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triple-A for the environment: make IT simply better
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triple-A for the environment: make IT simply better With the new Dutch Environment Act, the legal framework for development and maintenance of the physical environment becomes more understandable and manageable for citizens, businesses and governments. A simpler and more coherent environmental law contributes to work actively and efficiently on a dynamic and sustainable environment. This entire exercise of harmonization, reduction and integration is headed by the motto “Simply better”. In addition to the merging several dozen laws and regulations in one Environment Act (, also the central IT office where citizens can apply for a environmental permit is further improved. This should make it easier to obtain a permit for example for a construction or business activity. The information presented in this central IT office must fulfill the triple-A requirements, i.e. Accessible, Applicable and Abiding. On the basis of this is a national system of open (geo)data registers of which the data acquisition and management is mandated to (semi-)government organizations. On each area of environmental law, a domain expert is appointed; stakeholders of each domain are metaphorically organized in an ”information house”, and all houses are situated metaphorically along “the avenue of the environment”. Goal of the improved central IT office is to provide a clear understanding of the relevant legislation and to allow each actor in the process to work with the same data and definitions. Therefore, we developed a prototype which presents a concept of linking data, definitions and regulations stored in one central register using an online mapping service as user interface. Using Linked Data as strategy with persistent URIs, we are able to link the concepts in this register to an end-user prototype application. We implemented an prototype for the question: “Do I need an environmental permit for… applying a change in business activity?“. An air quality impact assessment is computed based on user input an visualized in a map interface showing the effects of an increase of nitrogen emission on the nearby nature reserves after extending a greenhouse farming. We used the AERIUS calculation tool ( of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and presented the returned geodata as GeoJSON in the Leaflet Map API ( With this prototype, we provide a concept which facilitates the clear understanding of the requirements for an environmental permit by making IT simply better.
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the so as far to so that but quite the thank you for being here Thank you for but that's presentation I have like to show you some simple example of how we can make the and to quest for permits more easy by integrating like semantics uh geodata into an interactive map so and therefore I would like to it this
example of it is birds he wants to open a restaurant at specific locations and he likes cooking so he maybe later wants to
expand this company with at the race on the diet and uh maybe later on when
business goes well he would like to have a ballroom also I but actually he wants to know whether you can do it is he allowed to do this uh what's rules must follow and if he must submit a request something that is to permit need to to informed local governments it on the other hand we have on the other side we
have Hans civil servant he drops to original plan it's his responsibility
and uh well the birth needed to do a request and of the 4 permits and the hands as the 1 who justices and he decides where about fits with the regional plan and in this case it was OK so uh
after opening dress from context if thing went OK according to permit so
this this this sounds very simple but actually it's it's it's it's a it's a long procedure in which you need a lot of information which you have to get from different places and the and the chances that the handsome birds do not have access to the same information and that's that's because this answer some information but doesn't there and there it might also be complete insufficiently reliable which causes in the end there is a delay because we have to do more research and of course of course irritation because birth of giver cannot start this restaurants so to make it more
simple the in the Netherlands they did try to make the whole procedure more simple and they now work on a new environmental law because in now once
we have a lot of legs a long history of of of of in articles regarding spatial planning and what I want to do we want to bundle all this this they blatantly laws and they want to go from on the left you see 26 loss and 4 thousand 7 particles to 1 wall with 2002 with to 300 49 articles and I want to have less decrease governmental degrees and 1 last menstrual regulation so then it gets easier for Hans to do his work he needs to take into account less and less legislation and for also more each year because and what your experience with selects lations the streets difficult the specific is lot so it's a complete
system has the form of environmental law should be simpler more efficient and better but they kept in mind actually law protects civilians uh but also give room for initiatives so he should not make it too strict it should be more flexible and and decentralized it means that uh well give local governments more responsibility in judging about permits because they know what kind of development is that still goods and the label for that for that feature and it should be more transparent and efficient civil procedure so actually and that's the slogan that's what quote it's make it seem better that's as it was when I think of that I would also say make IT more simple because we have not so much with much tools and information so that we can use so the idea is if if we have optimum digital sports therefore that's uh improving availability usability and stability of the data than them and then we get and the process in and I would like to demonstrate it later on so what they want to do
is go to a 1 just to counter with all the information adapted to the needs of the users and they do that uh
well it in any it should get this account should give to the same information as birds should gets yeah and they want to do that
by by by by and making a good infrastructure could digital infrastructure which connects different registers of geo data when it's uh also
with with legislations and with with with uh with base registers so you wanted to count and they metaphorically use that
you did this and this and you find the call it and they identify different information of different domains different areas water nature they all have a data about the about these topics and if we could integrate that's thank God would have access to that information this is the best
system of government based registrations on before a sample that also this the business this is a restoration FIL cadets or restoration with the taxation fixation and poverty fixation registration and we have several uh Geo datasets as base registration
and the available as open data biological topography small-scale topography and also buildings and addresses you know you have seemed talk of Tommy this morning about open addresses but they can take out the exact location of addresses the problem of from the Dutch SDI because this is the
the the website the datasets are available so duty in OGC standards I the and
because she standards like Dixon or not that's that's that's nice for web developers we also work we're now organizing and a test that I I to see how we can make it better available also to non due experts like think of other status like duties to make part of the system of 1 so if you're interested please go to there and you can find more information about that it's an invitation to tender
and I so they they are trying to make and and new infrastructure between it is and public region registers and also the information from the base registrations and also from the legislation so the all ones by 2 connected within 1 1 counterfeit X all the information and hence birth will get the same information that you and the data provided
stood that should meet in Dutch it's triple-B like this feedback that bad and standard but when I put it in uh in Google Translate I will get 380 that's why it's called Triple a it should be available applicable in the buying it you want to use under term for that it should be accessible it should be useful and it should be sustainable stable so that's why it's strictly so I would like to
show so some some some concepts and prototype we we we're thinking of this or how could you do this and and so on complex central concept of of linking the data definition regulations into 1 1 website and and we did it using an
interactive map with the simple form as as the user interface we use leaflets and it's very simple to use and a simple form web form and if if if something invert comes comes you want something it once a permit then this question is do I need an environmental permits for and then in that case we have now we use case that
you have your restaurant for your farm and that you want to to apply for a change in the business activity so and uh we we the worked out 1 use case that is too yeah impact assessment of the Air Quality and determine its effects on the nearby nature reserves and we have this picture Netherlands is
you see use and so for this example we counts the effective use the
so that would have to do as you point out where where you're a business in this case it's the cow house which which will be expanded FIL born and you fill in the requested details like much mission you expect to have in the new situations and then uh of what's done
you send a request to a remote surface register of the of the the National Institute of Public Health and Environment and then you get back you get their due dates and in
this use the uh and what the impact is in red it's it's high impact on on on on what nature area and brings lasting impact so you need to prove that judge by in this case comes so this is 1 example we took another example uh um uh for for for industry for a waste management company if uh were expanding that 1 um your emission gets higher like for example the nitrogen in ammonia and then in the that sometimes you don't know what the if you feeling a formidable what what what's meant by its and the meaning of article concept definition extend provided by the tool to and that's not the tooltip which is just an implemented in the in the HTML or with its remote requests to a
difference register with older legislation and definition of concept from the information model and we call that an avenue catalog stores all the definition of the semantics off of legislation and information so what we did in a
him why is that we disconnected semantics and the and the technique data so on the 1 hand we have like relations and the information on the other hand we have to register to date itself and information sources and use Linked data we can connect them we can query them and we can get the information into the 1 digital counter
so again the request is sent to a remote web service for this use case for this example and nitrogen so again
duties In this these that the impact is less high using these values to we filled in but still with these remove because it has some high values so where are we
now with this well so all we're in the design phase and we're now constructing think of standards and new techniques this is 1 of the concepts we provide to the the decision makers and so that's now being implemented and I get will take some time before it's really down but in the
end what would what we would like to what we want is that you get and it's an IT getting better enhanced in the near future so they can get their permission to do this in this the thank you very much for
interested it's it's the the the the pictures I
took part from from a nice video with in Dutch
which some might music under it but I thought I need to have to be translated so if you're interested go you choose and you can click on a in want of information about what we're doing and then and goats links to presentation so thank you could have any questions that have a question for you if that's allows hi I how is how it's it's a the effect you know why waiting to go to if you if you need permits what would be your 1st guess where to start there a digital camera or but just to go to an office or do you have to fill in a form which your friends and then you and new on the inferences I think it's smaller is similar to what you describe the beginning the way complex to get the information you ratio of more and more websites the where you can access the side information of all the above particularly are and so on the truck to go in front this season quite of to combine it seems to be the we need to sum the form and the 1st thing small is something I showed the of in and In the case of the thank you very much and yeah so any more questions because the let's conclude this session thank you very much it


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