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External Radiation Exposure Estimation by OGC-based Sensor Information Platforms

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External Radiation Exposure Estimation by OGC-based Sensor Information Platforms
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Seoul, South Korea

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After the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, signif- icant amount of radioactive materials released into the environment. The radiation exposure has brought lots of concerns about environmental con- tamination, economic, and social consequences. The Japan governmental agencies have started to continuously monitor and collect radiation levels by monitoring posts, car and airborne surveys for the estimation of dose levels of radioactive materials and analysis of human effects in the future. In this paper, we propose a new platform, called RALFIE (radiation exposure lifelog Indicator), to map a personal spatio-temporal positions in daily life into air dose rates on the real-time radiation monitoring data and estimate potential radiation exposure based on their lifelogs such as GPS logs and sensor monitoring logs. The RALFIE is based on AIST sensor information platform based on OGC standards such as SOS, CWS, WCS, etc. In addition, it cooperates with D-shuttle sensor and assesses the relationship between ambient dose equivalent and individuals. In this presentation, we introduce an overview of AIST sensor information platforms and RALFIE platform and show a use case of the integration of environmental sensing data and personal data for providing potential radiation exposure information to mobile users. Also, we will take account into other health standards such as SDMX-HD and HL-7 for supporting public health problems and discuss about how to combine them with/into OGC standards.
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In the case of
and about that the platforms to have to put this residents to reduce possible are has effect also from the external radiation exposure my name is cancer came on the researcher at the National Institute of the advanced in this year's science and technology in Japan it and korean but now I'm aware things yeah it again as you know the
content of the and adjusted images of from 2011 of which the whole world space and on March 11 In particular a significant amount of the gradient is what we use to released into the environment the after the accident of nuclear power plants in Fukushima so does radiation exposure has the blood of large over concerns about the environment you're containment wire in economic and social consequences so to this day and age and 2013 is about 1 of the Japanese government the agency I this started a project to correct and clean and publish the radiation monitoring data of the form which in my area so several research institutes and the university is involved in this process In this presented the law of
the so they act as is my institute was to develop a common platform to shared irradiation their overseas actually China has this to a stroll to many of their legacies tire of the databases like the CSV fires and we there was so we just slightly different data formats a data schema and this was a different it's special temper granularities so that the knowledge I of others are the agency had difficulty to use and 3 in the use and assess their data in their of the get our applications so in order to provide ease of use and then in the on the top of or interfaces of the theaters overseas and integrations what we call the effort to always use the standard so yeah was used so here I forgot the initially there an experts
best goalie of the employed use of error of forward at the F S and the blue the blue PS have you know the double if the PS OK and Jenny the editing 2 F. 52 nurse as so s was our basement to developed always the best on sensor information platforms and then we all
successfully initiated the project we show the many use cases of the data mash-up based on dollar that form so this is 1 of the examples to community out of the the example of the combination of all our as as leader weather data from other data sources in this example of the shoulder of a certain area has the rule rather good radiation rule of law about of radiation compared to the other places because of the having or so Rho Cas governments can use all of platform to determine the effect of the data the country constant nations
however we were motivated to extend our sense of level for real-time and mobile environments last year actually the previous of platforms is just considered to shared archiving data so not near time there or so we move to our tagging you from the government to more users general user so we thought we could do use the real time the radiation dose those related to cheaply and of easily the birth of the sensor delivered exposure that estimation for don't mobile and also we can stand some notification to mobile user government mitigation to mobile users then the people's activity patterns are have the more possibilities to raise the Hessian this for example of some on our or work outside to near to the hospital area but he does know about to get there backed by the the analysis can be made easier although the monitoring data so we can detect the out that some spots and then we can use that information to the liberty of the cations and so therefore of these charts the new project is why people fall so of a
predicted that doubly surety for it the increased risk of the canceled such as the Kenya aware breast cancer and at the root of the council is predicted only certain area is the most to exposure group of the locations despite its very low level of the the exposure the potential has to leave uh assessment east of of primary point in the long time a plant so in order to assess all long-term effect of has test here is a reader very and it's a really difficult so we applied the concept of a of Posner knife logging so that
the person life no is the time of the know that it's very different from that of course the countries of the EC EV people assessed as for the lack or or exercise liquid water but if there is some event features like this kind of is currently being learnt from the medical let's of the development of the wearable devices to be the smart phones we expect we can sort of all for life the rude often our interfaces for data format for example of going we already they provide only S 2 and S spaces of web services API for life low based on the as smart Grant and this model 1 lot 1 of the main use cases In our presented that in the pages of people who will be in mark they want to know where and when and which activities is effective external are of radiation if evolution in the very so so I think we can use the some lateral being mechanism to many of the long time has effect this
is the main component of life the for is we have this of iron that complements the 1st the shutter is aposematic those meter a sensor to measure of Indonesia's those 11 and mobile obligation played to get out to connect the between the the shuttle and always cloud services and then we used to talk louder so this is a roving system and I analyzes systems or so the behind a background we corrected the real time data by scripting that page the because et and I a given now provide of the summit pigments services to provide a linear time there out but they just to update of the cases so we stress so as the
shot always the developed the divide AI st up and show that the number of operations so this is a constant narratives dosemeters so it is very light and the very compact size because that as the 3rd twice those 0 500 and is very small size and then it can be operated them all for a 1 year we go out of extension battery so it's a very married to all of for people to using that these our senses so the pretense and print their dues level the individual those 11 by using that indicated the readers and the desk top the the but so it is not convenient right so if a know that of the device is portable devices but if I want to check the mighty radiation levels I should devote some place the text so we take all we can use this smart 1 to do of data was checked the the radiation that the so I'm now we are going to devote the new by some of the teacher told which is accepted by the more wired communication interfaces especially Bhutto's only by so the interface to contour those sense some testing because if we just do you know it would be I have a it has that communication in conditions capability the batteries very the problem so we want to others just of the caste since the past keen on part so we need to sum it up pest country I and then the thing is
that while the patients so while appllication up on this much more the main to transfer data from the show will choose cloud of service and to attract GPS locations on other function is to collect semantic information about the activity of a use mobile user a such said I'm going to school what I'm in the outside and all so because many users don't want to look at is there a role in that elevator they want to know some abstract information for example the average or what height their radiation exposure when I worked outside the kind of information they need so we want to create this kind of information by using the sum tagging systems so this is the way that the user candidate their activity using our applications and the current prototype is developed heated by irony of this framework having
no so I think prior I only provide of front and as the case for developing hybridum while appllication with met technologies based on top that's for about an angle of the act and they go up so he's very have heard to let duty part of the deployed a type of occasions so please try to use I and not person of the irony but it's very convenient and this is some
screenshot although our prototype of them on 1 occasion the because of that the highest consumption others and their and their age and the job information is mandatory in our user profiles so we wanna put that to some you define information about that and then we
divided tagging them into the 3 comfortable right there you are there and what I'm doing and and then I can find any kind of so the implicit tagging mountains you and then user can see the lower information is like the life that so there is the list of log and
so that we set up the the 1 block detector of the you're due location on the Web while you before the revision history is very different from what and where I and then they they can devise of their cage using the the plot the people running down of unloading that the data to the cloud the user cannot assess the radiation level of the shuffled and then by ambient air doors so and tourism monitoring data so when click the synchronize Martin on the top right the mobile applications and those of their actors clubs over and the cops started integrates is at most metal and then along with the atom bomb error of environment monitoring data and then the estimated even though it's externa of exposure at end locations so the standard updates the away information to mobile users so of story and then they attain sees the car to get the them is estimation values now is any connection in the conduct of the the shuttle not so it does ambient the so is the colors different attendees thank you it was so he
developed up now we developed the plant the services to foster by many of alive also provide of DOA estimation information and summary information so it's better not only for our application for those are the application can use our services using this at the at so so what is the word parts we
cannot simply cannot publish about we can develop that this part because of income anymore while user they don't want to share with you people will forward their life law but they want to know the sum of the extracted if interpret their data and to give us some guidance to my so that's why we think about the summer here maybe it would make the some summary data they can share so I know put that the presented of a summary data and we look at the some data format that had a lot of the
amount I especially Jensen because we always have to think about the last food like less who interfaces so as the matter that's why this is they always uses is a 1 of the candidate to be presented of summary data but now is overrated so I cannot find of good good other capabilities so maybe we need to combine of those kind of format the yeah forward
and the would that our format of it before the vertices and of well of met we have a developing of the sum on the analyze of application 2 compared all the partners have of things and or visual monitoring data by using our so we trying to allies the several cases and what kind of a summary data we should provide so can't also so that all of the data in our case in our level we use and or into the the so have you heard of into all of the i-th interest the many pick new technology so oriented in the is the is is similar to the arm but it was a similar to nail it was it so he did not provide a to you never much more than of is that months and graph and and most onto the alterative with thing is they provide of a stroll like the interface 2 men plenty of data so is very or a year before we all know about SQL and but the so you can get the more information you're using the this year or at however it has not functionality to many of the special temper data actually so now we have a lot of work to develop the flow the eat too many there was pressure temporary information on the probability already the so we have the handbook OK there lots of it to
work there that of a work to do In our previous platforms we laughter of a reader or the fashionable deceased standards is the we have had or the moon Piazza the romance on now all I think it's time to a new uh come to our interest to a new generation of all this is the number of that adds the the the MPI and the movie at indoors yeah of I thought the sums presentation about the the thing IPI and Hinduism up so I expected they provide as some opens us to about that but the moving it apart is only they provide of the encoding the like importing of parts so does the treatment presented of the data format but if they use they have when all our specification to how to use the data so we now we are trying
to contribute to develop those some open-source are to handle the moving feature so moving a kind of transitory information of the mobile user or mobile the more by all this so but really it's it's probably been defined XMS tire and the CSV format but in our applications we pre purchases this informant so maybe we we have the kind of its users to the presented a movie picture I think and anyway when I look at the
many of the sources still we can find all good candidate to using them of transitory information in our platforms so please consider doing that our level to develop the yeah is I think about we are very welcome to join the opposite and think about
this and and the any questions so the reason we're using the Fourier DB because it's own multi-model databases of because the the different kinds of information union with from the mobile and then from the others sensors you have all the reason is that I have to say of many of the life of new information because it will have to uh for example is transitory is connected of locations but if we just individually many we or is it try to combine a make the product for information on the application but a more in DB make make the graph structure to connect so if I pick up the 1 point I can get the oral of tract was so is 1 of the a reason make the tagging system right see very dynamically the the label information so we want to connect that that information is project always some locations is a kind of dynamic that that is the 1 of the reasons to use the more common to be was a day think the mill was a is graph databases is a good candidate but the problem is is they use the site for retrieving disease they all 1 to Florida and this is what I read a complicated to using that but already BVBA using the astral light so it's very easier to understand and to use for me and then very hard to say is it is a good function to kind of a point k concepts so please use this happen the at please least tried to use it but could you to discuss a little bit more about the use of iconic yeah where why you chose that through what it why was the best all guys are iconic like I I
only yes yes actually read
top pseudo code about other up
up what's called what about squad of i is there is open source of the Punjab platform uh I think will is form that is very popular so is that this is the main ultimately is not developed 1 of the things that we can do it all over the we and this is the light of the very hard to bear the probably so but we need more attention on the right is is more these I good design so we using the kind of of like that of but the other was correct of today right so it's kind of the idea the 1 with the answers complex so we can more beautiful complicate we can make more use of but and then what the is well is they provided more than you and country so if they're very good combinations she might which
do do