istSOS: latest developments and first steps into the OSGeo incubation process

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istSOS: latest developments and first steps into the OSGeo incubation process
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istSOS ( is an OGC SOS server implementation entirely written in Python. istSOS allows for managing and dispatching observations from monitoring sensors according to the Sensor Observation Service standard. istSOS is released under the GPL License, and should run on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). The presentation will go through the details of all the new features that will be packed in the next release. In particular the presenters will introduce enhancements that include the Advanced Procedures Status Page and the istSOS Alerts & Web Notification Service. The istSOS Advanced Procedures Status Page is a new section of the Web graphical user Interface, offering at a glance a graphically representation of the Sensor Network health. Administrators can easily figure out common issues related with sensor data acquisition and transmission errors. The istSOS Alert & Web Notification Service are the result of the Google Summer of Code 2014 outputs. This service is a REST implementation that take inspiration from the OGC Web Notification Service (OGC, 2003; OGC, 2006a) and the Sensor Alert Service (OGC, 2006b) which currently are OpenGIS Best Practices. Alerts are triggered by customized conditions on sensor observations and can be dispatched through emails or social networks. This year istSOS is entering into the OSGeo incubation process, this new challenge will permit to enhance the software quality and consolidate the project management procedures. The presenters will present the incubation status and discuss about the next steps.
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of tha
well it's a little bit of time this guy around these implementation of the sensor observation services some of you may already have seen this and it's a sort of review all the projects and the sum of and knowledge meant involves the commission process that we started with the most you so
1st of all we had were shops last day and those really find the more who are really happy and this may refer because we have our enough people was interested people as and play with the software in there with some sense of probably in half the daytime ingest the seasons like here is picture
was just connected temperature sensible tools and and the source of
FIL everything started a long time ago because we the need tools mundane monitoring system for the company know himself in Switzerland and the Middle East and books and so all of a sudden and then there was a
switch from the sense of that when communicating with the uh SMS basically we introduce the Jeep yeah actually the administration space we need to integrate we gerbera sensors and we started seeing maybe we could use something more smart than I am a more intelligent will talk Karaganda data thorough regardless of the so we sat there is looking at the the sense of solutions said Mrs. and the yes I have to say so that 1
of the main applications we have our is about the uh lake in and this lake at the bottom right there is transboundary so we have to mention fuse data from different networks getting data from the diner partners tool in all regions of getting data from their network of from the considerations for them logical all the than our on that Wilson who told this data to get so it that this sound that could be a viable solution to share the data together the attention of the
police now is set to look for solutions and we wanted something that was states for while stand open and the possibly Python because we were assessed using Python and they're using this type of technology and while we have found
that there is something that will satisfy for us in the markets so was sent to the level of implementation this is basically the concept of the sense of mission sentences but it's in the presentation before reading had a strain
was received from a point of view generally there are 2 type of fuse and the sense of it is that the consumer and other produces the sense of and the people that is the the general request I think out very well known and the principle is still explore the service to get Antoine understanding of what is available and then get metadata of sense of sentence after grabbing data of these and other scientists and so should be able to reduce this to the networks and then status and information in the USA have put this 1 could in be in
novel for the Internet of Things the sensor observation so is somehow is a standout somehow facilitate communication was an understanding the use of all of these data where we we see here saying that there is a new proposal for a new standard that finally listings and uh yeah I will discuss also new moral with reference to the visible coming to the south to we have
I implemented the image of the of the motion to move the ball of uh license and the we have
the log the so in the streets collaboration with our colleagues who work at the health science institutes and most of the time we work to support the ideology cellular geologies geologist so uh these the money to actual was in place already had already managed by year my our institute to see so 15 years so people managing the mental OK so a lot of experience as the best practice this pursues so we need to we needed find and develop a solution that feeds them it's up to
now we support for only 2 types of sensor and we define is somehow this type of sensor so censoring the field you see anonymous and so it's not something that is sensing and what objects and we'd fix said that or mobile position location something a meteorological station in the fields or maybe I've solutions and so on and we will and pointwise we don't have a measurements this is how we use
the architecture of basically we have a core part that implements the standard where we have another where was this was GAS then we have someone in the source library library that is called the enhancement to the LDC standard in exam incident in Python we have done some configuration files and on top of these you build up but there were about the solution library that explores the area RESTful services that communicate that in Jesus so we can have several 3 type of users April source client to water so as climates toolkit we not assume it's mouse or a user that use an interface do the best you make extensive use of the word condensation library tool using the tool we interact with the system or their a machine user that use the price API to perform on schedule with us the Web services in West she IPython about the approach as I said we need to
responsive Simon needs in some special feature that's where course to us and that was was not included in standard so somehow we develop some speech officials some extensions of the Standard & the then speech of feature and can make these uh solution more usable and more affect we designed the graphical interface so there is no need to wonder with cold or anything it's just using the interface then would support multiple output formats like Judaism but also sees me because I colleges use 90 per cent of the time to speak we introduce that segregation because we're told that he should be wise is at least reduce the data before sending the data the user instead of sending it much more later and then let the user reviews um we support and so on because you can be in this situation this where data are shared between different nation different many time zone and have to accept and somewhere but you want to know all your work on time will when it happens and then we developed for our we support activities quality this is most this you can do with businesses specifically uh designing this and so solutions said Mrs. but because of our they thought were used for emergency and elevator I'll use by models that make some predictions that are used in emergency we want the model knows the quality of the data used to reduce the model results so we need to know the uncertainty of followers they and set that the of the model results before taking initiation I think this is 1 of the critical points we need to know all the quite a follower of the because if I bit of our decision maybe uh then the support so so difficult to see the little procedure some perceived loss that actually does not exist but that based on transformation on other procedure so this was the motivation way staff that is ideologies rather than nature of their hate but then people use the this change that is an equation writing called with the transformer the fate of the universe in this church but the secure use often not me sure also after having collecting information so ideologies goes out all of the amulet Apollo through the bed over the the the coupling nucleation say OK use these equations for the last 3 months so we store quality the and then we call on the fly from the user perspective the use of just SE Exxon so that is an issue in this church in form so I
will go to user more allow features life in uh web administrations there is a path where are the use of can movies services and have to say they see in the area and we talk about these fish and also from just service effect because the with all that this is 1 of the key points of making these 2 knowledge is usable and beginning freeze that enable a lot of users to interact and then we develop also in the light of plated tools where people can look at time series that can aid the the values of can make uncle always for example in the tutorial we show that we have is station we the missing data parents and we feel so making the average of the 2 nearest stations works
output formats there is see is we we define a their power on let's say see is we wouldn't have that contain the URI of the of several properties that is if they have so as that of submission request but then there is also the Jason response that the user basically 1 to 1 translation of the sum of the
aggregation on the fly is an example we can ask data that we can add a couple of specific functions and get the date that would be another thing sees is that I was
talking about his qualities checkup in the source each we should the user serving that the Bayes get a quality index these quality index set uh can be inserted by users but we implemented also tool quality-checked procedures will be in the sense of submission this is so if you could if you were doing the freeze your service your sense so you can pass through these tool quality check out the test and in real time when you use of the bit so uh the 1st check the is the evaluation of the new issues if you are issue NGO gratefully can be negative for all if you measure the temperature can be 1 of the pieces that the 2nd 1 is that it this would be a statistical values so all you basically detect that if it is not an outlier set and that these is check that user uh coffee word for a given observer property in the given sensor so the 1st check is temper to order should have over here is normally use the 2nd 1 is temperature where the seawater should have Virginia ideas range of pages and then there are other pursue that we apply a novel about the bees on our server about they are external because you knew that a complete they'd say it is a part of the is detected if duties some of the speaker in the time series so this is probably in the broader oral you need to compare with me every station and then you need to be it also from the others so these are the steps around the outside is an example of when you said these values in US every quality index you get these quantity this quality and accept our already defined in the uh the less of the source applications by the if you want you want you can override and define you eat I that social policy when you ask the at the diner get submission request that use the Europe that alignment times then the response of is given in the times of victory over the west is noise the Parliament justice you find the time zone in get solution request it is the view couple perceived those
this is an example in European project precise farming by the US and or meteoroid distinction in the fields they were of serving the temperature of the you may be the ones to be the sole radiation but academic people wanted to move the reference of of transportation so we make is mostly we create the immediate of perceived so the use of see that there is a sense of envy sensing in the reference to rough you that is calculated on the flea based on the origin of values so if you change the values of the change also more which this is a
little bit the experimental that implemented the status pages because when you have a lot of sense so then you have to manage a network is difficult to see it to understand that there is a sense of the business and in the dark How along the y x so this is that a source of vegetable to have NATO which sensory of review working then you can check and say OK this movement is not working because his own both 2 thousand meter we that uses no and then the solution can say this OK all right
fine we said that far enough quisition jobs catering internally the because there was a question about the sense of moral wiII they must support actually this town of except that there is evidence that Carlyle market from the sense of when this will be when they say in the sense of this and also the format and their application to get time and this is what is really happening also in our medical so we use their technology to get the data because there is hundred options mean not always but video for and then we have some internal scared live births and get the data in a push the data into lower sense of solutions we implemented
the the notification services it is not the reality the implementation of OGC proposal for Web Notification Service standard that is full of somehow the principle the then it is done on a ice gyroscopic in an jason but was a candidate that 1 can set up some uh Suntree getting and in Python the EEG and he can develop these on complex functions or you can develop something simple and we provide a review the classes to get the rise me however when these 3 cents or the theories of these to the sensor at temperature is higher than the grades and is apt analysis and I will uh as a SMS and tweet about the can be easily extended to other move in which there was to enter the condition
part we establish that incubation and less than 1 year of and the 1st by the speaker is not sure probe processes of is the probably depend on the status of your project of the software except that I lower but there is also relies on volunteers works of the OCR of so you can ask them to work every day and you know so it keeps I'm the said the project the
disease will so to me to explain how we talk so you will have to submit the proposal rather than uh the comity review the commendations and the side they if you can enter or ask you for some modification of then you have to find the man told with user your to total it's a man's chairmaker notion to the wall of the and the Boer War than than the ferreting these OK and you think of each what are the requirements
basically to be open and what the was you check you could be the motives the copyright and the licensee if your project these core and then that doesn't use uh make abuse of some licensing of that then check the communication if we these available and you release procedural Office of where the processes that you use and uh check if your communities has been and the way we
allied with the the the codebook we start the code provenance check every line of code if everything is fine I seen that we are going to move also because most of the cold war right in our own and we don't rely too much on other libraries
then we develop websites with them sigh mine information we set up by the more than the sum of download
the and cetera within about the
from the user but also for the little office even for a they libraries so that the bees library also from the school library then we
start to set up our laser be infected use and
then what's the next analyze the components that completes the local also there signs governments that has to be defined in the for the user and how to ball to this sitting not pursuing quantity and what's next never just run this was some of all the using PG boiler on the back-end to try to see improve the scalability of the solution and then we set the now annual European projects about portal and reading this project we will introduce some more function for that analysis intensities analysis within the thank you and so to it in
this in so he said you had to the add an extension to the standard and so it that's Weser was of the the other service you there so as to what was that with the extension of the genetics there's no reason some functionality new parameter that were not in the stand out there and I are other things that are format of the phone call those with its edges OK speech of features of the whole yeah and 1 of the most things if you use the see that 1 of the worst think of the standard is really the observation model why is that because this is so genetics that you cannot really you can model a single observation in 5 different ways so it's almost impossible to implement a crime they can read everything this is my point and contains the and and yes you take a spiritual from these but is not actually the implementation of these uh 0 of dopamine that then it gets to be a standard form call it the and which was and the 1 that we have implemented yet they're going to the community in the communication had not get out so but the minimum to do with this In the tutorial I that probably you can the role the whether the reason the exercise where we can set up and shows you how it calls that the principle is the same as you want the beta notification then the user can subscribe for this is Ives and then provide some information how they want to be notified and the user skid row the check and send them modification when among Christian I habit to constrain the bedroom at break 1 if this implementation supports false to no OK and you say you have a butcher Procedia of these basically being that of deletions right like the policies virtually Procedia is related to the actual proceed maybe you model this the reason interface the spatial there is an
interface where you can feed the best candidate
called Ross because then here you see you see you can assess the at the procedural you're going to get these data from these procedures and then you can you have of links execute class in the middle FIL of reviews the beverages of and so it should be then I request a gained observation request IEEE called these Procedia not actual Procedia I should follow the is figure of over armor yes the request goes to the server that to understand that these people perceive call they found a new process and you direct costs hands this is make available as part of that community that's yellow and you are native capabilities anything that they all I get observation all the stuff I have a moment to see the argument OK then so that's the end of the the session thank you a 1


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