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Tempus, a new OpenSource platform for Multimodal routing

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Tempus, a new OpenSource platform for Multimodal routing
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and Vincent gets I'm here to talk to you about then you have just from from which more than watching that we discuss examples
so 1st of all let me introduce you of material into a model that is
actually assume from Wikipedia but the full definition which is uh maybe you say is and it's a computer system which can provide a traveller with an itinerary for intermodal passenger to transport need answer which means you can have a sequence of civil modes of transport of for example private competition or public transportation but you can some of that of of the saying you want to go from a to B by all means so what's the multimodal graph that's actually a combination of different graphs of first one is a world graph and and so if you have only 1 of then we have a different means of 12 public transportation so you have different graphs for the because petition at for example that is part of middle or what the rules of the competition here than we do as well with if you're about frontier of interest for example parking and shit bytes got the subgoals are things which are located at specific points and so we reading sponsors graphs together on the world stage is so this is a kind of of multimodal graph confined so you you you all right that you have to world graphs and relative becomes petition graph on you link them together on what it we have to take care of the multimodal adjacency because we have this graph which is as a global graph on top of all of the the graph is a relevant to be competition in case of templates it's seen as a boost graph so with basidiospores library we that typing to say the submitted graph suppose graph and this middle graph is going to be composed of nodes which has which of the nodes of an and of the underlying graphs and states that the needs of some spatial adjacency so we we
have specific rules to that combines the graphs together from example to come to go from 1 public transportation to another and then to combine the world to in the world to have a link between a word and a point of interest between the world and becomes extra effective so identities when we link this graph together we have a big graph data model with every single transportation mode you want to take into so let's for original serine and since this is
an implementation of a in time of and what so why is this project 1st is this interesting to have a bit of history because this project that has been developed by us longevity corroboration with the research laboratories in France and the use of the digital a research laboratory is that focus on phones politicians especially and so on z a few problems before but as the the problem was industries ation of the work that a lot of phd doing a lot of code but nothing was really at finished on was to research work so and what not in industrialized and therefore is a problem for research and development test follow up on and pH you coming and then as because they were developing was not finished and was left and nobody would care about up to that and that's a problem for knowledge transmission and so not a problem to corroborate between researchers on which were walking were working on the same subject as a problem to have to talk to each other and share codes and so didn't have a common that it could be so for all of these reasons that it means this and knowledge dissemination was not good enough and so they're asked us to do a new project so let's say that uh global refactoring of knowledge that code to read and you watch stick to which would be a fully right to in order to have a solid industry in this you know industry and to durable write code base on which they could capitalize on the wall of the PhD and researchers so we did this type of our for touring the island in the framework of the standard that contract initially but we don't have the partnership with the research laboratory and we is open source software way of doing things so it's more smaller collaboration done just yet of make complexity and the different actors and paying for the developments and the driving the development of so
templates is a platform for matching about what planning data preparation and the the objective were 1st extensibility so lots of people collaborate on gcd of along and cycle objective on main objective was from use cases where you have to be able to develop new words planning algorithm to experiment to explore new things but to be able to test and benchmarks this algorithm at the end to our predictions can mention what are we plan to attend this is a unique project the 1st open-source Willie's was in May last year so it's still in its infancy let's say that the we already have a few
scenes which but you and so that's a global Logitech to the temperature of the simplest press corps which is the static of graph and the graph is so the so into that event posted that the base where we can have the role of data on the front of the data and we have a data loader which takes data and put it in the the base we have had to be Europe's ever under cutest clients and by some of the API as well and you can be pregnant of political and so tempers grow use is in the memory graph representation as that can attend a good performance is that it's possible to to be Juergen for example which uses a serialized graph in the database as this 1 blogs also graph in memory and it's the core templated modem simplest this uses the simplest features it uses of so also with graphical blues graph library which is very good and fast library and very extensible and those photographs realizing posters that of it so you can use your jails data preparing right in the basins and use templates on with 60 we have to be europeans Sara and so all of this in Izmir just read it so you can access the server we meant the provision of so is a moderate chitecture with as a template which allows you to use suppose this plug-ins but it's providing can be requested by the user or the user can say I want to use a specific region of the specific algorithm to do my routine and for plugging receives the graph as an input and produces a world map as of so you can add your own plugin as this this Senator loss for the experimentation for new feature improvements but it's pretty this type of the current thinking plugin is based on a a star as a famous algorithms and can be useful to model and currently supports walking public transportation shared by kinship girls and parking taxis a lot different by means of transportation so so suppose that the restrictions and speak the fact that we have have another basic somebody move blanking wizard of somebody strawberries that's only for the inflation uncertainty over the other reason being developed to about the data so we have 10 restriction done restrictions are defined on the graph it's when you can say that if I come from this world I am allowed to go overseas where the nodes right we're all on the left but far I come from here I'm about to go so you can have very complex than restrictions in real life and you can mobilize and in an intense Bruce sent through the graph and automated which are added to the graph you could also provide speed profiles where you sets you right speed being a function also day and time and so for a given transportation moral and so for each age you can provide a kind of a 5 speed so that you can optimize a working according to the expected traffic for example if you know the homage people are driving on the specific called on a Saturday evening for example it's lowest on that on that's the uh and I the so we have so that data are there than in order to input data to the policies that of is and you can import different kind of transportation of crude because it's going to move forward and we do is OpenStreetMap data not take data and genetic data uh there's a need Innovation so you can import as such in data a specific friends from the data from idea to unity and for products consultation of main Donald used and which is supported by the data of the Institute vessel Google and politician and I'm from the the 1st time that's it's good to normality and that for purely at a point of interest you can identify the wants and so we are currently developing all the support of wanting to develop a theory for all of us but in other formats for example you need to pull which 120 120 or part of a formative years tools other is a command line tool I use a lot and Bruce for example here we love OpenStreetMap data that you it's an open Monday tablets and those a should find an and say that's my that of its name on knowledge into the debate between imports turn restrictions for from OpenStreetMap to that under this topology processing because some of the graph is not politically core right sometimes in OpenStreetMap so it will do all the connections among and therefore point of interest around the same rather kind of for example the ship frightening considered as that's what type of my type of which of the 2 is used to bite and and you know the the station names except in this fight lots of different then we have to do the European several which is a way of clearing the templates and also to be addressed you probably know that 2 kind of XML you just stand on to ask for a dual processing and this the the blue eviscerates brought of templates to choose this plus TDI this magistrate it so you can have control of press pretty fast and it uses its inputs and you have to rest on us good to go through all of them on top of that we have by some client library which is used for unit testing and for but processing but you can also influence among on the queries to use this service and we have a duty spreading of and a few numbers and before showing you the more the friends graph of 4 all finances of almost 1 G bytes in memory so to blogic do on a single server and for Europe we have an estimation of danger bytes of memory needed to do much more than watching over if the value model we haven't tested for all of us toward graph right so you can imagine could be in the mall but state label on a single server with a lot of form and performance depends a lot of the homology you want to use I I should use only a single pedestrian routine it can be only 10 seconds for example that if you want to have a private car parking it's bit smaller uh and if want to do walking because the victims of vision for example it's around the true and Mexican broker so who is
using that's so you can use it as a so you look at the figure that the way you thought words in the
so this is a demonstration of templates with as the cutest in so you get this dark interface where you can connect to the server and then you will be able to 1st get the data from past years so let's forms of region the data where you have a world natural you have transportation information and run you have a point of
interest to so I defined here at point B which is where I begin with this and I want to go to point B and here I can choose the transportation mode I want to use for example you're walking and private girl and I computes and get the result so that we have the new layers and so for example it stays go to and and drive this where you got to the world of information and and then it says you have to park here and then you can go walking to use this image here activation profile at the end of a which is which correspond to your role and the you offered a lot of different options for a place to park you break lets you and then you see that through all of this change because you don't have to use the parking this the so
you can use a bag of so for example if I got this information of shared by I can say I want to go from a to B but along to bike and world so I tend to transportation modes and say let's used by and then only computes face and you can see that the rovers tendencies well to survive station and the taken by here and then go biking on the world and after that we'll end up but investigation you have to drop off your bike at the station and you author of the so you can mix all kinds of means of transportation and querying do European A you can choose which means of transportation you want the you got the addition provide which is very important if you buy because if you like of that's what difficult and it can be taken into account I dynamic you can display the places where other ones and the final form and so that that's an example of this yeah and
running out of time so in the
and we have already uses answer a broader rule city is beginning to users 4 on the right applications of present I ITS World Congress and it's very simple application where you say I want to go from a to B and you to the transportation modes and you've got to listen to what exactly like the 1 that you just plug in about that some of my application according to the this
and the french where a site map here which is moment the 21st the 25 1st the French websites and doing that location based services for me to be and B to C as starts prototyping Richmond outcomes petition which which temples and the country contribute to temples of funding and contributing causes Alonso it's starting to
shape other we'il open source project as for the
future so we are currently developing new algorithm and Amy contraction Europe's and especially time-dependent contraction yeah he's with the provision on traffic which is a pretty complicated problem and would like to at some point to have new modes of transportation for example electric cars are very specific constraints because you have to charter and so find station for that so it's very much more about that in its food and would like to have the different optimization criteria for example give me the simplest class and of the shortest 1 of the most confortable by its past and if you want to an animal I don't have need and the 2 midterms or something and multi-objective optimization that's something we would like to so that's about all I think I'm on
time so something now and then if you have any questions about that be the tho fan yes I do that have microphone we get it the yeah for and would happen at the mobile application Mrs. and landed data for so how can on line may be used as online is going to be engineers are formed by you could actually come a temperature on the mobile station and you locally that we haven't done that so but should be durable because it's such a much simpler simplest was called it's supposed disappearance so it depends on your platform of the problem and we will know the version it for the and for the presentations and as the challenging is and I have my presentation and I was wondering if at instant rather than it is sometimes of considerable the core profitability so that the difference in could be used by uh for for this kind of application as the seen is you have to have a come it's it's a bit complicated because of graph and the reason we strongly intricated and so on yeah maybe you can implement that kind of types of 2 hours of this book so and what we wanted to out it's also a platform with a capability of having proteins very simply answer I'm that uses graph databases on that easy to as an as an inference to to to to run a new kind of pictures that was 1 of the and other questions but it thank you a book
on the