Map publishing with or without programming skills

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Map publishing with or without programming skills
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This presentation will showcase the use of Oskari ( in publishing embedded map applications. The typical use case doesn't require any programming skills. You only need to select the map layers and tools that will be available in the application. After that, you can customize the user interface (size, colors, tool layout etc.). As a result the publishing tool will give you a HTML-snippet to embed to any web site. The supported web services are WMS, WMTS, WFS and Esri REST. If your data is not readily available through a web service, you can import data. Shapefiles, KML, GPX and MID/MIF-files are supported. There's an extensive selection of tools at your disposal: index map, centering to user��s location, address and place name search, attribute table (for vector data) to name a few. Integrating the map application with the surrounding web page makes more advanced use cases possible. All you need is a few lines of JavaScript to use the RPC interface ( With RPCs you can control the map application from the parent document and vice-versa. They can also exchange information. This enables you to develop highly interactive web applications with always up-to-date data. In the presentation an example application made using Oskari and D3 will be showcased.
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and now K L hello my name's to modern
I'm from the National Land Survey of Finland and it's my 1st time presenting in force for G so thanks for having me on my topic today is not publishing the go without programming skills and I'm using a software that we have developed called all study start off are short overview and going to go through today a bit about myself then a bit about all studying software amusing and then finally not publishing 1st with without programming skills and then utilizing the RPC functionality that we have developed find that's need
in 2011 November so the mustaches appeared as and my title is the Jays expert but my main work is work owner in the History project or coproduct owner we have we have many many of those Our main interests for me or analyzes and Sematech nothing and data visualizations so the I would say our information Conway into uses of the letter whoever needs it but it was
getting just briefly it's an open source project obviously not starting a silencer efficient In 2011 about a bit before but the open source to In 2011 couplings of greater and the it happily where you can get all the source code of this are we started the project on our own but nowadays it's been developed in a network on with more than a 30 organizations both from the right and public sectors and my colleague Yunnan who might be here currently will have a presentation about that cooperation that we have later on in this same Hall after lunch so be sure that see that as well so what this source going it's a platform to access and reuse data from our spatial data infrastructure so it's a bit different than the other softer around while we're heavily based on the idea but the this the eyes is distributed so that means that we connect directly to web services that the data producers have set up you can also import your own data but it's a more of a minor use case for us that means you don't have to download many datasets you don't have to work with then you have to transform them you just use them directly from the but services available repeat services web map services and the like this you know on always up-to-date data in quotes because of course it requires that the with the producer is this keeping that up to date obviously and 1 think last for the softer is that we can define roles and restrict access to the data that the trait of data producers are serving if if there's some sensitive data our or otherwise data that you don't want to other people to see you might have a small server or but you might have some some private information or whatever for the reason and obviously we have a back into and that front front-end by mainly mainly in Java and from then this system of 5 so just now the basic HTML HTML and such and the idea is that the back and does all the heavy lifting so units during the feature services that's XML but really having so we use the back and to do the queries and and then return adjacent to the front end that's lighter to handle their the and we also provide analyzing tools that's also easier to do in the back and so use to provide support for of web processing services in that the or through the UI I 1 more thing I want to mention is that search channels you can configure defined search channels in the in the back end you can search for locations place names addressees in features whatever you whatever you configure and will obviously the front end is there to make it all an easy for the end user our next up some examples where was could have been used the 1st 1 is on the or because the son funky protects and used so that's worth mentioning I guess that's we support the knots every protection there is using the libraries well below so you're not stuck with that Mercator or or or whatever on you see the basic UI components for sure with the models that's what it basically looks like every time In every Australian installations on the next
example this from the European Location Framework or audio left Our approach it in their union the European Union it will be develop services and and we have a showcase applications maybe it was great to show that different services that have been made available through that through the project here is basically the same you arrive at different protection different data available in different uses last example the 1 that we were most on if the national
geoportal 1 and there have just made down he not of the population distribution around Helsinki area it's that capital of Finland and as you can maybe see or notice we have a bit more functionality in the national geoportal because that's the I guess the largest illustrate that form there is currently available it is and next up the the more interesting part about not publishing with the D. Nelson such so 1st a
short introduction to what not publishing is it's a tool for creating embedded maps grace and what you see is what you get so as you define as you go along defining your map view or and they did not you see all the time that's happened in a suit at 2 Lorelei here you see the user interface that the end user will see in the In the end product and we have a lot of tools that you can add the use and make well both for the for the users and you can also and customized lay on and the style of the not application of this the resulting on and then do show sure you know I hope everything the work so well in
the in the in the in the chain so that we so here we have
the national geoportal on basic you know have signed in obviously and here's the map of the environment 1st thing going on the we want to Tom region they have a lot of data will so it's a good example of a search for company pick here and I get the moved to the area of of time but I city so this is just the base not so I want to add some data all I have the old search here already but I'm what it looks like it's basically this so we have a wide selection of of layers and the more than 1000 currently well below and I want to do more with the cycle that so far I type in a search term cycle and I find cycle that's been done but in the middle of the list a slightly it expanded on the not
looks like this if I click I should get on I get featuring for response and it looks like that the so let's say I want to publish this on my webpage I wanna show that cycle that's in time but I'm what I do is I go to not publishing 1st it also means not which layers of what data I can embed sometimes certainly layers that you can't that the data producer has not given the right to publish their data the but in this case I can can publish all of this so
that if it's on the screen but let's try to try to work with that 1st of all I have to FIL were about to publish it just as an example I will use the force working webpage and after given name so let's say this 1 is called cycle and I have a language selection so which language that you I will be in that use used that most people can understand what's going on our next has size for my from not application and let's make this small so we can put it on the on the screen you can also next option fill space are constant size so you can really make it the size you want having tools associated a lot of tools you can use we have a scale bar unix now and tool you can the selective zoom boric you want you can put yeah you can send function to use location the you can add up place name search or address and business search and you can disable the I mean if you want but in this case and then to do that some nuptials you cannot look backwards and forwards measure distance measure area I don't need it now so I'm just going to the unchecked and cure for tool for featured a that that's basically feature get featuring vote I'm gonna leave it leave checked if I had some but the services I would also get the attribute table for future data table selectable this tools selection the next up this tool placement I can select left-handed or right-handed positioning on the tools I can also define a custom layout but for now it's may be easier to just use left-handed next up this graphic layout I can select a course you the default is a dark gray but for this 1 city of Tonga I feel like it will be my choice and down I can set the font styles so it's basically songs and and set from set selections and and tools tonic you think this is a bit dull basic we have a wide selection of of different styles I will use the three-dimensional Dr. to lay out and if I want I want to I can now also view the map layers so that users can unchecked and In the resulting map applications governments do that that OK this is this are down so it took a couple minutes to require any programming skills anyone can do it I just click Save and when I took save
I get 5 frame go to embed so it has introductory it's general page that's pretty straightforward and what I IDH well while waiting I already put it on the 1st 4 G dates just
sports are just to show that the developer tools so that's what it would look like embedded unabated stand I can move around here I can I can look for company again and just give me about the same place the and good and that's pretty much it for the basic the basic on publishing and next level return the slides In the 2nd in a and still a bit about or PC the on sometimes the map is nothing up so you want some charts sword on different visualization for a date and the so then you want to enable to communication between the parents on web site and the tide website for this we have recently developed an RPC function on the remote procedure calls it looked it's using the I'm a library called JS channel to using the missing API supposed it I guess some people are familiar with that I'm not a developer myself so not so familiar with the with the actual the actual code the but we have documentation well bowl the least there and the slides will be aware of like this so you can have a look later on on so I will briefly the mole so that function and see what it means in practice
so back to the browser this and this is just a proof of concept something I wrote a
very dirty code and can admit but it works so during have a published not knowledge freedom empty because the postal code areas of Finland not pretty well visible but they're on place search so if I'm right you can be I get different place in the manifold company assess select come here through the RPC there 2 documents exchange information so in this case it will tell us what the market was more and I will get instantly there updated by chart for the for the age distribution in in this postal code area and also works if I just more than not here so every time the map is more to it will tell that the new location of the center of to map and and and biological affects the information for that its distribution and was words I can also just a document the commenter comment and used to show its functionality it will know the not an update chart so they can they can sort of discussed I want to get there on I believe that the soul for me really good and time and for more information visit us going forward e-mail me your got me by the hand somewhere here on thank you have many questions how
furious so form in this in this the so I have 1 crucial for you tho
of of how they is think about uh samples do that payments facts excuse me so our our how these things to sample to that time outside with mixed France that now in supposing that uh that may faith that the various and so yes
we also support down on the but not service and a lot of different that services I didn't go through all the all the
functionality that you can check out those going up a and the support a lot of thought differences is a great show moon comments in OK thank day


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