Open Source and Open Standard based decision support system: the example of lake Verbano floods management.

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Open Source and Open Standard based decision support system: the example of lake Verbano floods management.

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Open Source and Open Standard based decision support system: the example of lake Verbano floods management.
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The Locarno area (Switzerland, Canton Ticino) is exposed to lake floods with a return period of about 7-8 years. The risk is of particular concern because the area is located in a floodplain that registered in the last decades a great increase in settlement and values of the real estates. Moreover small differences in lake altitude may produce a significant increase in flooded area due to the very low average slope of the terrain. While fatalities are not generally registered, several important economic costs are associated, e.g.: damages to real estates, interruption of activities, evacuation and relocation and environmental damages. While important events were registered in 1978, 1993, 2000, 2002 and 2014 the local stakeholder invested time and money in the set-up of an up-to-date decision support system that allows for the reduction of risks. Thanks to impressive technological advances the visionary concept of the Digital Earth (Gore 1992, 1998) is being realizing: geospatial coverages and monitoring systems data are increasingly available on the Web, and more importantly, in a standard format. As a result, today is possible to develop innovative decision support systems which mesh-up several information sources and offers special features for risk scenarios evaluation. In agreement with the exposed view, the authors have recently developed a new Web system whose design is based on the Service Oriented Architecture pattern. Open source software (e.g.: Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers) has been used throughout the whole system and geospatial Open Standards (e.g.: SOS, WMS, WFS) are the pillars it rely on. SITGAP 2.0, implemented in collaboration with the Civil protection of Locarno e Vallemaggia, combines a number of data sources such as the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Cantonal Register of residents, the Cadastral Surveying, the Cantonal Hydro-meteorological monitoring observations, the Meteoswiss weather forecasts, and others. As a result of this orchestration of data, SITGAP 2.0 serves features that allows, for example, to be informed on active alarms, to visualize lake level forecasts and associated flooding areas, to evaluate and map exposed elements and people, to plan and manage evacuation by searching for people living in particular areas or buildings, by registering evacuation actions and by searching for evacuated people. System architecture and functionalities, and consideration on the integration and accessibility of the beneath information together with the lesson learnt during the usage of the system during the last floods of November 2014, provides interesting discussion points for the identification of current and future needs.
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well the I'm going to a
little speak about 30 uh and implementation of in between made in switching in Switzerland it's open source and the a standard Bayes decision support system uh used for managed the the floodings of the League of the bond or in teaching of then the
Lakers reminder and a problem every something something like because 5 in 7 years the lake is exposed to flooding event and the that's the main problem is because it causes some the uh damages but so it's not dangerous for life because the and the lake floats so the problem is to take care of that of things that's our sensible of what this is the main area this is a common
and associates mainly flat and and Indian it's easy that's the lakes so can make some plants the he is also that it the lake it has far larger benzene compare that to the leak out so when we have a high hi moments of wits hiring them with a lot of friends the the the lake can go up it so
I hope to manage this risk in the 2 thousand the the take the locker law suit protection is trying to find some solutions to be in the hand it wouldn't systems so Calabria
collaborating with then we need up we indentified the com the complement and in the main components that our babies we I the ritual and monitoring the network and that is a sensor network all around the Ticino and also this across cross-border network of Sweeney eating meat and so we have to share with the data so these are also the mythological forecasts that's it's mainly used to predict how many water we come I uh this is from data are then all of these information goes inside the hydrological modeling the manager the by our eyes or released the main limits and that the modulation and so the use from its sharing data between Italian Switzerland and on the partners that managed the Cecil metals the after they had a logical modeling dealt books for them into the logical modeling give us the possibility to make some warnings and head for the decision support in 2 thousand
treat they there was made that ourselves in the really know what to follow this time to and the box it was based on mainly on properties of so also the web interface was very difficult to in to change and to change based on the some new quest from the suit protection and mainly on the server side we have the final version of UCB marked I think but the when we needed the such
reports that they say that it was no more supported and we have to update but and it wasn't to be difficult
so a as we are walking uh we Have we decide to use of resources that's will that helps us or creating inter intra but a meeting between ordered systems the partners and that's also for sure guaranteeing they do I BUT and flexibility of our system that you're going to prepare the
1st step in 2010 we finished tool past or do and uh system of collecting the data from under the logical network and it's passed from 1 of our model the more them and that they have to be called by a service and gets later it was also costly the and in this year we changed to a GPS so does initial models sold we really starts to receive the data in real time and the for managing this this network we beauty source the sources are observed in sensor observation service implementation that's is used mainly for storing and distributing uh sensor data in standard the OGC standard we after that we need we need also some
processing because of the values of data uh that comes from the provision of system that in middle provisions and all the data coming from the net total should there be processed 10 famotidine out in a way that's they had a logical model can can run solely we develop we we make our approach a process running by the PS it's Web Processing Service and the that it was used by our hydrologist that can on all request when the war 21 1 we just ask for the data In a receiver that bit tough the provided been prepared and processed just follow the the and much commodity then we started to read the whole interface in the server side services this is 1 of the main technology that we have we theory right so that the models of the data we used are RESTful of architecture where the the interface can do some processing and geoprocessing so asking for some analysis so
contrasting all the previous constant this is because looks like noun we have some by transcripts yeah from the of the model year you reuse but participants we find that data from the sensor and loads to the source said this is set on their dot the fundamental logic on the forecast assistance most psychologists using the PS I sold using the source we can share that in values format in the SS away in a sense of of and swing in the using XML or just see the documents or other other documents also seems be filed for so so at the end
at 2 thousand 14 we finished the building our applications using all these new technologies that's mainly and it's it's a part in far In 4 models we have today model that's it's used to the 4th session analysis the query such a person query information about about about features that are in dangerous situations then there is they unraveled that it can be act activated to when the when the modeler forecast some flat so they this you protection can see how the lake is going out of a in the underground and so they can react in time protecting other places in a logical way then there is also the wave equation In when the distortion is very dangerous than people have to be equated and few be the system that you can manage what information about where the people use where whether you've where they would be if they are safe or not the and this is our Steve solace to know what progress of to dams them more and that's it will be used for and managing the risk of them break
so in a case
should if we have time and look at this time I can show you on the moon for
thank you and thank you and some of it the of of looking at this is very remote you're you're kind of like you may select and the selected the values of the latest and there are some search tools for it is that it is that you so so my ugly tool to help people because sometimes wrote some of written well enough so he can guess what you're looking for the classical searching is you
can use it to the thing to read all conditions there is the search for
people we are connected to the and that these of the all the people in this region so you can find where they leave
to to tool to help them if they it's needed that I'm this 1 is activated that now that he's not an example of a running example with a situation when the floods but but when these flooding here you that agrees with all the the provisions and you can also see a uh charts about depletion you consume written by your and if it
is not to you you
you you you so you see Howson does the summers points that means that these points are in danger so yet there are also some of points outside but this is because the data on the of the winter with their who I was this something that we have to correct OK there is the question here of all the people in this region you can make different query and search by sections so by
immigration was all
all also all its drawing what and there is also the band
parts this is something that's there were meant is assessed data so I can show you I and what's the and what's what's called a fictionality that you have
uh we finished this in at the end of October 2014 and in November
we have found event of the class so
this was a moment that we the to give their softer in that in our you know best
and the and this is protection was very at with that using this this some pictures taken from the collision that's it's seen how they are using it now also printing on the wall of the maps we did some analysis
after all the uh evidence to see how it is stable the system and finally you it's was uh at the mall to allow the faster release that she did for them it was quite stable the dating the created looked for you bites we had some of the situation in weeks dirty request seconds with about 50 stars so we think that it is that I will just I
will do would system in next what you're
walking on where we want to stress more the system we have to be really sure that it works without any the province because uh between what he was just beaten B was just by this same protection but also by the either other members we are working on some tools to draw all the maps for In cases so they're Dunbrack saw that this EU protection can in the some maps for escaping if the what is coming from the Rex where porting this system open freak In the end we are trying to which expired the system also to other regions and districts so that's
it thank you very much that some questions and and it it's not so much question about application that adjustable but suffice to say that you're able to locate the person by name is this a public application and are there any privacy concerns and this information comes directly from the government we have 1 the which is available for public on request of the solar just for this you protection because and they need to know where the people are least and gather other partners that would be able to enter the won't be capable to that have adding show you that's because uh the
I the there are different the axis the axis of the position by antenna now with the the rewards and I can modify and machine directly and I so users cannot can just use some kind of these features so it is open to general public is just not part that particular feature not know where we are trying to all makes of version for the public we are trying to convince this production but they are not terribly they don't want to that's because they have to get the cheese cheeses and they want that other looking also at the treaty provisions and borrowing questions that becomes response they're not thanks what the them and I'm Britain certain in the in some areas they but of systems where they can automatically when people appear in the in the in the evacuation zone to water and in your system started integrated that sort of thing in the system when you find the so in you I have equating you can put the information well where he is now and where if he's right the virus on nothing so this so the and suppose if in your database you had people actual numbers a consistent amount like text messages saying warning will file evacuated or something the phone numbers from other we have the on the bus and I don't think that we have the phone numbers has that the planned them like a lot the citizens still there and then you know the best way should be that its cities and by himself reduced besides and give some information on how to if for mates to about dangerous and so to maybe not you know about this the land by the keys must be yeah OK thank you very much for the rest of the world and
it is by thank you