ZOO-Project 1.5.0: News about the Open WPS Platform

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ZOO-Project 1.5.0: News about the Open WPS Platform
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ZOO-Project is an Open Source Implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) available under a MIT/X-11 style license and currently in incubation at OSGeo. ZOO-Project provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to easily create and chain WPS Web services.This talk give a brief overview of the platform and summarize new capabilities and enhancement available in the 1.5.0 release. A brief introduction to WPS and a summary of the Open Source project history with its direct link with FOSS4G will be presented. An overview of the ZOO-Project will then serve to introduce new functionalities and concepts available in the 1.5.0 release and highlight their interests for applications developers and users. Evolutions and enhancements of the ZOO-Project WPS server (ZOO-Kernel) will first be detailed especially regarding compliancy (WPS 1.0.0 and 2.0), performance and scalability. The ZOO-Project optional support for Orfeo Toolbox and SAGA GIS will then be introduced, with details on the numerous new WPS Services (ZOO-Services) they provide. Use and connexion with other reliable open source libraries such as GDAL, GEOS, MapServer, GRASS GIS, CGAL will also be reviewed. Examples of concrete applications will finally be shown in order to illustrate how ZOO-Project components (ZOO-Kernel, ZOO-Services, ZOO-API and ZOO-Client) can be used together as a platform to build standard compliant advanced geospatial applications. Along with the new 1.5 release, this talk will also present how ZOO-Project is being developed, extended and maintained in the context of the EU funded PublicaMundi research project.
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ability I am part to be 5th day I am with really glad the president to boost the direction of departure the so wonder but
the the 1st day of play the present you what is that there's a project so the project is an inferior open source implementation of WPS specification pomaded by open pressure across of some it is right then in C and these particular things assumes that against approximating pondering languages so the initial goal of the project was not fitted tool and on WPS we in fact if we look at the history of the project we went in the source Africa 1st project assassinates whiz-bang can above and we get the discussion about the amazing piece of software was you exhibit to port by the to the world but to have something that something went wrong and you have to learn how to use it as a tool of pomaded by you as so we think to ourselves that we have to find something to put on top of the ways you life to make anybody ever to use the software without having to rely on how to use a software so finally at the end we discover obser WPS and we'd thanks to link at that higher level and we shouldn't be decided to implement WPS specification in size of the project so lady belonging to sends a frost cabin and in Sydney forceful G 2009 zones as you can see the version numbers for rings area which is pressing and as time are flying is and we have lots of 1 . 5 and that's your actions which was really is this doing July thank you at so I which way the use user entire so those Venkatesh arguments and utilities and knowing already this is also the Irish that myself look at it OK my 2 children which are really involved in the source code mean it may be able to implement some patents was covered the in running or something like this as you would see and parenting as a service is the stand for what an easy 1st I
present you ruled rule allerdings a projects so here is a list of file PSC there are some famous people realize the president of 1st of all the things that scissors a free from from the book initial number as a force from the uh Matisse that which welcomed Australia's Zinkevich violence and so newcomer which is on journalists a source which is rocking in Greece and which cannot be resistant fortunately today due to the bad situation in Greece he has a new rule committed the list so you can see them there in 9 years a 6 years so if we can increase the number of errors committed and many of them are really at you know it's like in the and of just so so so much so suspensions having sperm cells is good good you because your project would have money but we have sort of acknowledge Prof now so let's say a set of university which is helping yes and in fact it's also useful to have knowledge about that this was it I may create a project that means area near city they put students of phd on walking and now project and it makes the project your being a lot and we have also that would like to be involved in the so is a project to be involved in research and innovation projects that's a openly 11 so all we invite you to being developed conjoined and waiting list but packing and we have put in place physically but cause effects of a site where you can contributes consolation indeed as I wish show you later on uh as a project is not only pretty good things a programming languages it is of supporting that the Internet on which users can can't can speak so it was the main component of the open dubious but from so as uh what we can we can then then we have social services as you will see later on so the number of services increased a lot to do all of those a year 0 URI of also is looking i which is a script that PI you can use on the source side there we go deeply into thousands of after and so that it gives the and which is a new Kamel which make you ever to easily and the actress WPS self the so 1st that start with Galileo so colonies implementing WPS 1 does organization but also as a new 1 which was used in the end of June even if it specification was available for the since the end of forest 100 but 1 spont was made of any meaning this it is up 40 walking on every platform vitamin the spring letters at the jury so you can implement your service and see superspace fast I pitch people to be patented as so I will as I told you earlier the ZUS to turn on any kind of library or any kind of application of intermittency amazing leisure software to learn as a which of these so if you understand why what they and playing to explain to you while and so part to be here today and in know his you conferences that g is because some project came out of for Israel was 0 2 is used is normal so project page Series No 1 nesting effect so you UzZaman feature so the main feature usually to suppose that 1st the WPS 1 that'll only quest get to describe process and circuit and then we also obviously supportive of that type of this you define it specification labeling but that that it is that the complex that up we have sought to profit the since version 1 that's know the origin of the word appears circuits that use request even if as it was not specified in the specification we decided to use it in a different way but no it's available in there really appears to be 1 of the key future offers a project is the capability tool communicates with the maps of our API and to prove the material is it and you know I think it's the best illustration of what you can do out of this automatic publication in fact uh you kill your services out putting it in EGA that that those who does a series of the physical things as services of GA is that that then you get attributed it and spread your that automatically for much of our OTA-C services so in this example you have a simple service which is a computing the shortest sparse the obviously without the wanting so it's so simply by using PCA watching and here we are using is a w of MS output you using the WFS outputs to this visit of the past and that we are using the same degree of if as the question which sends a WFS request another value it said to so Paul fight innovation services if we are able to not only as a passenger the details but also stated in 5 it it the
store as I told you earlier we have also the kids that use quest in fact it was a serious initially but no he became a request that was different in WP appears to the tilt of the fashion and here I am not sure it is very clear and the resolution is enough but you have the percentage of completed of execution of a service and of specific message this way in your web application you will have loading by which the whatever meaning which is a bit nuclear as you will always of many you are familiar with many application was alluding by going up incidences going down again and going and going down going so you you can have
both that use of the ongoing series so what newly no wonder about 5 that's your action in fact not these new will be the 1st we are 1st approaching that appears to that whizzers faneuil requests and even the dismiss extension so we have to get that his request to get preserved and that dismissed requests indeed you can ask a WPS over to along with services as we know must close manner and with thanks to the dismissed request you get an as set up to stop the occasional for service and fortunately in WPS students in all the specification during the writing process is that there's a of many 80 of many extensions but they kept only the dismiss extension so we implement that on is the extension which was respiratory we describe different as a matter of that amplified which is the which make you a better to define some kind of yet and on that make that power Ontario give me at the which simplifies the writing of the configuration file we also announced as local masculinity by adding a that that is a back and the the user capability tool use at the end of that balance we also made a lot of work on things as rule project so 1st was to move the amount of the source code of the from the CPI and Australia right arising from the from from scratch of how far the use of a condition to use of newest things so I don't use of the services in but and if you will I can even on show you some piece of code that uses the user and world the service so you can see we is only the lines you are about to implement a WP is so what is the the rupiah so is there be services is this a bunch of credit in a couple of this bunch of credit and it also is a configuration file that where you is defined as admit that I information such as the what does the inputs to promote what of the inputs what does it input which are the cry out whether the input which are which are optional and what the I have found that the the input what does a superb that from is different from what Sun so fast and same fuzzy outputs spiral I would like to say is that we play to keep the keep it simple stupid so oral it is a new rule saying that some of the ways the 1 . 5 that your version it is the ability of the 7 together which was already available at the following time but this uh require us to walk to put 0 and the incisor for credit and creative services policy application the but thanks to the work of the database so I'm giving after we say it's nobody's WP is because pledge to bring Gösta WPS with these things that we may also look at the uh contributing apologetic and of so maybe project which are not to be integrated into a dual such sigh get yes an awful toolbox what was the intention of taking source to specific application is that they have some kind of catalog of services of any religion of applications of it so it means that the only application of anybody know photon box can be as a web service without putting any line of code uses a profusion fighter weight will be automatically generated from the catalog of application development and in fact we aware of French the scientific research about the way in which is using it with its own application so it means it's not only made a fall of the specific of filter multiplication which of distributed ofyou itself but they often to but application rigidities available in the catalog can be integrated automatic 80 so this is Mars and 70 services available and psychology has then yes around to others only by doing it in the and the service as is was what without any line of credit and in fact it's a bit of so for the new rules new data types such as last but that the treatment so is the the a belief of of would PA so IPA is something in the UK is socialist yeah you can use on the south side we integrated inside this escape the PI many of the functions that can be coded ejected but at the seasons this word in a sense you can come from real escape any was of services available so far of escape again courtesy so it's all from concept API service and you can change all of them together to create a bigger services so you might say that the WPS is already providing is chaining mechanism yes but we are filling Rossum only cheating in we are all you get you also about what logic in the chain which is not pursue that was on specific the WPS specification so here are a few examples of the use of this would be I but which is obviously use means a mapping Pollack which is based on the project for 98
% and it is a show also which is also using those who PA to change with the public it added operation for making you ever to July tho still not online so or this is a newcomer is a client is client the arrested that PA which is using it again and the magic less mustache templates to make you ever to communicate the city with the WPS over thousands for and of uh all and displays of is a map or do whatever you want the this is an example of this is a play and integration inside the public and when project in fact if you think about but what is WPS you will see that it is is really easy to release of the services was like a capability request and then if you click on 1 of these services you wouldn't you rather but also to Paul writes the year estimate from 2 input that that the value tools on services so it's it's in fact With this through client we created that some kind of automatic as chairman from generation and in fact we go even deeper by and the eating jake valuepi it's inside the cataloging system so we created this again next WPS which make you about to not normal all on the catalog that the ideas that up but you can also access you WPS other reasons a catalog so obviously you will be able to include any better of 5 energy is forms catalog and the research will be automatically published directly incisor catalog at the the as you can see in the next stage so it is automatic phone created to mimic any right as a display poses the question and here you can also get defined so that the staff to study lizard and you have is a tool is used at about the 2 sample is used in the bottom so as I told you we are involved in 57 projects which is mixing technology to gives an API you understand that we love to technology is which is invoked things a project his W. Xinyu rules as you will and commit itself to pass them on the land yourself and you can it we're sort obviously use of must series of projections the mapping public doesn't argue and fight to accurately and the ratings as a play on the inside as a mapping product and we also and the working but stopped to replace the you I will have a talk
later on this afternoon equipment means so I think you for standing and then idea is a must that the dual origin is I don't know what to say during going and going case and I just read say messy but secular if you have any question I know my speech was so clear clear-sighted look the non killing him if you're a question please the no question so well and this tie them not not mean on the user with this level processing of administration operation you what each users will projecting bus uh administration interface and also client user interface and so we can customize the understating of functions used to have years Is it the thing of right after we from of infertility by now it's not the automated into mapping they mean but in the mapping to the dual version without planning to offer a lot on the new services available schools is automated Hashim from to make all the services of Edinburgh to sway forms of this tutorial will be was a place where you manage your manager that I conjecture that your process so that that this way you will be able to use of filtered bunch of psychology at all activities services available automatically also trading in the line of code amendment policy 2 of the automatic on thank you thank you very much this question who to like right and yet and hi so I was wondering if she rural service output is not alone but no uh health services that can be anything you have you can be a PDF file his geometries or model for example you upload service on the WMS year and you want all ws outputs it says that and it's a automatic don't have you right so 1 line of code to 0 to put too much cell or in fact he just left tool trait usually at the end usually the so and so is taken to be sure that created that what about the case with the universal WFS and ways not several several soldiers and fortunately we tied lately tool use of social so but that has it did not give satisfaction Liefeld fell list of with the reading the text should have some piece of code on my computer to try to make you talking about In fact reason of several even if something went for was J is that you want to be visual WMS of the real fast enough so it doesn't cancer but you know I mean it would still be conditions successfully even if you cannot see the that that because it's something went on with the production or something exists but we just several we cannot under the since the same kind of situation so we seem to so that it may be bad to integrate social service reports which may offer less than what maximizer for England the environment as we cannot thank this we the test but the yourself my baby pursuant but anyway and fuel cell is already in a sort of inside it's a WPS so In fact it quite a great cause if you think twice the WBS over from the access many things to J is that up and ensure inside the GATS on Jim it should be even faster too excessive the file puzzles on accessing working the this hydrogen on the question regarding hold quickly just use said are automatically created through divergent national of do the experiment has videos of some kind or dominant and this is dominant but you cannot give similar of a lifetime project you can define a lifetime of falls of the generated that ionization energy the return on when it's over our ideas that the removed from the desert in fact you define it as a configuration files of design lifetime I was phrases president the and the results the roster of foreign is extraordinary in to be lean or what is called a b C bound of your Services factor if I mean if your Service fit on chief 5 it will be stored as a to 5 work you should be using the right and on the last light to the we can use the so much and I'm not sure if I lost light to is that you know I mean any format your service we we'll the and not so supporting it you will be given to national center thank you and no more questions thank you very much for your time ability