Decision-making system for grants for maintaning services in rural areas

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Decision-making system for grants for maintaning services in rural areas

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Decision-making system for grants for maintaning services in rural areas
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Sweden is a sparsely populated country. Normally market forces would regulate the number and location of both public and commercial services as schools, medical care, grocery stores and pharmacies. In sparsely populated areas these forces does not work. The Swedish government has realized this and gives economical support to some services in order to maintain or in some cases expand the service level. The aim with this grants is to provide conditions for living, working and contribute to economic growth in these in remote areas. To be as effective as possible a decision making system has been developed to support the administrators of the grant. The system allows the administrators to monitor the current situation, update changes in the service structure and simulate fictive scenarios. The system is built on an open source platform and is available through the internet to authorized administrators on the regional level of the Swedish administration. As platform for the system the following open source projects and formats are used GeoExt, Ext JS, Openlayers, Mapfish, Pylons, GEOAlchemy, Mapserver, PostGIS, GeoJSON.
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my name is on the ocean and this is your team
and we're come from Swedish Agency that's called growth analysis and we deal in their growth political start this and this is both both abroad and the mistake so we have learned like offices in
all over the world but you him and I are dealing in the best the key questions and when we we show you a project that we in or the application you can say that we have developed it can go on
the other then as and perhaps no that Sweden is a country in the Norden Europe under this map shows the public the the the density of all the of the population in Europe and as you can see that you and the further north you get the white there the map gets the this means that Sweden is very sparsely populated up in the northern parts of the country this means that there are this there'll there'll be trouble with the the services in this the areas and with the services we mean like public services like school high health care and so on but also commercial services like yeah petrol stations grocery stores and so on because to this this is true this uh is brilliantly but along the X. accessibility to it is important to the people up there and there is in our case we deal in economical growth and we see that if we have a bad accessibility tool commercial services the economic growth grows going down in these areas the so an we have we have
built up an application context think the
next slide uh on these open source then softwares and and we're not going to speak as much of a about the technology there because but we don't have time for that but that we're going to eat show some use cases what the system is used for but this thing I'm going to say about that this image is that the non here in the database in in Sweden we go suddenly well suited for this kind of systems because we have census data in a very high resolution and we also have it for a long time I think we're using light to when 50 clients but the information and it's not there the ball into an administrative the ball there's and we have a lot of at tributes on these 2 under 50 meter ties and also like it from the 99 think perhaps uh realities ties we can do a temporal start this all of OK know your team
is going to start the application the
and we have about the uh how but 100 installations all this application because the the there are public servants around the Republic officials around the around in Sweden that worked at the call this and well 21 counties and then in some counties this isn't that a big problems so that's that's 1 person working with that but In this areas where there are a lot of problem perhaps 5 people are working with and then we also have some minor a natural agencies that already interests in these questions so if we take a use case here an example we have about the 1 of this public yeah uh officers working in the County of YaMTG long and he gets a phone call from a a businessman in the finish on whole thing and this businessman owns a restaurant and the these this is small relation up in the north of the employer and they gets every day to his 1st all but when he wants to depositors money in the bank has no place to go because there a bank and the north uh like cash deposits the services in this area so this public yeah what the public officer he what's up this and map forties relation then he called the see where does and that he can see that there are there are no cash receivers in this area but he called can also check where the closest cash receiving boxes you do like opponents profile we call this the and we see it is that the it's up in this a little bigger village up in Dorotea variation on this stuff deposits but it's 22 kilometers there so it's further a tough ride to go there every day to leave your they so yeah S. OK but should this a public servant to do with to help this the businessman well can start up to look at the relational halting what what can you do how many companies for use in in this area so why do we like that we call the police area per flight and then we go down to the databases is to 1 of 50 meters squares and shake up and we get when a different report strong on the left side there and we can see that there are 6 different workplaces and there are about to when a 64 people working in this area but the as you see this is a this is the kind the Balladur order to the and perhaps we want to go a bit further out so we can do this area profile also by just the drawing a circle around and get also beta for this area and now they're in this public officer he's got the some of decisions material the some is some action in this area and has had like a toolbox for different the actions perhaps across the contact the company that has the cash box over here and persuade them to open 1 in holding uh perhaps you can arrange with a of money
transport core through transport money from wilting on up to the retail and as a last resort it's even possible to get the money from the government through found like the word give grants
to the the positive money in this area just to get the and economic
growth in the area the the OK the
we have another use case the and
other public so here he has a a an area he has gentleness
is an area of interest so he
can bring up a map for this area the and he compute also on as
bait and if we zoom in a
bit we find this the areas that
are blue they are like all that there are no good accessibility tool service the
example here is that like the worlds is like ATM machines or that you can go to work store with your credit card and get money but in this area if service is missing so where and what do we do with then it is not up to the to make
an area profile uses a polygon the select area like that and
then he gets as you see there are no services there and there are there are 692 people living there and there are 60 companies and about 8 our employees as you see there are areas and in the compared with the employees and the companies there many wanna man's mind that companies that probably and each culture earlier the would farmers they're not there if we can also bring up all the the commercial services in this area so you can if you put up stations perhaps all nodes in the part in the middle of this area there is a gas station and at best this gas station in it is impossible to do carefully the walls so it seems natural for this public key what physical contact that the gestation and try to convince them to allow carefully with the world's we can also simulate this because it
had by changing empowered to in the new window to an analyt analysis part the and I was established you call and it it's just that the you your it because it you see this the a point so they are blue this action here where the people are living and when we assimilate this and put out careful rule that you see that the collar will change and In this simulated data so you can see that the change for this is so this is the increasing the accessibility and this you can also get them all them in a difference of perhaps but this is an example that you see that average this those 2 in this further people that's that this cat withdrawal changes in the accessibility it comes from its that this this uh accessibility rooted at in average of the fact that KM so that's a fairly good results the OK it's the same as the last example there so a toolbox for officer to the may this the owner of this pet attestations stop with this carefree dolls but in the end the whole could be like uh a governmental grants to making the you give cash flow for new it would credit cost the and last example of
the at this time the the officer gets get to notice that there are various of the banking In the initial for a linear that's going to
close and he's interested to see what effect do you this will have on the area around thank you as a 1st analyze recorded 8 compute up all the 12 250 times that there the the that there within the area where those is closest to this bank so you see it's a fairly be area about that and there aren't so many people were the living here it's about the 501 people and again the we can simulate what happens when the if this bank is closed so we go over to read analyse tab and selects the banking and the rule set and again you see there's a red and now it becomes blueness accessibility is decreasing you can also see that there the average uh distance is increased without the kilometers for 1 or the people working in this area update the posts 3 examples of that application and we
can go back to the on what yeah and
only yeah 2 minutes an the conclusions that we are when we developed a system is that we actually had even more functionality in the beginning and there we had trouble with the users because and they are perhaps not used to work with this kind of systems and it's not there on a daily basis they opened application so we had actually to go back a bit and functionality and focus on some but the most interesting in that uh functions so that's I think it's a it's easy to when you got like enormous time and books about world kind all analyzes you have a tendency to include a bit too too much and and another the the thing that we also noticed that most of the the credibility of the whole application it was very important to keep the database updated because if they see that there there are 2 things missing or bank steps uh disappeared and it still is in the database the credibility for awhile application is this not OK most cited yeah this is of course
open source everything in the in the cold in this application and we haven't put it up on GitHub yet but is coming this that dumb but if you're but anxious who wants to get the cold you can contact me on this address many this and there is also if you want to try out this application you can also contact me to get a login to would be a more with fake data it's like the woman sitting there you to ask about is is is a public application that that this is also like of the methods and sigh secret material in this you you can't you can't it's not public you know on this so the resolution of the data but it's surrounded the them ways the fake they pay is the same format down the resolution us the the uh the the directory latest it works OK thank you questions but and is there any questions from the audience I have
a few on 1st of all I would like to thank for a very good and and informative demo I almost lost the time there's a thank you for keeping track of the time of and then and and you know focus was on the demo always we could see and slide that you had extensive use of operational conference social the and my question my 1st question is that there could this application if you can call it an application that be used also for commercial the I can expanded because if I now understood correct this is to make services in places where they are not commercially profitable but indenter pages could this be used also the have Friction 1st term to the best sport yes I I think that's a possible if you have to think about that that this kind of higher resolution date not the commercially accessible so that's a problem but if you will uh can can set filled with less and the resolution and I'm in the system I think it's OK my 2nd question is did you mention in the beginning that you had evolved 100 installed at
inferences the and then were some of a gun man use internationally and if so could you tell it in which countries no it's only domestic but but they have like yeah and
I perhaps as a studying the natural mn because if you have like naturally agencies that these 2 whole whole Sweden and amounts to get the data for our of their their own country but the most uh uses these would be accounted for like of a smaller part the on think of the back so that the you I think you have nearly the same problem in Finland yet about yeah the was the the