COBWEB, a citizen science data collection platform.

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: COBWEB, a citizen science data collection platform.

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COBWEB, a citizen science data collection platform.
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Seoul, South Korea

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COBWEB is a European Union FP7 funded citizen science project that has produced a platform through which citizens living within Biosphere Reserves will be able to collect environmental data using mobile devices. Part of the infrastructure are a COBWEB mobile app, the survey designer and the Personal Cloud API (PCAPI) middleware. The survey designer is a GUI editor for generating custom forms, which can be downloaded onto the app, together with a map interface for viewing data captured in the field and a mechanism for exporting user data to CSV, KML and GeoJSON. The COBWEB app has been generated on the foundations of Fieldtrip Open, which is a modular plug-in framework to enable developers to write their own extensions and re-use plugins written by others. This framework has been used in the creation of other production strength apps e.g. the FieldtripGB, FieldtripOSM. The framework is based on Cordova framework and can be compiled to Android and iOS and potentially all other platforms targeted by Cordova. Plugins have already been written for capturing GPS tracks, geocoding, caching off-line maps, creating Geo-Fences, overlaying layers in MBTiles and KML Format, extending the records with sensor data, making decision tree questionnaires and syncing data on the cloud. The synching functionality is the one that allows user to download their custom forms to their devices and layers and upload their captured data to their personal cloud space. Finally, PCAPI is a middle-ware which abstracts storage to cloud providers e.g. Dropbox or a local File system. All the software is (modified) BSD-licensed.
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was I don't and mine in response to disease
from coming on behalf of investors and broke I'm going to present about public it's the that is could work there the main content for the project is that global there observation system of systems deals and the UNESCO World natural biosphere reserves the main is to create a
just and from don't from the bond and the latest of created this victory the environment which will enable citizens sleeping with invites there's collect environmental data using mobile devices information
useful as formation injury would be generally that would be generated by quot controlling the crowdsourced data and navigating is based on data infrastructure by preference data from authoritative sources in the products in the process for the project but things to build up circuits parties in this new and developing technologies and understand how Crowdsourcing citizen science the agnate combined with is the I'd like initiatives can deliver both civilian commission better so we have 15 botanists about spread a lot across Europe there the project to its European funded and it's most listening-oriented others consider there's about participatory participated so all we're trying to satisfy and body and the 5 of us deliverables like kind of robust software they produce some service so not out of the taking this
long and low bias reserves the sites established by countries and look nice under that UNESCO schools minor and the Biosphere program that promotes sustainable development based on local community efforts in some science there about this it's 110 terabytes reserves in 170 countries are studied cases is taking place in the about biosphere in Wales vibrancy hiding islands in Germany and the Goertzel some are in mountain only because of the both Greece so
here's a description of the what part of this that we need to deliver it has to do with the stakeholder engagements the citizens of other framework where mobile data collection validation problem privacy assumes the most of development data and knowledge 1 and 2 and this invitation and finally this nation expectation so at the initial stage of the project and gather about how the meanings and making that we wanted to find out what we would like to demonstrate so we ended up with these scenarios they state by the government in its cost do with uh recording like for example invades a species of plants and animals about inside the bus reserve area because of Gould the 2nd scenario the both of observations so we would like to call them that way too where the user's goal to the field in order to collect some data about the observation following some of some kind of protocols and then do some and what they see compared with the more sensitive has taken Mason from the same area and that's not about not being building expired but then by Dave not problems of the Pk part dispersive in way self England and then there was the view of how we could implement this kind of of scenarios is 1 of the most recent so when we start to think about that that too they said was kind of simple and then put all the through the years and the requirements on the surface of varying obvious to you but I'm not going I get the feel about everything a lot of that point out things that the and there is a problem for all of the money from you got the 1 once the and the what we need to know about this that this based on geometrical anything that purport but would you define different that users that the anonymous user and their rights and the rights user so hot service of the in the publicly available someone's about private ones because they have to do with a sense of the day garlic and they species the and then after we prepare they alright global users send them that the survey would jump to the survey design which is some kind of interface where you reverted service and then the servicer research going to the server for some kind of stop work and then they end up on the whole will pop the users they live in both the physical and data all this is rob ODA definition states service that is based on some and when the users call it the date of the global market whether these Wi-Fi connection on the data on the server inside there so that obeys because the and then the data flow of goals for some quality service and then yes after the quality of service based on final the lobbies the peaks of green also combined some kind of information service of the become part of that is the data and then they're ready to be published on deals through sometimes of the so that the units waves so here's a picture
of the cost on now what part of the deal
whereby demonstrate that the part where we prefer the survey and then we collect the data on the field good
so here's a survey designer problem yeah there's a series of also on the left side now we decided to create a decision tree there filled with the questions we upload them the server then you
can also upload our own times like him off a layer of the certification into
that and then define the times for months In
this we also need to for example fill up to some kind of the months of the year in order to go from that of patients so we
have the new modes but on the lives of the dragon drop and then we can
save it by me storage and were on
the server they're in there we go cool rather pretation and download for
example the tiles to cells through the interface so have a mainland the on the on their their partners Donald section this style of of services of done about bottle guides use of layers and not on the device the go and take the fact that there is a gain by enabling this is the module now in this case it's using operators so if we assume you can see you up so we sold borders of the area that we are interested and we have grouped the study area in a number of areas of the different groups of users can go in collect the data the then we need to go and download the circling all this is taking
place before we start but the field trip because that's leading the connectivity over there
so we have a list of surveys of half of Burgund on downloading the 1 with the decision tree that I've made before and then the most we need to prefer the
application to cast uh the base layer base model sold there is also this kind of functionality of the tongue the on the application and so on and so on and so so you how interface where you can use to the zoom levels you want to download you have a ductile for gigabytes of dies and you can store their still does set up so files and devices not just the bottom books of feral we and then
they serve the time that we need to
Donald survey come already and got to the radical so the 1 that we desire its that's the way that it's being run the tone of voice is another bottom that stopped the decision tree questions so according to what kind of quantum we use studios the next question yeah and then we got to the name of this I would give up on them
off at school correct the mutation if that's not right for this is of a layer of that might be useful because there's a problem that PBP on this kind of variance here's our observation of the of the of the server so the accelerate with the judicial from marketing to
store must find on the
server and thus their role in the dialog days with the real data so here's the
interface of the server designed to do so on the left front side and how the different options so you see that the task takes to raise its exterior multiple or single to select a look in the either storing you want you can have very much up to have something more ones like there some kind of a mark up to that you must also details about how the article that picture these that form the life cycle of a lot of are using what you have to give a warning message in case of for example we need to provide the same thing is that we go to capture to some flooding that might be danger for the user decision tree questions that 1 soul prepare layers and so as soon as the german type survey thing can be either all in order to alive so all all these
there are stored data with our order me to wear on the on the server they have namely that the CPI which stands for Personal Cloud API to buy from this application which is also open source and tastes under these these 3 license there because at the moment support for adult books and our server it so this is the idea that you can do get all still equal to request to the server in order to create files will delete etc. so for example the user name the I call for taking which provide the something In provided is not case it's a local and global so they can go into the cold you can can plot your own driver of of on the ground and provide new links to the documentation of the CPI and the actual gold it's based on book like for you it here's a here's here's what sample so high it's useful some into Boston waves and created by the request of the 2 delayed of the meeting thank you for taking the least of the contents of the directory the novel that your book the up to application the this a hybrid applications based on the our and to mobile for the interface of of of of the mop interface we can use either open areas of order leaflet and the
model to before I go to that slide of like to that you know that 1 of the reasons why most of the nodes of these that that would like to have a quick way to be to who do make the op extensible or we a way of combining the how the different functionalities so versions of simple ops or complicated ups more expertise users so we ended up with a platform called filter property it's again open source and get help on the Beastie like since the here is that we have some partner countries of course of work which is very simple because only 2 the libraries that say the mob library which is a sewing a mock in the the record for markets not case that part save a record deal Jason there without any more functionality and then we decided that we're going they right all the it's a functionality sparse like things to different people have proposed and then have fail another protein another give comparable which is the main road that the defined which but these can be through confined to open can also define the theme of their applications by providing their own CSS and all this is the with additional file so they're
moment the public offered to the public pop concerts unfortunately it's to be a striking mob serves their constant amounts on the on that selects the drive adding overlays like to take something because of their male creating your own decision tree questions and having what this assumptions on the survey provide warnings of material also interface with the CPI not to store this kind of data on the server by using the CPI you can also configure the base model to this select the either also more oral mobster and the rates is the 1 that we develop the moment to use some kind of difference but in the end there GPS continues got to sit with that of his captors upon the coming from are biologist who would like to have some kind of system analysis of flat where the users have been to track records and how much time to spend their time with the goal so in order to rule make things faster we decided to make a list of common lines for automating procedures like you know i taking the and the update of the plant being sorted in it might be like the old evolvement the generating the stuff they lose different application or either on right right there's and then a releasing it the order to however it it it will be uploaded on iTunes sort of place they fuse example separate for duration 5 for the for configuring all the above ivative blood feud with these so and then I don't have internet this yeah
so yeah this the just can't seem to have a list of the public it's all like Krueger and our application at least the 5th reflect genes which that use from the through the opening the core software and what kind of person is the optical release the
so in that way you can compile and make lot different patients but it quickly so here you can see 3 different cases of we have developed 1 called the 2 that is using all this function the describing the and has a corpus is not possibly small is is the point sentences and other regions with the for example requirements of coming from from other projects and finally there's the fitted to be which was in the some the cases where we have provided by our own maps to combination of open data in the area and the opposite block and then after we
save our data on the server will cover leaflet mom you're world and see the details about the but not of all the data we collected like that because of all the surveyed a bit too and maybe some of sense of data it's time have it is it is the 1 that only
the yeah I'm not gonna go into detail about this because I'm not there's no it's being developed by universal phonetic combat so the 7 figures that and the data are going through for some kind of like and so on so the bully or summit to but these user goal would decide what kind of fire fighters that the I have to go through then there the way we have evolved to the kind of by they conduct look on look at groups at the wall that the working 1 day of his but through the various we have trained them about the software that you send them on the field is we this is way that they cases we found but that give us with can ideas from functional group and this is how have enabled displayed means and here is the timeline of this procedure with the design projects and that what's next so we are out on the where it where through the ontologies would like to build a defense like input that is there special for the summit was of coming theories and then what's gonna happen after the protocol things for this loan decide to of the open source that knowledge especially for some parts part of the Horn of textual the space of the 1 that you're responsible for the 3rd doing works open source into opening the busses with the Beastie license and the the PCP idea them up the research
some useful links that's a alleged knows or regarding Christians yeah what's going on about the at moment can you just um recording point information and is is the GP is continuous capture
going to enable you to to record treks person more just to add some more data to the point of motion so the continues chocolate them on the very top of all this so when you start
the survey you have an option when you start of filter for example you have a least so
surveys that they need to be as convenient and a to make enabling that it's as know the city modeling to like you fool Hobbits continues to be a structure the book publicist problems you say yes and you have like a list of file servers about going on about time and you which ones have been recommended but the user has the option to stop there at the base of it so please to this is coming to the optimum the on survey not to the individual but greg @ @ pleasure must what