Open Source for Handling IndoorGML

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Open Source for Handling IndoorGML
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Seoul, South Korea

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In order to respond to increasing demand for indoor spatial information, an OGC standard called IndoorGML, has been recently published. It is an application schema of GML and based on the cellular space model, which represents an indoor space as a set of cells with their geometric, topological, and semantic attributes. Since we are at a beginning stage, very few tools supporting IndoorGML have been developed. In our talk, we will present an open source tool that we have been developing to provide a translating function between IndoorGML and other data formats. For example, it offers a Java package with a set of classes for indoorGML, called JavaIndoorGML. Once IndoorGML documents are mapped to Java instances of classes in JavaIndorGML, we are able to handle indoor spatial information with ease.
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Sun is a university the topic of this presentation is of a source file hindering the legitimate In this presentation the the on off all bodies into German and what is required to support hindering the legitimate of the entities of oral desired falsified highly informative on the ground and there's a concept of indoor German and talk about opposite for hindering the legitimate you there are several stand for Windows space the German then fusion courses on the representation in the object such as rooms boss and Lawrence Saul acidogenic is not proper to represent in the law in the law on that authority and for example an incision there is that difference difference from the 2 written test from our onto I 3 and that of topology it can be derived from object in German both that cost much computation so there are more than 2 to represent such as that of authority was requires In the larger man can be also
resented to this problem not sure about has been a century publishers and all disassemblers and it is thought applications schema of German based on Cyrez this model and carry presence in those days and several surgeries generative approach current tenente ostrich the not that I can represent non connectivity reaches to all windows space it is consists of formal do and they Navigation water as you tensor model the all modern in growth in the patch concept all we know German and you can extend co-manager all the best proposes the Hessian will dissolve extension water as navigation propose I'm going to explain in the choice of window German didn't until jet approach core and semantic representations
this threshold geometry representation in indoor Chairman there are 3 options to represent the prison geometry of each option 1 is to use the sauropods to quality sources it enormous pressure there are in such as the initial managers you can just link to correspond corresponding elements option to is to represent geometry in indoor chair document of as there is no geometry because of their can be represented real geometry we don't
need to look at you funny to construct indulgent thereof from the scratch if there are in those indoor data down other than a formant the we can combine there are in all forests and this talk there are in indoor German and can use this for a frication for these and within several frication so it was willing to give persons images contours controls the wasn't into areas according to a person close the there
is missing input promise they correspond to curate the means more interest 0 to this this boundary correspond to 1 came into nature in pure space a lot that In endorsed in new chairman Bojan edge our opposes Satan 20 is that theory and on the top of followed in those that in those days consist of molten bench there are 2 at the 1st model to represent war and boards the the 1st is in or more it was shown that a lot of the poor the book has no singers this rationalists on each Proximo the In space into a space the answer is spaces considering its are on an hour 2 I wanna saw on the 3 of view the 2 and you 1 terms based I'll use on both and he won the 2 key ones are represented as edge you can walk through on so you 1 is never but we can posts so we took some features none that elaborates on what the 2nd is sick 1 model is ocean that war on for the thing is In this case alone would born Caesar the considered as set so a person laws are represented as most interesting is there 2 types of the relationship between those connectivity and adjacency In Norse this can
be interpreted as intuitive difference of this figure shows on the temporal the presenting those things In the present in in terms of profits the ocean that there is there is a step in room 3 because you can walk through the steps of we can to a current through the set and so eventually can be divided from them so they use the 1 for each in sensor space such as ecology can be represented as array of as a as a public space the the you can just slap you can use just 1 way or the other depending on proposed the and you caught this concept as this mother where candidates this model can be
represented this material the graph in what areas of me is representative of graph in the forest it between the radios is represented as indirect connections important the the room so the model Rumsey correspond to most of them today at room 50 so they're connected by internet connections the title of the person in Internet connection are contains reading consistent intersect so far we on this concept of indoor Sherman full model we talk a lot about the open source software for hindering the legitimate Bergeron has
been the center publishers follow the filter is doing it open source tool for hindering those open source to a fall in this fisher there has been developed but they are not specializes in those days the so the issue to their old new tools or implemented additional conscience all In those based on inducing to the 1st because their essentially so we need to for useful attended generating indicating the tail the the characterize in some of the popular tourist generating and editing just data in all those states for indoor sprays the it into a should be able to an idiot in those pressure and that told information this 2nd we need to go forward in the and in the agenda and other than a full in group of 4 endogenous they'll philanderer suppose representatives there's this part here models such as know German she vision and I see the sort the that Fisher TVM the other original not story tumor object but also little bit of 4 and it is is similar to Apple's GI or there are more than 4 little there of can be sending from post christmas tree the forest but they also wrote that came from form there was curious that use of His name used for indoors just Fisher data finally we need a full indoor to the also history for tools and all of your you're right off role in monitored more disordered building is necessary and forces the the pure should be supported there are also numerous mitigation was the use the commandeered that we the of in the physics engine in cruising grid intersection is using the law of so is it and the audio in the
in the now are opposed to higher presumptuous has in the pair of of our prayers these 2 at I look at the use of your project for indoor as a management there are many approaches of fighting the war all areas among dental process of frication for editing and generic thereof is in progress this is still a potential
for editing Gordon there are in viral could project not all of it is supposed importing exporting Gaussian data of and it is called the function then and on the top data and
we had to friends of of my the 1st is a notion of a motive to achieve origin the 2nd is more clear to there'll there'll format commenting to it provides the local looking functions between endogenous and origin of formants and find job was reported that In this Georgia presses between the formants little tolerance of course come looking using this chart unity before local multilingual chairman ordinal format you should be able to support was there are in memory so we're generative topic useful for indoor German foot using just the just to his job IPI that represent of Christensen just a program torment peaches the other is the ability to move my research of object into XML and on margin it's that examine that into shallow objects in oppressive except can accept informants they're SQL quietists be pointing compiler of 0 really receptive it reads Turkey's Tulsidas edition the cage form them scheme so we can make no German decision theory inclusion of all objects so can use this for therefore combatant to in
thus our probability of some of these ideas is bias always Henderson red presentation so cooperate really this slide shows the architectural so the I over consistent chill Sobel and your truth or hybrid children's extension then instructors was probably it focuses on PAS that 3 enveloped in extension and probably I am engine suited show military and compressed feature what used to model the consent or on a show to is extensions and
conclusions in order to lead you to write you know chairman in various appears open-source tools that provide the basis the Baroque opera cations are required the title to range from according to to deal it into it therefore is in there and there sort other in the middle being the barrel thank God rotation the question the above fact minutes for q any but he's Ernie the public them all off all day I look at 4 I have been trying to know how locally it a few weeks ago I have been I haven't been able to see a functioning a web page where I can use to see in a GML later before the stack is that every little somewhere or is there a timeline to make consists of public devil and so the the and I it's not open to receive you know uh a where wearing into this tools but we're now going to show them and we're going to go to a force tricky because you show me mutual so we caught places these things these genes and this but if this was made an announcement when when possible that they have the power to people you have the endogenous is there a shooting involves Genoa and and that we call but the current been to the endogenous in yes of so let me know find the we the of the 1 of of them was in a but also the PIE and I've seen model also this I mean the notion that other than that this map that deal with that geometry part I mean that for example the string consist by you know this kind of this us only right that that we have focused focus on it network of a friend do you know 40 handful of rotten data for navigation so yes so maybe we can extend I mean we are at it if you have data the invader and you want to make a network I we can more automatically or manually can feel that that I which innovator and we can combine so that's why you can see slide out there in the gym and class and the city's e-mail maybe OK mn or just flow image that you can join to you know develop any application the 3rd shot is that if we can create a simplified the in the eye of the I mean and just be a simple 1 and then we could achieve raises the change the because is only
defined in the B the right on the walls and everything in the eyes of the rest if I think because he created in our general very quickly right the thank you and others of them I already how you the of some near in God told in that in until it so I just manually again but if we have a background in these to the no and as you like that and the the the like that this I would like the not so in the end in in Louisiana that model a call model but they are uh define space in space boundary so if the iron have a space yeah it's a answers of a giving we we call that the nodes the state and it's a really know how we are just being Kannada what is it that I have the right In of that element name maybe there at sea space Mr. but haven't you can link there that it it means of you already know the relationship between the node and the space I 6 space so it can you know but we don't know how it I don't know about the metadata at at the moment that between know did get different any more questions the I have just a shot questions is this the the no GMM is it possible to review then network being crawl in the in the yes yeah up the not what I mean is beginning from a it's not on the same runners can have a different level when I mean is the phenomenon from the level want to level to access will be possible the and how of but it you know there to space and they share the boundary and that it can be at up or or it can be a low rank so in this case but this rule maybe annex room how seperate by more that in this case we have at our itself 8 hours a day she relationship and and this room and the that you corridor as that connection running the different relationships so as you mentioned maybe we can if there is some spare then is coming make bit that we can represent it connected he but in more if from the Lord level an upper-level can just well resentful of this agency like that you can make it