FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - Welcome Address 1

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FOSS4G Seoul 2015 - Welcome Address 1
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Seoul, South Korea

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thank morning ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the organizing committee and the Korea Spatial Information Society but I'm delighted to uh welcome delegates from all over the word to to the force 40 s ourselves to cells and 15 so is the most likely aware Korea represent
represents 1 of the words most dynamic economies as evidenced by the tone miracle of on River the geospatial industry and research and development activities in this area is no exception a lot of things are happening here as you'll see In this week it is therefore quite appropriate to hold this international conference here in Seoul the capital city of this tiny country geospatial
technology is 1 of the core technologies that we bring out the
censure changes in our lives by fusing and integrating multitude of mayor that friend technologies such as in order of things she'll cloud geospatial Big Data to name a few it is my form belief that the open source technologies will play an important role in advancing the fusion of geospatial technology with other innovative technology is the fill fulfill the true potential of being spatially connected as the theme of this conference for diversity both for DB band from Seoul indicates the many of you know what to ideas coming out of this conference will contribute to making our lives more safe healthy and happy the
Conference Committee has put together a truly unique program that addresses the cutting edge in geospatial source technologies ACDs of keynote cost will be presented by internationally renowned experts this should be accompanied by diverse sessions of all representations there is an you add a special session called Open Source GIS in the united nations and developing countries posters have been organized to be easily accessible for viewing during sessions coffee breaks and lunch In addition there are many other social activities that it bring all the participants together this conference is the 1st and foremost
platform for sharing and discussing your own research with other members of open source community is my sincere
hope that this gathering will contribute to more advances in open source technology as well as geospatial technology as well last but not least I like to thank the conference sponsors and the organizing committee members for their contributions to organize the organization of this conference I hope this conference will prove to be an inspiring and truly transformative experience for all of you been debated much