification display as you can see so you have a contextual menu on the on each at the on your left or well you can abuse the it is a property to say I usually always a crazy about its legally such about something which is a pretty 1 in the where JS knowledge at the end when you will finish tool you organize your project it said you as a provincial modules so the provisional did we let you defensively out fewer web application if you want to have a full Leo which if you want your the US which are to be on the left you to be on the right of who don't have any anything new tool Avenue thought they knew the map something where the user can check in check if somebody else you can also use some of the best you can defend some buzz the and 1 thing it which is a bit funny with mapping is a French project your pubishing also a legal which are activated at the front will generate we will vision and mapping to generate for you about the of signs so you can use that as you can see here you can use any of quality Pb shed projects as a bus out in fact we have some client which are using mappings in fact only to create the laws of year and in the bottom you will have a estimates alleles you added into you amend from your manager and you can defend if you want to display them as a are
still as Australia was a victory also the reviewer missile WFS you define it is accurate geometry can also define a visually them instead the norm and max the number which was already defined in the manager and can be a little or the move that JQ fall before purely cation you ever so the the tool defined also terms with you want to actuate soul if you want to others a query tool if you want to others a simple operated by by box if you want to have a greater basic care if you want to put your hostile that the 2 which means that you would draw a line and you we as a revision profit of the sign seems like that then when you finish you can be sure application may pressings of division but button and it can also be reached a preview of fuel map so the purview of your map will use you open the OpenOffice technology I I spoke about the fall to pure-ish but let's say personally that the preview of your map you can for instance a durable anything it's time plates afterward justified is simply energy bezeq rigidified well you define some fields which can be which will be automatically or blast so you have a map the new man image name and map which will be on bus and buys a lot but on top of this you can put whatever you want as you can put in any open the different text file so we have a few examples of the application and so you're on the right shows a timeline layouts well you can switch from 1 year to another area if you you if you have a lot of classification of fast and at the it was all smoker mean and Iines falls with a simple point of interest then you have a joint process because when you lost the as the eyes something it is not generally fell said that so you have a total of 40 on the web to show the film sits and in fact we're using is a tool chainer but get out formation tool make you about to we short films you know that that online we have some so here is a publication of moles of electrons that images and this is 1 of the key you might use I think it's and you get on with use of an indicator would you say what because when you get on with it is based on the that of state only so you have a yacht Italy that's a common department and the general area and then the fans this year after you wouldn't know where can 1 live on a tool with statistic and that the soul of statistical that I can come as a each all you can come out as common as are that the base may screw that there is a positive sphere that there is a planet that come also from a WFS of cell externally available our you will choose a is from your you which was festive territories any which was circle and you want to join ways and circle and you want to join ways for camera you accept a cease-fire on all WFS then from would create for you impose serious database and the wizard joined with is it a joint operation then from here you can define the those was the style of they might take a few only it's is the weight will be displayed on the on the map as you can see it maybe you can trade you have also the capability to define the some mathematical of mathematical operations the so you are classifying it's act 1 then you define how we could be displayed as they want then the final which will be displayed as a graph z you can define also I we could be displayed at inside of the pot so you can have quality complexity problem in Uganda and define OK I want this uh this image to be the map I want this image to be the reference map this is OK but you can also use a capability offered by the such as printing some plot complex but so you will grow neurologist define you defines in the year what you want to have value will have you rule depends of course you want to on and then you just have to define the SQL query which we feel that that the incisor laugh and laugh will appear will be generated automatically and will be inserted in directly into your document in the same way you can also define a tables but everything you can even positive and you can have a complex state like you can have a complexly out and everything we walk you just left tool defined table as a if that in the in the in the past and 2 at the end when you finish you on q and you get top irrigation you the capacity to generalize you classification so if you step that forms a communal area and you have a mathematical operation to go up to the next level up to the upper level in the parking then he has the system is able to automatically generate all the specification that they were displayed as a graph for you but of usually you insulate profits so that the views you will have also the capability to have access to foster adding a specific specific request or specific modifications automated generated what about the collision at the the uh but ability and from this obviously would you be shut in the uh web application well the user is able to select somehow I often get asked for the future ease and testing in you want was a people to display the outside in fact theory but you can even no incest SGML you can live in fact you can accept what they really want is working with you so here's the table yields a exactly old and has a label and forms a part you will have obviously the same zizzed but you can that was so much more complex and table of last so this father of 1 that is your reaction of mapping but you can then it we have you should speak about map into the videos of the ocean so in fact that when I arrived on Friday evening I went to bed the yearly that's say at 7 o'clock in the evening and I hire to Wikipedia only a work about 5 layers the stop at that that age when they got to me to have dinner and I found any and was not able to finish 1 under sums of mapping into the direction so I went back and finished the during the constraint there's only we use more stupid thing I'm missing but in fact in uh as a new mapping it is quite fast and in fact you can also use rest of seems I shown you an idea JT from your smartphone so even if you go to the 1st home in the morning you can still you can still that I can say physically or that they use query about stuff like that the so in the of interpreters version we use those equally UCI complex socialist keeps and since this is a play on the newcomer in use of project . open source project which is based on the quality GSN and organ debate we we have the implementing in fact the mapping from scratch but you as we I told you that the listing is WPS usually understand that it it's quite easy to change those are skip library each she's the question of the user interface right but the other technology and and other services are still the same but only as a user interface and the way we communicating with those WPS services change but you make this as a process of healing faster because we know now answer but the neck of the 1 that's your reaction so we fixed anything on the way on during the development and the map food of your action summarizing would probably say which makes you a better to use it that from your iPod all your iPhone or anything and also the ratings of openly us freedom 9 in fact on the we are using uh skidded 7 but we would fairly soon to sit at 980 to be published and for what as a start you so we are using the same salaries as form and on things and direction and so the user experience to interact with the repair service so I want to show you a little bit yeah you out of the line is if I asked if I had time I make sure you anymore but any time you want to make make it to me to show you a demonstration you can simply do have millions of times a conference hall and I will show you so in that you to go to the negative but maybe the next Monday to squeeze is where you will have a better experience with the mean and better against than the the nature of machine available on source for off fasteners which was the you know the 1 we use the doing 0 workshops the shell and in fact it will like shout it was a 1 year politician and everything walk and just specific so maybe you should think but what you want them billeting everything's and just to make his experimental solves and user even better that so that so if you have any question on this as FIL the there it can take advantage of this
does anybody have any questions so here is you can set that falls being polite for the mean to the collects as you noticed essentially a form of what we should call a commission Pollack that we stuff that by preachings of always you'll font but anyway is this is not the question right now so I wanna show you so yeah
summary of some and and is what we
call the act for yet another plane should be helped yet another opening of and this so it is the new
openly on user interface with which integrates the top so you as a bazillion something in a bit from and his res there is that there if you assume 1 another place for instance and if a member to
and the and you go back to your mostly the will of the above 0 which are of our data this way as and use it won't be too much for stated when's the best allele doesn't appeal if he doesn't appear quality in the preview here so obviously the we are
supporting there's a new rule as
the base map and uh so funnier you'll as a covariate years later you truly quiz are still that the the when you are still at the so you
observe is you you have the same processing service as before which is running and you have your you maybe I can do it again because
it was too fast to use is that something of it of so here is a list of on the thing so here you have the points and then once the location around exactly n right then you can
still the Song of some features OK so he was a lizard there's a
future request in fact the only in the maps in the previews of action of of some of some sort of mapping we use that a massively WFS and we are still using massively WFS between the put the WPS salvation font of his WFS just tool get so much more capability from the WFS even if we want to to use WFS wondered action I know there's a WPS to the dual version with sort of will issue with as I told you we are still using that sum of sees the 2 so the refers to was not that of the thing so in fact we just we just put it in front of the WFS on request I a simple series which is transforming also WFS of full back of the real fast zoophilia and we request and we need to eat the come back a a simple she's on the phone it is found this is a tough Robert doesn't area then you have and there's a print modular which is about to printer you only have so
little 1st I shouldn't selected that's the other thing and related tools print right so a
user this 1 of opens the flap so you can choose a so where you want to if you want a landscape all the all the star that I can't that after the fall the things the new class the downloads 1st in the 1st step is to them of the best linear image and then to effects effectively principle then obviously painting a PDF document is not enough also my to so we are printing and we are giving you a preview of the 1st page of the PDF file generated so here is a preview of the PDF file in fact it was also a tool for me to check is the extension displayed here correspond in some sense to what was created and then you I think that not of the Soprintendenza which is just the beginning and if we decide OK but I just think once long tools just show you about what they
component Tom plate fire because the template is really stand for what I tell you
so this is an open office dump for instance
so we the last and here are what we call the field the field is defended between bucket and underscore right so you should then it OK for this things is OK but what about the images so following images is simply have to right click and tool out of uh in formation of ODEs the image and you can see is that the user name we define as a few right then in the graph and the same scene we define as a field no description right reject placing user fees yeah which is now made DAG so you can put anything inside and same there so as
you can see you can either ask any complicated on top plate and it will print is mostly
without any effort from the end user if we
simply have to click click click click EvAAL-AR mapping to the with but


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