Welcome Address 2 FOSS4G IN Korea:Challanges & Strategies

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Welcome Address 2 FOSS4G IN Korea:Challanges & Strategies
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Seoul, South Korea

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in other there was I want just think
seniority for accomplishing something that there's been a lot of hard work for the local team so it is what I think right now they it
and the so thank you for in just a
couple words well so fast you I'm here on behalf of the Open Source Geospatial foundations and we've been hosting fossil G. since 2006 what amazing it's been around the world but this since 2006 is the 1st time some Asia so make no mistake the world of geospatial is watching us today words were special and I saw last week or or a few weeks ago of a well-known blogger some had a little QA session for a guest guest the guest on his show and it is 1 of the 1st questions was and G or as a user conference n you know I just it just struck me as k we win it's win win these the geospatial leaders and know what fosterage years and that in itself is a victory so welcome everyone on behalf of the Open Source
Geospatial Foundation um enjoy the week and make
friends share and network you know introduce yourself if you're new here that's excellent um were very friendly um and you're going to discover what makes false G so special and there's that there's a term that's often use the spirit of velocity and it's here is not here it's here so that sort of I have a great week and I introduce yourself and make friends and yes all see that all these units like
in the